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<Marriage and children>

1. Types of marriages 8pHBDAgApRP

2. Houses and their lords play important role
a. Marriage L, 7
b. Timing of marriage - + 2,5,9
c. Quality of marriage 2,5,8,12
3. D-9 check position of LL and 7L. Good if in benefic navamsha ; bad otherwise
4. Generally in D-9, Benefics in K good, Malefics in Kendra No
5. Venus if deb / weak in D-9, not good

Unconventional marriage combinations

1. Combination of DK, BK, MK, GK

2. GK in 7th

How will spouse be

Vargottama Venus Cultured LL and 7L in 6/8 Misunderstanding

Exalted venus in D-9 Dignified LL, 7L in 2/12 Dislike
Venus in 2,3,6,7,11 Luck after
7L in T, V in 2/10 marriage Mar / Sat aspect 7/7L Short tempered spouse
Jup in / aspecting 7th H Devoted couple Affliction to 2/7 H/L Unbearable spouse
7L in K with benefics L of 2,7,12 in K Happy marriage

Vargottama venus - Cultured

Early marriage

1. Exchange - 7L in Lagna , LL in 7 or conjunct in any house

2. Association of benefics with L /2/ 7 or their lords