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Text procedure:


- 3 4 spoonful of flour
- 2 eggs
- 1 (250 ml) of milk
- 1 stick of butter

- 1 mixing bowl
- 2 table spoons
- 2 cups
- 1 small pan

1. Put the flour in the bowl.
2. Put milk in a cup.
3. Make sure it's 250 ml of milk.
4. Put the milk in the bowl.
5. Break the 2 eggs into the bowl.
6. Mix it with a spoon.
7. Heat up the pan and put the butter
8. Put the mix in the pan.
9. Let the pancake mix cook about 5 minutes
10. Flip pancake over when the top is brown.
11. Your pancake its ready to be serve

Desciptive tex:

My House
My house is located in Jl Lestari no. 5. There is wall fence in front of my house to limit the
area with the other and many trees such as, avocado, mango, and guava. Besides that, I
also have many kind of flower and my front yard is filled by grasses. There is a terrace which

usually use for us to do some activities, like chatting with my parents in the evening, doing

my homework, and playing Rubiks cube with my brother.

The first room in my house is a guest room which functions to receive the guest and at this

room there is one set of chair and a table; there are also two windows covered by red

curtain. My guest room is not big enough and we usually use family room to receive when
the guest is too many. The second room is my room which contains a bed almost as long as

the room. There is a book rack besides the bed to put my brothers books and my books.

There is also a desk beside the rack book. It not only uses to study, but also functions to put

my bag, my brothers toys, my book, and my movies collection. The third room is my parents

room; there is a clothes closet and a bed beside it. The bed merges with a small closet and it

located in the front of bed. It contains my fathers books and my mothers cosmetics. The
fourth room is family room; at this room, there are a small bed for us to sit down and to

sleep, a television, a DVD player, a sound system and a small aquarium. I usually spend the
time at this room with my parents and my brother and it uses to discuss something or to
watch a movie. That room is bigger than other room; so I feel comfortable to spend my time

longer. The fifth room is a bathroom which contains of a bath up and two water tap. I have
two bathrooms and it located side by side; so my second bathroom beside it. The sixth room

is a kitchen; the first thing that you seeing are refrigerator beside the door, and there is a

dining table with four chairs. In front of it, there are two gas stoves, a rack and two windows

behind the stoves.

My back yard is divided into two sections by small fence; the first section is the area for my

family and me; the second is for my pets and my plants. In the first section there are a well

and a small warehouse. The second sections contains of many pets, such as, fishes, rabbits,

chickens, and bird.

Text recount:

My trip to Borobudur Temple

Last week, I spent my vacation in Jogjakarta, the city is famous in Indonesia. I went to the
temple of Borobudur. My family and I went there in the morning we went to Borobudur
temple by private car family. I had prepared everything before we went to Jogja. While we
were driving, we get to see some beautiful scenery mountains, forests, and waterfalls as well
as cars pass by. My family and I arrived at the Borobudur Temple at 4:30 pm. There, I saw a
lot of tourists. Borobudur temple is crowded on a holiday vacation. I can learn and practice
speaking English with a foreign tourist different language to me. Dovi his name. He is very
friendly. This is the first time I spoke English with foreign tourists. We returned at 22:30 at
night. It was a very interesting holiday for me and my family was happy.

Text report:
Mangrove Tree
A mangrove is a tropical marine tree. Mangroves have special aerial roots and salt-filtering
tap roots which enable them to thrive in brackish water. Brackish water is salty but not as
salty as sea water. Mangrove trees are commonly planted and found in coastal areas.
Mangroves can serve as walls of protection for natural disaster in coastal area like tsunami.
According to BBC News, healthy mangrove forests had helped save lives in the Asia
disaster tsunami and people tended to respect these natural barriers even more, especially
after the tsunami.

There are several species of mangrove tree found all over the world. Some prefer more
salinity, while others like to be very-close to a large fresh water source such as river. Some
prefer areas that are sheltered from waves. Some species have their roots covered with sea
water every day during high tide. Other species grow on dry land but are still part of the
ecosystem. The Times of India reported that rare species of mangrove had been found and
was also known as the looking-glass tree, probably because the leaves are silver-coated.

Mangroves need to keep their trunk and leave above the surface of the water. Yet they also
need to be firmly attached to the ground so they are not moved by waves.
Any part of root that appears above the water flows oxygen to the plant under water surface.
as the soil begin to build up, these roots procedure additional roots that become embedded
in the soil.
Narative text:
Beauty and the Beast
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Beauty. She lived with her father and her sisters
in a small village.
Beauty was a beautiful girl. She was also hard-working. She always helped her father on the
One day, her father set out for the city. He saw an old castle and went in. No-one was in but
there was food on the table. Then he walked around the castle. He picked a rose from
garden for Beauty. Suddenly an angry Beast appeared. He wanted to kill Beautys father
unless Beauty was brought to him.
Beautys father told her daughters what had happened. Beautys sisters ordered her to see
the Beast.
Beauty went to see the Beast and had to stay at the castle. She felt scared, lonely and sad.
She tried to run away but was stopped by the Beast. The Beast treated Beauty well. Soon,
Beauty began to like the Beast.
One day, through the Beasts magic mirror, Beauty saw that her father was sick. The Beast
allowed her to go home. Her father was happy to see her.
One night, Beauty had a dream. A fairly told her that the Beast was sick.
Beauty hurried back and saw the Beast dying. She began to cry. Tears fell onto the Beast.
Suddenly, the Beast changed into handsome prince.
Beauty and the Beast got married and lived happily ever after.

Short fungsional text

English Speech Contest

For all students of SMAN Englishindo, we announce English Speech Contest..

Time : Saturday, 22 March 2012

Place : Hall of SMAN Englishindo

Each class should register at least one student with one of these following topics :

The Advantage of Learning English

The Difficulties of Learning English
The Effective Ways of Learning English


Take Pete`s week Fitness Challenge - It Works!

Kardio Kickboxing / H.I.T (High Intensity Training)
Ranked & Certified Instructors
Muay Thai/Thai Boxing
(ages 7-Adult)
Combat Submission Wrestling & BJJ
Opening Date & Location To Be Announced
Call: 712-792-8178 updates

Dear Panji,

Hi! How is your life? I hope you are very well. My Brothers and I will go to Lombok next
holiday. We will visit Senggigi beach, Gili Trawangan, Sekotong beach, Sendang Gila's
Water fall, Rinjani mountain, Kuta beach, Narmada park, Mayura Tample, and Kura-kura
swimming pool. I am very glad to go to Lombok, because I have never gone there before.
How about you? Do you have planning to go to Lombok to enjoy your vacation?
That's all Panji. I will write letter for you again next time. Do not forget to write letter for me
as soon as you can.


Short message:
Dear Donie, Ive prepared some food for breakfast. I put it on the refrigerator. Sorry, I have
to go to work very early. Mom

Greeting card:
Happy Birthday
Dear: Rena and Rani
Congratulations, because now you eight years old.
May you always succes and always you is the best.

hi rina do not forget to come to the event this afternoon my birthday,
I wait for your arrival
sweet bay,.

Notice/ countion:

No Smoking
Allowed in this area

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