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Process Analyzers

Condumax II Transportable
Hydrocarbon & Water Dew-Point Analyzer
Transportable natural gas dew-point analyzer system for operation in the field. Suitable for IEC
Zone 1 or 2 hazardous area, NEC Class I, Division 1 Groups B, C, D.

A complete transportable natural gas dew-point analysis system for field spot-check measurements. Periodic online operation
when located in a temperature maintained analyzer house. Measurements and functionality are instantly accessible through
integrated alphanumeric display and touch-glass HMI interface including log of dew-point readings for operator review.

Highlights Applications
Field transportable self-contained dew-point Spot-check measurements of HC and water dew
analyzer system point
Simultaneous HC and water dew-point Field verification of installed on-line dew-point
measurements in a single analyzer analyzers
Automatic objective measurements by industry Flexibility for periodic measurements at any gas
proven principles source
Parameter specific sensors ensure continuity of Producer process stage profiling to optimize
HC and water dew-point readings efficiency
Self-contained sample handling, conditioning and
analysis package
0.5C HC dew-point accuracy
Fundamental cooled mirror principle

Process Analyzers

The Industry Standard HCDP/WDP Quality Assurance with a New Transfer

Analyzer Standard
The Condumax II fulfills the demands of natural gas The Condumax II Transportable also enables established
producers and pipeline transmission companies for reliable users of permanent on-line dew-point analyzers to carry
on-line monitoring of natural gas hydrocarbon and water out periodic comparative measurements in the field to
dew point. verify measurement performance against the certified
factory laboratory calibration of the Condumax II to all
Condumax II is the industrys analyzer of choice to users.
ensure conformance of these key gas quality parameters,
from production processing, through trans-continental The Condumax II Transportable offers automatic
pipeline networks into final distribution and utilization by measurements of high sensitivity and objectivity wherever
major consumers such as power generators. Throughout they are needed in a simple to use, self-contained, sample
the midstream industry Michell hydrocarbon dew-point handling, conditioning and analysis package.
analyzers are installed as permanent analyzers, providing
measurements six times every hour 24/7/365. Sample Conditioning System
Complete integration of Condumax II Main Unit
System configuration for connection direct to
transmission pipeline natural gas at typically 70 barg
Simultaneous water dew-point measurement at process
pressure. Integration of water dew-point sample flow in
series for analysis at full line pressure

Process pressure gauge, 100 barg scale

Coalescing filter with by-pass needle valve and system
Transportable Condumax II for Field drain
Validation Sample gas pressure reduction via electrically-heated
The Condumax II Transportable addresses the further regulator for analysis of HC dew point at intermediate
needs of natural gas users as the industry evolves. With pressure (cricondentherm condition), adjustment range
an increased proportion of alternative fuel sources such up to 35 barg fitted (analysis pressure indicated by
as biogas, and greater reliance on LNG imports into gas Condumax II Main Unit)
networks which traditionally received gas solely from Sample flow control with armored rotameter
fixed upstream producers, the attention to ensuring
accurate measurement of dew point has never been more
critical. This increased complexity of supply chains has
expanded the number of potential measurement points
each requiring conformity to specification. The Condumax *To assure correct measurement performance of
II Transportable offers the flexibility to make investigative this system in outdoor fi eld use, the ambient air
spot-check measurements at any location, to even the temperature must be at least 5C above both the
smallest and most remote gas source. Furthermore, for hydrocarbon dew-point temperature of the process
the gas producer, the Condumax II Transportable can be gas sample at the cricondentherm condition,
used to profile individual process stages to ensure optimum typically 27 barg, and water dew-point at full
efficiency. process line pressure.

Process Analyzers




Weight: 60kg (approx)

System Package System Connections

Custom designed and built carry case of heavy duty Minimess stainless steel braided, micro-bore hoses
construction in 316 stainless steel with six vibration
Sampling system connection: Minimess quick connect
absorbing feet on base (for transportation) and on one
edge (for upright analyzer system operation) Set of 3 hoses: Sample inlet, coalescing filter drain /
by-pass and sample gas exhaust
Removable case lid secured by four toggle latches. Six
carry handles for ease of mobility by two persons and Length: 3m (each hose)
transportation between sites by automobile
Process connection: 316 stainless steel, 1/4 NPT male
Power consumption: <300 W, 110 V, 60 Hz or 230 V,
Gas wetted bore: PTFE, 2mm internal diameter
50 Hz (dependent on unit purchased)
Power Connection: Junction box provided with M20
or 1/2 NTP gland entry. Local AC connection to by
customers site electrician in accordance with local
codes of practice
Weight (inclusive of Condumax II Main Unit):
60kg approximately

Condumax II Flow Schematic






Hydrocarbon dew point - measured at cricondentherm condition

Water dew point - measured at line pressure

Process Analyzers

Technical Speci fi cations

Condumax II Main Unit
Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Measurement Logged data 150 data logs, sufficient for minimum 24
hour period (stored in volatile memory);
Measuring technique Dark Spot fixed sample analysis; Direct Each log HC dew point and analysis pressure, water
photo-detection of hydrocarbon condensate dew point and process line pressure;
at hydrocarbon dew-point temperature Visual review HMI display with automatic statistical
Sensor cooling Automatic via 3-stage Peltier effect analysis; maximum, minimum, average
electronic cooler under adaptive control values for duration of log period

Maximum range Up to 55C measurement depression from Integrated display/ Touch screen with vacuum fluorescent
main unit operating temperature keyboard display
Outputs Modbus RTU, RS485 @ 9600 baud rate;
Resolution 0.1C, 0.1F
Two 4-20 mA linear (non-isolated) outputs,
Accuracy 0.5C hydrocarbon dew point (single and user configurable for any combination of
multiple condensible component analysis) dew point or pressure parameters;
Additional connection junction box required
Sample fl ow 0.03 to 0.06 m3/hr (0.5 to 1.0 Nl/min)
- low flow alarm standard
Alarms Process and analyzer status via software
Measurement frequency 6 cycles/hour (recommended)
register and display annotation. Integrated
12 cycles/hour (maximum)
low flow alarms for each sample flow
Analyzer status fault flag 23 mA on mA
Water Dew-Point Measurement output 1;
Measuring technique Michell Ceramic Moisture Sensor Comprehensive analyzer status messages
appear on HMI display;
Unit Selection Additional connection junction box required
Dew point C and F water dew point externally
Moisture content lbs/MMscf; mg/m3, ppmV
(conversion method IGT#8 or ISO18453) Certi fi cation
Resolution 0.1C, 0.1F dew point Hazardous area ATEX II 2 G EExd IIB + H2 T4 Tamb =
0.1 lbs/MMscf, 1 mg/m3 ppmV certi fi cation -40 to +60C
Range Calibrated from -100 to +20C dew point CCSAUS certified to Class I, Div 1, Groups B,
C & D, T4
Accuracy 1C from -59 to +20C dew point
2C from -100 to -60C dew point

Pressure Measurement(s)
Hydrocarbon dew-point analysis pressure Condumax II Transportable
Units MPa, barg, psig
Order Codes
Resolution 0.1 MPa and barg, 1 psig
Accuracy Transportable CD2 with Water DP (ISO18453) and
Hydrocarbon dew point 0.25 barg material certificates ATEX (230 V AC)
Water dew point 0.5 barg Transportable CD2 with Water DP (IGT#8) and
Hydrocarbon and Water Dew-Point Analyzer material certificates CSA (110 V AC)

Sample gas supply Natural gas up to 100 barg, pressure

regulated in sampling system
Enclosure Travel case is stainless steel 316 material
construction with removable lid for access
and rubber feet for transportation /
operation; Item Product / Description
Instrument is EExd cast enclosure with SSF-CF-LON-10PK Coalescing Filter Cartridge (pack of 10)
removable viewing port: internally heated
for condensation protection
Gas connections Sample inlet, filter by-pass outlet, system
Sample system for: 1/4 NPT female ports,
Quick connect Minimess hoses,
Process connections: 1/4 NTP male
Operating environment Indoors/outdoors 0 to 40C; Max 95% RH
*See cautionary note on page 2
Power supply 110 or 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 300 W
Weight 60kg (approx)

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