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Blooms Taxonomy Verb List

Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation

cite add acquire analyze abstract appraise

define approximate adapt audit animate assess
describe articulate allocate blueprint arrange compare
draw associate alphabetize breadboard assemble conclude
enumerate characterize apply break down budget contrast
identify clarify ascertain characterize categorize counsel
index classify assign classify code criticize
Indicate compare attain compare combine critique
label compute avoid confirm compile defend
list contrast back up contrast compose determine
match convert calculate correlate construct discriminate
meet defend capture detect cope extimate
name describe change diagnose correspond evaluate
outline detail classify diagram create explain
point differentiate complete differentiate cultivate grade
quote discuss compute discriminate debug hire
read distinguish construct dissect depict interpret
recall elaborate customize distinguish design judge
recite estimate demonstrate document develop justify
recognize example depreciate ensure devise measure
record explain derive examine dictate predict
repeat express determine explain enhance prescribe
reproduce extend diminish explore explain rank
review extrapolate discover figure out facilitate rate
select factor draw file format recommend
state generalize employ group formulate release
study give examine identify generalize select
tabulate infer exercise illustrate generate summarize
trace interact explore infer handle support
write interpolate expose interrupt import test
interpret express inventory improve validate
observe factor investigate incorporate verify
paraphrase figure lay out integrate
picture graphically graph manage interface

predict handle maximize join

review illustrate minimize lecture
rewrite interconvert optimize model
subtract investigate order modify
summarize manipulate outline network
translate modify point out organize
visualize operate prioritize outline
personalize proofread overhaul
plot query plan
practice relate portray
predict select prepare
prepare separate prescribe
price size up produce
process subdivide program
produce train rearrange
project transform reconstruct
protect refer
provide relate
relate reorganize
round off revise
sequence rewrite
show specify
simulate summarize
sketch write
Blooms Taxonomy Verb List
activate correct loosen transfer
adjust create make troubleshoot
align demonstrate manipulate tune
apply design mend turn on/off
arrange dismantle mix type
assemble drill nail saw
balance fasten operate sharpen
break down fix paint set
build follow press sew
calibrate grind produce sketch
change grip pull start
clean hammer push stir
close heat remove use
combine hook repair weigh
compose identify replace wrap
connect load rotate
construct locate sand

Blooms Taxonomy Verb List

Receiving Responding Valuing Organization Internalizing
ask accept associate with adhere to act
choose answer assume responsibility alter change behavior
follow assist believe in arrange develop code of
give comply be convinced classify develop philosophy

hold conform complete combine influence

select enjoy describe defend judge problems/issues

show interest greet differentiate establish listen

help have faith in form propose
obey initiate identify with qualify
perform invite integrate question
practice join organize serve
present justify weigh show mature attitude
report participate solve
select propose verify
tell select

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