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Management & Entrepreneurship for IT Industry 15CS51

Assignment Questions
Module-1 Introduction

1. Define management. What are the nature and characteristics? Explain its function.
2. Explain briefly the various functions of management.
3. What are the modern management approaches? Explain briefly the contingency approaches of
4. Explain the various roles of a manager.
5. Explain the contribution of FW Taylor to the theory of management
6. What is planning? Explain the steps involved in planning. And give the importance and purpose
of planning process.
7. Briefly explain the types of planning.
8. Explain the process and steps involved in decision making and planning.
9. Explain the nature and purpose of the organization.
10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of line and staff organization?
11. Define staffing and discuss its importance.
12. Explain the process of selection and recruitment.

Module-2Directing and Controlling

1. Define directing and explain nature of directing.

2. What are the different styles of leadership?
3. List all the motivational theories and explain Maslows hierarchy of need theory.
4. Explain Herzbergs hygiene theory.
5. Explain meaning and importance of communication.
6. Define coordination and explain its importance.
7. State and explain steps in controlling.
8. Explain the methods of establishing sound controlling.

Module-3 Entrepreneur

1. Define entrepreneur. List the characteristics of entrepreneur.

2. Explain types of entrepreneurs.
3. Explain various stages of entrepreneurs.
4. Explain role of entrepreneurs in economic development.
5. Explain entrepreneurship in India
6. Explain barriers to entrepreneurship.

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Management & Entrepreneurship for IT Industry 15CS51
7. Explain identification of business opportunities.
8. Explain feasibility study of entrepreneurship.
9. Explain technical feasibility study of entrepreneurship.
10. Explain financial and marketing feasibility study.

Module-4 Preparation of project of ERP

1. Define project. Explain project identification.

2. Explain project selection.
3. Explain project report.
4. Explain need and significance of project report.
5. Explain contents and formulation of project report.
6. Explain planning commission guidelines for the project report.
7. Define and explain the importance of ERP.
8. Explain functional areas of management in brief.

Module-5 Micro and small enterprises

1. Define micro and small scale industry. List the characteristics and advantages of them.
2. Explain the steps in establishing micro and small enterprise.
3. Explain government of India industrial policy 2007 on micro and small enterprise.
4. Briefly explain TECKSOC, KIADB, KSSIDC and District level single window agency.
5. Explain KSFC, DIC, NSIC and MSME-DI.
6. Define and explain intellectual property rights.
7. Write a case study on Microsoft.
8. Write a case study on captain G R Gopinath.
9. Write a case study on N R Narayana Murthy.

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