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Lesson Plan Template ED3501GHI Curriculum Overview Lesson

Lesson Teacher: Ms.Shostak

Math Measurement
Title/Focus Date: December 12


General Outcome: Use direct and indirect measurement to solve problems.


Specific Outcome 1
Demonstrate an understanding of measurement as a process of comparing by:
Identifying attributes that can be compared
Ordering objects
Making statements of comparison
Filling, covering or matching.

1. Students will be able to order objects by length
Observations: Student discussion and participating
Summative Student Christmas Tree Craft
Key Questions: What is length?
How can we order length?
Products/Performances: Summative Christmas Tree Craft
Student discussion
Alberta Program of Studies Teacher Materials:
Nelson Math Focus 1 Teacher Resource Magnetic Candy canes
Pinterest Red Paper
Varying lengths Green Strips (6 for each student)
Brown paper (resembling tree trunks)
White Paint
Student Materials:
Glue Sticks
Introduction Time
Attention Grabber Ask students to join me at the math wall 1 min
Transition to Body Last week we talked about measurement and we are going to continue to talk
about length!
Body Time
Learning Activity #1 Review:
o Can anyone refresh my memory and tell me what length is?
o What are words that we use to describe length
o What are some things that we can measure the length of?
With magnetic candy canes (4)
o How can we order these in candy canes in order of length? 7 mins
o How do we know that one is the shortest?
o Which is the longest? Why do you think so? How can you find out?
o What ordering rule did you use? Is there a different ordering rule that
we can used?
o Why do we think measuring length is important?
Assessments/ Are students engaged and participating? Do students remember what length is?
Differentiation Do students understand length and concepts regarding length?
Learning Activity #2 Christmas Tree Lengths (Summative Assessment) ~30 mins

Adapted from a template created by Dr. K. Roscoe 1

Lesson Plan Template ED3501GHI Curriculum Overview Lesson
o Tell students we will be making Christmas tree out of these green strips
o But we need to order them from shortest on top to longest on the bottom
o It is explained to students that they must first try and order the strips
BEFORE they start gluing. When students think they have finished their
tree and properly ordered their strips from shortest on top to longest on
the bottom they must raise their hand to get an adult to double check
their work. When they get the OK from a teacher they can start gluing
o Students will be dismissed to get their painting shirt using the letter
o When students have finished gluing they can glue the tree trunk and star
on and add their name to the back.
o When the majority of students are done stop student work (Hands on
Top That Means Stop) and explain the painting step
o Each student will get a Q-tip and they can dab snowflakes with white
paint on their measurement Christmas tree
o When they are done students can clean up and come to me with further
Math instructions.
Assessment Differentiation Are students engaged and participating? Are students able to order the strips of
paper from shortest to longer?

When checking student work see if students are able to distinguish long
strips and short strips and able to order them accurately.
Use rubric
Learning Activity #3 Straws: ~10 mins
o When students are done and cleaned up they are to group up in a pair of (depending
three with a student and they will get 4-5 various sizes of straws on how
o What they must do is hold them in there hand so they all look the same long it
length takes
o Each student must pick a straw whoever chooses the longest straw wins students to
o They will hold the straws next finish their
o Change the game to the student drawing the shortest straw crafts)
Assessments/ Are students engaged and participating? Are students able to distinguish between
Differentiation the longest and shortest straws?
Cliffhanger/Closure Time
Assessment of Learning: Are student engaged and participating in the learning activity? Are students
able to order different objects by length? Are students able to compare
object based on length?
5 mins
Students are asked to join me on the carpet and ask students explain how
they know how to order length?
Transition: Ask students to line up at the door and wash their hands for lunch.
How does this individual lesson
scaffold learning opportunities
for students? Students have been learning about different forms of measurement and we have been
What assumptions does this working on length for two lessons before this. We have been working on skills of ordering
lesson make about what and comparing different objects based on different measurements. We will be introducing
students already know?
capacity next lesson!
In what ways is this lesson
connected to the next lesson?

Adapted from a template created by Dr. K. Roscoe 2