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Business Letter Writing

The Rsum and Application

Carmelotes, Kirk Johnson Q.

February 14, 2017

Mobile phone
A mobile phone can be classified as a smart phone with an advanced mobile operating

system that combines features of a personal computer operating system with other

features useful for mobile or handheld use. For instance, this mobile phone can be

divided into two with different operating system, iPhone and Android.

Comparing these two operating systems based on the kind of parts they have, internal

parts, external parts and medium. IPhone, run by IOS, carries a higher price than

Android powered phones. The carrier of the iPhone has a lesser population for services

than Android carriers. Android carriers can be located everywhere within the premise of

a mall or commercial building. The Android phone has a higher battery capacity than the

iPhone, the consistency of manufacturing low battery capacity of iPhone affects their

sales towards customers. Android powered phones offer many applications that can be

easily accessed by users rather than iPhone where some applications should be bought

first in order to download and run the application. The iPhones Air drop system can only

be paired among Apple products to avoid system malfunction, errors and virus while

Android powered phones had been already programmed with Bluetooth system to share

and send files, documents, pictures and music to other users.

When it comes to the user of their other programs and systems, both iPhone and

Android phones use GPS and Navigation to track certain locations, find lost phones and

use a map. They are always updated to maintain the performance of their operating

system and to address the complaints of their users. They both have screen use as

point-force motion to follow commands, but differ in its quality. iPhone is way more
fragile than Android phones. Good quality hardware and software run the system to

support the power.

On the importance of camera of these two phones, both consider this as the main

part of the phone. But its cameras are not the same when it comes to taking pictures.

Android phones come with different options based on the users choice; iPhone may

come with different options, but it is few to avoid complications. The iPhones

camera has better quality than Android phones.