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SAP Screen Personas Installation and Configuration

Document Version: 2016_SP47 November 4, 2016

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 1

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SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 3

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Table of Contents
SAP Screen Personas Installation and Configuration ................................................................... 5
1 Installing SAP Screen Personas 3.0 ...................................................................................... 7
2 Configuring SAP Screen Personas 3.0 .................................................................................. 9
3 Configure Authorizations and Roles .................................................................................... 11

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 4

SAP Library

SAP Screen Personas Installation and Configuration

This document describes all necessary activities for the installation and initial configuration of
SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP04. In addition, it provides information about the components and
guides that are required during the implementation process.

Implementation Considerations
SAP Screen Personas 3.0 supports the following SAP NetWeaver Basis and kernel releases:

SAP Minimum Additional Required Supported Kernel

Basis SP Notes Releases

700 SP25 (Yes) 722

701 SP10 (Yes) 722

702 SP09 (Yes) 722

731 SP07 (Yes) 722

740 SP03 (Yes) 742, 745

750 (None) (None) 745, 749

S/4 (None) (None) 749

For the list of additional required notes, please see the details in the installation procedure section
of this document.

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 5

SAP Library

Please note the following regarding NetWeaver releases older than 740:

There are no plans to support any older NetWeaver Basis releases or service packs that are
not listed above. There are also no plans to support SAP Screen Personas 3.0 on an older
kernel release than 722.

The development team designed and tested SAP Screen Personas 3.0 on the above
NetWeaver releases and Basis service packs. However, a number of issues have been
addressed and due to technical constraints have not been down-ported to older support
packages (for example, SAP Note 2207791 SAP GUI for HTML: Whitelist-Service for
Clickjacking Framing Protection). Therefore, we strongly advise to run SAP Screen Personas
3.0 only on:





For service packs lower than these, only limited support is offered and known issues exist
that can only be addressed via an SAP_BASIS upgrade.

For roadmap information on kernel releases and basis service packs, please read SAP Note

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 6

SAP Library

1 Installing SAP Screen Personas 3.0

1. Deploy the necessary kernel release and patch.

o For more information about kernel exchange, please read SAP Note 19466.

o Install the required minimum kernel patch level according to SAP Note 2376426.

o Note that the kernel is composed of multiple components that do not always have
the same version number, i.e. some components are updated more frequently.
When a kernel version is recommended by the Personas Team, then this usually
refers to the patch level of the disp+work package found in Service
Marketplace under section Database independent , based on your OS and
kernel version. Apart from this, please make sure that you keep all components
up to date.

2. For NetWeaver 731 SP07 SP08 and 740 SP03 SP08:

You must implement SAP Note 2007072 Class include is not activated
following implementation of SAP Note. Without this, there is a risk of bringing
your system into an inconsistent state.

Important: After applying this note, close your current SAP GUI session, and
reconnect to your system before proceeding. This step is required because with
SAP Note 2007072 you have updated the correction workbench itself and the
correction only becomes active with the next ABAP session that is created.

3. According to your NetWeaver release, implement the following notes, observing the
specified sequence:

o NW 700: 1648418, 2206295, 2136360, 2185530, 2223578, 2140417

o NW 701: 1648418, 2206295, 2136358, 2185526, 2223624, 2140417

o NW 702: 1648418, 2219194, 2136356, 2223629

o NW 731: 2219194, 2135723, 2223645

o NW 740: Depending on your Basis SP level, apply one of the following SAP

SP03: 1918906 SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Basis Enablement

SP04 SP07: 2044643 SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Basis


Important: If you are on SP03 or SP04, you must apply note

2218621 before installing SAP Screen Personas 3.0

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 7

SAP Library

4. Depending whether this is a new Personas installation or an upgrade from an earlier

support package, select one of the following:

o In case of a new installation, install the Personas 3.00 add-on and support
packages SP01 SP04.

o If upgrading from an earlier support package, install the new support package(s).

5. See SAP Note 2376426 for a list of all relevant notes. Implement the basis and Internet
Transaction Server (ITS) related notes as applicable to your environment. Adjust the
System Change Option via transaction SE03 or SE06 so that software component
PERSONAS and namespace /PERSONAS/ are set to Modifiable. Also apply all
Personas-specific (client / frontend, backend, overwrite entries) notes listed in this note.

o Note 2376426 is always kept up-to-date to include all notes relevant for SAP
Screen Personas 3.0 SP04. Therefore, it is recommended to subscribe to this
note in order to help keep your Personas installation current. You can also
subscribe to the SAP Screen Personas Support News at

o You can use the Personas Notes Checker function in the Health Check to verify
whether your Personas installation is missing any of the required notes.

6. In case of an upgrade, already existing Personas objects must be updated to the new
support package. To do this, start the administration transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN,
select Run Health Check and click on the toolbar button Update to SP04.

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 8

SAP Library

2 Configuring SAP Screen Personas 3.0

1. Configure the following instance profile parameters using transaction RZ10, then restart
the system:

o Update the current value of parameter em/global_area_MB to at least 1 GB. For

further details, check SAP Note 1888428

o Check SAP note 2299342 to see whether a change to parameter ztta/diag_area

is necessary. If your system uses a kernel patch below the listed ones or in
doubt, set it to at least 10MB (10000000 bytes). For further details regarding this
parameter, also check SAP Note 204502

2. Complete the service configuration

o Activate the following services in transaction SICF:




o Ensure and test that the webgui service is fully operational

o Verify that the personas service has the following GUI Configuration parameters:

Parameter Name Value



~THEME sap_bluecrystal



SAP-IE edge


Additional required parameter for NetWeaver Basis 700 and 701:

Parameter Name Value


SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 9

SAP Library

3. Assign Roles

In this step, you will assign Personas role(s) for the specified user(s). You can either use
the preconfigured shipped roles or create new ones.

o Go to transaction SU01, select a user and under the Roles tab, enter one of the
following preconfigured roles:

/PERSONAS/ADMIN_ROLE (for full rights to all Personas features)

/PERSONAS/EDITOR_ROLE (for full access to all flavor- and theme-

editing features, but not the administration functions)

/PERSONAS/CONSUMER_ROLE (for read-only / rendering access to

Personas flavors)

o Alternatively, you can also create new roles. Refer to Configuring Authorizations
and Roles.

4. Use the Configuration Checklist

o Go to transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN and press the Run Health Check Tool

button under Additional Administrative Tasks. Look through all the entries and
ensure that there are no red status lights.

o Make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser to edit flavors.
Please see SAP Note 2050838 for browser considerations.

5. Test Configuration

In this step, you will launch SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP04.

o Option 1:

In transaction SICF, select Hierarchy Type SERVICE and Service Name


In the Services tree list, right click on the personas service and select
Test Service.

o Option 2:

Test the following URL by replacing host, domain and port with your
values: http(s)://host.domain:port/sap/bc/personas?sap-ie=edge

o Your default web browser will open and the SAP GUI for HTML appears. After
some initial compilation and decompression time (on first load per application
server), the browser shows a blue line on top with four dots in the middle. Upon

hovering over the blue line, the (Personas) icon appears. Click this icon to
start SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP04.

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 10

SAP Library

3 Configuring Authorizations and Roles

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 is only enabled for a user when the relevant authorizations (based on
a user role) are granted. This is essential since without the necessary authorizations, the solution
will not be available. Role assignment happens through the regular user administration process.

As mentioned in the Configuring SAP Screen Personas 3.0 section, the standard product delivery
includes three roles. You can use these roles to allow users access to the system via Personas.
After installation of the Personas add-on, these roles do not yet have the necessary authorization
profile. Please ensure that you create the authorization profile for each role via transaction PFCG
to activate them fully before assignment.

If these roles are not sufficient, new roles can also be created using transaction PFCG. Based on
the three delivered standard roles and using the below authorization objects, you can define
custom roles to achieve the desired level of granularity to control access to various Personas

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 uses the following authorization objects:

Transaction code check at transaction start (S_TCODE)

o This is the usual object, which determines what transaction codes the user is
allowed to run.

Administration Authorizations (P_ADMIN)

o This object controls the Personas Administration features

Authorization Value Description

Admin Activity 01 Admin

Full administrative access to all features in transaction


02 Support

Access to transaction /PERSONAS/USERS and

/PERSONAS/FLAVORS. Ability to share or assign flavors to
user or roles.

03 Analytics

Access to the analytics features

04 Translation

Access to flavor translation without permitting other admin

functions (via transaction /PERSONAS/FLAVORS)

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 11

SAP Library

Edit Authorizations (P_EDIT)

o This object controls the features that allow accessing various activities while
editing flavors or themes

Authorization Value Description

Edit Activity 01 Position_Size

Allows setting the coordinates and size parameters of screen


02 Set_Default

Set default field values for text fields, checkboxes, radio

buttons etc.

03 Font

Set font family, color, size and other properties of controls


04 Style

Style group functions, like Fill Color, Border Style, Read Only,
Suggested etc.

05 Annotate

Access to the Insert tab. Add labels, sticky notes, images,

HTML viewer. Access Toolbox (deleting and cloning objects).

06 Macros

Add buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes and text fields. Assign

scripts to control- or screen events. Access to Tables tab.

07 Advanced

Permits the use of Conditional Formatting in the Tables tab.

08 Admin_Edit

Access to Compress Undo History and Versioning in the

Release Tab.

Framework 01 Dynpro

Allows the selected activities for the specified traditional

Dynpro-based transactions.

02 Web Dynpro

Allows the selected activities for the specified WDA


Application ID Transaction code(s) or WDA application name(s).

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 12

SAP Library

Runtime authorizations (P_RUNTIME)

o This object will control the activities the user can perform with a flavor or a

Authorization Value Description

Runtime 01 Use Flavors and Themes

Allows running the assigned default flavor and theme

02 Selecting flavors

Allows selection of the desired flavor via the Flavor Bar

03 Manage flavors

Access to the Flavor Gallery and ability to move flavors to

the flavor bar

04 Editing flavors

Access to flavor sharing, editing, creation and deletion

05 Creating and editing scripts

Permits the use of the Script Editor

06 Theming and templates

Allows using the Theme Editor

07 Runtime administration

Permits editing of flavors that are owned by other users

Framework 01 Dynpro

Allows the selected activities for the specified traditional

Dynpro-based transaction.

02 Web Dynpro

Allows the selected activities for the specified WDA


Application ID Transaction code(s) or WDA application name(s)

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 13

SAP Library

The following matrix explains how these authorizations are distributed in case of the standard
delivered roles:

Values Roles

Consumer Editor Admin

Transaction Code










Admin Activity

01 Admin X

Edit Activity

01 Position_Size X X

02 Set_Default X X

03 Font X X

04 Style X X

05 Annotate X X

06 Macros X X

07 Advanced X X

08 Admin_Edit X X

Runtime Activity

01 Use Flavors and Themes X X X

02 Select_Flavor X X X

03 Manage_Flavor X X X

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 14

SAP Library

04 Edit_Flavor X X

05 Scripting X X

06 Theming X X

07 Admin_Runtime X


Dynpro X X X

Web Dynpro X X X

Application ID

TCode/Application ID * * *

SAP Screen Personas Configuration 2016_SP47 15