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Chapter 1&2 Week 1: o Language

History of GMC Polish up your essay

o First/Primary Campus: Career Planning
Milledgeville o Knowing yourself ->
o Middle GA Military and Exploring your Decisions ->
Agricultural College GMC Making Decisions ->
first name Moving On
o School colors Red and o discover your interests, skills,
Black personality traits, and values
o Service with faithfulness o Investigate all the career
o Character Above All choices, options, and
GMC Core Values opportunities available to you
o Duty o Set some goals
o Honor o Career planning is an
o Country ongoing process
Chapter 4 Week 3: Chapters 5&6 Week 4
How to Write an Essay in 10 Steps Time Management
o Research o Recording: Keep a planner
Research your topic o Analyze: See what you did
o Analysis during the day
Analyze the o Changing: How to get the
arguments of the useless time back
essays you read VARK Learning Styles
o Brainstorming o Visual
Write down ideas for Uses visual aids like
the essay charts, graphs, and
o Thesis seeing information
Pick best idea and Reads body languages
write entire essay Memorize and recall
about it information
o Outline Remember things that
Sketch out essay are written down
o Introduction Learns better in
Actually start to write lectures by watching
the buildup of the o Aural
issue, bring reader to Retains information
the argument through hearing and
o Paragraphs speaking
Each focused on a Prefers to be told how
single idea supporting to do things
thesis Notices different
o Conclusion aspects of speaking
Wrap up the essay o Reading/Writing
o APA or MLA Likes to read about
Works Cited, the information
formatting o Kinesthetic
Likes to use hands-on ating thinking with a view to
approach to studying improving it.
Would rather Chapters 8&9 Week 6
demonstrate how to Taking great notes
do something rather Building a professional vocabulary
than verbally explain Chapters 10&11 Week 7
Prefers group work Taking control of finances
more than others do o Have a clear idea of your
Chapter 7 Week 5 income and your expenses
Elements of Thought Financial Literacy
o POV: frame of reference, o Learning how to manage
perspective, orientation your $$$ without your $$$
o Purpose: goal, objective managing you
o Question at issue: problem, o Income vs Expenses
issue Income money
o Information: data, facts, coming in
observations, experiences Expense money
o Interpretation and Inference: going out
conclusions and solutions Income amount
o Concepts: theories, should be GREATER
definitions, laws, models than the expense
o Assumptions: taking for amount
granted o Financial Planning
o Implications and Have SMART goals
Consequences Specific
Critical Thinking Measurable
o Requires us to get into our Attainable
mind, or the mind of Relevant
someone else, to understand
their reasoning. o Understanding Credit
o Helps us understand how Credit rating: a
someones thinking or measure of a persons
actions reflects how they see ability and
the world. willingness to make
o Involves taking apart credit payment on
thinking and looking at how time
that thinking is constructed Credit score: snapshot
o Can assess if the thinking is of a persons financial
done well or not, if the standing at a
reasoning is based on sound particular point in
ideas or whether we can rely time
on the conclusions the thinker As the credit score
gives us. goes up the cost of
o Critical thinking is credit goes down.
the art of analyzing and evalu