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Statement of Purpose

The following are the importants notes when you are compiling a Statement of Purpose essay

1. Stick with the word limit. Most universities have a definite space to fill in your SOP online and it
is practiacally not possible to exceed the word count. Cases where u can try and cook up more
number of words than mentioned, try not to exceed the count by a lot!
2. Avoid any kind of gramatical mistakes, which immediaetly gives a negative opinion abt u!
Professors do not like to have a student working with him with whom he cannot converse
properly. Send your SOP across to friends and seniors for atleast a couple of reviews to correct
every single mistake ( Pl. do NOT pain ur seniors much to read ur SOPs as they do not have too
much time to go thro the SOPs of every person in ur class )
3. Compile a coherant essay. It should not give an impression to the reader that you are
disorganised and confused.
4. Juicy language can be avoided as well. They do not want to see your vocabulary but wud like to
know ur ideas, goals and aims in life.
5. Mention clearly ur aims in life whether you are applying for a Phd, Masters, etc or in case
you are apping for masters only, do u have intentions of taking up a doctoral course later in your
6. Do not write too much on ur schooling, family backgroud etc though u need to include a
paragraph on this
7. You should expand on what u are working on and what is your contribution to your thesis
explicitily and give an instance of how you have applied your ideas to the program.
8. You may also include a paragraph on your co and extracurricular activities
9. A note about the university and the professors your are applying to, helps in the sense that
professors might get to know that u have actually put enthu in browsing his website and have a
prior knowledge about his interests
10. Mention about yourskills and strengths and show how you have applied them in practical life for
ex your leadership qualities a joint project where you excelled, your problem solving ability
say if u won a modeling contest in shaastra, ur hands on experience say ur laboratory
experiments or hands on contest in a competition..coding skills, etc etc

Over all, try and enthrall the reader to read more about you and he shudnt get pained reading
irrelavant stuff

Hope you have a great time during and after apping!

Prasanth Tanikella