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Adrian Riley

Mr.Ferrel / Ms. Bottenfield


13 December 2017

In the poem, Sonnet 98, the author uses figurative language to describe how he/she misses
someone. With the details and wordplay, the author is describing how different things are without them
and how theyve basically been distant from everything. I feel like he had a tone that was kind of like he
was reminiscing of them while he was saying how the usual is not feeling like the normal. The overall
theme us that special someones absence can everything feel different.

The figurative language in this poem supports the theme by using personification in all the
figurative language in the poem. For example, when the author said, When proud pied April, dressed in
all his trim, Hath put a spirit of youth in everything, that heavy Saturn laughed and leapt with him. This
personification because they gave non-humans, human qualities. Like, proud pied April, dressed in all his
trim, this is giving a month, an action of a human. The figurative language gives the theme detail on how
the author miss someone so much.

Other material in the poem is the tone. The tone of the poem comes from the figurative language
comparisons. The tone makes the reader thing back along with the author. Like back in paragraph 1, the
author is reminiscing and making the reader think alone with them, with the figurative language and tone.
And in this cas3e brings mood in this situation.

To sum it up, this sonnet is about someone missing someone else, and things arent the same
without them. The figurative language, tone, and mood is what brought it all together.

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