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PCA - Mr.

Vassilis 1st Grade Greek Class

December Newsletter

Hello, parents, and welcome to December at the Greek class in PCA! December is such a
beautiful month with all the name days, Christmas and end of year/New Year!

I am glad to share with you my satisfaction for the end of 1st trimester. I had the chance
to meet most of you in the Parent-Teacher Conferences. I enjoyed 1st graders every day
in their encounter with the Greek language and culture. I am sure we will keep up their
interest and speed up their pace of learning Greek in 2nd trimester!

The 3 weeks of December are focused around Christmas.

Grammar and Spelling of the month

Following our Curriculum Guide, the 2 letters of the month are: . Students are
learning to write, distinguish and make words starting from or having these 2 letters.

In class the students are writing words with the letters of the month, clapping words in
syllables and reading aloud their words. Acting-out words is also part of our everyday
activities to master vocabulary. They will combine them with , , , , , ,
learned so far to get some interesting words and phrases.

Mark your Calendar

Friday 22nd is the Christmas program for PCA. 1st graders are practicing on their song
a Greek version of The Little Drummer. Please make sure
they practice with their music to get the right tune.

PCA, 2017-18 1st Grade, Greek Class

Units and Projects

1. Students will learn the vocabulary with the letters of the month by working on
Unit 4 of their texbooks. They will also study the letters of the month through
fun crosswords/pictures, puzzles, videos and songs.

2. Students will write Christmas cards and work on a project about

(= Christmas tree). Christmas texts are coming into everyday activities too.


Do not forget to say ! to: B (4), (5), / (6),

(12), (15), / (17), (24), / (25),
(26), (27).


Check the Greek Classes content at PCA at the website shared with Mrs. Christina at:

You can also contact me at my e-mail address:

vtsagkalos@pythagoraschildrensacademy.org. Thank you!

PCA, 2017-18 1st Grade, Greek Class