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About be happy about something (but: happy for someone)

brag about dream about (while asleep)
read about worry about/be concerned about
care about (= consider important)
think about (= consider, contemplate)

at aim at hint at
arrive at a conclusion (but: arrive in a place)
be good at s.t. be bad at
laugh at s.o smile at

by travel by (air, etc.) limited by consumed by

pay by (cheque, etc.)(but: pay in cash/pay cash)

for allow for care for (= like,look after)

exchanged for play for (a team)
hope for wait for
apply for apologize for
ask for (but: ask a question) pay for

from be different from borrow s.t from s.o.

in be interested in believe in
have confidence in be disappointed in
fail in (a subject) (but: to fail an exam)

of be accused of approve of
be afraid of be ashamed of
be proud of be careful of
consist of be composed of
be made of be cured of
be full of be glad of
dream of (= think, imagine)
remind s.o. of s.t. think of (an idea)

on call on s.o. (= to visit/to appeal)

congratulate on (an achievement)
enlarge on (a subject)
depend on live on
insist on agree on (a date)
get on (a bus, etc)

to amount to add to
be accustomed to attend to
refer to be an exception to
be indifferent to be married to
be opposite to be related to
be similar to be inferior to
be superior to tie s.t. to
listen to reply to
explain s.t to s.o agree to (a proposal)
be kind to write (to)

with agree with s.o. to be angry with s.o.

into divide into drive into (= hit)

get into (a car,)

against fight against lean against