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Marnie O.

Rebatado, LPT

MTTE MHRM Section 1B

Major subject: Food Production Management

Professor: Mrs. Sofia Cabana Naelga

University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP)

1. What is Mutual Recognition Agreement

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) is an
international agreement by which two or more countries agree to recognize one another's conformity
assessments. A mutual recognition arrangement is an international arrangement based on such an
agreement. MRAs have become increasingly common since the formation of the World Trade
Organization in 1995. They have been forged within and among various trade blocs, including APEC and
the European Union. MRAs are most commonly applied to goods, such as various quality control MRAs.
However, the term is sometimes applied to agreements on the recognition of professional qualifications as

2. Name the 6 Labor Divisions under the tourism sector?

2.1 Front Office
2.1.1 Front Office Manager
2.1.2 Front Office Supervisor
2.1.3 Receptionist
2.1.4 Telephone Operator

2.1.5 Bell Boy

2.2 Food Production
2.2.1 Executive Chef
2.2.2 Demi Chef
2.2.3 Commis Chef
2.2.4 Chef de Partie
2.2.5 Commis Pastry
2.2.6 Baker
2.2.7 Butcher

2.3 Housekeeping
2.3.1 Executive Housekeeper
2.3.2 Laundry Manager
2.3.3 Floor Supervisor
2.3.4 Room Attendant
2.3.5 Public Area Cleaner

2.4 F&B Services

2.4.1 F&B Director
2.4.2 F&B Outlet Manager
2.4.3 Headwaiter
2.4.4 Bartender
2.4.5 Waiter

2.5 Travel Agencies

2.5.1 General Manager
2.5.2 Assistant General Manager
2.5.3 Senior Travel Consultant
2.5.4 Travel Consultant

2.6 Tour Operator

2.6.1 Product Manager
2.6.2 Sales and Marketing Manager
2.6.3 Credit Manager
2.6.4 Ticketing Manager
2.6.5 Tour Manager

3. What do you think is the role of Food industries in our countrys economy?
The Food Industries play a great part for the plummeting economic status of the
country. They create careers and livelihood to the Filipino people especially those belong in the
poor sector. They can produce skilled and expert workers, and be globally competent. This they
can help them to augment their means of income and improve their dispositions. Filipino people
will delight in the fruit of their success as well as the whole community.
Moreover, sustainable developed food industries contribute to overall economic
development, which fosters growth in the country. Food industries can generate all-
encompassing employment to the Filipino people.
4. State your national qualification certification and express your thoughts how were you able to
earn this?
I passed the Bread and Pastry Production NC II last January of this year. I thought at first
I could not be able to finish this course for the expensive materials and equipment to be used.
Since, I loved to bake, and I feel so me when I am about to start the touching the ingredients and
doing the procedures until to the finish product. I bought my own oven to be able to practice at
home. I practiced well to perfect the techniques in producing good products.