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Written by
Rohit Jain

Rohit Jain

Indira Pancholi

Translation (Hindi to English) and text editing

Smriti Nevatia

Aspire Design

Published by
HAQ: Centre for Child Rights, New Delhi

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Ending Child Marriage : Learning Together and Moving Ahead

In collaboration with :
Jabala Action Research Organisation, West Bengal
Child Marriage NoNever,
Without My Consent Never Ever Rohit Jain
West Bengal
Note from the photographer
15-year-old Abida shuts her eyes tight, as if trying What explains why child marriages are so common
to unsee some dreaded scenes from her past. even now, in our rapidly developing society?
The question leads us to seek answers in those
This is the story of a sordid drama that unfolds in communities where the practice is prevalent. For
the dark of night as men play with the bodies of whether the setting be urban or rural, we do know
young girls held captive in the grip of marriages for that a large section of people still adheres to the old
which they are wholly unprepared in every way. traditions, which dictate that women must remain
These girls, who are yet to know their own selves in purdah, and which perpetuate many forms of
fully, find themselves in unfamiliar homes, creeping gender inequality. The main difference between
about furtively like thieves. Thieves to whom a city and village is that city-dwellers have learned to
crumb might now and then be thrown and who, whitewash the truth, whereas poor villagers often
when night falls, must hide from even themselves. lack the wherewithal, even, for such whitewash.
Economic hardship, fears and notions instilled
Abidas story, then, is a story of child marriage.
by patriarchy, the anticipated burdens of dowry
A little girl who can barely comprehend what
demands all these leads them to marry off their
marriage means but who is burdened with the
girls much too early. Once a girl child becomes a
roles and duties of wife, daughter-in-law, mother.
young woman, theres deep insecurity better to
She must leave behind her studies and, indeed, her
get her married before some man does something
childhood. And grow up as a woman deprived of all
to her. And so, when a girl of marriageable age
agency, powerless.
is still single, still living in her natal home, criticism
pours in from every side about this deplorable state
Of course, the ruthless trap of child marriage does
of affairs. Many even believe that sending a girl
not spare young boys either. All the stories in this
to school is asking for trouble before you know
book, however, are about young girls in the villages
it, shell start dreaming of impossible (meaning
of West Bengals Birbhum and Murshidabad
forbidden) things.
districts where minor girls are often married off
to men who are twice as old as them, if not older.

Yet the picture is not always so bleak. People are Now lets look at the other side of the coin. Society
beginning to think differently. Many community thrives, and keeps going, even as injustices and
elders, parents, and teachers have done their bit to inequalities multiply because many of us grow
foster greater equality, and to oppose both gender used to things being the way they are. And thus
discrimination and oppressive traditions. Girls we believe that each person must get married by a
and women, too, are breaking the shackles of the certain age, and then be obliged to live with all the
past and are everywhere overturning the notion problems that might ensue. Not so different, then,
that they are too weak to stand on their own feet from those people who think child marriage is good
they are, in fact, beginnning to fly on the wings and who lead their lives based on that belief for
of their own aspirations and desires. Some are that is what they have grown accustomed to. Now
struggling with obstacles within themselves, others and then, when we manage to put a halt to this
are working hard to overcome family poverty, and practice, we suddenly acquire a success story to
many are taking their cry for freedom into the very share but what is our understanding of the many
heart of their families and communities. These struggles involved? And how do we look at the
battles do not mean that they cease to care about ground realities?
those to whom they are close. They are simply
fighting for their rights and their dreams often None of this is to suggest that child marriages are
undeterred by the risks involved. fine. Rather, if we truly wish to uproot this troubling
phenomenon, we will need to address all its
Like unstoppable ocean waves, they speak from surrounding factors, and strive to change many of
the depths of their being, We know that what we those as well.
are doing is right and is just, because it cannot be
that we were created to destroy ourselves with The stories in this book show us the ill effects of
our own hands, or to hide our heads in our laps child marriages, while each protagonist reveals to
and suffocate, weeping helplessly that this is our the reader different aspects of the situation.
destiny, and so we cant alter it.

the walls, the lanes are narrow, heard, Im teaching you to stand up for
Long the road, but theres no sorrow. yourselves because Im here with you
On feet with blisters, on I go right now. But I wont be there with you
I go to fight for freedom tomorrow. when youre being married off, young
I want to live without fear as you are, and when your in-laws beat
A life of freedom so dear, you or try to burn you alive. Youll have
I want to live without fear to fight on your own. Dont just hum this
A life of freedom so dear. song Ive taught you, fill it with fighting
spirit, rise up and proclaim, I will fight, I
Along the edge of the dirt track
shall survive!
stretching away into the distance stands
the yellow brick structure from which At these words, the tears glistening in
the song emerges and mingles with the Arpitas eyes spill over. In a choked voice,

I will fight, air. I want to live without fear/ A life of

freedom so dear, sing the girls as Anita
Didi, in a yellow sari, accompanies them
the 9th standard student says, Didi, in
our neighbourhood theres a man who

I shall survive
beats his wife every day. I dont ever want
on the harmonium. You might wonder, to get married...! Anita Didi comes closer,
whats so special about this, why bother and cups the weeping face in her palms.
to speak of something so ordinary? But Dear girl, to marry or not to marry is a
hang on, dear reader! These singing measured decision. Marriage is not a bad
girls are not in some urban classroom, thing in itself, but weve let relationships
but at a school in Vasova village deep go bad. Im simply asking you to make
in the interiors of West Bengal. Spare a yourselves so strong that nobody can
moment to think of how, were it not for raise a hand against you... so strong
their school, these girls might still have that you dont depend on anybody else
sung songs, but only while sweeping the for food and clothing, not even your
floor or scrubbbing vessels, or perhaps husband.
as a lullaby as they rocked little brothers
to sleep on their own childish laps. At the teachers affectionate touch and
tone, the girls sad face blossoms into
As the last words of the song trail off, the a smile. The truth of the matter is that
girls break into giggles... when a voice is along with an education, each of us also
needs an Anita in our lives, someone Anita narrates an incident. Id gone to poem Rebellion, they dance with every
who can lift the darkness from our hearts attend a wedding in the village, when pore and every limb!
and fill them with the zest for life. Anita some of my students mothers began
says, These children used to be so afraid looking for me, asking, Which one is She has every reason to speak of her
and anxious, it seemed as though theyd Anita Didi? young charges with pride. After all, she
forgotten how to laugh and play. Even brought them all into school, going from
while at school, theyd be scared that I said, I am. door to door in the village, rescuing them
their fathers, or an uncle or a brother, from the relentless grind of housework
Then they berated me Why have you and introducing them to the world
might spot them playing and running
been creating all this chaos? beyond their thresholds. She got them
about in the grounds, or peep through
a window and see them swaying as they to open up so that, along with singing,
What chaos? I asked.
sang in class. they learned to express their innermost
They told me how their daughters had thoughts. She gave their feet footballs to
It was as if the patriarchal mindset had all been insisting, Well first become kick, so that they would be able to deal
turned these young girls into slaves. But financially independent, and only then in similar fashion with the obstacles that
the coming of a single Anita has ushered think of getting married. The mothers blocked their way. She helped lift the
in a sea change, even though the entire added, Your job is to teach please gloom that shadowed their very faces.
village has turned against the school and confine yourself to the school subjects, And the girls acquired a mirror called
its Didi. The families in the village have and stop filling our daughters minds with Anita, into which they could look, and ask
stopped inviting the schools teachers all this nonsense! their most urgent questions.
to weddings, particularly when a girl of
barely 14 or 15 years is being married Anita Didi is not one to be intimidated Of course, this is far from being enough.
off. by such words, however. The next class Many more villages are still waiting
she takes is dance class, and its clear for a school, and for an Anita of their
Kuntalashree, the schools Principal, that the hopes born in the girls minds own. I had set out all alone towards my
explains, The villagers are afraid that have now begun to dance their way into destination / Others joined me on the way,
as soon as they send the school an the open. Anita says, her voice filled with and the caravan kept growing. We need
invitation card, well have the wedding pride, When these young girls get up on many such caravans.
stopped. Nowadays, if they marry off stage before an audience of a thousand
young girls, they have to do it on the sly, people, and dance to Kazi Nazrul Islams
and in some other village.

Anindita was just 16 and Arijit 18 years old, certainly does not block her ears. As the
when they were forced to marry one young girl listens to the older womans
another. This was not a union chosen words, we can only imagine what she
by the two, but a bargain between wealth must be going through. Her father-in-law
and poverty. chips in, his voice piling on another layer
of justification, Our only condition was
In her marital home, Anindita speaks that our sons bride must be from a poor
to us, eyes downcast in her mother-in- family and not very educated. Our son
laws presence, I cherished my dream was studying in the 11th standard, and
of becoming a teacher, and supporting we could hardly have his wife continuing

We want a my family. But my father did not believe

I could do it. Indeed, daughters are
usually not taken seriously. Talking about
with her own studies after marriage.

Anindita pulls her ghunghat taut around

poor, less her pain eases Aninditas numbed mind

and heart a little. How does it happen
her face, as if to shield herself from the
sharp sting of these words. Oblivious

that we are considered a burden from to her distress, Arijits father carries on,
the moment we are born? she wonders, We thought that if we married Arijit to
her eyes moist. some well-educated girl from a well-to-

bride Arijits parents did not want a daughter-

in-law so much as a full-time maid, and
do family, she would lead him a merry
dance. A girl from a poor family would be
much easier to control.
so they got their son married. They did
not care to ask him about his wishes. His Clearly, they wanted a daughter-in-law
mother self-righteously says, We needed who would dance to their tune, instead.
someone to take care of the home. The boys parents may be pleased about
Arijits father and I both go out to work, having got the right kind of bride for
and the house is left empty. Besides, their son, but the two young (and too
there are household chores to be done, young) people actually in the marriage
meals to be cooked how much can I be have not had it easy. Theyve been
expected to do on my own? Aninditas married three years already, and have a
ghunghat may hide her face, but it one-and-a-half-year-old child.

The husband and wife, left with no own terms, and nobody elses. A life because Anindita dislikes travelling by
option, have gradually come to accept of starry night skies, with no ghunghat the state transport buses, and Arijit is
the situation, and each other. They are blocking the view; a life in which the keen to fulfill her desires.
able to share their thoughts and feelings dictates of family elders are not allowed
with one another, and want to move to throttle youthful dreams. They want to
towards a life that will be lived on their go far away somewhere, perhaps by train

It must have been around two in the
afternoon. 16-year-old Disha was
them, too Her eyes closed for a few
moments. I know the situation at home
finishing the cooking, transferring the isnt great. If I wish to study further, I will
vegetable from the pan into a smaller have to do my share of the housework
vessel. Just then, her mother, face as well.
beaded with sweat, returned from her
rounds selling fish in the nearby villages. The hot winds of May were gusting
Disha had to serve the family their meal, through the backyard. Holding out a
and she longed for them to hurry so that palm, as if to halt their progress, she
she could finish her chores and settle said, Mother encourages me to make
down to study. After three o clock, her a better life for myself. But when I look
time and attention were reserved for her around me in the village, I no longer see

Between the books.

That day, however, she was not in a

any other girls my age. My friends have
all been married off. Suddenly her gaze
fell on the group of emaciated-looking

pots and the good mood at all. Her 10th standard

exam results had been declared, and
elders squatting there. And perhaps
sensing their thoughts Such a big girl

she hadnt got the marks shed expected and her parents havent got her married
in Maths. Her expression was stormy, yet! she swiftly changed the topic.
and finally she said, I dont want to
study just for the heck of it, I want a A grouchy old woman in a white sari
good education and I want to do my 11th began to mutter irascibly, If we dont
standard in a better school. But I dont marry off our girls, are we to keep them
know if Ill get admission. at home? As it is, we barely have rice
to eat. Her angry retort was not totally
It was going to be an uphill task. I dont unwarranted. An uncomfortable silence
have the wings of a bird, after all. I cant fell. No longer was it a question of their
just fly off when and where I please, being narrow-minded or not their
she reflected. Im the eldest among economic state is so fragile that despite
my siblings, and I have to think about all the hard labour they put in, their

anxieties revolve around having enough It had begun to grow dark. Dishas eyes of the pots and pans in the kitchen, and
to fill their stomachs. Dishas mother, still showed her disappointment over her the fluttering pages of her books in the
too, confessed, We are hardly able to low marks, and now there was not much almirah both demanding her attention.
think about our childrens education, or time left for studying she had to start
at what age to get them married. This is preparing the evening meal.
a luxury that city people enjoy, because
girls there study and also find jobs. They Disha went off to cook, and found herself
can stand on their own two feet. caught once again between the rattle

on a fallen branch by the garden the garden. Everybody guffaws. In the
pond, 15-year-old Sulekha is busy midst of the merriment, I softly ask Sayaf
writing a poem when her abbu, home Ali, Sulekhas father, When do you intend
from his shop, comes and sits beside to get Sulekha married? He answers with
her. alacrity, Not before she considers herself
She has titled her poem Upbringing.
Sulekha is proud of the fact that she has On the outside, Sulekha might seem as
been brought up with more freedom tranquil as the unruffled surface of the
than most other girls in the village enjoy. pool by which we are all sitting, but she
Spontaneously, she exclaims, I feel a is bubbling over within. She announces
sense of belonging in every corner of our without hesitation, Even 18 is too young
home! I like to spend all my time in these to get married. Her father agrees. He
spaces. Caressing the petals of a yellow says, The years from 13 to 23 are like

rose from their garden, she muses, quicksilver. Its a period when we change
There are so many girls who dont feel at our minds about many things. Sulekha
home in their own homes, because they jumps in with, And girls! They get so
grow up being told that they must go to infatuated with boys they can barely see
their own homes when they reach a their own noses. Everything is about the
certain age. Who knows if that new home guy, its like the girl has no life of her own.
will feel like home, either? But I feel this It makes me so angry!
is my home, where my own people live
my ammi, my abbu, my older sister. I can Sulekha is popular among her girlfriends,
talk to them about everything. many of whom come to her for advice
when faced with knotty problems. Still
Just then, Sulekhas mother and sister waters run deep, indeed.
join us. Her ammi says in laughing,
affectionate tones, This father-daughter Sayaf Ali recalls, When Sulekha was
duo is happy to while away the whole little, Id seen something written on a
day lost in their poetry, and in watering door of the school A good mother
is better than a hundred teachers.

That was when I asked myself, What Thats why its important that we teach The exam results were declared recently,
makes a good mother? After a moment our daughters to keep their self-esteem and Sulekha cleared the 10th standard
of reflection, he says, I realised that intact when they get married and go to with distinction. We heard the good news
our young girls, who are tomorrows live with their in-laws. They can develop from her father, who wasnt able to study
mothers, must be well-educated if our that self-esteem only if we educate them, beyond the 8th standard himself. He
society is to make any progress at all. My raise them to be courageous, teach them likes to hear English being spoken, and
wife and I decided to begin with our own to be independent. Sulekhas sister, listens with great interest when Sulekha
home. absorbing everyones words, speaks up reads her English textbook aloud for
too. Child marriages happen because him. He, in turn, reads the Quran to his
Now Sayaf Alis wife smiles, and makes a there is no respect either for mothers daughter. Sulekha, too, reads the Quran,
remark that is both simple and beautiful. or for their daughters. Its good that while her father explains the aayats or
If a person cannot be friends with nowadays there are not as many child verses to her.
herself, if she lacks the spirit to think for marriages in our village as there used to
herself, she will always be a weakling. be.

She still goes to school, even though shes clockwork, she cycles four kilometres to
a mother herself. As she tells us how the bus stand, from where she catches
people in the village tease her, 22-year- a bus to her school, 35 km away. Telling
old Mamooni breaks into embarrassed us all about it, she darts into the other
laughter, which she stifles with the edge room and returns with her books, which
of her sari. But her smile returns when she wants us to see. I wanted to study
she declares, I dont pay them any further because my education had been
attention. cut short, but I find Science and Maths
too difficult to learn on my own, she
I like to study. I was in the 8th standard confesses, pulling a wry face.
when I was married off I wasnt even
16. Her gaze travels from the narrow Mamoonis friend and neighbour, who

Crossing road opposite her home towards a

young girl filling water at the pond. The
way Mamooni alternates between bouts
has been sitting there and listening, says,
Mamooni is the only girl in our village
to continue her education after being

the of shyness and giggles, it might appear

that this is her nature, and all is well with
married. In fact, shes the only one, even
if you take into account all the nearby
her. However, things are not at all fine. villages! It wasnt quite clear whether the

threshold Her bright face belies her troubles. other young woman spoke with pride or
sarcasm, but certainly Mamooni had set
A year later, I had a child. And now a an example that might offer some hope
note of anguish creeps into her voice. to others.
One evening, when my son had turned
three, I told him I wanted to go back Why do families marry off their
to school. He her husband Hriday daughters so young, anyway? Mamooni
agreed, though he said he would have to asks suddenly, and then answers her
ask his parents. And soon Mamooni had own question, When a girl grows up,
gained admission into the 9th standard, which means once shes 14 or 15, the
in a distance learning programme! people around all keep remarking on
Now every Saturday and Sunday, like how she isnt married yet. And her

guardians are constantly worried What meet his friends in the village square, do you think you will study? She stands
if someone molests her? Thats the and I get some time to study. there, one foot on the road outside and
problem. the other in the yard of their house, and
And if I could have my way, Id ensure smiles in her characteristic manner. Im
Her son Abhay appears, his face that nobody could be married before the daughter-in-law. This is my in-laws
smeared with mango pulp and juice, and they were 18, she adds fiercely. I was home. I dont think Ill be able to study a
clings to his mother. Who takes care of married off when I was too young. Not great deal.
your child while youre studying? we want only did my education suffer, it affected
to know. Mamooni kisses her son and my health. I feel unwell all the time. If only she had the opportunity, she
says, He comes and sits by my side, and might do so many things! How can we
keeps peeping into my books. Dark clouds have gathered overhead, enable young girls and women to leap
and it seems like it might rain any time. across these obstacles that hold them
How about your husband? In the We need to cross the river on foot to back?
evenings, once Ive finished cooking and reach another village. As we say our
hes back from the fields, he goes off to farewells, I cannot help asking, How far

A month or so had gone by. Like a tiny bird On seeing her in such a state, Madam
testing its wings for flight, 12-year- asked, concerned, Whats the matter?
old Antara too wanted to fly away but
her confidence seemed to have gone My parents are getting me married. Im
missing. Her wedding was just 10 days only 12.
For when has it been it fixed? Madam
As the day drew closer, she slowly wanted to know.
gathered together the bits and pieces of
Three days from now.
her scattered courage... there, she had
found one fragment! It was from the day Madam immediately made a call to a
she had confided in her schoolfriends, local group of social activists.

Two exams Theyve fixed my marriage. But I dont

want to go live in somebody elses
home. Im scared. The other girls had
And the outcome was that Antara, who
is now 14, continues to live with her

at the same admonished her, Are you crazy? Dont

you get married! This is the time to
study. Then one friend suggested, Why
parents. She is in the 8th standard, and
her aim is to study up to the 11th or 12th.

time dont you go tell Madam (the teacher)?

Remember how Madam explained to us
Why not study even further?

Father doesnt have a lot of money.

that its not good to get married before
I have four other sisters. How will he
youre 18?
educate them?
Next morning, Antara left for school,
It was one in the afternoon. Under the
where two test papers awaited her. Her
scorching sun, a skinny man came and
6th standard exams were on. However...
sat down in the yard. Antara introduced
the real test, the one that would affect
us, This is my father. His skin was deeply
her life, lay ahead. And so she decided to
tanned, and his face shone with beads of
go and talk to Madam. Her tears flowed
sweat. He earns Rs 200 in daily wages as
freely as she walked.
a farmhand.

Would you mind if I asked how much you won many prizes! Some trophies, now drawings, she spoke shyly, I really like
manage to earn every month? I asked. adorning a corner of Antaras room, were to draw. And she burst out laughing,
He said, Most months, I get only about awarded to her as tokens of appreciation a pencil wedged between her teeth.
15 days work. for preventing a child marriage her For the first time in the course of our
own. long conversation, she was smiling
Rs 3000, then? unreservedly. She said, Ive participated
What was the reaction of the intended in drawing competitions at the block
Yes... sometimes it might be more, and grooms family? level and even the district level but
its good when that happens.
now I cant go to competitions anymore
Oh, they were quite upset. Both families
In the midst of this exchange, I said, because there just isnt enough money.
had made preparations for the wedding,
Baba, excuse my asking, but did you Clearly, though, she hasnt given up hope,
and a lot of money had been spent
feel bad when Antaras wedding was for she quickly added, Next time around
stopped? At first, yes. But now it seems Ill surely take part!
right that we did not marry off our little So then?
May the fragile hopes of these little girls
girl. The organisation and the BDO (Block
We had given them Rs 50,000 as dowry. never be crushed, but spur them on to
Development Officer) both explained to
We asked them to return 40,000, and climb ever higher.
us how early marriages adversely impact
health. Girls have a hard time when they let them keep 10,000 to pay for their
become pregnant, and later as well. expenses.

Then he looked at Antara and said, Antara was rattling something around
She is much happier now. And shes in her bag. Pulling out a handful of

Jasmeena was 13 when she was married off to to take Shukrana outside... Jasmeenas
20-year-old Shiraz. At 14, Jasmeena mind, already so scared and scarred
gave birth to their first daughter, by the abuse, went numb. Her sobs
Shukrana. Riya, their second daughter, were trapped deep within her. Holding
was born two years later. And when Shukrana in her arms, she simply shut
Jasmeena was 18, Shiraz married again her eyes, unable to act and unable to
and Jasmeena came back to live with her react.
parents. But the carefree days of her
childhood were long gone. She tells us how, on the one occasion
that she gathered the courage to try
When Jasmeena had first arrived at her and talk to Shiraz about the situation,
marital home, she had learned that he caught her by the throat and began
her husband was in a relationship with to burn her eyelashes with his cigarette

Hopes another woman. The newly married

Jasmeena was so young what could
lighter. Jasmeena shudders as she
narrates this incident, and is unable

never she say, what did she even comprehend?

Shiraz used to abuse her, verbally and
physically. Whenever she visited her
to speak any further. Kavita strokes
her shoulder gently, and takes up the
wretched tale Her mother-in-law, too,

their die natal family, she would weep helplessly,

and tell her sorrows to her cousin,
began to threaten her, warning her
not to say a word to anyone, and her
Kavita Bibi. Now Kavita, sitting with us, husband declared that he would kill her
indignantly recalls, Jasmeena had just if she opened her mouth.
given birth to Shukrana and was weak
and ill. But Shiraz forced himself on her Wiping away Jasmeenas tears, Kavita
all the time, and she couldnt do a thing continues, When her youngest daughter
about it. Riya was born, things became much
worse. Now they started packing
By and by, Shiraz began to bring the Jasmeena off to her parents home from
other woman to their home. Wearing time to time. Especially if she was ill, and
a red dupatta, her smallest child Riya when she had her monthly period, they
in her lap, Jasmeena tells us, One day, didnt want her around.
he brought her home. And asked me
Shiraz had married again, and had already given their word to the grooms Jasmeenas tears have dried up. Now
moved to Bombay with the new wife. family They said they would cut off ties she speaks with conviction I dont ever
Jasmeena had been sent back to her with me if I refused. So we went ahead want to go back to him. Im scared he
parents. But he took the oldest daughter, with the wedding. Now I truly regret it. might kill me, and sell off my daughters.
Shukrana, with him. When Jasmeenas Now when we are in difficulties, none of She sits up straight as she speaks.
father tried to reason with Shiraz, he those relatives are to be seen.
was threatened with dire consequences Yet her tears are not far away they
Shirazs brother is a well-known local Some two months ago, Shiraz visited begin to fall again, like autumn leaves,
goon, and these were no idle threats. Jasmeenas home in order to return when her father says they plan to get her
Shukrana to her. The child had a deep remarried Jasmeena is anxious about
Jasmeenas family stood with her, and gash on her head. He said, Her new her daughters, and what will become of
stayed supportive, but they were all mother dislikes her. Then he went on to then in such a scenario. She sobs, My
helpless. talk nicely, and even spent the night. We father is very poor, how long can he look
thought he would take Jasmeena back, after all of us? But if I am married again,
Why did you marry her so young? we recalls her father, We were even willing who can say if those people will accept
ask Jasmeenas father. He replies in to accept that he would live with both his my children or not?
despairing tones, I used to work in Delhi wives. However, something unexpected
as a driver. Jasmeenas uncles phoned occurred that night. As soon as Shiraz Its hard to tell what kind of path this is,
me one day and said theyd found a forcibly pulled Jasmeena towards himself, on which we are walking. Our souls seem
match for her. And so the marriage was she freed herself and ran out into the to have shrunk into some darkness,
fixed. But didnt you object? Well, they yard, trembling. making us most cruel to those who are
said we had to go ahead , as they has closest to us.

Munni, who lived in a small Indian village, had asleep, Bobby decides to join us. He is
been selected for football training in visiting her at her parents, where she
Germany. has come to stay for a while because
of tensions in her marital home. What
Deer-like in speed and elegance, she sort of tensions? Bobby shushes
would chase after the football on the Munni before she can utter a word in
green. Bobby would come by every day, reply. When asked again, she whispers
just to watch her, and over time they indistinctly, My in-laws are displeased by
began to chat. Once her practise session our marriage. There is a deeper sense
ended, they would roam about together, to her words that is muffled by her tone,
and he would drop her home on his but we cant help realising that Bobby,
motorbike. Before she knew it, Munni too, has been harassing her in some way.
had fallen in love with Bobby and isnt In fact, Munnis mother, standing under
that how love works, often? Getting the tree just behind Bobby, makes a
deep inside a person, with all its joys and gesture to imply as much.

Spoilsports sorrows?

Joy filled Munni, like the fragrance of a

By then, we are joking around with
Bobby, asking questions like, Were you
jasmine flower which blooms in the afraid youd lose her if she went off to
morning only to wither away by nightfall. Germany? At first he is silent, his face
Barely had she celebrated being selected devoid of expression. Then, on being
to go to Germany, when Bobby insisted further prodded, he simply says a curt
they get married. Munni was equally Yes. And so Munni, daughter of a farmer
firm in saying that they should wait till and labourer, and Bobby, a truck driver,
she returned from Germany, but Bobby were married. However, Munni had laid
refused to listen. She recalls how he down certain conditions that she would
threatened to kill himself if she didnt continue to play football, and that she
marry him right away. would go to Germany as planned. To her
relief, Bobby had agreed. But once they
We have been sitting and talking in the
were married, the sighs of relief soon
shade, under a jackfruit tree. Still half-
turned into harsh, uneasy breaths.

All preparations were complete for words that pierce her deep inside when said, Its not like youre going to play any
Munnis trip to Germany. But 20 days she recalls them now, leaving her eyes longer. Munni, who played in the half-
before her flight was due to take off, her moist... and what is her life like, today? back position, now says, But I miss it so
in-laws laid down the law, No more of She has a four-month-old child, and much! I want to get back to playing.
this football. Arent you ashamed to run must contend with all the ups and downs
around wearing shorts and a T-shirt? of married life. Sitting on the ground And as she gazes skywards for several
Girls must stay at home and take care of and digging a hole with her fingers, she seconds, it seems she is not ready to
household chores. Her eyes brimmed says, I made a huge mistake... Munnis give up that hope... just one opportunity,
over with tears, and her dreams lay sister, hovering nearby, interrupts with, she seems to be thinking, and shell
smashed on the floor when Bobby, Everyone says so, afterwards! Munni overcome every obstacle in order to get
instead of standing up for her, stood by looks down at the hole in the ground. the ball into that goal.
his parents.
Memories fill her mind. Even the football
Youll remember these football grounds jersey that she gazed longingly at every
one day, her coach had said to her day has been claimed by a friend, who

Garimas unemployed husband All that was four years ago. Standing
threatened Garima with extreme in her parents yard, Garimas eyes
physical violence a year and a half into gaze upon emptiness until they fill
their marriage, she shrank down into a up. Brushing away the tears with her
corner, silent and afraid. Everything was dupatta, she bends to pick up a football.
fine at first they loved one another.
Love is all very well, but people in love Catch catch catch! And she throws the
must understand what it means. Garima ball to her son, as if having lost one of
was just 16 when she fell in love. She met lifes rounds she hopes to win another.
Ashish at a wedding, and he proposed to She is no weakling and never was, its
her right away. In a couple of days, she just that youthful immaturity and haste

Sometimes had said yes to him. They boarded a bus, have brought her to this crossroads
and eloped together. where the way forward is unclear. Today,
she has a modest job that is helping her

losing, It feels so good to be loved, Garima

must have thought. I dreamed wed have
a home/ In a city of flowers, to call our
secure her childs future. Her eyes are
sorrowful, but they still contain dreams
and she plans to complete her education

sometimes own. Romantic film songs of this kind

fill our heads, but life is no Bollywood
so that she may fulfill these dreams. Its
a blessing that Garimas parents have

film. The runaway couple had no idea been caring and supportive. Otherwise
of what might lie ahead. They arrived in who knows what might have become of
Murshidabad, where Ashish found short this young woman, alone and helpless in
spells of paid work, interspersed with Murshidabad.
forced labour. A few months down the
road, the romance and dreams began As she plays football with her son, whose
to cave under the pressures of their shrieks of delight fill the yard, I am
circumstances. Garima was pregnant, witness to this precious moment, and
and one day her anxieties pushed her I hope earnestly that this delight never
to ask her husband angrily, What will we fades out of their lives.
eat if you dont earn?

I dont even like the guy How can I make Noorjehan, tightly gripping her younger
my life and home with him? I will sisters hand for support, explained, Im
get married only after Ive turned 18, afraid of my father, and my mother is
and will choose my own partner. I want unable to speak out against him. I wasnt
to graduate get my BA degree, and at all confident that she would be able to
become economically independent. The do anything about the situation.
Block Development office room where
16-year-old Noorjehan Khatun made this The family took their copy of the ban
announcement was packed with people. notice and went away, while Noorjehan
She was then giving her school finals, was sent to a shelter home. A difficulty

A young and even as her exams were underway, arose when, on 16 February, she needed
her family had fixed a match for her, as to sit for her practical exam. She couldnt
well as a wedding date 22 February. leave without a permission order from
the Child Welfare Committee, and

girl fights Noorjehan had attended a programme

in school which had inspired her to jot
down certain important phone numbers
the Chairperson was away in Delhi. If
Noorjehan failed to appear for the exam,
she would lose a whole year. Sarjina,

the system
in her notebook. A few days before working for the rights of adolescent
the wedding, she called one of these girls, ran from pillar to post, knocking
numbers, but when four whole hours at all doors from the DCPU (District
had passed and the police had not Child Protection Unit) to the school
yet arrived, she became increasingly administration till word reached the
anxious. She tried the number a couple external examiner, who said he would
of times more, and then just slipped out go to the childrens home himself to take
of home and went straight to the BDO Noorjehans practical exam.
where she demanded that her forced,
underage marriage be prevented. When Nobody could have been happier
her parents were called and questioned, for Noorjehan than Sarjina, and
she felt somewhat reassured. Im her Noorjehans sister. But a few days later,
mother, and Ive never come in the way when Noorjehan was released back
of her desires why didnt she confide into the custody of her family, her two
in me? her mother asked in hurt tones. sympathisers were worried that she
might once again be pushed to get Hearing that Noorjehan was back, the to follow their own hearts, make their
married, and how then would she be entire village began to gather, and their own decisions, pursue their dreams
able to fulfill her dreams? home was soon surrounded by curious and determine the course and conduct
women and men. All of a sudden, her of their lives so the question really is,
When they got home, however, mother gave in to the social pressure what else in our social structure and
Noorjehans mother who looks more and began to wail, Oh! Weve lost our systems needs to change so that our
like an older sister seemed full of joy. honour, and suffered financial ruin! But girls, besides refusing early marriage,
She began making celebratory sweets, the girls sat it out, fearlessly. Noorjehans are able to achieve these things? How
and said with pride, This daughter of father was away at work. do we work to reduce societal and
mine is quite unique while still so young. family pressure, and bring some relief to
In my time, we never had the opportunity Of course, its of utmost importance young girls and women? These were the
to study, my family was poor. Im so glad that girls not be married off too young, questions Sarjina was grappling with in
that she decided to raise her voice. but its equally crucial that they are able her mind.

As long as its light is on, the shadows of days ago, my mother fixed my marriage.
the house opposite mine dance on the When I said I wouldnt get married, we
wall of my home. Two pet birds fly out, had a huge fight. Not only did she stop
and bump against my wall. It seems as speaking to me, she arranged to marry
if the cage that hangs there is hanging in off my younger sister as well to the
my own home. Gulzar same boy to whom I was going to be
married. And so weve both run away
Such was the situation in the village from home.
where 15-year-old Merina and 13-year-
old Golapi lived, when the two fledgling The Block Development Officer sent for
sisters refused to be married. They the girls mother, questioned her, and

Two birds were trying their best to soar, but they

kept bumping up against their mothers
got her to sign a statement saying, I will
not get either of my daughters married
apathy and the villages notions of before they turn 18. Having no option

that learned honour. So hostile had their mother

become that she had locked them both
but to comply, she declared angrily, Why
18, let them turn 36, see if I ever bother

to fly
in a cage a room and threatened to get them married now! She added,
to disfigure their faces with acid. The Their father suffers from a mental illness.
two sisters were struggling to stay How long can I take care of them by
courageous, because they knew the myself?
night, with its artificial light, had to end,
and a new dawn break. When that Little Golapi cringed in fear as she
happened, they would trick their own listened. Merina put a protective arm
shadows and take wing, fly far away. around her sister and spoke up, irritated,
Which was precisely what happened, Dont treat us like burdens you can
when they managed to break out of get rid of by marrying us off! And then,
captivity and go to the police for help. taking a deep breath, she added more
calmly, We can take responsibility for
Go to the Block Development Office, ourselves. And what you did with us
the police advised them. At the BDO, wasnt right, was it?
Merina narrated the entire tale Ten

Standing in a corner of the room, Merina they have faced and overcome have cycling three km in the harsh sun to
continued to speak Its been two made Golapi, too, a pillar of strength. meet a benefactor, an uncle figure who
whole years. Nobody else knows what Golapi smiles at the recollection of that has been looking after their needs over
Ive been through and how Ive had to time, when I caught hold of Merina Didis the past two years and who helps them
keep fighting. Tears, long held back, now hand and we ran away, and then her out financially. This was where I first met
threatened to gush from her eyes as she eyes grow moist. A tiny smile, a sliver of the two sisters. Merina has given her 12th
recalled her tribulations. pain cross her face and she says, If standard exams this year, and Golapi her
not for Didi, I would probably have been 10th standard exams.
However, Merina is made of stern stuff. sweeping some strangers home right
Eight months ago, she moved out of her now, with a veil over my face. Allah listens to us all, and sends us the
mothers home and now lives with her courage we need to look after ourselves,
sister Golapi in a tiny room of their own. Merina is fasting, as she does each day says Merina, her voice tinged with hopes
They fend for themselves with money during the holy month of Ramzan. She for the future.
earned from rolling beedi. The troubles has come to the BDO office with Golapi,

I so envy those birds how free they are! liked to spread silly rumours, especially
said Nafisa with sudden emphasis, about girls.
as she watched a flock of birds flying
high up in the sky. Her friends, gathered Ayesha spoke up, loud and firm, Women
about her on the terrace, giggled in are prey to so many unjust laws and
amusement. The girls, all studying in the unfair customs, while anything a man
9th or 10th standard, had gathered on does is excusable! In a calmer tone, she
the terrace of Ayeshas home, near the added, Even if a few girls do elope now
pond, for some fun time together. Some and then, lets also ask why? Its not just
hugged each other affectionately, others about being madly in love. Families keep
teased one another. Laughter and jokes, daughters imprisoned within the walls of
catching up on news it seemed they their homes. Do they ever ask a girl what

Life beyond could carry on endlessly.

Are you long-lost friends whove been

she thinks, or what she desires? Then
maybe the girl falls in love with someone
with whom she can share her innermost

marriage reunited after years? The teasing

question won a quick response from
thoughts. This shows her another world,
in which she can be herself more fully,
Supriya Brother, we see each other and then she isnt scared to run away
every day. But very rarely like this, when from the life that suffocates her.
its just us friends together and were
free to enjoy ourselves whole-heartedly. If families cared to understand their
girls, they would realise that a young
We had, in fact, gathered there to womans world cannot be limited to
discuss child marriage, but the topic the home and its yard. And even so,
that had surfaced was that of the girls before running away with someone she
own wishes, their private thoughts, their loves, she hesitates, thinks, reconsiders
personal freedoms. When asked how wondering if she can really leave her
true it was that girls their age tended to family behind, and whether it will mean
fall in love and elope, some of them shyly she is betraying her loved ones.
said this was not so, and that people just

Reshmas red dupatta flapped in the looked out over endless fields. Is Supriya financially independent!, Else well be
breeze as she declared, We, too, have all right? I asked Sulekha, who revealed, trapped inside our marital homes!, Wed
desires. We, too, have feelings. Ayesha Her father and her brother-in-law are like to be free, and not tied down to
interrupted, Its equally important determined to marry her off. Theyve home and hearth!
that we dont lose our self-esteem, already considered some two dozen
and exercise some restraint. Else we matches. But she wants to continue her The sun was going down in the reddened
might just find one day that we have education. Shes under a huge amount evening sky as though it, too, were
lost our own selves even if you fall in of pressure and although her mother embarrassed by the inequalities and
love, and get carried away by the sheer is on her side, she too has to put up with injustices faced by these young girls.
momentum of things, and run away everybodys insults and abuses. And with sunset, the curtain began to
and get married, you might find yourself descend on those precious hours of
under your husbands thumb. And then On being asked at what age they might freedom, as each girl turned her face
theres no easy way back out of the be willing to get married, Chanchal homewards. Yet, in the still clear sky,
mess. said, her blue dupatta wrapped around a lone bird that had drifted away from
her, Well, 18 is the minimum age the flock was searching out its own path
Supriya had been listening quietly, and but I wouldnt want to be married at through the gathering gloom
now she left the group to go and sit by 18. Several of the others chipped in,
herself in a corner of the terrace that chorusing, We first want to become

Child Marriage: a game for adults.
Lost in this circus of tradition
Is my youth and childhood.
Who cares how I feel?...