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I think that druids a civilization which can be almost comparable to the Aztecs or
the Incas. The fact that they represented educated Celtic people which were law-
speakers, poets, doctors , and , of course, religious leaders , along with the lack of
information left my them and the myths make them one of the most interesting
civilizations which have existed on Earth.

Ancient and medieval writers provide an idea of the religious duties and social
roles involved in being a druid. They had very bizarre practices and they impressed
Julius Caesar himself, who claimed that they were exempt from military service
and from the payment of taxes, and that they had the power to excommunicate
people from religious festivals, making them social outcasts. Two other classical
writers, Diodorus Siculus and Strabo, also wrote about the role of druids in Gallic
society, claiming that the druids were held in such respect that if they intervened
between two armies they could stop the battle. Druidic lore consisted of a large
number of verses learned by heart, and Caesar remarked that it could take up to
twenty years to complete the course of study.
Their practices seem obviously barbaric to us . Greek and Roman writers
frequently made reference to the druids as practitioners of human sacrifice, a trait
they themselves reviled, believing it to be barbaric. The sacrifice was primarily of
criminals, but at times innocents would also be used. They would be burned alive
in a large wooden effigy, now often known as a wicker man .Other sacrifices were
by drowning, hanging, and burning, respectively
Arguably the greatest of these mythological druids was Amergin
Glingel, a bard and judge for the Milesians featured in the Mythological Cycle.
The Milesians were seeking to overrun the Tuatha De Danann and win the land of
Ireland but, as they approached, the druids of the Tuatha D Danann raised a
magical storm to bar their ships from making landfall. Thus Amergin called upon
the spirit of Ireland itself, chanting a powerful incantation that has come to be
known as The Song of Amergin and, eventually (after successfully making
landfall) aiding - and dividing the land between - his royal brothers in the conquest
Ireland and earning the title Chief Ollam of Ireland from them.
The impact of the druids, whose earlisest known reference to the druids is in 200
BCE, is impressive to me. In the 20th century, as new forms of textual criticism
and archaeological methods were developed, allowing for greater accuracy in
understanding the past, various historians and archaeologists published books on
the subject of the druids and came to their own conclusions. They considered that
they were barbaric and similar tot the shamans of tribal societies .