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roji6/13 2:32 eM. ° Emprov ENCYCLOPEDIA ee s see Double Endowment Macaroni and Cheese Mesh Description Hee Another great game to train listening skills. * Pick a place where a scene will be played, and 2 players. Tell $1595 : __ each player what they need to get the other player to do, They'll Love it {his imorav game is without the other player knowing this. Players are not allowed improv game _to explicitly tell the other player what to do. categories: Endowment Example: an arena in ancient Rome. Player 1 needs player 2 to iook-and-listen taste the sand in the arena, and player 2 needs to get player 1 setae totie a knot in alioris tail. Notes Works best is players take risks. If they to the ‘wrong thing the audience will probably just laugh, and that should be enough to signal the player hes going the wrong way. ewe deliberates fully beore taking a step wil spend his entire life on one leg ~~ Chinese proverb CO Improv Encyclopedia 2001-2013 ‘Improv Games | Improv Game Categories ‘np:/simprovencyclopediaorg/games/ Double Endowment. htm | Improv Glossary | Improv References | FA | Download | Contact Page 1 oF