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Communication is the life blood of modern businesses and a part in life style.
Telecommunication industry has grown from earth to sky in a short span of time. In the earlier
days there was no or less competition because the demand was more than supply. After
globalization the scenario has changed entirely, many players entered in to the business and
privatization came into existence. Telecommunications technologies have improved dramatically
over the decades and have recently converged in terms of telecommunications services. Voice
technology was the driver of second-generation (2G) mobile technology. Video and TV services
are driving the third generation (3G). Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
(WiMAX) 802.16m and long-term evolution (LTE)-Advanced were recognized as the
foundation of fourth-generation (4G) technology by ITU at the end of 2009 (Fang-MeiTsenga &
Shenq-YuanWanga 2014). The opportunities that lie in the telecom market seem endless and the
growing demand for mobile telephone systems is creating a world-wide market (Hossain &
Suchy, 2013).

In Malaysia, there are many telecommunication company, are offering their best plan to
win the consumer heart to choose their service. Customer complaints handling helps
organizations to retain existing customers and attract new customers, as well. As Voice of the
Customer (VOC) is one of the main sources of customer complaints, many organizations utilize
VOC to enhance customer satisfaction. Effective management of VOC has been proved as one of
the best ways to maintain organization's brand image and reputation. (Cho & Namwook, 2015).
This research is to find which are the best among three telco provider Celcom Axiata Berhad,
Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd, and Maxis Berhad. The research conduct by University Tun
Hussein Onn Student, from English For Technical Purpose Course Section 1. This research is a
part of task need to fulfill by a student who are take English For Technical Purpose Course
which consist 20% of mark course. The Parit Raja also known as "Education City" in Johor
State, have a diverse range of religions, races, ages, and jobs. When this diversity exists, then
there is a variety of perceptions. This research will be conduct by using questionnaire method, 30
people randomly will be choose without assigning or dividing it according to certain classes.

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