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Issue 3
Ci C Spares Catalogue Date: 21/01/11
All Build States
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SmartLF Ci C Scanner
Spares Catalogue

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SmartLF Ci C Scanner
Ci C 40
Ci C 24
Spares Catalogue
Issue: 3
All Build States

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Ci C40 Spares Catalogue

The P suffix indicates that the part is packaged.
Spares supplied with a 12 week lead time.

UK P/N Description

P003134p Ci C Ethernet Port Bracket

P003137p Ci C Fixed Position Pin Left

P003138p Ci C Left End Cover

P003144p Ci C 40 Paper Tray Extrusion

P003147p Ci C Paper Deflector

P003148p Ci C Paper Deflector Bracket

P003151p Ci C Main Timing Belt

P003184p Ci C Motor Sub-A

P003188p Ci C Motor Pulley Unit

P003199p Ci C Internal USB Cable

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UK P/N Description

P003200p Ci C Internal Ethernet Cable

P003201p Ci C Control Board Ribbon Cable

P003217p CIS Sensor (Gen4)

P003218p Ci C CIS Mounting Unit Bracket Kit

P003225p Ci C CIS Sensor Cable Core Assembly

P003241p Ci C Main Board Mylar Separator

P003246p Ci C Housing Bar Unit

P003293p Ci C Micro Switch Shim

P003294p Ci C 40 Back Support Bracket

P003302p Ci C Control Board Bracket

P003304p Ci C Paper Sensor Pack

P003305p Ci C Paper Deflector Set

P003308p Connector to Capacitor Cable-Sub-a

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UK P/N Description

P003313p Ci C FF Foot

P003316p Ci C 40 CIS Ribbon Cable Set

P003317p Ci C Paper Sensor Cable Set

P003319p Ci C Roller Shaft Pulley Sub-Assembly

P003320p Ci C Control Board

P003322p Ci C 40 PCB Tray Sub-A

P003328p Ci C 40 Cable Tray Left Sub-A

P003329p Ci C 40 Cable Tray Right Sub-A

P003330p Ci C Left Hand Plate Unit

P003331p Ci C Right End Plate Unit

P003340p Ci C Power Socket Sub-A

P003353p Ci C 40 Gasket Pack

P003356p Ci C 40 Main Roller Sub-A

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UK P/N Description

P003358p Ci C Belt Tension Bolt Unit

P003365p Ci C 40 Mylar Paper Guide Sub-A

P003372p Ci C Small Items Pack

P003375p Ci C Filter Capacitor Pack

P003382p Ci C 40 CIS Plate Sub Assembly

P003382Rp Ci C 40 CIS Plate Sub Assembly (refurbished)

P003384p Pinch Roller Pack

P003385p Press Paper Block

P003386p Press Paper Block Pack of 4

P003387p Ci C Magnetic Paper Guide

P003391p Up Housing Locker Sub-A

P003392p Locker Bracket Left Sub-A

P003393p Locker Bracket Right Sub-A

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UK P/N Description

P003394p Ci C CIS Plate Elbow 1 Sub-A

P003395p Ci C CIS Plate Elbow 2 Sub-A

P003396p Ci C Up Housing Locker Unit

P003504p Ci C 24 Paper Tray Extrusion

P003505p Ci C 24 PCB Tray Sub-A

P003507p Ci C 24 CIS Plate Sub Assembly

P003509p Ci C 24 CIS Ribbon Cable Set

P003510p Ci C 24 Mylar Paper Guide Sub-A

P003516p Ci C 24 Chassis Extrusion

P003518p Ci C 24 Gasket Pack

P003520p Ci C 24 Foot Bracket Left

P003521p Ci C 24 Foot Bracket Right

P003523p Ci C 24 Main Roller Unit

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UK P/N Description

P003800p Ci C 24 Lid Cover Extrusion Sub-A

P003801p Ci C 40 Lid Cover Extrusion Sub-A

P003810p Ci C 40 Target Set

P003811p Ci C 24 Target Set

P003812p Ci C 24 Paper Tray Sub-A

P003813p Ci C 40 Paper Tray Sub-A

P003820p Ci C Main Board

P003900p Ci C 40 Packing Box

P003901p Ci C 24 Packing Box

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