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Rinku Shocked!

Part 1
5:00 PM! I looked at the watch worriedly. In just
another hour or so my husband (Mohit) would be
returning from office.
The cause for my worry was that almost a full day had
gone by & nobody had come from DK!
Since the last 20 days DK (my master) had been
whoring me by sending atleast one or two men daily
to fuck me. DK called it the fuck for a buck scheme &
my customer would give me just a single buck for all
my efforts.
DK had installed hidden cameras all over my house &
he derived perverse pleasure watching me prostitute
myself. He also loved to put me in situations where
there was a big chance of my being caught with my
pants down!
Just as I was beginning to hope that today would be a
off day, the doorbell rang!
Ding! Dong!
Quickly I opened the door to see a man..a young man
of just about 22 in a blue shirt & dark blue trousers
standing with a small box in his hands!
Before I could say anything he said Rinku madam?
DK saab ne bheja hai!
He looked into my eyes when he started speaking but
when he finished his sentence his eyes were locked
on my blouse & a sly grin played across his face.
Another fuck for a buck client, I thought to myself as I
glanced at the clock & said rudely Andar aa! Aur door
band kar!
Mai? he began but I interrupted & said Chal yaar,
jaldi kar! as I moved in.
As soon as I heard the door close I turned & pulled
my pallu away & began unbuttoning my blouse.
He stared at me in shock as I revealed my black bra
to him!
Once again I looked at the clock, reached &
unclasped my bra & said Abe chaal najaldi kar! 6
baje mera pati ghar aajaega!
Even before I could utter another word he leaped at
me & buried his face in between my boobs.
Heyyy!! Ouuchhhh! I yelped as he bit my fair breasts
& I groaned in agony as his teeth dug into my flesh.
Mmmmmm he moaned as his spit wet my cleavage.
His hands clasped around my bums & we collapsed
onto the floor.
He untucked my sari while he continued to kiss my
His lips & tongue moved to my nipples & began to
arouse my passions while his hands stripped away
my sari & petticoat.
In a matter of minutes I was left only my black panties
& this unknown stranger sucked my tits.
In another few seconds he stripped away his clothes
& pulled aside the patch of cloth covering my vagina!
Before I could even glance at his cock, he pummeled
his shaft inside my pussy!
Oh!....Fuck! I screamed as his almost 8 inches long
cock shoved deep inside me.
He began pounding me hard & fast!
Oh.yes!.....Yesss! Ummmm! Ohbaby! Yes!
YeSSSSSSS! we moaned to each other.
He kept fucking me faster & faster & just when I
thought he was about to cum, he stopped abruptly &
withdrew his cock leaving me gasping & begging for
Kiss me! Fuck me! I begged.
Slap! only to be slapped in return.
He roughly turned me on my tummy & parted my
Spalt! Spalt! two hard spanks on my bums & then he
ravaged my dry asshole with his pulsating cock.
Aaaaa..AaaahhAAaaoooouuuww! I screeched as
his cock scraped its way inside my rectum.
I whimpered in agony as he assaulted my asshole.
All of a sudden he stopped & roughly pulled his
memder out of my butt & tossed me on my back.
He grabbed my tits together & began titfucking me.
I flicked my tongue to grab a lick of his cock but a
couple of hard slaps made me stop.
Suddenly we both froze. Fear writ large on our faces.
Ding! Dong!..... Ding!...Dong! the door bell chimed.
Mohit! My husband was back early!
Oh shit! I thought to myself as I pushed my client
Without a word I grabbed him & all the clothes lying
around & pushed him towards the bathroom.
I just took my sari & tucked it hurriedly into my panty
& wrapped the pallu around my shoulders & opened
the door.
Oh! ..thank you! I said with a smile.
A middle aged man stood staring at me questioningly.
Rinku? he asked & when I nodded he thrust his cell
phone to me so that I could read the message he had
Randi Rinku! This is the client J! Not the one u r
fucking! Now Fuck them both! Together! DK!
I stood there in shock! If this was the client then Who
the fuck was I screwing with?

I am Ragu! Can we? he asked as he pushed his

way inside.
As I closed the door, Regu grabbed my hair, turned
me around & smooched me on my lips.
His hand slipped below my sari & he broke away from
the kiss & exclaimed Fucking bitchyou are already
naked? Wow!
Just wait! I said & moved towards the bathroom.
Ragu didnt let go of my sari & began pulling it off. He
tugged hard & the sari was plucked off from my panty.
Wearing only my panty I knocked on the bathroom
door Bahar nikal, you bastard! I screamed in anger.
Ragu reached near me & held me from behind &
began groping my naked boobs.
I kept knocking on the bathroom door.
As soon as the my 1st so called client came out I
slapped him & asked Who the fuck are you?
Stunned he said I.. I am Montu! Who is he? Your
Rinku..you are married? Ragu laughed & then said
The only reason for your husband to marry you must
be sex! they both laughed.
I interrupted them & asked Who Montu? What?
I came to deliver a parcel! I didnt know you give
such a great tip! he said & they both laughed again.
As I seethed in anger & shame, I had let myself be
fucked by some courier boy! What a slut I had
Ohhh! I gasped as I felt Ragus finger slid inside my
tingling pussy.
Ragu slipped my panty down my thighs & dragged me
back to my living room.
Montu followed grinning.

Ragu turned me around & began kissing me again.

Montu lifted my thigh & placed it on the sofa.
Shamelessly I stripped Ragus clothes off & offered
him my twat!
Almost gently Ragus stiff member pushed its way
inside my pussy & at the same time the courier boy
shoved his cock up my butt.
I was almost lifted off my feet. My toes were barely
touching the floor & the 2 studs fucked me hard &
deep in my pussy & asshole.
AAaaaa! I moaned as my pussy erupted in multiple
My head was being tossed back & forth as they
fucked me.
Then finally I flet them slow down & then stop.
But only for a moment as they turned me around &
exchanged my holes.
Montu bit my lips as he shoved his ramrod 8 incher
inside my pussy & Ragu fucked my asshole.
Montu held me by my bums while Ragu lifted me by
holding my boobs.
Rinkuwhat a great fuck! Ragu kept mumbling
while I could hear Montus growls as they battered me
I felt Ragu slacken but Montu started driving me
harder & harder.
I knew what was happening & panicked No..No
MontuNo dont ejacu..la..te.! I screamed as he
chewed on my lips & his cock splashed his warm cum
inside my twat.
Montu held his cock deep inside me as he drained his
hot fluid inside.
Ragu was licking my naked back & while squeezing
my boobs relentlessly.

Then my mobile began ringing..You have a

messageDK the screen flashed.
Pulling away from my clients I read the message &
turned white in fear. My knees wobbled & I thought I
would faint.
The message read.Slave! Mohit is in the lobby
below..2 minutes away.Your punishment for
fucking courier boyGET FUCKED BY UR 2

to be continued......

Rinku Shocked! Part 2....

I was in tears as I saw my life being destroyed but I

also hoped DK would help if I somehow tried to obey
my Masters orders.
Without panicking I begged my clients to cooperate &
they agreed in the greed for some more free fucks
with me.

Ding..Don..! the door bell chimed once again.

Montu stood behind the door & opened it.
Not seeing anybody at the door, Mohit entered with a
look of surprise on his face only to be shoved aside
my Montu who said Awaj mat kar! & flashed a
kitchen knife at Mohit.
Mohit paled in colour & almost trembled when he
realized that Montu was stark naked.
As if on cue, I moaned Ummm..mm!
Mohit turned & saw me behind the dining table
sprawled naked on the floor.
My hands were strectched above my head & tied with
my own sari. My mouth was gagged with my own
panty. My boobs were red with bite marks & then
Mohits eyes widened as he saw Ragu in between my
legs with his cock entering my pussy.
Both Ragu & Montu had tied their handkerchiefs
around their faces & I had given both one knife from
my own kitchen.
Montu shoved Mohit towards Ragu & me & said Chal
tub hi aish kar iss kuttiya ke saath!
I moaned & struggled at my bonds as Mohit was
forced to kneel near my head.
Montu lay on the floor & Ragu placed me over him.
Montu grasped my breast & touched the knife edge to
my nipple & said Saale, kuch natak karega to iss
chamiya ka nipple kaat dungaaur tera lund bhi! & I
flet Montus cock enter my asshole for the 3rd time
that evening.
Chal kapde utar & ab chod saali ko! Ragu laughed &
winked as he too thrust his cock inside me.
As I bucked as my 2 clients used me again.
I stared at Mohit as he removed his clothes with
trembling fingers.
His eyes were darting at my heaving breasts & my
quivering thighs. Every thrust made my boobs bounce
around & made me moan through my gag.
Although I was acting as if I was I pain I was enjoying
every second of this orgy & closed my eyes in sheer
Suddenly I felt a hard slap on my cheek. I opened my
eyes to see Mohits cock fully erect. In fact it was also
glistening with some precum.
My husband was enjoying my bondage & rape.
He bent low, pulled away my gag & stuffed my mouth
with his cock.
After a while they all stopped & then Ragu lay on the
floor & entered his cock in my pussy.
Mohit knelt in between my spread out legs & shoved
his pulsating cock into my already filled twat.
I screamed but my scream was cut off midway as
Montu spread his bums & placed his asshole over my
Mohit twisted my nipples & said chaat, uski gaand
chaat, kutti! & I was forced to open my mouth & lick
Montus asshole.
Meanwhile my husband & my 2nd client began
fucking my pussy like maniacs.
Montu forced me to lick his balls & then pushed his
cock into my mouth.
Nahiii..no.you bastards! I cried out in shame
as I felt both my husband & Ragu cum almost
simultaneously inside my pussy.
Mohit & Ragu ripped out their driping cocks & rushed
towards my mouth.
I was forced to kneel in between their legs as all 3
men shoved their canons towards my mouth.
Barely had I held Mohit & Montus cocks & had begun
licking Ragus shaft that cum splashed on my face &
hair from all shafts.
My eyes stung with the sperm but they kept coming &
I kept swallowing their white hot gel.
My hair was wet with sweat & I flet their cum slide
down my breasts.
Mohit wrapped my slick hair around his shaft & made
me suck it.
I kept sucking, licking & swallowingas one by one they
backed away & rested themselves.

After a while Ragu flicked a 1 buck coin at me & said

thats your tip, RInku! & left after getting dressed.
Montu also slowly wore his clothes, gave my boobs a
squeeze & dropped another coin in between my
cleavage & whispered Rinku, kabhi courier bhejna ho
toh yaad karna!
He dropped his company card on my bra & left.
I lay on the floor as Mohit came & sat next to me.
I turned & saw his limp cock & asked him in a
sarcastic tone Aur chodega mujhe?
He shook his head sideways & leaned against the
wall & said Sorry, Rinku. I dont know what

I slid towards his thighs & said Mohit, those 2

bastards, forced their way in. They gaged my mouth,
stripped me naked, tied me by my own sari & raped
me. They raped me in front of you & you raped me
along with them?
Mohit, you & that man bred me like a bitch! At the
same time! Mohit.!
I stopped & Mohit followed my gaze. I was staring at
his cock.
His cock was fuly erect & ready for some more action.
All these years of marriage Mohit had a routine of
fucking me every Saturday & then too he would cum
in 2 to 3 minutes. But today he was about to screw
me for the 3rd time within minutes of dumping his
sperm in my pussy & mouth.
He grabbed my hair & said as he dragged me forward
No Rinku, they fucked you like a bitch, I didnt. But
now I will!
He made me bend in a doggy pose & my husband
banged his hard cock into my asshole.
As he fucked my asshole he said Rinku, tell me
something? Those guys forced their way in & gagged
you & then stripped you naked, right?
AaYessss! I moaned.
You slut, tell me how did they manage to gag you
with your own panties when they had not yet stripped
Rinku, you deserve to be raped, bitch! he said.
You actually enjoyed those guys fucking me? I
asked increduosly.
No Rinku! I enjoyed you being Raped! He said as he
thrust his cock inside my pussy.

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