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What lab test is most helpful when assessing poor production vs increased destruction?


Which of the ofllowing condition would be classified under decreased RBC production?
Anemia of chronic disease

All of the following are examples of microcytic anemia except:


What is the MCC of anemia world wide?


All of the ofllow are causes of IDA except:

Acute blood loss
Acute blood loss --> no changes

Which is diagnostic of IDA?

Ferritin < 20

Which type of anemiai s caused by an inability to synthesize heme (cannot incorp Fe)
Sideroblastic anemia

Which thalasemmias are transfusion dependent?

B thalassemia major

Heinz bodies are formed by denatures Hgb in which condition?

G6PD deficiency

Hemoglobin S is seen with which condition?

Sickle cell disease (NOT TRAIT)

A complete failure of bone marrow can lead to which anemia?

Aplastic anemia

Which virus are greatest risk for during a blood transfusion?


Which lab studies reflects iron storage?


An increased level of reticulocytes may occur in all of the follow conditions except:
IDA (not G6PD, elliptocytosis, spherocytosis)

Low MCV with hig RDW is suggestive of what?


Which lab test is the best to assess the Intrinsic Pathway>


Which are the Vit K dependent factors?

2, 7, 9, 10 protein c and s

Left shift?
Increased bands

What is MC hereditary coagulation clotting disorder in US?

Factor V Leiden

Hemophilia A - bleeding problem with factor 8, hemarthrosis

What is the MC hereditary bleeding disorder in the US?

Von willebrands disease
Bleed in gums, mucosa

Which cells originate from a myeloid progenitor cell?

Natural killer cell and T lymphocyte
Neutrophil and macrophage
Erythrocyte and B lymphocyte
Macrophage and B lymphocyte

Which WBC is considered to be the first responder?

Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia occurs as a result of:
Heparin binding to platelets
Antibody IgG binding to platelets
Heparin destroying platelets
Platelet factor 4 binding to heparin

Which clotting factors are NOT produced in the liver?

III and IV
II and III
IV and V
Protein S and II

Which is NOT one of the four most common genes affected by mutation
during carcinogenesis?
CA-125 gene
DNA repair gene
Tumor suppressor gene

1. Type I hypersensitivity reaction relies on:

IgE antibodies
IgD antibodies
IgA antibodies
IgG antibodies

Question 21 pts
Which of the following hypersensitivity immune responses
does not involve the complement system?
B. Type II: Cytotoxic Reaction

Question 31 pts
Which of the following symptoms is classified as a severe allergic

Question 41 pts
If a patient has an allergic reaction that requires epinephrine in
order to stabilize them, what is the next most appropriate step in
their management?
give them steroids and antihistamines for the next 3 days

Question 51 pts
What does histamine do?
causes smooth muscle around the bronchi to dilate

Which of the following is a malignancy of BM plasma cells?

Multiple myeloma

What percent of BM would need to be blasts to dx acute leukemia?


The blood stem cells differenctiate into which 2 cell lines?

Myeloid and lymphoid cells

In which malignancy would you see Reed Sternberg cells?

Hodgkin Lymphoma

Which malignancy is associated with Philadelphia chromosome?

CML - chronic myeloid leukemia

Which malignancy is associated with auer rods (eosinophillic injections in the cytoplasm)
Acute myeloid leukemia?

Which is the MC leukemia in the pediatric population?

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia - ALL

Asx 52 yo man with WBC > 170,000 despie normal RBCs and Platelets?
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

What stage is a lymphoma with 1 cervical and 1 axillary LN involved?

Stage 2 (Ann Arbor Staging System)

For which kind of NHL is cure possible?

Aggressive (high grade)

Which malignancy has the highest turnover rate of any human malignancy?
Burkitt lymphoma

A parent brings their child to see you due to asymmetric eyes in photos:

A child has morning HA, vomiting, papilledema


Abdominal US on a 3yo with increasing abdominal girth, you suspect:

Wilms Tumor

65yo with plethora and splenomegaly has an increase in all 3 cell lines. Tx?
Weekly Phlebotomy

Which of the following is true regarrding CLL prognosis?

Its not curable

What population is MC affected by primary myelofibrosis?


Which is the best choice to correct a deficiency in coagulation factors?

Fresh frozen plasma

Essenital Thrombocytosis?
Platelet count > 2 million

What condition do you suspect if you see this smear (hairy cells)