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Quality Control at FOFO centers

Career Launcher has 1095 centres all over across India, out of this approximately 65% are FOFO

centres (Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated). Providing good quality education is the basic

necessity required for an education institute to be successful. With increase in population, and

people getting more inclined towards education, there is a huge area for business. With the

adverse increase in competition, the coaching center industry has finally starting to realize that it

is important to bring in changes to improve the quality of education to remain profitable in this

highly competitive business environment where a student can easily find a coaching institute in

every nook and corner of the city.

The customer power in this industry is high, and the customers here are the students. A student

selects a coaching institute mainly by faculty and the course content, overall they choose the

coaching institute by the quality of education delivered. This can be controlled by standardizing

the use of PPTs across all the centers all over India for the academic courses or programs

provided by Career Launcher. A bare minimum level of PPTs which are prepared by faculties

should be maintained. Some basic etiquettes should be followed while preparing the slides.

Lastly, after acquiring the Virtual satellite services as ETEN from Pearson, the strategic

implementation of this can be to start virtual classes as there are advantages such as developing a

virtual classroom to increase the interest of students in the field of education. It integrates the

benefits of a classroom with the faculty physically present with the convenience of a virtual

learning experience. It will provide flexibility and sophistication in the existing learning

platform. Along with this, it provides a means of collaborative learning for the students in a

much better way. They also have facilities for application sharing, polling and breakout sessions.

It allows the faculty and students to participate in real time lessons and discussions. Virtual
classes extend access to the expert faculties available in different parts of the country. So, as a

result, the students would be very positive about their experiences.


For maintaining a minimum standard in the presentations delivered in the class, a verification

stage should be added to the process through which the senior faculty members should verify the

presentations prepared by the junior members before delivering it in the class. And standard

slides should be made available to every faculty for all the topics since this would provide some

common ground regardless of their geographic location.

Also initiating the virtual class need not take major steps as the acquirement of V-SAT is already

completed. The hardware requirements need to be fulfilled at the centers.