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Canara Bank Mastercard Debit Card/ Credit Card

Cash back Campaign

1. Name of the Campaign: Canara Bank Mastercard Debit Card/ Credit Card
Cash back Campaign.

2. Period of the Campaign: from 14th October to 31st December 2017 (both days

3. Eligibility Criteria: All our Mastercard Debit Card/ Credit Card holders who
have done a minimum transaction of Rs. 100 or more during the Campaign
period, using our Mastercard Debit Card/ Credit Card through POS/e-Commerce
(Internet) shall qualify to become eligible for Cash back. Cash Withdrawal
Transactions through POS / ATM / Micro ATMs are not eligible for Cash Back
under the subject Campaign.

4. Details of Cash back incentive:


Bumper Cash back: Top 20 card holders receive
1 2 00 000
Rs.10000 each (Toppers by Total No. of Transactions)
Top 500 card holders receive Rs. 500 each
2 2 50 000
(Toppers by Total Amount spent)
Next Top 20000 card holders receive Rs.100 each
3 20 00 000
(Toppers by Total No. of Transactions)


Terms & Conditions

1. The cash back offer under this Campaign is brought out by Canara Bank, in
association with M/s MASTERCARD.

2. Participation in this program is purely voluntary.

3. All our Mastercard Debit/ Credit Cardholders are covered under the Campaign.

4. All payments for purchases through POS / e-Commerce (Internet) must be
settled using a Canara Mastercard Debit/ Credit Card.

5. Eligible card holder will have a chance to get only one cash back under any of
the category in seriatim as mentioned above. No card holder will get cash
back more than once.

6. In case the number of cardholders qualifying exceeds the maximum numbers

stipulated for cash back in any category, then the list of eligible card holders
for cash back will be finalized based on the total number of transactions in
the chronological order for cash back amount in Sl. No. 1 & 3 and based on the
amount spent in case of Sl. No. 2.

7. Bank will not be liable for any issues on account of incorrect swipes done by
merchant or for any technical problems with swipe machines at merchant

8. Cash Back amount will be credited to eligible Mastercard Debit Cardholders

Account (primary account linked to the Debit card)/ Credit Card Account after
closure of the Campaign period.

9. No separate communication will be sent to the cardholders regarding credit of

this cash back amount under the scheme.

10. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Bank shall be final.

11. Banks standard Terms & Conditions for usage of Canara Mastercard Debit/
Credit Cards shall apply.

12. Bank reserves the right to modify or change any of the Terms & Conditions
applicable to this Campaign at any time, without prior notice to the
Mastercard Debit/ Credit Cardholders.

13. Applicable government tax/levies shall be payable by the Cardholder, if any.

14. Any dispute arising under the Campaign is subjected to the jurisdiction of
courts in Bangalore only.