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Tuition Fees for

International Students
2017 18

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International Tuition fees for 201718

Undergraduate programmes: 11,500

Postgraduate programmes: 12,500

Architecture, Computing & Humanities Fee
MSc Advanced Landscape and Urbanism 13,500

MSc Applicable Mathematics 13,500

MSc Architectural Design 13,500

MArch Architecture Part 2 13,500

MSc Big Data and Business Intelligence 14,000

MSc Computational Finance 14,000

MSc Computer Forensics and Cyber Security 14,000

MSc Computer Science 14,000

MSc Computer Systems and Network Engineering 14,000

MSc Computing and Information Systems 14,000

MSc Construction Management and Economics 13,500

MSc Criminology and Criminal Psychology 13,500

MA Design for Cultural Industries 13,500

MA English: Literary London 13,500

MSc Enterprise Systems and Database Administration 14,000

MA/MSc Film Production 13,500

MSc Information Systems Management 14,000

LLM International and Commercial Law 13,500

MA International Maritime Policy 13,500

Dip Landscape Architecture 10,000

MA Landscape Architecture 13,500

MLA Landscape Architecture 13,500

PGCert Landscape Design 13,500

MA Language Learning and Japanese Language Teaching* 13,500

MSc Management of Business Information Technology 14,000

MA (by Research) Maritime Studies 13,500

MSc Network and Computer Systems Security 14,000

MSc Occupational Hygiene (Distance Learning) 9,250

MSc/PGDip Occupational Hygiene 13,500

MSc Project Management - International (Distance Learning) 13,500

MSc Project Management - International 13,500

MSc Real Estate (Distance Learning) 13,500

MSc Real Estate Development and Investment 13,500

MSc Safety, Health and Environment (Distance Learning) 9,250

MSc/PGDip Safety, Health and Environment 13,500

MA Second Language Learning and Teaching 13,500

MSc Software Engineering 14,000

MSc Sustainable Building Design and Engineering 13,500

MA Web Design and Content Planning 13,500

BSc (Hons) Occupational Safety, Health and the Environment (Distance Learning) 7,250

International Foundation Programmes* 7,750

Two weeks English for Academic Purposes* 520

Five weeks English for Academic Purposes* 1,450

Nine weeks English for Academic Purposes* 2,425

Thirteen weeks English for Academic Purposes* 3,100

Business School Fee
MSc Accounting and Finance 13,900
MSc Economics 12,750
MA International Events Management 12,750
MSc Finance and Investment 13,900
MSc Financial Management and Risk 13,900
MSc International Banking and Finance 13,900
MA International Business 13,250
MA Logistics and Supply Chain Management 12,750
All MBA Programmes 14,900
MBA International Business (Top-up from MA International Business) 3,050
MSc Project Management for Logistics 12,750
MA Public Relations 12,750
MA Strategic Marketing 12,750
MA Strategic Marketing Communications 12,750
MA Transport Systems Management 12,750
MSc Financial Management (Dual Award)* TBC
MA International Business (Dual Award)* TBC
MA Strategic Marketing Communications (Dual Award)* TBC
BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance (Year 3 entry) 12,500
BA (Hons) Business Logistics and Transport Management (Year 3 entry) 12,500
BA (Hons) Business Management (Year 3 entry) 12,500
BA (Hons) Business Studies (Year 3 entry) 12,500
BA (Hons) Business with Accounting (Year 3 entry) 12,500
BA (Hons) Business with Finance (Year 3 entry) 12,500
BA (Hons) Business with Human Resource Management (Year 3 entry) 12,500
BA (Hons) Business with Marketing (Year 3 entry) 12,500
BA (Hons) Economics and Banking (Year 3 entry) 12,500
BSc (Hons) Finance and Investment Banking (Year 3 entry) 12,500

Medway School of Pharmacy Fee
MSc Applied Drug Discovery* TBC
MSc Medicines Management* TBC
MPhil/PhD (Lab)* TBC
MPhil/PhD (Non-Lab)* TBC
MPharm* 14,925
BSc (Hons) Pharmacology and Physiology* 14,925

Masters by Research/MPhil/PhD/EdD Fee

Full-time** 12,500
Part-time** 6,250

 ationality Scholarship does not apply, and fees still to be confirmed by University of Kent for
postgraduate taught and research Medway School of Pharmacy programmes
** Fees
 in line with recommended fees set by Research Council UK (RCUK) still to be published for

Awards and scholarships Students who have studied an
undergraduate programme at one of
Nationality Scholarship of 1,000 our international collaborative partner
A scholarship of 1,000 will be awarded to institutions and are progressing on to a non-
students (whether self-payers or sponsored) government/research-funded postgraduate
from the countries listed below who are studying programme at the university may also apply
certain full-time programmes. The programme for an Alumni Progression Bursary.
must last a minimum of one academic year and
The programme must run a minimum of
the student must pay the full-time tuition fee.
one academic year, and the reduction is
Eligible countries are: applied upon full payment of the full-time
tuition fee. This reduction does not apply to
l Bangladesh l Mauritius PhDs, MPhils, PGCE/CertEd and Diploma of
l Cambodia l Nepal Architecture programmes and programmes
l Colombia l Nigeria such as the MOst, MEng and MPharm
which attract undergraduate fees.
l Egypt l Pakistan
l Ghana l Russian Federation Students are encouraged to join the
l India l Sri Lanka universitys alumni association, which
l Iran l Thailand offers a variety of benefits for past students
(alumni) and is free to join (visit gre.ac.uk/
l Iraq l Turkey
alumni for more information). If a student is
l Jordan l Vietnam awarded this discount, his or her details will
be passed to the association.
Peoples Republic of China
Scholarship For further information about these and
other awards and scholarships, please visit
A scholarship of up to 1,000 may be available
to students who have completed their studies
on approved programmes at one of the
universitys partner or link institutions in China
US Federal Student Aid
and who progress to certain programmes Programme
on one of our three campuses. This will be
The University of Greenwich is a participant
agreed with the International Office prior to
in the US Federal Student Aid Programme,
arrival for registration and before the start of
which provides financial assistance for
the programme. To qualify, students must pay
American students studying at overseas
tuition fees in full on registration.
universities. For further details, visit
Alumni Progression Bursary
International students registering for a
postgraduate programme after completing
a degree programme at either a University
Pre-registration deposit
of Greenwich campus or partner college are Pre-degree, undergraduate and
eligible for a 10% reduction on the postgraduate postgraduate programmes based on one
tuition fee. The 10% reduction is applied after of our three campuses require a pre-
all scholarships and bursaries (where applicable) registration deposit of 3,000 at the time of
are deducted from the student fees. accepting an offer. The deposit acts as part
of the tuition fees and reduces the tuition
fees payable on registration.

Deposits CANNOT be paid by cheque, Discount for full payment
credit/debit card or cash. Accepted
methods of payment are: International students may receive a 5%
discount on their net tuition fees if these are
Bank draft made payable to the paid in full and received by the university
University of Greenwich and by the 30 September for September
forwarded to: starters and paid in full and received by the
University of Greenwich university by the 31 January for January
International Office starters. The 5% discount will be for net
Room 201 tuition fees only and will not apply to
Fry Building accommodation charges.
Southwood Site
Avery Hill Campus Payment plan
Avery Hill Road
After your deposit and all other discounts are
applied, the remaining balance can be paid in
London SE9 2UG
two equal payments. You will be asked to pay
United Kingdom
the first 50% of the balance at registration.
Electronic transfer direct to the For September starters, the final payment will
university bank account (please note be due before the last Friday in January; for
that your bank may charge you for January starters, the final payment will be due
this service): before the last Friday in May.

Barclay Bank plc.

Example: 201617 Fee
7-8 Victory Parade
Plumstead Road Postgraduate fee 12,500
London SE18 6FL Deposit paid 3,000
Sort code: 20-98-57 Nationality Scholarship 1,000

Account number: 00904244 Balance 8,500

Minimum payment at 4,250
IBAN number:
Balance due 4,250
SWIFT/BIC number: BARCGB22 (last Friday in January for
September starters and
Please ensure that your full name, date
last Friday in May for
of birth and student reference number (if January starters).
known) are listed on the back of the draft. If
using electronic transfer, ensure your bank
includes these details. You cannot be admitted as a registered
student of the university until acceptable
arrangements for payment of fees are
Please contact the International agreed. If your government or an employer
Office once you believe your funds is sponsoring you, please bring a letter
have arrived (usually four working confirming this. However, please note
days after the transfer) so we can that students are responsible for any
check the payment and process your fee payment not made by the sponsor.
Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies Letters of sponsorship from individuals
(CAS) if appropriate. (e.g. parents, relatives or friends) are not

Payment of fees at A deposit will be held for a maximum of
2 years, during which time the student is
registration expected to register with the university
During online registration you will be given or provide evidence that one of the
a summary of the tuition fees payable, less circumstances listed above applies. In the
any discounts. In order to complete your event that a student defers their study to a
registration, you will be asked to enter your later academic session, the deposit may be
credit/debit card details; if you do not have transferred to the new intake.
a credit/debit card, you can pay your fees After 2 years, the deposit will be non-
by bank transfer. If you are transferring transferrable and non-refundable.
funds to pay for tuition fees, please see the
bank details given on page 5. Deposits (and any tuition fees paid in
excess of this) will be refunded in the event
In addition, continuing students may pay via that an application for a UK student visa is
the student portal. Log on to https://portal. refused and:
gre.ac.uk and click on the My Support tab. a) the student has not yet started their
You will require your student ID and password. programme of study
b) the visa application was submitted
Students studying on a visa after the deposit was paid and applies
An international student studying on a to the same academic year as the
student visa must be studying on a full-time unconditional offer
programme. It is the students responsibility c) the visa application was made using
to ensure that he or she is in possession an offer letter or CAS issued by the
of an appropriate and valid visa. Details University of Greenwich
of fees payable to the UK government d) the student provides the university with
for processing extensions to visas are a full copy of the visa refusal letter
available at www.gov.uk/government/ e) a ll reasonable steps have been taken,
organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration. where applicable, to overturn the refusal
Once you have paid your deposit and met f) the refusal was not the result of a
all your offer conditions, please contact the foreseeable error on behalf of the
International Office and we will assist you student or their agent
in obtaining a Confirmation of Acceptance g) the refusal did not result from fraudulent
of Studies. Please ensure that you include or misleading information submitted by
your full name, date of birth and student the student or their agent
reference number in all communications.
Students whose visas are refused after
they have registered with the university and
Policy on deposits commenced their programme of study will
Deposits paid to the university are usually be considered as withdrawn and subject to
non-refundable, except in the following a refund in accordance with the withdrawal
circumstances: policy as outlined below.

The student is subject to a refused UK Where a refund is applicable due to a

student visa application (see below) visa refusal, the university will normally
The student does not meet the academic charge an administration fee of 100, to be
conditions of their offer deducted from the balance to be refunded.
The university is unable to issue a CAS to
a student who requires a Tier 4 visa
Student withdrawal,
interruption, deferral or
Unless arrangements as set out in this
non-registration leaflet are agreed at registration, you will
Where a student withdraws from a be unable to register. Should you have
programme, the deposit is not refundable. any queries or problems regarding your
Any monies due to be refunded will be fees, please contact your local Student
returned to the students home country. Centre or the International Office.
A students withdrawal must conform to
Students starting programmes in
the universitys withdrawal policy.
subsequent years will pay the published
Where an applicant fails to register, the fee for new entrants to the relevant
deposit is not refundable or transferable. academic year and will come under a
Requests for a student to defer or different set of arrangements to those
interrupt his or her studies will only be advised here.
allowed in exceptional circumstances and
must conform to university policy. The university will endeavour to minimise
any increases.
The university will notify UK Visa &
Immigration when a student withdraws, The fees for any new programmes will
interrupts or defers from study. be determined after validation.

For more on withdrawal and interruption of Tuition fees are subject to an annual fee
studies, see gre.ac.uk/students/interrupt. setting exercise and will rise annually
by no more than RPI- X + 3% (Retail
Failure to pay fees Price Index excluding mortgage interest
payments +3%). We would only consider
Registration for continuing students is
an increase to the fee rate for continuing
dependent on the previous years tuition
students to reflect the increased cost
fees being paid in full. Students who have
of delivering the course in subsequent
fees outstanding will become subject to the
years. This does not apply to students
university policy for non-payment of tuition
studying in the Medway School of
fees. You wont be able to, for example,
Pharmacy, whom should contact the
submit work, receive your award certificate,
International Office.
attend your graduation ceremony or
re-register on subsequent years of study or Any fee rate increase would be
a new programme at the university. considered on the basis that it was
needed to reflect the increased cost of
Resitting and resubmission delivering the programme in subsequent
Where a student needs to retake a course, years.
a pro rata tuition charge will be payable
based on the number of credits studied.
Students who repeat or interrupt will pay the
published annual fee applicable for the year
of re-entry.

International Office
University of Greenwich
Greenwich Campus
Old Royal Naval College
Park Row
London SE10 9LS
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 8331 8136
Fax: +44 20 8331 8625
E-mail: international@gre.ac.uk
Website: gre.ac.uk/international-students

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