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Examples of Taboo Activities

Abortion - terminating a pregnancy

Addiction - addiction to legal or illegal drugs, including alcoholism
Adultery - sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse
Bestiality or Zoophilia - sexual relations between a human and an animal
Bigotry - speaking negatively about someone of another race
Blood products - Jehovah Witnesses are forbidden to use blood products, including blood
Cannibalism - a human being eating the flesh of another human being
Circumcision - this is practiced by Jews for religious reasons
Flowers - giving an even number of flowers is taboo in Russia because they are for the dead
Fornication - sexual relations between people not married to one another
Gestures - certain gestures are considered obscene
Head position - in Indonesia, it is taboo to have your head higher than an elder person
Homosexuality - sexual attraction or relations with people of the same gender
Illegal drugs - using or abusing illegal drugs
Incest - sexual relations between relatives. Different cultures have different definitions of how close a
relative would be considered taboo.
Infanticide - killing an infant
Intermarriage - marriage between people who are closely related
Inter-religion marriage - marriage between people of different religions
Masturbation - manipulation of ones own genitalia
Matricide - killing ones mother
Miscegenation - sexual relations or marriage between different racial groups.
Murder - considered taboo unless in war or self-defense
Necrophilia - sexual attraction or intercourse with a corpse
Offensive language - obscenity or vulgarity
Patricide - killing ones father
Pedophilia - having a sexual interest in prepubescent children
Polygamy - having more than one spouse at the same time
Pornography - showing body parts for sexual excitement
Pregnant bride - this was a forbidden topic of conversation
Sex selective abortion - terminating a pregnancy based on gender, usually female
Sex selective infanticide - killing an infant based on gender, usually female
Slavery - humans are treated as property and made to work for no pay
Suicide - the taking of ones own life
Wearing shoes inside - in some places, shoes are not worn inside a house
A Few Extra Pounds
A Few Sandwiches Short Of A Picnic
A Little Thin On Top
Acting Like Rabbits
Administrative Assistant
Adult Education
Adult Entertainment
Adult Material
Affirmative Action
After Death Care Provider
Agent Brown
Aisle Blocker
Ample Proportions
Anal Hot Chocolate
Anal Salute
Angels Carried Him Away
Answered Gods Calling
Armed Intervention
Asleep In Christ
Asleep With Jesus
Assumed Room Temperature
At Room Temperature
Ate It
Attained Buddha-Hood
Au Natural
Aztec Two-Step