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Eight Internal Breathing Exercises (Noi Sau Baat Sik)

Breakfalls (Dit Faat)

Back breakfall
Side breakfall
Frontal breakfall (hard, soft)
Stances and Footwork (Ma Bou)
Stance training (Jaat Ma), turning (Jyun Ma) and footwork (Jau Ma)
Low/training stances (Daai Jong Ma) and high/combat stances (Gou Jong Ma)
Eight Fundamental Stances (Baat Ma Sik)
Parallel Stance (Lap Geuk Ma)
Four levels Stance (Sei Ping Ma)
Suspended Leg Stance (Diu Geuk Ma)
Meridian Stance (Ji Ng Ma), also known as Front Bow, Rear Arrow (Chin Gung Hau Jin)
Crossed Leg Stance (Neu Ji Ma)
One Legged Stance (Duk Lap Ma)
Kneeling Stance (Gwai Ma)
Parallel Yeung Clasping Stance (Yi Ji Kim Yeung Ma)
Eight Fundamentals of Footwork (Baat Bou Faat)
Forward/Backward Shuffle (Jeun Ma Teui Ma)
Forward/Backward Pressing Step (Bik Bou)
Forward/Backward Cross Step (Jau Ma Tau Ma)
Forward/Backward Step (Seung Ma Lai Ma)
Left/right (Jo Yau)
Eight Directions (Baat Gwa)
Fish Tail (Yu Mei Bou)
Three Stars (Saam Sing Bou)
Stretching (Yau Gung)
Back Bridge

Practical Hung Kyun uses a combination of 4 main types of offensive techniques:

Kicks (Tek): Front kicks, side kicks, stomping kicks, sweeping kicks, knee kicks etc.

Strikes (Da): Fist, palm, edge of the palm, fingers, forearms, elbows etc.

Takedowns (Seut): Sweeps and throws etc.

Submissions (Na): Holds, joint-locks, vital points attacks etc.

So called Individual Techniques and Combinations, ie. Drills (Saan Sik) are practiced:

on the spot

on the spot with turning

with steps

as a shadow boxing drills without equipment

as part of Strengthening and Conditioning (Lin Gung): on focus mitts/kicking pads, on heavy bags,

on wall bags

The same techniques are at the same practiced with a partner as Application Drills (Saan Sau).

Sparring Drills
Practical Hung Kyun uses in a attack 7 main weapons, so called 7 stars (Chat Sing): head,

shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees and feet. 4 major types of attack are used kicks (Tek),

strikes (Da),takedowns (Seut) and submissions (Na).

Practical Hung Kyun emphasises pro-active,aggresive self-defense our philosophy is summarized

in an old traditional saying: Hung School buffalo heads! We fight to the death we never not

turn our back! (Hung Mun Yat Tau Ngau, Da Sei Bat Wui Tau).

Sparring Drills (Deui Lin) of Practical Hung Kyun (Sat Yung Hung Kyun) as taught in our

association approaches training of reality based self defense (RBSD) and free combat

systematically, with use of 3 main training methods:

Application drills (Saan Sau)

Combat sequences, sparring drills, self-defense scenarios (Wui Hap)

Free fighting (Saan Da)

Application drills (Saan Sau)

Saan Sau include training of usage of the basic techniques and combinations (Saan Sik) and

techniques contained in the sets (Kyun Tou). There are 2 main methods how to practice the

application drills:

From technique to situation usage of basic techniques (Saan Sik) and techniques from sets

(Kyun Tou)

From situation to technique counters against specific types of attacks

Combat Sequences, Sparring Drills, RBSD Scenarios (Wui Hap)

Inside Gate (Ngoi Mun)

Outside Door (Noi Mun)

Upper Gate (Seung Mun)

Middle Gate (Jung Mun)

Lower Gate (Ha Mun)

Left/Right Gate (Jo Mun/Yau Mun)

Long Range (Cheung Geui)

Middle Range (Jung Geui)

Short Range (Dyun Geui)

The emphasis in drilling the of the Wui Hap is put on not only developing the technical aspects

(Faat), but especially skills (Gung) correct generation of power, accuracy, timing, spacing, tactics

and strategy.

Free Fighting (Saan Da)

Full contact with protection gear (grappling or boxing gloves, head-gear with a protective cage,

mouthpiece, shin protectors, cup, elbows and knees protectors

Without protection light contact/no contact, everything goes, including the strikes to the throat,

hair grabbing, attacks to the eyes, genitals etc.

One on one

Multiple opponents vs. one

Unarmed vs. armed

Armed vs. armed

Sets and Weapons

Practical Hung Kyun Curriculum Beginner Level (Cho Kap)

1st Kap

Cross Pattern Plum Blossom Set (Sap Ji Mui Fa Kyun)

2nd Kap

Six and Half Point Long Pole (Luk Dim Bun Gwan)

3rd Kap

Taming of the Tiger in Gung Pattern (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun)

4th Kap

Commanders Sabre (Daan Ji Fai Dou)

Practical Hung Kyun Curriculum Intermediate Level (Jung Kap)

5th Kap

Tiger and Crane (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun)

6th Kap

Big Circling Moon Double Knives (Daai Hang yut Seung Dou)

7th Kap

Arrow Palm (Jin Jeung)

8th Kap

Cross Pattern Chain Whip (Sap Ji Daan Yun Bin)

Practical Hung Kyun Curriculum Advanced Level (Gou Kap)

9th Kap

Five Animals Five Elements (Ng Ying Hang Kyun)

10th Kap

Dragon Head Wooden Bench (Lung Tau Baan Dang)

11th Kap

Ng Longs Eight Diagrams Long Pole (Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan)

12th Kap

Iron Thread set (Tit Sin Kyun)

Strength & Conditioning
Universal exercises

Art of Flexibility (Yau Gung)

Stance training (Jaat Ma), Golden Bridge (Gam Kiu), Three Extensions (Saam Jin Sau)

Bodyweight exercises: Pushups, one arm pushups, squats, single legged squats, bridges, pullups

Barbell exercises, kettlebells exercises

Special exercises

Art of the Iron Arms (Tit Bei Gung)

Golden Bridge (Gam Kiu), Three Extensions (Saam Jin Sau), Three Stars Conditioning (Da Saam

Sing), brass rings, rattan ring

Art of the Tiger Claws (Fu Jaau Gung)

Tiger claw drills, Taming of the Tiger Gung (Fuk Fu Gung), holding the weights, bag throwing and

catching, jabbing the fingers into the mungo beans

Art of the Iron Fists (Tit Kyun Gung)

Knuckle push ups, medicine ball throwing, punching with the weights, heavy bag work, wall bag

work, focus mitts drills

Art of the Iron Legs (Tit Geuk Gung)

Conditioning with the bundle of chopsticks, conditioning with the legs, kicking the heavy bag,

kicking the Thai pads, kicking the pole

Art of the Iron Palms (Tit Sa Jeung)

Preliminary exercises, striking the iron palm bag, breathing exercises

Internal Gung (Noi Gung)

Stance training, Eight Internal Exercises (Noi Sau Baat Sik), Eigtheen Lohon Hands (Sap Baat Lo

Hon Sau), Ten Forms (Sap Ying Kyun), Iron Thread Set (Tit Sin Kyun)

Specialized equipment

Suspended wooden pole, heavy bag, focus mitts, kicking shields, heavy long poles, iron double

ended staffs, heavy iron Southern knives, brass rings, punching weights, wooden ear plates,

bundle of chopsticks, weights for finger strengthening exercises, three sectional wall bags, iron

palm bags (mungo beans, gravel, steel balls), barbell, kettlebells, medicine balls,