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Unit 6 Review

1. What are the MAIN causes for World War I?

What are the four MAIN cause of the war? Provide examples for each.

What were the problems in the Balkans?

2. How did stalemate change the direction of World War I?

What are some new weapons developed at this time?

What was new about these new industrialized weapons?

Why was trench warfare futile or pointless?

What is a total war?

How did countries mobilize their people for war?

Why did the US join the war?

How was the US benefiting from the war?

Why were German U-boats sinking ships, like the Lusitania, to Europe?

3. What was the appeal of the communist revolution in Russia?

What was the Bolshevik slogan? What did the slogan mean?

What was the consequence of the revolution on the war?

What happened to the Tsar/Czar?

4. How did Vladimir Lenin change Russia?

How did Lenins Bolshevik party compare with the Mensheviks?

How did Lenin secure power for the Bolsheviks?

5. Why was the Treaty of Versailles a failure?

What was the purpose of Wilson Fourteen Points?

What were the goals of France and England?

How was Germany punished?

6. What is necessary for a lasting peace?

What were Wilsons Fourteen Points major goals?