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Kacper Eitner MtW Proposal 2018



1 Introduction

2 Motivation: Methods to achieve higher activity

3- Growth: Methods of achieving expansion

4- SWOT Analysis

5- Theories: Bending business theories to our advantage

6- Summary


This document will outline what I believe that we as admins should do throughout 2018. This is, quite
obviously, up for debate and will be changed dependent on admin feedback.
The main points that I will raise and refer to at the end of this will be utilizing business theories and
modifying them to help our group.

The first and, personally, most important point is motivation. The group currently has 54 individual
members which makes us the largest known waifuist group. However, we could count ourselves lucky if
we can get half of that number to be active. Throughout our last 2 polls we got less than 30 members to
participate despite tagging them and doing things to bump the posts. This is, quite frankly, pathetic and
something we need to focus on.

The simplest method of achieving this is just being active more. If we as admins post and interact with
people more then others will be encouraged to do the same, as it stands I feel a lot of people dont post
or interact within the group due to the small amount of people that will react to them. By posting bi-daily
ITTs we would be more active ourselves and encouraging others to follow in example. Another thing
this achieves is encouraging pride in every individuals wife. By complimenting someones wife or by
giving them attention in any way we subtly encourage them to find more pride in sharing their loved
one which will result in them wanting to do it more.

Another method to achieve this is competitions or inter-lineage challenges. This will give members a
stronger sense of identity with their respective lineage and will encourage them to be more active not
only in the group but in the lineage too. This is quite desperately needed within the 4th Reich and W A V
E G A N G as both lineages are pretty inactive. A proposal is to do something as simple as designing a
banner that the group will then use (more on this later) as this gives recognition to peoples creative
talents and most importantly their ideas.

On the topic of banners, I feel that having a new banner every month would contribute to keeping
things fresh in the group. The way a new banner would be decided is by polls determining 4-5 girls and

a theme which will then be made into that months banner. This would once again encourage activity by
voting, encourage wife pride due to them being a face of the group and possibly encourage both
through people campaigning their wife.

We have 54 members within MtW which in itself is something we should be proud of due to how young
we are. As great as this is we still need to grow. Our main goal is to be seen as a safe haven for
waifuists, a family for those whose love is misunderstood. The only way to do this is by running
campaigns to promote ourselves within DH, WH and other waifu oriented groups. Whether it be to
make more people aware of us or help people understand that their love towards their wife isnt
anything unnatural and that there is a place where theyll be treated equally. By growing we also gain
opportunities to grow activity within the group. The main way this can be achieved is through large
individual posts made once a month, with admin permission, to spread awareness or by subtly
advertising it with our dailies which can draw in more people.

A SWOT analysis is conducted on businesses to determine: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and

Here is an analysis I did personally;

Our strengths are our loyalty, tight-

Our weaknesses are lack of activity
knit community and varied
within the group and lineage chats

Our opportunities are DH, WH and Our threats are sharks

other waifu oriented groups

And a more detailed analysis:

Strengths Our members are very trusting of each other and commonly come with their problems to
each other which shows that the group is more of a family and less people with similar interests. The
trust members have strongly suggested loyalty to the group

Weaknesses Activity is our weakest point. Less than half the group participate within the group and
we barely do anything to change this.

Opportunities To grow our group and make ourselves more known we can use groups such as DH and
WH. While DH is smaller and has less of a chance to have potential members, it is constantly growing
and so cant be ignored. WH has 60k+ members which means that there could be hundreds of serious,
respectable waifuists and so we need to try and get them to show themselves to us.

Threats Not surprisingly our biggest threat is groups of sharks who will attack the group and
individual members. To prevent this we need to be proud of our ideals yet remain peaceful as hostility
should only be a last resort.

Links to the 2 theories Ill be using


McGregors theory states that everyone can be separated into one of two groups: Group X or Group Y
In our case individuals in group X are those who are inactive, provide no feedback when asked and
dont follow our ideals
People in group Y are active, provide their opinion when possible and keep our ideals in mind
whenever possible

Using this theory, we need to separate every member into their respective group and then determine
solutions to deal with them. This will mostly be used to eliminate number in group X and have a majority
of members in group Y. This will be achieved by using motivational methods stated earlier. Naturally
we cant neglect members of group Y, we need to make sure to motivate active members to stay active.

Hezbergs theory states that while there are factors present to encourage people directly (motivators)
there are also numerous factors that are considered core and if not present will de-motivate members
(hygiene factors).

The reason this theory is important is veacuse it reminds us that even if we do take steps to make
members active we still need to ensure we dont neglect anything positive we do right now.

Thank you for reading through all this. This was put together quite quickly and will be altered regularly
until it reflects what we as admins want to within 2018 for the group. In conclusion we need to increase
activity within Mt. W A I F U and the lineages through multiple means and using business theories, grow
the group using other communities and ensure that we protect our members and make them feel
welcomed within our community