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Grangemouth High School

Promoting Achievements
Merit star Prize winners
Congratulations to the winners on their achievement of hav-
ing above the average number of merits in their year group.
The following pupils have won 100 worth of Love2shop
vouchers, dont spend it all at once !

Avon - Brooke Burnett

Carron - Beth Mallace
Kerse - Mitchell Spiers
Merits are achieved for three things,
Keep up the good work and you
could be the next merit star prize

G Good Behaviour

H Hard Work

S Substained Effort
Grangemouth High School
Promoting Achievements
In school achievements
S 6 Megan Randalls beautiful
Christmas card design for 2017

So proud of our enterprising maths

pupilsan amazing job of representing
Falkirk Council at Glasgow Science

What a performance from our S 2 boys

coming back from 3-1 down to 3-3 and win-
ning on penalties in the Scottish Cup! A
fantastic win over Chryston High, which
sees the boys progress into the final 32 !

Great result for our boys basketball team last

night with a 46-6 win over Graeme High #GHS
Grangemouth High School
Promoting Achievements
Interhouse events
After a competitive term of inter-house events from the 'bas-
ketball challenge' to the 'guess the animal quiz' there is only
less than three hundred points between first and third place.
The inter-house events so far and their winners are;

- Zumba challenge, won by Carron

- Kerse's Basketball Challenge, won by Carron
- Avon's Penalty Shoot-Out, won by Avon
- Carron's Selfie Challenge, won by Kerse
- Kerse's Guess the Animal Quiz, won by Avon

Avon are currently in the lead having won 2 inter-house

events and achieving 2540 points overall - well done Avon!

However, the term is not over yet and there is still two inter-
house events to come. Avon's 'Guess the Song and Teacher
Quiz' will take place during form from Monday to Thursday of
the last week of term, every morning three mystery teachers
will read out, over the tannoy, the line of a song and each
form class must guess the teacher and the name of the song.

Well Done Everyone !

Grangemouth High School
Promoting Achievements
Star pupils of the month
Star Pupils of the Star Pupils of the Star Pupils of the
Month - September Month October Month November

S 1 - Emily Clark S 1 - Gregor Hunter S 1 - Jordan Begley

S 2 - Alisa Gallagher S 2 - Chloe Ashe S 2 - Abbie Laurie
S 3 - Sophie Robinson S 3 - Jack Dickson S 3 - Taylor Garrity
S 4 - Eilidh Gallagher S 4 - Craig Black S 4 - Leah Thomson
S 5 - Amy Stewart S 5 - Lucy Croy S 5 - Becca Cuthell
S 6 - Brooke Valentine S 6 - Darren Wilson S 6 - Daniel Jeffrey

Classes of the month

Junior Star Class of the Month - 3.1 Maths - Mrs Lauchlan
Senior Star Class of the Month - Higher Economics - Mrs

Junior -S3 Modern Studies - Mr Tweddie and Miss Lambie
Senior - N4/5 Geography -Miss Donegan

Junior Star Class of the Month - 2.3 PSE (Mr Cockburn)
Senior Star Class of the month- N5 Skills for work; Laboratory
Skills (Miss Mulvey and Dr Matheson)
Grangemouth High School
Promoting Achievements

Four S5 pupils have not yet achieved a Bronze certificate.
The following S5 pupils have achieved Silver (no Gold as yet)


Gemma Alexander Gemma Howieson Lucy McLaren
Niamh Campbell Shannon MacDomald Megan Mundie
Scott Campbell Kenzie MacLean Kyle Petersen
Andrew Craig Donald MacQuarrie Cameron Petrie
Lucy Croy Olivia Masterman Calum Reid
Becca Cuthell Shannon McArthur Gail Robertson
Gavin Dawson Samantha McCaw Amy Stewart
Nicole Differ Chloe McElroy Rebecca Stewart
Taylor Douglas Callum McPherson Kyle Syme
Heather Ferguson Hannah Parsons James Taylor
Lauren Forsyth Simon Paton Ian Thomson
Shannyn Garrity Gordon Patterson Emma Williams
Aimee Grant Brandon Law Cameron Young
Allanna Grigg
Rebecca Sneddon
Izabela Trzybinska
Grangemouth High School
Promoting Achievements

14 pupils in S 3 are still to achieve a bronze certificate. No S 3 pupils have yet achieved

Three S 4 pupils has still to achieve a bronze certificate. 58 have achieved silver.
The following S 4 have achieved Gold.


Saffanah Akthar Eilidh Gallacher Kaytlyn Mitchell
Jake Anderson Leah Godfrey Rachael Paterson
Kaitlin Anderson Abbie Hutchison Claire Paton
Samantha Anderson Ellie Johnston Holly Reid
Krisztian Bakon Josh Lessels Stacey Robertson
Charlie Bell Chantelle Liddle Emily Scott
Craig Black Amy Mackenzie Jack Seymour
Aaron Bowman Gregor Mackintosh Sarah Speirs
Rachel Cairns Dylan Martin Joseph Steel
Sophie Campbell Kieran McComiskie Emma Swan
Kaitlin Cartwright Kaitlyn McConnachie Abby Tennant
Jennifer Clark Ciera McDonald Ben Tennant
Holly Corbett Abigail McEwan Leah Thomson
Sophie Crawley Lauren McIntyre Anya Tilley
Drew Cummings Andrew McKinnon Courtney Turnbull
Claudia Davidson Dylan McKirdy Cameron Wallace
Jack Davidson Amy McNab Stephen White
Blair Duncan Kerry Middleton Ethan Whyte
Cullen Dunn Daniel Moore James Wilson
Ellie Easton Abby Morrison Myles Wilson
Jodie Flood Lisa Muir Loui Yang
Josh Flynn Taylor ODonnell
Georgia Forsyth Thomas Paterson
Jack Hawthorne Sophie Reid
Kelsie Laverty Robbie Rhodes
Grangemouth High School
Promoting Achievements

S6 pupils who have achieved bronze certificates are


Rebecca Buchanan Luc Goodwin Caitlyn MacKenzie
Jamie Conchrane Chelsea Heeps Ayaisha Masoud
Caelan Coleman Blair Heggie Emma McIntosh
Rachael Cunningham Laura Henderson Lisa Middleton
Jamie Dingwall Neave Hendrie Declan Murphy
Claire Dowds Caitlyn Jeffrey Samantha Niven
Alison Duncan Daniel Jeffrey Matthew ODea
Seanine Eddie Lewis Jeffrey Nathan Park
Amber Fraser Brandon Jones Mark Paterson
Ross Kemp Callum Paton
Ross Laird Rachael Pearson
Beth Mallace Charisse Randalls
Nicole McIntyre Megan Randalls
Jordon MacLean Morgan Reid
Carly Moore Jodie Suanders
Dawn Muir Liam Sneddon
Lucy Riley Mitchell Speirs
Brooke Valentine
Darren Wilson
Rebecca Wilson
Grangemouth High School
Promoting Achievements

Only two S 1 pupils have still to achieve a bronze merit certificate. No S 1 pupils have yet
achieved silver.

Only two S 2 pupils have still to achieve a bronze merit certificate.
The following have achieved silver.


Chloe Ashe Alisa Gallagher Ciara Mulhall
Bejamyn Drummond Lewis Martin Olivia Rae
Karys Findlay Mackenzie Masterman Anya Ross
Maizah Javed Emily McElroy Courtney Sloggett
Abby Laurie Steven Miller Sophie Speirs
Ellie Lochrie Rachael Morris Scarlet Vause
Kaitlyn McNeillie Freya Morrison Fred Wilson
Brooke Burnett Lucy Morrison
Leah Baillie Olivia Muir-Croy
Grant Paterson
Mia Pittman
Mia Pringle
Shelby Robertson
Aiden Ross

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