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11/14/2017 Conventionalandnonconventionalenergysources|ShortEssayForStudents

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Conventional and non-

conventional energy sources |
Short Essay For Students
April 10, 2017 Sandeep 0 Comments

Conventional and non-

conventional energy
Energy is the most important and most component of economic
infrastructure. It is the basic requirement of the economic growth. It

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11/14/2017 Conventionalandnonconventionalenergysources|ShortEssayForStudents

directly connected with the economic development and energy


Almost, we can say it simply with the economic is developing by the

energy source. There is the most consumption of the energy on the
global level. It indicates our country has low level of consumption of
energy as compare to the economic development.

We will discuss the both conventional and non-conventional energy

sources in this content.

What is conventional
Conventional energy sources also called the non-renewable energy
sources. These sources are available in the limited range and develop
over a long period. These sources can be used by the long period of
time. These sources of energy are in limited quality except hydro-
electric power.

Sources of conventional
There are the further sources of conventional energy, which is follows


Coal is the important sources of energy in conventional. Coal deposits

in India are very high level. Around the 500 million year ago, the coal
was formed from the remained trees and ferns grew in swamps. The
remained water or clay is decomposed from such plants.

It is the intermediate product, which is known as peat and its mainly

cellulose is (C6H10O5) n. due to the progressive decomposition by heat
and pressure the H2 and O2 lost the moisture and it got converted
into the coal.

Petroleum and natural gases

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11/14/2017 Conventionalandnonconventionalenergysources|ShortEssayForStudents

In India, the petroleum is very important in the sources of energy. In

all over the world, it is uses by the high range. The uses of petroleum
in automobiles, trains, planes and ships are signicant in India
because without it vehicles cannot handle. The resources of
petroleum in India are very short.

Natural gas plays very important role in the new modern days. The
natural gas is made by the liquid mixture of propane and butane. It is
renery gases at room temperature under a pressure of 3-5
temperature. The natural gases are stored and distributed in 40-100
liter capacity and cylinders.

Fuel woods

The natural forest and plants plays a major role in the life of villages.
There are the most requirements of the fuel woods for make the food
in their houses. The rural women are using the fuel woods for
cooking by every day.

Due to lack of forest and plantation it become very dicult for the
rural people and also degraded on the forest land, cultural waste
land, barren land and grazing land etc.


Due to the use of water ow and water falling from the higher
potential to lower potential is called the hydro-power. The hydro
power is the basic energy source of conventional. It can be
transmitted from to the long distance through the cables and wires.

The hydro-power is mainly generated by the many river valley

projects, which is Hirakud, Bhakra mangal project, Narmada Valley
project, Nagarjun sagar project, Sardar sarovar project.

Nuclear power

Nuclear power is developed in the India. The nuclear power is

cheaper than the coal. It uses the uranium as fuel. India has the
nuclear power plants in Tarapur, Kota (Rajasthan), Kalapakam
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11/14/2017 Conventionalandnonconventionalenergysources|ShortEssayForStudents

(Chennai), Naroura (UP). The nuclear power only supplies 3% of the

total installed capacity.

What is non-conventional
Non-conventional energy also called as renewable sources of energy.
This sources has the highly consumption of the energy and also

The non-conventional energy is mostly use for keep the environment

free. It is in order to meet the demand of increased population; the
scientists may develop the alternate non-conventional energy

Sources of non-conventional
The further divided the sources of non-conventional are given below:

Solar energy

The solar energy is produced by the sunlight. This form of energy is

totally based on the sunlight and it produces the electricity. It is
exposed by the solar photovoltaic cells. The photovoltaic cells help to
the covert the sunlight into energy. During the 1999-2000, most of the
villages got the electricity by these sources.

Solar energy is used for the heat water, cooking food, distillation of
water etc.

Tidal energy

The tidal energy was produced by exploiting of the wave of sea. Due
to the absence of cost eective technology, this sources has been not

Wind energy

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11/14/2017 Conventionalandnonconventionalenergysources|ShortEssayForStudents

Wind energy is produced by the air, which is motion of air. Due to the
convection of current set of atmosphere is take important place by
the air and due to the heating of earths surface by solar radiation is
also take place by the air.

It is the rotation of earth and air is rotated by the horizontally and

vertically. It is the movement of the air on the earth.

Geothermal energy

The geothermal energy is that energy, which composed by the hot-

rocks and present inside on the earth crust. During the high
temperature, the solid crust melts into the Magma in the deeper
region of earth crust.

The magma layer pushed on the geological and concretes the earth
crust. Due UPSC
to thelessABOUT
depth of magma is known as hot spot.PAPERS

The hot spot are known as sources of geothermal energy. This energy
generates power and creates refrigeration. There are the dierent
places of geothermal energy generation are Puga (Ladakh), Tattapani
(Suraguja, M.P.), Cambay Basin (Alkanada Valley, Uttarnchal).

Bio energy

There is two type of biomass and biogas energy. This energy is matter
of organic.

Biomass is the source of producing energy through plant and trees.
The main purpose of the biogas is to increase the aorestation of
energy. So that fuel for the generation of energy based on gas
technique and fodder for the cattle could be obtained. Much of the
biogas has installed for the generation.


Biogas is the source energy is produced by the Gobar gas plant by

cow dung into the plant. Besides producing gas this plant converts

https://www.iaspaper.net/conventionalnonconventionalenergysources/ 5/9
11/14/2017 Conventionalandnonconventionalenergysources|ShortEssayForStudents

into the gobar gas into manure. The biogas can be used for cooking,
lighting and generation of electricity.

In 2003-04, the biogas plants established the 26.5 lakhs.

Petro plants

Petro plants are releases by the pressure on mineral oils. The

scientists were produces the potential plant species from which liquid
the petroleum hydrocarbons can be extracted. The liquid
hydrocarbons presents such in plants can be converted into.

Bagasse-based plants

Bagggasse is generated as a waste product in sugar mills. This can be

utilised to UPSC
produce ABOUT energy.
electrical NCERT As
per available data,PAPERS
mills in India can generate about 2000 mW surplus electricity during
crushing season.

Dendrothermal energy

It is the energy plantation, which produce on the wastelands. Due to

the deforestation and overgrazing, a number of denuded wastelands
are formed. The fast growing trees and shrubs may be planted on the
wastelands, which will provide the fuel wood, charcoal, fodder, etc. all
these plants can produce the lot of energy.

Energy from urban waste

Sewage and solid municipal wastes can also generate energy on their
suitable treatments.

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11/14/2017 Conventionalandnonconventionalenergysources|ShortEssayForStudents

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