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Once upon a time, in Arendelle Kingdom, there lived beautiful sisters named Princess Elsa
and Princess Anna. Elsa was spesial girl because she had a magic. She often used her magic with her
young sister, Anna. But, one day she accindentally injured Anna with her magic. Then, their parents
brought them to a colony of trolls. After that, the troll treated Anna by removing her memories and
said to Elsa that her magic would be stronger, and if she couldnt control her magic, it would hurt her
and someone else. So, their parents isolated them, and forbad them to play together until Elsa could
control her magic and they also closed the gate of their castle.

A several years later, Elsa and Anna grew up to be beautiful teenagers. But unfortunately,
they should live alone because their parents died at sea during a storm. And, when Elsa turned to 21
years old, she was to be crowned quen of Arendelle. So, she opened the gate to public and it made
her sister, Anna was so happy and took a walk aroud the castle. Then, she met PrinceHans and fell in
love with him. She invited Prince Hans to meet her sister, Elsa. Hi Elsa, I would like to introduce
Prince Hans to you. Prince Hans, this is Elsa, my sister Anna said. Oh yes, Nice to meet you, Quen
Elsa. Nice to meet you too, Prince Hans. Elsa, actually I want to say something. What is that?.
We want to marry,because we fall in love each other. Said Anna and Hans together. No, Anna.
Youre forbidden to marry someone that you still dont know who he is. come on, Elsa, please!.
No, Anna. oh please, Elsa. Then Elsa was angry and she couldnt control her emotion and her
magic. And it made all guest in ball room shocked about what Elsa did. And they called Elsa
Monster because she has magic. So, Elsa ran away, in order that she didnt hurt her citizen. But
Anna ran after her, she wanted to save her old sister and said to all guest that her sister is not monster.
She left the castle and said to Hans that he should keep the kingdom.

Not long after that, when Anna was on the way to look for Elsa, she met Kristoff. Then,
Kristoff helped her to find Elsa. Then, they also met Olaf, a cheerful snowman brought to life
unknowingly by Elsa. And together they looked for Elsa. When they arrived on the top ice mountain,
they found ice palace and they believed that Elsa was there. So, Anna opened the door and called
Elsa. Fortunately,Elsa was there and she invited Elsa to go home. But Elsa didnt want. Come on
back to Arendelle, Elsa. We need you to stop the winter, it is so cold. No, I cant, I dont want to
hurt you all. But, you have to stop the winter. No, I cant. And I dont know how to stop it. And
once more, Anna forced Elsa and it made her couldnt control her magic. Then, she accidentally
injured Annas heart and made it freeze. She was shocked and Kristoff came and brought Anna to

The troll said that Anna would be frozen if she didnt find her true love. So, Kristoff brought
her back to the castle to meet Prince Hans. But, when they had arrived, Prince Hans brought Anna to
empty room and locked her alone. He also said that Anna had died in order that he can be the King of
Arendelle. Then, he went to ice mountain to catch Elsa, brought her to jail in the castle.

When Prince on the way to ice palace, Olaf helped Anna to escape and met Kristoff and said
that they must stop Hans to catch Elsa. When Anna saw Kristoff, she called him. But unfortunately
she also saw Elsa with Hans. Hans confronts Elsa outside, claiming that she killed Anna, causing Elsa
to break down. Anna spots Hans about to kill Elsa, she leaps in the way and freezes solid, stopping
Hans. Elsa was feeling sorry. She hug Anna. Fortunately Anna was back. And Elsa realized that her
magic is controlled by love. And she stopped the winter and Arendelle. She also gave Olaf his own
snow flurry to survive the warmer climate. After that, They life happily ever after.