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Reg. No.


Third Semester


(For the candidates admitted during the academicyear 2013
- 2014 and 2014 -2015)
(i) Part - A should be answered in OMR sheet within first 45 minutes and OMR sheet should be handed
over to hall invigilator at the end of 45ft minute.
(iD Part - B and Part - C should be answered in answer booklet.

Time: Three Hours Max. Marks: 100

Answer ALL Questions

I. One kgflcm2 is equivalent to in SI units

(A) 0,0981 (B) 0,981Pa
(C) 104Pa (D) I Pa
2. Linitwithin which Hooke's law holds good is known as
(A) Elastic limit (B) Plastic limit
(C) Yield point (D) Proportional limit

3. State of stress at a point in a strained body is as shown below. Which one of the figs given
below represents correctly the Mohr's circle for the state of stress


+-. (D)

4. The state of plane stress at a point is described by o* -dy=o and'ry=0' The normal
stress on a plane inclined at 45o to the plane in which o* is acting will be
(A) 6 (B) Jio
(c) Jlo (D) 2o

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5. For the beam shown below the correct shear force diagram is

(c) (D)

6. A beam is said to be loaded in pure bending when

(A) Bending moment and shear force are @) Bending moment is changing linearly
constant but not zero
(C) Bending moment and shear force (D) Bending is constant and shear force is zero
both are changing linearly
7. Shear stress distribution diagram of a beam of rectangular cross section, subjected to
transverse loading will be
(A) (B)

(c) (D)

8. The moment of inertia of a rectangular section of sides b and d about its centroidal ,lx1s
parallel to the side d is given by
(A) Lu, (B) !oa'
t2 6
(c) Laf (D) !aot
12 6

9. A solid shaft of diameter D transmits the torque equal to (t : maximum allowable shear
(A) 7t
^1 (B) fr rD3
-JZ 64
(c) Lro3 (D) E ^i
t68 - Tl)-

10. If the diameter of a given solid shaft is doubled, the torque transmitted will be
(A) Same (B) Double
(C) Four times (D) Eighttimes

11. When a shaft of diameter'd' is subjected to combined twisting moment'T' and bending
moment 'M', the maximum shear stress 't' is equal to
(A) (B) r
:"rfr;F R
(c) *r2) (D)
]ruz l{u'*t')
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t2. Bending moment 'M' and torque 'T' is applied on a solid circular shaft. If the maximum
bending stress is equal to the maximum shear stress developed, then M is equal to
(A) L (B) T
(c) 2r (D) 4r
The expressi , EI# at a section of a beam represents

(A) Shearing force (B) Rate of loading

(c) Bending momont (D) Slope

14. A simply supported beam is of rectangular section. It carries an uniformly distributed load
over the-wholi span. The deflection at the centre is y. If the depth of the beam is doubled the
deflection at the centre will be
(A) 2v (B) 8v
(c) v (D) v
2 8

15. A cantilever of length (f carries an uniformly diskibuted load w per unit length over the
whole length. The slope at the free end will be (W: total load: w/)
(A) wt (B)
(c) w] (D) w7]
24EI 16EI

16. A cantilever beam of length 1 m carries uniformly distributed load over whole length. The
slope at the free end is 1". The deflection at the free end will be
(A) 1 cm (B) 1.309 cm
(C) 2.168 cm (D) 3.927 cm

17. With one end fixed and other end free, a column of length L buckles at a load Pr another
column of same length, same cross section and material fixed at both ends, buckles at load
Pz. Then P:/Pr is
(A) 1 (B) 2
(c) 3 (D) 16

18. If the diameter of a long column is reduced by 20o/o, the percentage of reduction in Euler's
Bulking load is
(A) 4 (B) 36
(c) 4e (D) se

19. For the same intemal diameter, wall thickness, material and internal pressure, the ratio of
'maximum stress, induced in a thin cylinder and in a thin spherical vessel will be
(A) 2 (B) 1
(c) 4 (D) 1

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20. Circumferential and longitudinal strains in cylindrical boiler under intemal steam pressure,
re e 1, ard e2 respectively. Change in volume of the boiler cylinder per unit volume .will be
(A) et*2ez (B) 2er, ez
(C) 2eiez (D) 2er/ez

Answer AI\IY FM Questions

21. A flitched timber beam made up of steel and timber has a section as shown below.
Determine the moment of resistance of the beam. Take o" lm2 and
o*=SmN I mz.


l'{-lTd;- 'l
All dimensions are in'mm"
22. Derive the relationship between all elastic modulus.

23. A cantilever of length 2 m carries a uniformly distributed Ioad of 1.5 kllim run over the
whole length and a point load of 2 kN at a distance of 0.5 m from the free end. Draw the
shear force and bending moment diagrams for the cantilever.

24. In a hollow circular shaft of outer and inner diameters of 20 cm and l0 cm respectively, the
shear stress is not to exceed 40 N/mm2. Find the maximum torque which the shaft can
safely transmit.

25. A simply supported beam2 meters long is of rectangular section 100 mm wide and 200
mmdeep. ItcarriesaUDLof 2kNperunitmeterof lengthforalength of l.25mfromthe
left support and a point load of 0.8 kN at mid span. Find the deflection at center of beam.

26. Write short notes on Castigliano's theorem.

27. Calculate thq safe compressive load on a hollow cast iron column (one end rigidly fixed
and other hinged) of 15cm extemal diameter, 10cm internal diameter and lOm in length.
Use Euler's formula with a factor of safety of 5, and E:95 klr{/mm2.

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Answer ALL Questions
is held firmly by the supports as shown
2g. a. A steel bar of cross sectional arca250mm2
It is loadedby an axial force of 25 lN' Determine
(i) Reactions at L and M
(i1) ex"*io" oileft portion (E: 200 GN/m)'


0"35 s " #-Ss

(OR) ,. r r- ^- elastic
i"a 6O MN/m2 compressive are applied to an
b. Direct stresses of 120 MN/m2 tensile
material at a cerrain point on planes right-Jnilr
;- iairrolir If the marimum principal
stress is not to exceei iio rrmi-'tensile' fnd by M9!r's gircl1
- What i"*r'tg stress can the. material
be subjected to?
(ii) What is the m-ai<imum shearing stress? 120 MN/m2 stress'
(iir) Mrg"it l;;iffiir p.l..fp"iJo"r. *d i ', inclinationto
of 800 N/m run
5 m carries an ruriformly varying load
2g. a. Asimply supported beam of length
atoneendto1600N/mrunattheotherend.o,u*theshearforceandbendingmoment bending
diagrams fo, trr"J**-iatcutate urr"
tn"^p"rition *a magnitude of maximum
b. An I-section beam 350 mm
x 1 50 mm rrur l *.u thickness of 10 mm and a flange thickness
across the section'
developed i, tlr"'i-;"1il;. st"t"t m" shear stress distribution

ii;il permissrble tensile and shear stresses for
3,45 kNm. Find the diameter of the
the material *" limited to 703 and 42i.8 MN/m2 respectively.
b. stepped steer
l'he steppeo
The shaft shownbelow r"-*UJtga':,::t,1ylr:t,|l:ffi:X1,T3t"#?::
steel snart t
v*rt ut is the total angle of twist_at
ii;;#opposite direction atthe junction o{fi ,ir"r. 2^ r:*;+-^ +n 7o MN/mz? rake
-1-^ct is rimited to 70 MN/m2?
*oO"t"t of rigidity as 84

qrf,$ BEI

1_?s l.8m
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31' a A cantilever of rength 2 m g?r?s a pgrt lo-ad^ of
20ld{ at it's centre.rf E: r05 N/m;2, I = loi *-;. k].,tr at the free end and another Ioad of
moment area method, the srope and deflection
F;;; Ju*it"uo. Then determine by
of the ut trre free end.
b' A beam * ot:fr 8 metres *. ro[?r]'.rono.rted the ends. It canies a uniformry
distributed load of 30 kN/m over its
r""gtu u"a-atu load of 60 kN at 3
meters from the support A. Determine "riti." "or""rrtated
tle mLimum J"n-".ii"" of the beam and the
i:ttll;ffii the deflection occurs, by Macaulay,, *"rnoa.-rake :
E 200,,106 kN/m2,

32' a' Find Euler crushing load for a hollow cylindrical cast iron column
and 25 mm thich 6 m long-and is hingea 20 cm external diameter
at both
length of the column will the nu*ioE ror^,rla "nar.
irr." r*= l.2xl05 N/mm2. For what
and Euler formula give the same crushing
Ioad?Take o"=550Nlmn2 andRankineconstant
a= I .

b' Find the thickness_";r ,r"""rrurf,? thick cy'indrical shelr of intemar diameter
160 mm to withstand an_intemar pr.rr*. of1 s rruimm2.' The
rrrv maximum
*rcL hoop stress in the
section is not to exceed 35 N/mm2.


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