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1. Executive summary
2. Company history
3. Key success drivers
4. Structure in used and changes of management
5. Reasons for failure
6. Impacts for stakeholders
7. Lesson learned
8. conclusion
9. Reference

Executive summary

The Berjaya Corporation group of companies' history dates back to 1984 when our
Founder, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun acquired a major controlling
stake in Berjaya Industrial Berhad (originally known as Berjaya Kawat Berhad and
now known as Reka Pacific Berhad) from the founders, Broken Hill Proprietary Ltd,
Australia and National Iron & Steel Mills, Singapore. The shareholding change also
resulted in a major change in the business, direction and the dynamic growth of a
diversified conglomerate under the flagship of Berjaya Corporation Berhad

In October 1988, following a major restructuring, Berjaya Group Berhad (then known
as Inter-Pacific Industrial Group Berhad) became the holding company of Reka

Inter-Pacific Industrial Group Berhad (formerly known as Raleigh Berhad) was

incorporated in 1967 as a bicycle manufacturer. In 1969, the Company gained official
listing on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Bursa Securities).

BCorp assumed the listing status of Berjaya Group Berhad on the Main Board of
Bursa Securities upon the completion of the group restructuring exercise in October
2005 and the listing of the new shares on 3 January 2006.

With a total employee strength of 14,000, the Group is a diversified entity engaged in
the following core businesses:

1. Consumer Marketing, Direct Selling & Retail

2. Financial Services
3. Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Timeshare & Recreation Development
4. Property Investment and Development
5. Gaming & Lottery Management
6. Environmental Services and Clean Technology Investment
7. Motor Trading and Distribution
8. Food & Beverage and
9. Telecommunications and Information Technology-related Services and Products

This report is to do the research for the company. For instance, the companys history,
key successful drivers, structure in used and change of management. We also can
know the reason of failure,impacts for stakeholders,and lesson learned.

Company history

berjaya Media Berhads flagship publication, theSun is Malaysia's urban paper, first-
read-of-the day. theSun is widely read in affluent and cosmopolitan market centres of
Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru, as well as in major cities and towns stretching
across Peninsular Malaysia.

Having a weekday distribution of more than 306,000 copies, today theSun is still the
largest circulated urban English language newspaper in Malaysia. It appeals to all
segments of the market, particularly to professionals who are hard-pressed for time
and always on the go, as well as to young trendy urbanites.

With theSun's strong editorial content, it stays true to its motto - Telling It As It Is; the
un-spun news and timely news features, on politics and business, human interest and
governance, entertainment and lifestyle, and sports presented in an easy-to-read
compact and concise format, has garnered theSun a strong and growing reach, making
it a perfect platform for advertisers.

theSun's brand appeal remains the mainstay through its well-thought-out and
articulated points-of-view found in the often-quoted leader pages and opinion
columns. This potent editorial mix has proven theSun's excellence in journalism
which resulted in it winning numerous awards.

Helping advertising practitioners develop and execute engaging advertising

campaigns makes theSun the preferred choice among media agencies and clients. The
dynamic approach to fresh ideas coupled with theSun's editorial team, positions the
newspaper at the fore-front, pro-actively collaborating with advertisers to deliver
effective advertising messages to the masses.

theSun also has an online presence at www.thesundaily.my where top news of the day
is constantly updated and presented to its readers.

To change the perception that journalists in Malaysia merely report the facts, when
THEY are the heartbeat of a newspaper.

Good journalism does not exist in a vacuum. Our success stems from the environment
theSun editors have created to encourage good journalism to happen. We believe in
'Telling It As It Is.' Delivering compact, concise, complete and straightforward

We believe in the democratic system of being neutral, non-political, equal and fair, in
carrying both sides of a story, in focusing on all - friends and enemy, in giving our
readers good, honest reporting on issues that matters most to them, and real, quality

We believe in a culture of honest, open communications - beginning right here with

our internal colleagues from bottom up.

We also believe in:

Working in HARMONY; A TEAM.
The COMPANY, as our family comes FIRST. Not individuals.
Committing ourselves for the LONG TERM, LONG HAUL.
The GUMPTION to take on assignments and follow though to realization.

Key success drivers of Berjaya Berhad

Tan Sri Vincent Tan, 57, the chairman of the successful group, ranks 13th in
Malaysian business magazine's 40 richest. He has a controlling stake in many listed
companies, including successful group, successful land group, successful sports
betting group, DiGi telecom, Malaysia online and universal retail. The areas of
business include property, gambling, stock brokerage, manufacturing, trade, utilities,
insurance, telecommunications and telecommunications. Chen zhiyuan's road to
success was rough, and in 1980 McDonald's got the franchise in Malaysia. Five years
later, a lot of sports lottery rights have been obtained, becoming one of the
government's first successful enterprises.
Is 57 years old, born in the bardo of johor, after graduating from secondary school,
career difficulties, just father had planned institution overseas studying law plans fell
through, so we have to go out looking for a job, the first job as secretary of the bank.
At that time, Chen zhiyuan was also a part-time life insurance agent and rose to senior
business manager in just four years. He was only 23 years old. After collecting some

funds, Chen started his own business, engaging in trade, automobile banking,
insurance agency and housing development.
Vincent tan after being chased after years of effort, and don't abandon, finally beat
many successful 1982 fortune opponent in the election, in Malaysia McDonald's fast
food chain franchise, and business success, in order to obtain the Damascus "burger
king" reputation, for the important turning point in my career.
In 1983, Chen zhiyuan acquired 37.8 of berjaya kawat, a small public company, and
became a successful institution to start a series of acquisitions.
Successful group of diversified businesses, including the gambling and lotteries
management, financial services, general insurance, hire purchase and leasing, credit
industry development and the entertainment industry, fast food chains, resorts, real
estate investment and development of consumer marketing and direct marketing and
industrial, etc.
"Huge empire all over at home and abroad, in addition to control a dozen of the stock
market listed companies, it's some companies are respectively in Hong Kong, the
United Kingdom, the United States, the Philippines and Canada.
Chen zhiyuan directly owns five listed companies on the stock market and is the main
flagship company for the successful Group, which owns 35 of the latter. In addition,
he directly hold DIGI network (DIGI) of 21) % equity, Malaysia online (MOL) 79) %,
NEX news network (NEXNews) % 26) equity, especially LanHua's 82) %, and
modern successful (51) % HBJCorp) equity (replace LanHua listed status).
Chen zhiyuan's first acquisition target is the successful company's name, which is still
used today. After acquiring 37 per cent of the company in early 1984, he used it as a
tool for acquisitions, which stretched across many areas and made large sums of
money through equity trading. "Famous acquisition results in the 80 s, including a lot
of successful (BTOTO), United Prime in the insurance, the ritual (later renamed as the
Internet the Pacific Ocean, to the success of the group now), nanyang textile,
Prudential, Prudential insurance. In addition, Chen zhiyuan, then through the third
television (TV3), universal (MAGNUM) and ma united industries (MUIIND) equity
trading, benefited a lot.
He has always been very low-key, but his company is not able to distract from him.
"In May, has announced that within 3 days, 2 companies planning, including
successful capital BJCAP, 4499, the main financial options, and offered to buy
comprehensive information hub (NEXNEWS, 6025, the main board of trade).
In addition to the above two privatisation programme, Vincent tan company trends
including successful group (BJCORP, 3395, the main board of trade), and other
companies to take off the sale of super (DUNBUSH, 9164, junior consumption), and

subsequently privatisation ying Dan utilities (INTAN), and Forbes (COSWAY, 4812,
the main consumption).
In addition, successful group and successfully place (BJLAND, 4219, main board
trade), also actively explore a number of Vietnamese businesses.
Successful group plans to sell more assets and bonds, financing Vietnam's plans and
successfully becoming Vietnam's largest real estate operator.
The group now has four large projects in Vietnam, with a total development value of
at least 34 billion in the next 12 years.
In addition, the land has been successfully placed in South Korea, China and Thailand,
with new real estate projects.
Today, successful group operating securities business, insurance companies, in a
summer holiday village, the construction company, logistics business, shopping center,
betting a lot (lottery), 7-11 and starbucks coffee, and so on a total of more than 150
subsidiaries, of which 13 subsidiaries respectively in the UK, Australia, Canada,
Hong Kong, the United States, the Philippines and Malaysia, etc. The amount of
capital is 1.5 billion yuan (about nt $13.5 billion). In 2002, the group's turnover
amounted to 8240,000,000 yuan (nt $74.2 billion). The total assets of the total assets
are 114.42 billion (about nt $100.3 billion).
7-11, STARBUCKS, HYUNDAI also often appear in Taiwan, such as believe Taiwan
friend is not strange, many international and famous resort also are successful group's
subsidiary companies, strong background is deserved.
The group has its own routes, as well as private jets. I'm sure many of you have seen
the summer mua tea, and the beautiful island resort is also invested in the successful
group. And Malaysia -- heat wave island, tough island, etc.
Successful group investment in China: China's key construction project nanjing
Yangtze river bridge is the third largest bridge in the world after the Japanese bridge
and the Normandy bridge in France. The bridge was built jointly by the nanjing
municipal government and Malaysia's successful group, with a total investment of
$3.2 billion.
Liu dehua's girlfriend, chu zhiyuan, was introduced to the world by his girlfriend, chu
zhiyuan, the uncle of chu
Chen zhiyuan memorabilia
In 1969, after graduating from high school in England, his father lost his business and
gave up the law to study in New Zealand. When bank clerk and amateur insurance
Reading about McDonald's in 1973, meng applied for local rights

I started my business in 1975, engaged in trade, loan and development, and continued
to collect information about fast-food restaurants
When he finally got the McDonald's franchise in 1980, Chen zhiyuan was 29 years
In 1982, the first McDonald's was founded in wuji-free
1984 acquisition of successful group 37 shares
1985 to acquire a stake in dodo 52
1988 purchase of lili (renamed yingt Pacific)
In 1989, the us won $10 million in the battle for the title of the Singer in the United
In 1991, all enterprises were put on "success", and the English Pacific renamed
success group (BJGROUP).
Successful times square opened in 2003

Structure in used and changes of management

Board of Directors
Chairman/Non-Independent Non-Executive Director
Dato' Sri Robin Tan Yeong Ching

Non-Independent Executive Director

Chan Kien Sing

Independent Non-Executive Directors

Loh Chen Peng
Datuk Seri Azman Bin Ujang

Audit And Risk

Management Committee
Loh Chen Peng (Chairman)
Datuk Seri Azman Bin Ujang
Dato' Sri Robin Tan Yeong Ching

Nominating Committee
Datuk Seri Azman Bin Ujang (Chairman)
Dato' Sri Robin Tan Yeong Ching
Loh Chen Peng

Remuneration Committee
Dato' Sri Robin Tan Yeong Ching (Chairman)
Loh Chen Peng
Datuk Seri Azman Bin Ujang

Tham Lai Heng, Michelle (MAICSA 7013702)
Wong Siew Guek (MAICSA 7042922)

Share Registrar
Berjaya Registration Services Sdn Bhd
Lot 06-03, Level 6, East Wing
Berjaya Times Square
No.1 Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2145 0533
Fax : 03-2145 9702

Registered Office
Lot 13-01A, Level 13 (East Wing)
Berjaya Times Square
No.1 Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2149 1999
Fax : 03-2143 1685

Chartered Accountants

Stock Exchange Listing

Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad

Stock Short Name

BJMEDIA (6025)


I said long ago, The Daily just for The operation of The traditional media provides a
new media, but The key lies in The Daily to do The method of traditional media
almost completely follow, on new media, this is at least in The present moment,
almost impossible to obtain expected success. For The Daily's disadvantage, The
individual thinks that The three things that The Atlantic simply ascribe to it are not
very accurate, and we can look at The features of The new media to see where The
Daily's failure lies. At present, the platform of new media relies on "short, flat, fast"
mobile client, namely content short (this contains many standard), information sharing
probability average, information spread fast. In the age of the Internet, the things that
mobile clients care about are not the deep content of long speeches, but enough
expendable content in the fragmented time unit. There is no objection to content
personalization, but the premise is not to arouse the reader's community and
individual's antipathy. And The Daily with The thinking of The traditional media to
new media, so The traditional media, such as electronic, but mobile client holders,
The reader is not traditional media, or they are not willing to carry on The deep
reading on The mobile client, this is The Daily serious lapses in The orientation of
platform and The reader, on The existing way has been a cause of The user, so after
The spread of there will be problems. New media emphasis on user experience, first
of all from the platform use convenience, second from the share, convenience of
reprocessing, again from the content of the convenience of individuation, finally from
the reliance on the content. All four, The Daily is not doing well. This is because: 1.
The reading time of new media users is not fixed; it is the time period of debris forced
to consume. Public transport, waiting time, bedtime, etc. These fragments period can
only meet the needs of simple reading and access to information, to the contents of
which fully enjoy, fragments and in time, used by the user equipment have already
decided on the connotation of "convenience". The Daily expects to achieve media
profits through in-depth reading and content value, but ignores The analysis of user
habits. It is a failure.
2. The sharing habits of new media users first emphasize the timeliness, and secondly,
the emphasis on personalized value-added and finally the emphasis on transfer of
value. Timeliness is a primary requirement of information society, and at present The
biggest problem is The contradiction between The improvement of The capacity and
production cycle of The information push The contradiction of efficiency and network
transmission speed 2 information push (3) The contradiction between pieces of
information value space and user time (4) information processing costs and share The
contradiction of The Daily time efficiency is one of The most deadly, media general
production cycle, and doesn't take into account The current network conditions, up to

more than 50 MB content when pushed to The users of how hard it is one thing, and
will be rework and then share The content and user what a headache thing. Even if
The Daily has been able to personalize The value of The user (it's not possible),
everything behind it is useless without timeliness. In The convenience of personalized
content, The Daily called The thickness of The "content", is basically satisfy The
reader's reading experience before traditional media, and The Daily production team
from top to bottom, everyone ignores The fact that is now not only newspapers and
radio era, The Daily sources can be innumerable m website, thousands of mobile
reading software found on The client, and most content is similar; A newspaper wear
off all his spare time, content of this life only belong to the past, now of users, in
addition to the special keep living habits of people in the past, part of a larger share
from the information access, and timing, fixed-point to enjoy this process (process) or
push for young and middle-aged users, namely enjoy their fragments of the so-called
time block. In addition, no media or content can make them sticky. How to solve
users' dependence on content is a problem that traditional media and new media are
thinking. Content dependency is an integral part of the user experience, but it's not the
most important part of the information age. Only from the access and use habits to
meet user experience, and have the use of the above content, eventually rely on
content personalization, which establish the user viscosity is not very strong. As for
content attracting users to read, this is The basis of a long-term brand transfer and
word of mouth marketing, which was not a key weighting index in The early spread
of The Daily. Client interface and ease of use was optimized in the media, content
delivery timeliness is always guaranteed, convenience of sharing can simply do it
later, dependence on content is the final piece in the process of the whole experience.
If this is a "dining effect", the content dependence is the last a little things, like the
dessert after a meal, only let a guest feel the restaurant environment and the comfort,
serving quickly got the identity of tableware, customized services thoughtful let every
guest a moment agree after dessert is unique just can let a guest recognition to the
overall quality of the restaurant. The Daily does "dessert", but what's The use? The
dinner guests were not all sweet children, nor were they all old and heavy. Cake
masters thought their blossoms do this ice cream, cream cake and the delicacy of the
extreme, but ignores the front desk to the waiter of outdated, is more terrible, people
just want a nice casual dining, that's all. Finally, I'd like to talk about The Daily's
content production. The authoritative expert of 170 people, the content that gives the
content must be full of value, but the object that consumes content is so approbation,
it is debatable. In the information age, readers are divided into two categories: cultural
and cultural characteristics and value transformation. The former is a simple spiritual
reading without conversion rate, which is the information acquisition class reading
with the value conversion rate. Instead of combining The two, The Daily's advertising

10 | P a g e
model does not create a new world of value transformation. How to achieve
economies of scale at the same time, the contents of the cultural characteristics and
value transformation features combined with the current all media (including
traditional media and new media) is in its infancy, who can find the path of the
organic combination of, who will be out of the shackles of traditional Web 2.0, out of
a new land. The Daily has brought valuable lessons and wealth to The newcomers,
and The tens of millions of dollars of valuable lessons have actually benefited
everyone involved in The new media

I don't think The three reasons for The link article are The main reason for The
Daily's failure, though The three problems do exist. But those three questions also
exist in the New Yorker's iPad app, which hasn't yet failed. I think the reason for the
failure is to use traditional print media to do electronic media, not to rely on print
subscribers, but also to collect subscription fees. Such a bold approach to the
Huffington, Flipboard, and Zite is a popular new medium. So The Daily isn't bold, it's
completely ignoring The market. New yorkers and The Daily are big, new yorkers are
over 150M, and The Daily is at least 40M. This is completely ignored, and such
downloads are only available at home. In the mobile scene 3G, the public Wifi
network is very slow (there are 4G now, but only just now).

11 | P a g e
Impacts for stakeholders

Bankruptcy law is the debtor of the shareholder of the company, legal representative
and include the senior management personnel, because their behavior of the
bankruptcy process smoothly and has important significance to protect the interests of
creditors, mainly embodied in two aspects:
One is to ensure that the bankruptcy process goes smoothly. As the actual operator of
the company, the above personnel are most aware of all aspects of the company. The
manager's investigation and disposal of the company's assets and creditor's debt
cannot be separated from their cooperation, or the lack of their cooperation will lead
to the failure of the liquidation or reorganization of the company. For this reason, the
bankruptcy law emphasizes that the above personnel must actively fulfill their
cooperation obligations, such as custody, transfer of account books, presentation of
the creditors' meeting, etc., to ensure the smooth proceeding of the bankruptcy
Second, strengthen the protection of creditor's interests. Companies that enter
bankruptcy proceedings are essentially insolvent and there is little chance that
creditors will be repaid. In order to strengthen the protection of creditors, bankruptcy
law endows the administrator "privilege", its in addition to the company before the
start of bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor can put forward some of the
cancellation or invalid claims, recovery of the company's assets and liability shall be
investigated for relevant personnel, also has the right to demand that the debtor of the
company's shareholder return flight and one-time pay its subscribed capital
contribution of the and has not yet been paid deadline. The application of these
measures will undoubtedly increase the assets of the debtor company, so that the
interests of creditors can be protected to the maximum extent.
Specifically, the impact of the bankruptcy process on the shareholders and executives
of the debtor companies is mainly:
(1) impact on shareholders of the company
The biggest impact of the company's failure on shareholders is that shareholders
should immediately pay all the contributions they have not paid (including the unpaid
According to company law, the company's registered capital subscribed system,
namely the shareholders of the company can take first subscribed capital contribution
of the stages, and in the specific deadline of capital contribution by the shareholders
in the company's articles of association agreement.
The implementation of registered capital recognition system has greatly reduced the
company's registration threshold and aroused the enthusiasm of the people. But, in the

12 | P a g e
actual execution process, many investors on the company "registered capital" "facade"
extremely seriously, tend to disregard their own financial resources and actual needs
of the company operation, at the company's registered capital as millions and millions.
Though, the limitation that shareholders' capital contribution subscribed capital
contribution is not, however, once the company was ruled by the court accepts the
bankruptcy, shareholders will face immediately to pay all the plight of subscribed
capital contribution, the company's articles of association of subscribed deadline
agreement will lose its significance.
If the shareholder fails to pay the full amount of the capital contribution or capital
withdrawal, the manager will file a lawsuit against the shareholders to hold the
shareholders' untruthful legal liabilities.
(2) impact on company executives
1. Company executives should actively cooperate with the bankruptcy proceedings.
Since the court accepts the bankruptcy petition ruling served as of the date of the
debtor to the date of termination of bankruptcy proceedings, the legal representative
of the company and decided by the court of property management and other
management personnel to undertake the following obligations:
proper custody of the property, seal and account books and documents of its
possession and management;
work according to the requirements of the court and the manager, and truthfully
answer the questions; meeting with creditors and truthfully answering the creditors'
Without the permission of the court, it shall not leave the place of domicile;
no directors, supervisors or senior managers of other enterprises.
2, the company's directors, supervisors and senior managers shall return its irregular
income that was obtained from the company by taking advantage of their office
(including performance bonuses, general situation of wage arrears for employees to
get salary income and other incomes) and encroach on the company's property.
3. The company's directors, supervisors or senior management personnel violate the
duty of loyalty and diligence, causing the enterprise to go bankrupt and bear civil
liability according to law. Persons with the above situations shall not be directors,
supervisors or senior managers of any enterprise within three years from the date of
the termination of the bankruptcy proceedings.
4. If the obligor has the following ACTS which impair the interests of creditors, the
legal representative of the debtor and other persons directly responsible shall be liable
for compensation according to law:

13 | P a g e
(1) within one year before the court accepts the bankruptcy application, the debtor has
the following ACTS: the transfer of property without compensation; Trading at an
apparent unreasonable price; Providing property guarantees for debts that are not
secured by property; Premature liquidation of outstanding debts; Abandonment of
(2) within six months before the court accepts the bankruptcy petition, the debtor is
unable to repay debts and assets are insufficient to pay off all debts or apparent lack of
solvency situation, still to individual creditors to pay off. However, the exception of
the individual settlement that benefits the debtor's property.
(3) concealing or transferring property to avoid debts; A fictitious debt or an
acknowledgment of an unreal debt.
5, the sponsor of the company and responsible for the supervision of shareholder
capital contribution obligations of directors and senior management personnel, or
assist in smoke escape capital contribution of the other shareholders, directors, senior
management, the actual control of people, etc., the shareholders in violation of capital
contribution obligations or smoke escape capital contribution to assume
corresponding responsibility

Lesson learned

The smaller the target audience, the more opportunities you have to take a critical
success turn and provide customers with the added value that will make them feel
happy and rewarded. In addition, identifying the object of a product service and
focusing on a particular customer can make it possible for each member of the team to
make decisions faster and more accurately.
Make decisions and accept the fact that potential customers outside the target range
may be disappointed. It may be difficult to start, but eventually it will increase the
company's chances of survival. Obviously, if you've found a customer base you're
looking for in a specific customer segment or market, you can deepen or expand the

According to Demetri Martin's sketch, success requires a bit of skill.

In order to be able to move quickly, and to keep the team in a small team, it is crucial
to keep the team on a small scale in order to make changes in the company. Basecamp,
Yammer, and Pivotal can be used to get all team members to understand the situation,

14 | P a g e
stay consistent, and focus on achieving a single goal that the company is trying to
However, none of these tools will replace regular meetings. Be honest with everyone,
and be open and honest about disappointing situations and celebrating achievements.
The team should love their work and love the customers they serve so that they can
achieve remarkable achievements.


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16 | P a g e