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Transcribe the following words and identify the syllable stress using the rules.

Energetic Lexical Fatal Creativity Biology

Dynamic Logical Mental Publicity Phonology

Talkative Italian Distribution Unify Elision

intuitive Belgian Education Nullify Division

Demography Kilometer Thermometer Geography Electrical

ONE and TWO and THREE and FOUR
ONE and a TWO and a THREE and a FOUR
ONE and then a TWO and then a THREE and then a FOUR

Nouns (Man , Chair) Articles (the, a, an)

Main verbs ( walk, talk, sleep, cry) Auxiliary verbs (have, has, are)
Adjectives (mighty, brave, pretty, nice) Personal Pronouns (I, you, he)
Possessive Pronouns (Mine, yours, hers) Possessive adjectives (my, your)
Demonstrative Pronouns (that, this, those) Prepositions (in, at, with)
Interrogatives (How? when? where?) Conjunctions (but, and, or)
Negatives (doesnt, not, no)
Adverbs (usually, always, very)