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Standard 5 Environment

Title: Student Expectations Contract

Date: Fall 2015

Artifact Description: The following artifact is a student expectations contract created by

myself in and a fourth grade teacher. This contract was created to communicate and
establish clear expectations for this fourth grade classroom, where I service four students.
Three of the students have specific behavior goals and two of the four students have
academic concerns. The contracts expectations that were agreed to by the teachers,
students, their parents and administration.

Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment
This artifact best aligns with standard five of the Wisconsin Teacher Development and
Licensure Standards which states: The teacher uses an understanding of individual and
group motivation and behavior to create learning environment that encourages positive
social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation. This artifact aligns
with standard five because it demonstrates my understanding of individual and group
behavior. Some students with special needs require different behavioral expectations than
other students. By having this behavioral contract with clear expectations and
consequences agreed to by all stake holders allows for consistency, which is essential when
managing student behavior.

UW-Platteville School of Education Knowledge, Skill, Disposition Statement

I believe this experience best aligns with KSD2.c. of the UW-Platteville School of Education
Knowledge, Skill, and Disposition Statements which states: The candidate can establish
clear standards of conduct with student input. The monitoring of these standards is subtle
and preventive with respectful student self and per monitoring also occurring. The
candidate can respond to misbehavior effectively, being sensitive to individual needs. This
artifact aligns with this standard because it demonstrates my knowledge of behaviors, and
the importance of having clear procedures and structures implemented to allow for
student success. Having clear expectations and consequences in place as well allows for
students, staff, and parents to be held accountable. This accountability is essential for

Secondary Alignment
KSD2.c. Manages Classroom Procedures

What I learned about teaching/learning:
From this experience, I have learned the importance of having clear expectations in place
for students who struggle to have appropriate behaviors. These clear expectations and
consequences allow for staff to implement behavior supports with consistency and fidelity.
These expectations also help to establish a positive and safe environment full of respect.
When this environment is established, students learning increases and their learning
experiences become more meaningful.

What I learned about myself as a prospective educator:

From this experience, I have learned that as an educator its essential to have the
appropriate plans in place when managing student behavior. In the future, I will continue
to implement individualized and group plans to allow for success in managing student
behavior that are designed specifically for a specific student or group.