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Design, Cost Estimation & development of Guidelines for farmers for

Rain Water Harvesting Pond.

Group Member:

Muhammad Qamar Riaz 13-Aird-3890

Umer Malik 13-Arid-3893
Rehan Zaib 13-Arid-3899
Abdul Momin 13-Arid-3863

Group Supervisor:

Engr. Muhammad Usman

The water scarcity trends in the Pothwar plateau are clear and there are chances that it
might result into water crisis in the near future. Experts are of the opinion that water crisis are
already there, as the country is not effectively managing the available resources. The crisis is
basically due to lack of management of water under scarcity so that basic needs for domestic and
food purposes can be met (Munir 2002). The water scarcity is now reality and in future new
water resources are harder to find, therefore new water resources would largely come from the
saving of existing losses through effective management of the available resource (Ahmad
To cope with this situation, we should find an alternative water source. Rain water
harvesting is an alternative water source. The aim of this study is to design a rain water
harvesting pond at university Koont research farm, Mandra Road, Chakwal and then the
development of guidelines for the construction and management of Rain Water harvesting pond
So that consultants, graduates and farmers can design and install rain water harvesting pond.
In recent years, rainwater harvesting system has becoming more and more important. It is very
effective in providing water supply, disaster prevention, alternative water source, and does not
create water right conflicts. Over the years, rainwater harvesting has emerged from the past
limited small and large farm pond use, and expanded to providing water supply for widespread
agricultural, industrial, and residential uses. Establishment of rules and regulations along with
incentive programs is being implemented step-by-step to further promote rainwater harvesting.
This describes first the current status of water resources, followed by a narrative of rainwater
harvesting development trend. It also introduces the current status of rainwater harvesting and its
application results. Finally, the future prospect as well as the present incentive programs will be
We determine the value of peak rainfall, we determine the value of time of concentration.
The value of time of concentration comes out to be 0.8 hour.
After determining these values, we calculate the value of runoff. The value of peak runoff comes
out to be 105 cusec. We have also calculated the value of slope. The value of slope comes out to
be 3%.
On the basis of the rainfall, we have calculated the water potential of the site of pond and
we designed the pond.
We have also compacted the bottom surface of the pond in order to avoid pond seepage.
After this, we have also place geo membrane in the pond in order to avoid seepage losses.
In order to prevent erosion of the bank or sides of the pond, Vegetation is done on it. The total
cost of the structure comes out to be 4.5 million.

After designing, we develop guidelines for the construction and management of rain water
harvesting pond.