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Vol.10 No. 34 December 23-29, 2017 80 Cents New York Edition Follow us on TheSouthAsianTimes.info

BJP wins Gujarat & Himachal UNGA session

but loses Modi home seat
Gandhinagar/Shimla: The BJP
just managed to hold on to power
in Gujarat, edging past the half
way mark to clinch a sixth term
on Jerusalem
in government, but wrested
Himachal Pradesh from Congress
with a comfortable majority.
Overcoming initial setbacks in
a seesaw battle, the Bharatiya
after US veto
Janata Party bagged 99 seats,
seven more than the magic figure
of 92 in a House of 182 in
Gujarat. Putting up an improved
performance, the Congress
PM Modi being congratulated by BJP leaders at party head office after
secured 77 seats while its allies Gujarat and Himachal election results. In Unjha constituency, however,
Continued on page 4 which encompasses Modi's hometown Vadnagar, Congress won.

Trump backs 'leadership role'

for India, slams China, Russia
New York: President Donald Trump has unveiled his
"America First National Security Strategy" giving India
a "leadership role" in the "broader" IndoPacific
region and taking a hardline on China and Russia,
US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley vetoed the UNSC resolution
provoking strong reactions from Beijing and Moscow. criticizing US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel capital. (Photo : Reuters)
The security plan released on Monday said: "We will
l By Arul Louis countries to not follow
deepen our strategic partnership with India and sup
Washington and move their
port its leadership role in Indian Ocean security and
United Nations: An emergency embassies to the city considered
throughout the broader region."
meeting of the UN General holy by Jews, Christians and
Washington also pledged to increase quadrilateral President Trump has unveiled his "America First
Assembly on Thursday will take Muslims. All the other 14 mem
cooperation with Japan, Australia and India. National Security Strategy" giving India a "leadership
up President Donald Trump's bers of the Council voted for the
"We welcome India's emergence as a leading global role" in the "broader" IndoPacific region.
decision to recognize Jerusalem resolution.
as capital of Israel after the Unlike in the Council there is
Diwali Foundation USA honors 6 ambassadors The Diwali Foundation United States vetoed a Security no veto in the Assembly and a
USA's Power of One Council resolution criticizing it. resolution criticizing the US deci
inaugural awards with Ranju Assembly President Miroslav is sion to recognise Jerusalem as
Batra as its Chair, were held Israel's capital and move it
convening the special session at
on December 11 at a United
the request of the Organisation embassy there is expected to
Nations venue in New York
of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and pass easily because even
with many supporting
ambassadors. The six hon the Arab Group at the UN, his Washington's allies broke ranks
orees (L to R): Ambs. Maged Spokesperson Brenden Varma with it and supported the
Abdelaziz, Yuriy Sergeyev, told reporters on Tuesday. Egyptian resolution.
Ion Botnaru, Nawaf Salam, On Monday US Permanent Technically Thursday's meeting
Lakshmi Puri, and Matthew Representative to the UN, Nikki is a continuation of the emer
Rycroft. (Photo: Haley vetoed the Council resolu gency special session that last
Mohammed tion introduced by Egypt seeking met in 2009, Varma said. Its
Jaffer/SnapsIndia) to express "deep regret at recent theme is "Illegal Israeli Actions in
More pictures decisions concerning the status Occupied East Jerusalem and the
& story on page 1617.
of Jerusalem" and ask other Continued on page 4


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TheSouthAsianTimes.info December 23-29, 2017
TheSouthAsianTimes.info TRISTATE COMMUNITY December 23-29, 2017 3

US ready to denuclearize AAPIQLI hosts its

N. Korea: McMaster annual meet
Washington: America is ready to forceful
ly "denuclearize North Korea," Donald
Trump's national security adviser has said,
Nassau County
calling the state a "grave threat". As ten
sions between the US and the communist Laura Curran
state increase, General HR McMaster said (second from
the US was not ruling out war as they pre left) was
pared to bring the regime to task. among many
"We're not committed to a peaceful reso dignitaries who
lution we're committed to a resolution," attended the
Gen McMaster told the BBC. convention.
"We want the resolution to be peaceful, Also seen in
but as the President said, all options are photo AAPIQLI
on the table. We have to be prepared, if President
National Security Advisor HR McMaster Dr. Rakesh Dua
necessary, to compel the denuclearization
has stated that we're not committed to a (right).
of North Korea without the cooperation of
peaceful resolution we're committed
that regime." to a resolution.
Gen McMaster added: "The chances of
war who knows what they are they in a show of military strength. It said the Huntington, NY: AAPIQLI (American Hon. Tom Suozzi, and Nassau County
could go up or down based on what we all intercontinental ballistic missile, topped Association of Physicians of Indian Origin Executive elect Hon. Laura Curran, as well
decide to do." with a "superlarge heavy warhead," had of Queens and Long Island) hosted its as first deputy commissioner at depart
Gen McMaster also criticized North the potential to hit the continental US. 22nd Annual Convention at Huntington ment of health New York State Dr. Eugene
Korea for its repeated nuclear missile Gen McMaster said the chance of war Hilton on Long Island on December 16, Heslin, many dignitaries and more than
tests, calling the state a "grave threat". could change "based on what we all decide under the leadership of its President Dr. 600 guests. Four physicians of Indian ori
In November the North Korean regime to do". But he added: "North Korea is a Rakesh Dua. gin were honored for their lifetime
claimed to have successfully completed grave threat to all civilized people across It was attended by Chief Guest achievements and funds raised for many
their most advanced nuclear test to date the globe." Congressman from New Yorks 3rd district local and national charities.

Philadelphia, PA: The American

Pain Association (APA) hosted the
Turn the Tide Summit to address
the challenges and strategies sur
American Pain Association launches
rounding Americas opioid epidem
ic. The event was held at Rowan
University Medical School,
Camden, NJ, and marks the first
campaign against opioid crisis
stop in the APAs US national tour, important message. Kavita Guptas leadership. Ali Quali
which will continue, statebystate, Dr Gupta stated that NRI kids are Mirza, a Bollywood singer and rap
in an ongoing effort to generate especially prone to smoking, drink per, stated that although peer pres
awareness and open up dialogue ing and drugs given the immense sure on artists is huge, I don't
concerning the opioid epidemic parental and competitive pressure. drink or smoke. I agree with Dr
and ways to combat an increasing In India also, with 65% of its popu Kavita Gupta that Hollywood and
ly deadly crisis. lation under 35 years, this trend is Bollywood can help in spreading
With 500,000 American deaths , increasing, but not many are talk the message that one can be happy
this has become #1 national crisis ing about it. without smoking, drinking and
and resident Trump has declared a APAs Dr Kavita Gupta, who is drugs.
national emergency on this issue. Chair of Turn the Tide, said, In the Several athletes , Hollywood and
In his keynote address, New age of social media, music and film Bollywood artists and lawmakers
Jersey Governor Chris Christie who content from Hollywood and have joined the APA campaign.
is White House Opioid Crisis Bollywood is uncensored and NY Jets fame Marvin Washington
Commission Chair said, Because of spreads virally sending wrong mes , Philadelphia Eagles and
this epidemic a 9/11 disaster is sages worldwide. We need a con Indianapolis
happening every two weeks and scious and active participation Colts Fame Todd Herremans, and
we are committed to putting a stop from film industry in this. It has Philadelphia Flyers fame Riley Cote
to this. Government wont be able Dr Sanjay Gupta, President APA, Governor Chris Christie, Dr. Vanila taken lives of many Hollywood , cofounder, Athletes for Care
to do it alone without the help of M. Singh, Chief Medical Officer, US Dept of Health and Human Services,
celebrities including Michael shared some of their personal
public and private partnership. He and Dr Kavita Gupta, Chair #TurntheTide Public Campaign.
Jackson, Whitney Houston, and experiences with opioids.
gave the example of AIDS, where APAs efforts against this epidemic discussion on this epidemic. He Heath Ledger. We need to start dis The primary efforts of American
people came marching in streets to and considered it a historic launch. added that the tour will provide a cussing and talking about this Pain Association are directed
gather support for a topic with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, APA President platform for lawmakers, athletes, topic. A social media public cam towards education, research and
huge stigma, and thanked Dr and Turn the Tide tour originator, music and film artistes and others paign with hashtag #turnthetide is improving medical treatment.
Sanjay and Kavita Gupta in leading said, We need more dialogue and to come together in spreading the also planned by APA under Dr Contact: info@painassociation.org.
4 December 23-29, 2017 TURN PAGE TheSouthAsianTimes.info

UNGA session on ed that the US would continue to Korea and Iran as "rogue govern

US House to revote Jerusalem after US veto

Continued from page 1
push Pakistan to speed up its
counterterrorism efforts.
Trump described "four pillars" to
"We will press Pakistan to inten his new plan: protecting the home
on Republican tax bill rest of the Occupied Palestinian
Territory," and it first convened
in 1997, he added.
sify its counterterrorism efforts,
since no partnership can survive a
land, promoting American pros
perity, demonstrating peace
country's support for militants and through strength and advancing
Washington: The House of Unlike the regular annual ses
terrorists who target a partner's American influence.
Representatives will revote on sions of the Assembly which end
own service members and offi The 68page document, which
Wednesday on the Republicans' after a year, an emergency spe
cials," it said. White House officials began work
tax bill, though the legislation is cial session can continue indefi
"The US will also encourage on 11 months ago, suggested a
still expected to pass both cham nitely and be reconvened periodi
Pakistan to continue demonstrat return to Trump's campaign prom
bers in Congress and be on cally even after a gap of several
ing that it is a responsible steward ise of "America First". "A nation
President Donald Trump's desk in years.
of its nuclear assets." that does not protect prosperity at
the next 24 hours, the media
BJP wins Gujarat & In a yearend, campaignstyle home cannot protect its interests
speech in central Washington, the abroad," he said.
A version of the bill passed Himachal but loses Modi President warned of rising threats Trump emphasised that the US
along sharp partisan lines, 227 is a "generational defining home seat from an emboldened Russia and had been cheated and taken
203, with 12 House Republican moment". Continued from page 1 China. advantage of abroad while its citi
members opposing the legisla "This is without question the got three more. The NCP, which He called Moscow and Beijing zens were illserved at home a
tion, and no Democrats voting for single most important thing we fought alone, got a lone seat and "revisionist powers" who "want to situation he said his security plan
it, earlier on Tuesday, reports can do to once again make Independents got two. shape a world antithetical to US would seek to reverse.
CNN. America the best place to do busi In contrast, Himachal Pradesh values and interests, attempting to In his speech, Trump referred to
But shortly after debate started ness," Ryan said. lived up to its reputation of chang erode American security and pros his election victory, saying that in
in the Senate, the House Majority Meanwhile, protesters were ing the ruler every election, as the perity". "They are determined to 2016 voters chose to "Make
Leader's office advised its confer repeatedly removed from the BJP comfortably beat Congress, make economies less free and less America Great Again". He boasted
ence to be prepared to vote on chamber for shouting "kill the winning 44 of the 68 seats that fair, to grow their militaries, and to about his achievements and reiter
Wednesday citing Senate rules bill, don't kill us", in the minute were up for grabs. The Congress control information and data to ated that Americans have been left
that would likely strip out certain before the House vote. won 21 in the hill state where it repress their societies and expand behind as a result of decisions
parts of the final bill in order to The plan, which critics say is had previously held 36 seats. Two their influence." But, he said, the made by past administrations,
pass with a simple majority. heavily weighted to ease the tax seats went to Independents and a US must attempt to build a "great including on immigration, the Iran
The Senate is expected to clear burden of businesses rather than lone seat was taken by CPIM. partnership with them". Trump nuclear deal and trade pacts.
the bill later by early Wednesday the middle class, drops the corpo Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stopped short of calling out "Now less than one year later I
morning, with Vice President rate tax rate down from 35 to 21 who put up an aggressive cam Moscow for its election meddling. am proud to report that the entire
Mike Pence presiding over the per cent, repeals the corporate paign in Gujarat, camping in his He said intellectual property world has heard the news and has
vote. After the bill clears the alternative minimum tax, nearly home state for days, described the theft would be targeted, a clear seen the signs," he said. "America
House, the measure will then doubles the standard deduction BJP's electoral victory in the state warning to China which American is coming back and America is
head to the President's desk for for individuals and restructures as "historic" as "in this age for a companies have complained about coming back strong." He said that
his signature before the the way passthrough businesses party to keep winning for so long" for years. "We will no longer toler past administrations didn't now
Christmas holiday. As House are taxed, reports CNN. is unheard of. ate trading abuse." how to cut trade deals. "Our lead
Republicans prepared to vote on The bill keeps seven personal However, in Unjha constituency, Beijing slammed Washington ers in Washington negotiated dis
the tax bill the first time, Speaker income tax brackets, and lowers which encompasses Modi's home and asked it to "abandon its Cold astrous trade deals that brought
Paul Ryan was seated next to the that tax rates for most brackets, town Vadnagar, Congress candi War mentality and zerosum game massive profits to many foreign
conservative House Freedom including dropping the top rate to date Asha Patel has won the seat concept". Foreign Ministry spokes nations but sent thousands of
Caucus Chairman Mark 37 from 39.6 per cent. by over 19,000 votes. woman Hua Chunying warned American factories and millions of
Meadows, a North Carolina It would also reduce tax breaks Washington that failure to do so American jobs to those other coun
Republican. important to states and cities Trump backs 'leadership "would only harm itself as well as tries." He outlined his campaign
The two men went head to head with higher taxes by placing a role' for India, slams others". promise to build a wall on the bor
at certain points on health care $10,000 cap on the deduction for
and spending bills, but on tax China, Russia The Kremlin said Trump's securi der with Mexico as well as reform
state and local and taxes. ty sounded "imperialist" and said the immigration visa system. The
reform, the House Freedom Continued from page 1
The bill would also repeal the "mentions of Russia demon new policy stressed economic
Caucus has worked hand in glove power and stronger strategic and
ObamaCare's individual mandate strated the imperial nature of the security but did not recognize cli
with leadership. defense partner. We will seek to
and open up a section of the document" and showed "an aver mate change as a national security
Ryan spoke from the floor and increase quadrilateral cooperation
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge sion to a multipolar world". The threat.
said that this vote on the tax bill with Japan, Australia and India."
for drilling. IANS new policy also mentioned North IANS
Trump's security strategy also stat

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TheSouthAsianTimes.info TRISTATE COMMUNITY December 23-29, 2017 5

R. K. M. JAYANTY HONORED WITH Tamil Professorship established

2017 NORTH CAROLINA AWARD at Stony Brook University
From Left: James New York: Stony Brook University widely translated works in the
Woodward, Governor
in New York Dec. 11 announced world. Coincidentally, Valluvar was
Roy Cooper, Philip
that Bala and Prabha Swaminathan also born in Madurai, preceding
Freelon, Margaret
Bauer, Jane Smith have established a new endowed Swaminathan by more than 2,000
Patterson, Loretta professorship which will offer years, it said. Before
Lynch, R.K.M. Jayanty, Tamil language studies at the uni Swaminathans father became a
NC Dept. of Natural versitys College of Arts and prominent doctor, he had little to
and Cultural Sciences. give to others. Still, his father fol
Resources Secretary The Tamil language is nearly as lowed the Kural precept to be char
Susi Hamilton old as Hebrew, and stands next to itable, once explaining to his son,
(Courtesy: rti.org) Chinese as the most enduring clas Whatever we earn is to provide
sical language still spoken today,
Bala and Prabha Swaminathan for others who do not have the
New York: Indian American 1978 and has since risen to the (Image : stonybrook.edu)
according to a university news same opportunities, the university
chemist R. K. M. Jayanty was hon position of Distinguished Fellow. release. Despite the language to leverage interdisciplinary, schol noted. While creating a successful
ored with the 2017 North Carolina Jayanty has significantly standing the test of time, only a arly research collaborations with career in the U.S. and founding the
Award, presented to him by the advanced the stateofthe art meas handful of colleges and universities linguistics, anthropologists, musi New York Tamil Academy for
Governor of North Carolina Roy urement of toxic pollutants in mul offer Tamil as a language study, it cians and sociologists, according to school children, Swaminathan says
Cooper, for his work in air pollu timedia environments for over 35 said. the university. hes most proud of the life of pur
tion monitoring and control. years now and his work has In a quest to change that, the I have a very high regard for pose and meaning he shares with
Dr. Jays research has impacted enabled the U.S. Environmental Swaminathans created the Stony Brooks research capabili Prabha and their two sons, Isai
the lives of countless numbers of Protection Agency and other regu Anandavalli and Dr. G. ties, Swaminathan added. I expect Maran and Kavin Mathi, according
people in North Carolina and latory agencies to meet important Swaminathan Endowed Research the professor in Tamil will be an to the news release.
around the world. His dedication to regulatory goals, providing the sci Professorship in Tamil at Stony active contributor on campus, pub The Indian American couple
improving the human condition entific basis for international adop Brook University in honor of Balas lishing many papers, offering hopes the professorship will help

d through research into one of the

worlds most challenging problems
pollution in the air we breathe
tion of these methodologies for use
in pollutioncontrol programs and
protected human health and the
mother and father.
Tamil language is more than
something to speak, said Bala
Tamil language classes and creat
ing the new knowledge that will
perpetuate and celebrate the lan
sustain the language and culture
that have served them so well.
Offering endowed faculty
coupled with his commitment to environment. Swaminathan in a statement. It guage that still has so much to appointments, such as the
RTI over nearly four decades, has His research data on fine particu harbors a cultures history and tra teach us. Anandavalli and Dr. G.
made an incalculable contribution late matter and volatile organic ditions and perpetuates identity It was the wisdom of one of Swaminathan Endowed Research
to our scientific stature, said RTI compounds in the atmosphere are and pride. Ultimately, when its wis Tamils oldest texts, the Kural, that Professorship in Tamil, helps us
President and CEO Wayne Holden. used worldwide to determine com dom is shared, Tamil language cre first captivated Swaminathan as he attract the most talented teachers
Jayanty received advanced pliance and enforcement strategies ates better crosscultural under grew up in the southern Indian and researchers, said Stony Brook
degrees in chemistry and engineer with the national ambient air quali standing and cooperation. town of Madurai, Stony Brook said. University president Samuel L.
ing from Andhra University in ty standards and to develop control While the university is also home His father lived by the Kural. Stanley Jr. in a statement. We are
India, the University of Bradford in strategies. The North Carolina to a thriving India Studies Center, Written by the 4th century BCE grateful to Bala and Prabha for
England and Pennsylvania State Awards are the states highest the Swaminathans deliberately poet and philosopher Valluvar, the their incredible leadership in keep
University, he then took the posi recognition and have been present established the Tamil professorship Kural is one of the most venerated ing Tamil and the ideas of the
tion of chemist position at RTI in ed annually since 1964. in the college of arts and sciences texts of secular ethics and most Kural alive for future generations.

Princeton Professor Kaushik Sengupta awarded 2017 Bell Labs Prize
New York: Nokia Bell Labs ter's and doctorate from the Irelandbased University College face within the next ten years.
announced Dec. 8 that Indian California Institute of Technology, Cork's Colm O'Dwyer, who all fin In addition to their cash prizes,
American assistant professor of was an IBM Fellow, an IEEE Fellow ished tied for second. the winners will also be given the
electrical engineering at Princeton and Caltech Institute Fellow, as well The 2017 winners demonstrated opportunity to collaborate with the
University Kaushik Sengupta has as an IIT Kharagpur Prime Minister breakthroughs in advanced radio worldrenowned researchers at
been named the 2017 winner of the Gold Medal recipient. He has been technology, flexible organic senor Nokia Bell Labs on the further
Bell Labs Prize. at Princeton University since electronics and new wearable development of their ideas, accord
Sengupta was named the winner February 2013. power sources with an impact on ing to the news release.
of the fourth annual prize for his The Indian American also in 2017 creating time for humankind, The Bell Labs Prize is a competi
invention of a radical new trans was among a group of researchers Nokia Bell Labs said. tion for innovators from participat
ceiver chip technology that could named Young Investigator The winners were handpicked ing countries around the globe that
power a truly universal software awardees by the Office of Naval from among nine finalists, who seeks to recognize proposals that
defined reconfigurable radio, Kaushik Sengupta Research. were in turn drawn from a total of "change the game" in the field of
according to a Nokia Bell Labs news (Image : Princeton.edu) Joining Sengupta as 2017 win over 330 proposals from 35 coun information and communications
release. ners, honored during an event at tries, it said. technologies by a factor of 10, and
Among Sengupta's research inter reconfigurable integrated circuits Nokia Bell Labs headquarters in The prize winners demonstrated provides selected innovators the
ests are siliconbased RF, mmWave and systems in silicon, among oth Murray Hill, N.J., were research gamechanging ideas in science, unique opportunity to collaborate
and THz circuits and systems, on ers. Sengupta, who earned a bache teams Tse Nga Ng of U.C. San Diego technology, engineering or mathe with Bell Labs researchers to help
chip active electromagnetic field lor's degree from the Indian and Jason Azoulay of the University matics with the potential to solve realize their vision, according to the
synthesis and selfhealing and Institute of Technology and a mas of Southern Mississippi, as well as broader societal challenges humans prize website.
6 December 23-29, 2017 NATIONAL COMMUNITY TheSouthAsianTimes.info

USCIS to start accepting Trump to end H4 EAD program

applications under the IER for spouses of H1B workers
Washington, DC: On Dec 14th, the IER, please see the new sec Washington, DC: Immigration Since the time Trump announced not clear how it may impact those
2017, U.S. Citizenship and tion added to 8 CFR 212.19 which lawyers think that the visa pro his Buy American, Hire American with existing H4 EADs and/or
Immigration Services (USCIS) provides guidance with respect to gram that allows certain cate executive order, the immigration pending H4 EAD applications.
announced it is taking steps to the use of "parole for entrepre gories of H4 spouses to work attorneys were warning about an In addition to making changes in
implement the International neurs of startup entities based legally in the US is in jeopardy a impending reversal of the H4 the H4 EAD program, the DHS is
Entrepreneur Rule (IER), in accor upon significant public benefit." result of Trump administrations work permit. also mulling of making some sig
dance with a recent court deci The IER was published during immigration reforms. The Trump administration has nificant amendments to the H1B
sion. the previous administration to The Obamaadministration in been attacking the H4 EAD pro visa program, which was one of
Although the IER was published provide an unlimited number of 2015 made spouses of H1B appli gram accusing it of taking away the key agendas of Trumps Execu
during the previous administra international entrepreneurs a new cants, waiting for their green card jobs from Americans. Even though tive Order.
tion with an effective date of July avenue to apply for parole, enter approval, eligible to work in the there is no material evidence to Since Obama Administration al
17, 2017, it did not take effect the U.S., and use American invest US, giving a sigh of relief to thou prove the claim, it was evident lowed work permit for H4visa
because the Department of ments to establish and grow start sands of talented holders, the program
Homeland Security (DHS) issued a up businesses. Parole is a discre spouses who couldnt has been facing law
final rule on July 11, 2017, delay tionary grant made by the legally work. suits accusing it of
ing the IER's effective date until Secretary of Homeland Security H4 visa is a depend taking away the op
March 14, 2018. This delay rule and is granted only on a caseby ent visa that is issued portunities of Ameri
was meant to give USCIS time to case basis for urgent humanitari by the USCIS to imme can workers by em
review the IER and, if necessary, an reasons or significant public diate family members, ploying foreign work
to issue a rule proposing to benefit. The rule established new which include spouse ers for lower wages.
remove the IER program regula criteria to guide the adjudication and children less than Save Jobs USA, a
tions. of parole applications from cer 21 years of age of the group of former em
However, a Dec. 1, 2017, ruling tain foreign entrepreneurs, pro H1B visa holders. ployees of Southern
from the U.S. District Court for the viding them with temporary per Considering that In California Edison,
District of Columbia in National mission to come to the country. dian Americans are the filed a lawsuit against
Venture Capital Association v. The rule did not afford a path to biggest beneficiaries of H1B visa from the recent attack that the H DHS but it lacked legal standing
Duke vacated USCIS' final rule to citizenship, which only Congress program that allows skilled for 4 EAD program had a bleak future. and was dismissed by the trial.
delay the effective date. The Dec. can do. eign labors to legally work in the If the Trump Administration The group has now moved to the
1, 2017, court decision is a result On Jan. 25, 2017, President US, the latest move of the Trump wishes to alter or completely dis US Court of Appeals for the Dis
of litigation filed in district court Trump issued Executive Order administration will render thou mantle the H4 EAD program, it trict of Columbia Circuit but immi
on Sept. 19, 2017, which chal 13767, Border Security and sands of H4depended Indians job very likely would have to go gration lawyers believe there is lit
lenged the delay rule. Immigration Enforcement less. through the regulatory process, tle chance that they will be suc
The IER is an important oppor Improvements, which requires the The latest update on H4 visa saidMuthry Law Firm in Novem cessful.
tunity for foreign nationals as well Secretary of Homeland Security to program from the Department of ber. Since Trump administration
as for the US economy as it grants ensure that parole authority is Homeland Security (DHS) has It also said, If true, once the came to power, talks about over
"parole" to certain foreign nation exercised only on a casebycase caused an escalation of the wor proposed rule is published, it hauling H1B visa program had in
al entrepreneurs and it opens a basis, and only when an individual ries of H4visa holders as the fed would still likely take at least a tensified causing panic among In
window for certain businessper demonstrates urgent humanitari eral agency said it is all set to do few months to end the program. dians who account for 70 percent
sons to come to (or remain in) the an reasons or a significant public away with the rule that permits H Further, until details of this ru of total H1B recipients.
U.S. For more information about benefit due to the parole. 4 dependents to work in the US. mored proposal are released, it is (Source: news wire)

2015 were already legally living

H1B holders can work for more than one in the US.
"They were able to adjust their
immigration status from another

company says US Immigration Agency type of visa, like an H1B or F

visa, to an employmentbased
green card. Exempting some or all
Washington, DC: Foreign workers work for more than one employer very few people know about it. tank, the Cato Institute in a report
of the adjustments of status from
in the US on a H1B work visa, the but must have approved I129 for The H1B visa has an annual nu said that in 2015, a total of 56
the green card cap would almost
most sought after among Indian each," the US Citizenship and Im merical limit cap of 65,000 visas per cent of all supposed employ
double the number of highly
IT professionals, may work for migration Services (USCIS), the each fiscal year as mandated by mentbased green cards went to
skilled workers who could enter,"
more than one company, the federal agency which receives and the Congress. The first 20,000 pe the family members of workers.
it said.
country's immigration agency has determines the successful applica titions filed on behalf of benefici The other 44 per cent went to the
In a blog post, Immigration At
said. tions for H1B visas, tweeted. aries with a US master's degree or workers themselves.
The H1B visa is a nonimmi "New employer must submit an higher are exempt from the cap. If family members were exempt torney Tsion Chudnovsky said im
grant visa that allows US compa I129 petition before you may be Additionally, H1B workers who ed from the quota or there was a migration lawyers are seeing a
nies to employ foreign workers in gin working," the USCIS said. are petitioned for or employed at separate green card category for big change in how visas are being
speciality occupations that re Form I129 is a form submitted an institution of higher education them, an additional 76,711 highly processed in 2017 and many ex
quire theoretical or technical ex for a nonimmigrant worker to or its affiliated or related non skilled immigrant workers could pect denial rates to increase to 40
pertise. The technology compa the USCIS used by employers or profit entities or a nonprofit re have earned a green card in 2015 per cent in this year's H1B cap.
nies depend on it to hire tens of prospective employers to obtain search organization or a govern without increasing the quota. Ac The USCIS has started challenging
thousands of employees each year (or amend the details of) a worker ment research organization are cording to the institute, about 85 H1Bs which would have no prob
from countries like India and Chi on a nonimmigrant visa status. not subject to this numerical cap. per cent of those who received an lem being approved in the past,
na. "In general, H1B workers may While this is not a new rule, but Meanwhile, an American think employmentbased green card in she said. (PTI)
TheSouthAsianTimes.info NATIONAL COMMUNITY December 23-29, 2017 7

Emerging technologies, entrepreneurship

focus of ASEIs 32nd annual convention

2017 ASEI Awards Recipients with ASEI Founder and ASEI President (L to R): Hari Bindal,
Aaron Ghumman, Rakesh Patel, Mamatha Chamarthi, Bhushan Kulkarni, Dr. Rahul Mittal
Novi, Michigan: American Society of Considerations for Entrepreneurs, War on
Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) held its Cash, Cybersecurity and Healthcare,
32nd Annual Convention focusing on the Innovations in Branding, and Intelligent
theme of Emerging Technologies and Transport Systems. The speakers for these
Entrepreneurship (ETE 2017). This conven sessions were from Ford, GM, Harman,
tion was held on December 9th at the Novi Prudential, SBD, Futurenet, Michigan
Civic Center in Novi, Michigan. The 32nd Business Network, University of Michigan,
Annual Convention is hosted by the Michigan TiE, and Jenesys Group. The attendees found
Chapter of ASEI. The objective ETE 2017 was these sessions very informative and helpful.
to provide a forum to promote and share Keynote speaker Sanjay Dhal CEO of
advancements related to emerging technolo Detroit Flying Cars talked about introducing
gies and entrepreneurship. This convention new approaches, bridging diverse domains,
was attended by scientists, engineers, entre small footprint thinking and seeking efficien
preneurs, and corporate leaders across USA. cies while pursuing his lifelong passion for
The convention featured multiple interactive designing, building and flying models and
sessions with prominent business owners, full size aircraft. Mehul Desai Founder and
technologists, media personalities, educators, CEO of DeZai, LLC focused on fostering inno
policy makers, and investment bankers. vation in the areas of Technology, New Media
The convention had multiple interactive and Social Entrepreneurship and his pioneer
sessions led by various subject matter ing work in the field of secure transactions
experts providing information and insight on for mobile phone users, evolving the Digital
many topics related to the convention theme. Wallet to Mobile Wallet to Lifestyle
The attendees found these sessions very Container.Youth Technology Exhibition (YTE)
informative and comprehensive. The sessions for middle and high school students had over
were organized in two tracks with topics 35 students from 11 teams demonstrate
such as Autonomous Cars, Latest Trends in their work based on Science, Technology,
Automotive Transmissions Technology, Tax Engineering, and Math.

Indian pleads guilty to launching

cyberattack on varsity computers
Washington, DC: An Indian role in this criminal offence and
American has pleaded guilty will face the legal consequences
to charges of launching a for it," Mr Fitzpatrick said.
cyberattack on a US universi In a guilty plea before US
ty's computer network, offi District Judge Michael Shipp in
cials said. Trenton federal court in New
Paras Jha, 21, of New Jersey Jersey, Paras accepted of violat
along with two others Josiah ing the Computer Fraud &
White, 20, from Pennsylvania
Paras Jha Abuse Act. According to court
(Image : nj.com)
and Dalton Norman, 21, from documents, between November
Louisiana also pleaded guilty to creating 2014 and September 2016, Paras executed
and operating two botnets, which targeted a series of attacks on the networks of
'Internet of Things' (IoT) devices, the Rutgers University.
Department of Justice announced Tuesday. His attacks effectively shut down Rutgers
"Paras Jha has admitted his responsibility University's central authentication server,
for multiple hacks of the Rutgers University which maintained, among other things, the
computer system," Acting US Attorney gateway portal through which staff, faculty,
William Fitzpatrick said in a statement. and students delivered assignments and
"These computer attacks shut down the assessments. At times, he succeeded in tak
server used for all communications among ing the portal offline for multiple consecu
faculty, staff and students, including assign tive periods, causing damage to Rutgers
ment of course work to students, and stu University, its faculty, and its students.
dents' submission of their work to profes The count to which Jha pleaded guilty is
sors to be graded," he said. punishable by a maximum of 10 years in
"The defendant's actions effectively paral prison and a fine of $250,000, or twice the
ysed the system for days at a time and mali gross amount of any pecuniary gain or loss
ciously disrupted the educational process derived from the offence, whichever is
for tens of thousands of Rutgers' students. greater. Sentencing is scheduled for March
Today, the defendant has admitted his 13, 2018.
8 December 23-29, 2017 NATIONAL COMMUNITY TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Washington, DC: A new national

governing body for cricket in the
USA took a step closer to fruition
with the formal approval of a new
Approved constitution marks historic
landmark for cricket in USA
constitution for the sport
paving the way for historic elec
tions in 2018. The Sustainable
Foundation Advisory Group is representative of the entire
(SFAG), set up to unify the cricket cricket community, complies with
community in the USA, has given
"This Constitution the requirements of
the green light to a constitution the US Olympic
that will see the election of a new gives the new national Committee,
Board, including three independ and estab
ent directors, of which one must
governing body in
lishes a
be Chair. USA the best focus on
USA Cricket has been estab independ
lished as an entity and the possible chance of ence. It will
approval of the constitution regis success, says David be made up of
tered under Colorado State Law the following ten
provides the process under which Richardson, CEO, ICC directors Two Player
the ofce bearers of the govern Directors, Three Independent
ing body can be elected and tunity for membership of USA Directors, Three Individual
operate. (Images courtesy: icccricket.com) Cricket by all of the individual Directors, One Club Director, One
USA Cricket will now focus on clubs across the USA. League Director & Independent
nalizing a membership program over the last few months in which tion include: l The country will be divided Chair of the Board
reective of the whole sport the constitution received only l New individual membership into three Conferences further Engagement in the governance
across the country, which will in minor adjustments to that which structure that allows USA Cricket split into six geographic of USA Cricket by a wider group
turn be able to vote on the seven the Sustainable Foundation to engage, communicate with and Zones(East, MidAtlantic, South, of individuals in the cricket com
of the ten Board members. The Advisory Group had originally support the entire cricket com SouthWest, West, Midwest) with munity will be undertaken via ve
details of the program will be recommended. Any such changes munity directly, including players, programs and services including additional Standing Committees
announced shortly, with an are minor and are based either on coaches, match ofcials, fans and unied and structured competi including; Cricket, Leagues,
opportunity to register for feedback from the community administrators. tions, high performance camps Finance and Commercial, Ethics,
Membership in early 2018. consultations or as necessitated l Supplemented by organiza and coach / umpire education Grievance and Disciplinary and
The ICC Americas Project USA by Colorado State Law, where tional membership that continues being delivered in each Zone. Audit, each of which would have a
team has undertaken a signicant USA Cricket is based. league engagement and involve l New Board composition that signicant level of representation
community consultation program Highlights of the new constitu ment but also provides the oppor is diverse, inclusive, engages and by players.

l By Suchitra Srinivas

New Jersey: Dream college?

Dream jobs? Dream house?
Dream car? All assured but, when
we extend this to Dream Date and
Dating is no more a taboo
a compatible partner for life; may
be stammers and stutters deco
A New Jersey start up, Pyar.com helps
rate the answers for many partic
ularly in the South Asian commu
find compatible partners through
Launched in October 2017,
its safe and secure platform
Pyar.com a dating website cater says Vidyadhar. The concept of barriers, says Vidyadhar. between the proles that register
ing to South Asian population is arranged marriages ceases to The real truth is that we have with us. Thus, even before they
condent to change this tone for impress modern society, yet moved far from matrimony meet they get to know how friend
ever. embracing the western dating parameters. The usual declaration ly and likeminded can a relation
Internetbased dating platforms practices in total seems to be too for traditional match making used ship be. Something that gives
are rapidly growing worldwide, early to be declared as universal to be the height, weight, complex them the condence to move
we noticed that a large population Vidyadhar Garapati,
norm in the South Asian commu ion, sub sects and job including ahead, said Vidyadhar.
of the global South Asian commu CEO of Pyar.com
nities. Currently the market has salary details. Today the expecta The values and beliefs South
nity is left behind as they look for cultural values and preferences, no big player catering to this tion beyond these is one of com Asian immigrants are unique
wholesome experience than what said Vidyadhar, the New Jersey unique perspective. patibility parameters. The compa embracing tradition and moderni
is frequently offered, said based CEO who earlier successful Initial hesitations to get started ny has developed app which ty at its fullest and Pyar.com
Vidyadhar Garapati, CEO of the ly promoted movers.com. This with a complete stranger, what to works on the analytics on various seems to include these values in
new initiative. Days have time Vidyadhar has come out with look for and what not to expect, leading questions. nding proper date. In the past if
changed, what we need is not yet another initiative catering to a how safe can this meeting be, how Questions leading to cultural it used to be the planetary posi
mere matrimony sites but those need that has not been recognized true is the information shared and values and preference, their social tions represented in the boxes of
which help nd a compatible date. for long. more concerns like these have proling preferences, their values the horoscope that determined
Pyar.com will be a platform In a quick time, the web sites been major road blocks. all are collected as meaningful relationships today it will be the
safe and secure to nd a compati social media following has Our App will help nd perfectly data. We have developed a series Pyar percentage calculated by the
ble partner leading to meaningful reached a million. The focus is all compatible matches through safe of algorithms that work out the algorithms worked by these Apps
longterm relationship, embracing about nding the perfect match, dating website breaking the taboo compatibility or Pyar percentage that will perhaps do the magic!
TheSouthAsianTimes.info NATIONAL COMMUNITY December 23-29, 2017 9

Shree Saini crowned TRUMP SHOULD RESIGN,

Miss India USA 2017 Washington, DC: Kamala Harris,
first IndianAmerican to serve in
the US Senate, has joined a grow
Washington, DC: Shree Saini, a res nerup, Kritika bagged the sash as
ident of Washington state, was the second runnerup. ing group of Democratic senators
crowned Miss India USA 2017. More than 50 contestants from calling for President Donald
The 21yearold, who is a stu over two dozen states participated Trump to step down amid resur
dent at the University of in the three different pageants faced allegations of sexual mis
Washington, said she wants to lead Miss India USA, Miss Teen India conduct.
a life dedicated to service. USA and Mrs India USA. "I think he should resign in the
Shree, who had a pacemaker Started by New Yorkbased emi best interest of the country," the
implanted at the age of 12 and was nent Indian Americans Dharmatma California Democrat told Politico Kamala Harris
told that she would never be able Saran and Neelam Saran, under in an interview on Thursday.
Harris joined six other again this week when he said in a
dance, is an inspiration for all. the banner of India Festival
Democratic senators Kirsten tweet that Senator Gillibrand used
A victim of bullying in high Committee around 36 years ago,
Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Bernie to "come to my office 'begging'
school, she has been campaigning Miss India USA is the longest run
Sanders, Jeff Merkley, Mazie for campaign contributions" and
against the oppressive behavior. ning Indian pageant outside India.
Hirono and Ron Wyden who that she "would do anything for
"I believe in working together to Winners of the pageants here
called for Trump to resign. them." Harris, a potential presi
create a hole that is greater than have gone on to act in various
The former California Attorney dential contender in 2020, said
the sum of its parts," Shree said, Bollywood movies.
General's remarks came as Trump Trump's tweet "was completely
whose parents migrated to the US "It has evolved over the years.
faced renewed scrutiny over past inappropriate on every level."
from Punjab. Earlier, the participants of pag
Shree Saini accusations of sexual misconduct. "First of all, we know he's not
She said she wants to eliminate eants presented their talent
(Image : Twitter/Shree Saini) At least 16 women have accused going to resign," Harris said. "So
human trafficking and work around Bollywood dance and
him of inappropriate behavior. let's just be clear about that. But if
towards promoting the importance surgeon Kavita Malhotra Pattani songs and classical dances. But
Earlier this week, three of the he were going to make a decision
of emotional wellbeing in the soci from Florida was declared Mrs now pageant participants come
16 women renewed their allega that was in the best interest of the
ety. India USA 2017. out with their own innovations.
tions publicly as they detailed country, I think he should. He
Prachi Singh, a 22yearold med Prerna was the first runnerup "In addition to Bollywood dance
their accounts of being groped, should seriously consider it."
ical student from Connecticut was while Ishwarya was declared the and songs on stage, they give
fondled and forcibly kissed by Trump has repeatedly denied
declared the first runnerup, while second runnerup for this title. speeches, do motivational speak
Trump before he was elected the accusations of sexual misconduct,
North Carolinas Fareena became Swapna Mannam, 17, from New ing, mono acting, sing popular
US President. They urged taking to Twitter to deride what
the second runnerup at Miss India Jersey was crowned with Miss American songs, hiphop, fusion
Congress to investigate their sto he called "false accusations and
USA 2017 pageant. Teen India USA 2017. music and even do real time paint
ries. Trump inflamed his critics fabricated stories."
At the beauty pageant, cancer While Simran was the first run ing," Dharmatma Saran told PTI.
10 December 23-29, 2017 US AFFAIRS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Republicans release final bill on tax reform

Washington: The ruling Kevin McCarthy hoped to deliver 400,000.
Republican party on Friday the Bill to the Presidents desk just Ryan said the reduction in the
unveiled the final version of their in time for Christmas. corporate tax rate will help
tax bill which promises massive House Speaker Paul Ryan said American businesses bring home
tax cuts for the middle class and the bill overhauls Americas tax foreign earnings to invest in grow
businesses. code to deliver tax relief for work ing jobs and paychecks in local
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act low ers, families and job creators, and communities.
ers the corporate tax rate to 21 revitalise the nations economy. This is the first major tax
per cent (beginning January 1, The act will lower taxes across reform in a generation. It means
2018) down from 35 per cent, the the board, eliminate costly special relief for hardworking families and
largest reduction in the history of interest tax breaks, and modernize a jumpstart for our economy,
the US. international tax system Ryan said. The opposition
The voting on the $ 1.5 trillion The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will Democrats, however, slammed the
tax cut Bill will be held this week help create more jobs, increase Bill alleging that it benefited only
and if passed will be the most paychecks, and make the tax code the rich. Slashing the top tax rate
sweeping tax overhaul in decades. simpler and fairer for Americans of for the wealthiest Americans even
President Donald Trump, who all walks of life, said Ryan. deeper is Republicans final insult
had promised taxcut during his With this bill, the typical family to hardworking Americans in this
election campaign, now wants the of four earning the median family deficitexploding scam of a Bill,
The passing of the tax bill will be the first big
Bill signed into law by the end of legislative win for President Trump income of $ 73,000 will receive a said Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi.
the year. By lowering tax rates, tax cut of $2,059. Republicans went into confer
simplifying the rigged and burden House Press Secretary Sarah give them a tax cut by the end of The Bill also expands the Child ence with two bills that raise taxes
some tax code, and repealing the Sanders said. the year, she said. Tax Credit from $ 1,000 to $ on tens of millions of middle class
failed tax on lower and middle President Trump applauds the The White House statement 2,000 for single filers and married families. But instead of actually
income households known as the House and Senate conferees on came after the House and the couples to help parents with the helping middle class Americans,
Obamacare individual mandate, coming to an agreement on the Senate agreed on the unified tax cost of raising children. the GOP throws them a few mea
this legislation will grow our econ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and looks Bill. Senators Marco Rubio and Bob The tax credit is fully refundable ger crumbs while slashing taxes
omy, raise wages, and promote forward to fulfilling the promise he Corker also voiced their support up to $ 1,400 and begins to phase for millionaires even deeper, she
economic competitiveness, White made to the American people to for the Bill. House Majority Leader out for families making over $ said.

Trump lawyers set for Not retiring from Congress: Paul Ryan
key meeting with
Washington: Speaker Paul Ryan Earlier this week, the
has dismissed swirling media Huffington Post published a
reports that he is going to retire news report titled "When will

Special Counsel
from the Congress. Paul Ryan step down?", kicking
Asked at the end of his weekly into high gear the rumors of
press conference last Thursday Ryan's possible quit.
whether he was leaving According to The Hill news
Washington: President
Congress "soon", Ryan said: "I'm daily report, a number of
Donald Trump's pri
not, no", Xinhua news agency Republican lawmakers said last
vate lawyers are slated
reported. month that Ryan could pass tax
to meet Special
Politico had published a reform and quickly quit
Counsel Robert
lengthy report saying that Ryan, Congress, choosing to go out on
Mueller, who is cur
a 47yearold Republican from top with a victory rather than
rently probing alleged
the US state of Wisconsin, told waiting to be forced out like his
Russian meddling in
the 2016 presidential
confidants that he would retire predecessor, Speaker John Speaker of the US House,
after the 2018 midterm election. Boehner. Paul Ryan
election, this week, the
media reported.
While the lawyers
have met with
Mueller's team before
US regulator repeals
Obama's net neutrality rules
and might again, the
upcoming meeting has
greater significance
because it comes after Washington: The US Federal innovation, particularly among internet companies such as
the completion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller Communications Commission small ISPs serving rural con Amazon, Google and Facebook,
interviews of White (FCC) has voted to roll back "net sumers", Xinhua reported. opposed the FCC's repeal of the
House personnel requested by brought charges against four neutrality" rules adopted in 2015 At the same time, it restores the Obamaera rules, saying "relying
the Special Counsel and after all people, including two who have that required internet service classification of broadband inter on ISPs to live up to their own
requested documents have been pleaded guilty to making false providers to treat all online traffic net access service as an "informa 'promises' is not net neutrality and
turned over, informed officials statements and are now cooper equally. tion service" and reinstates the is bad for consumers."
told CNN late Friday. ating with the investigation, CNN In the rules adopted in 2015 classification of mobile broadband "There is little competition in the
Mueller could still request reported. under then President Barack internet access service as a private broadband service market more
more documents and additional Earlier this week, White House Obama, internet service providers mobile service, the FCC statement than half of all Americans have no
interviews. No request to inter Counsel Don McGahn sat for an were not allowed to block or said. The Obamaera rules also choice in their provider so con
view the President or Vice interview with Mueller's investi degrade access to legal content, banned the establishment of fast sumers will be forced to accept ISP
President Mike Pence has been gators, according to the officials. applications, services, or non and slow internet lanes in order to interference in their online experi
made. He was among the last of the harmful devices. favor certain online content over ence," Beckerman said.
Trump's team, led by John White House employees to be In a 3to2 vote along party lines, others. "This is in stark contrast to the
Dowd and Jay Sekulow, is hoping interviewed. the FCC on Thursday reversed Over the past two years, AT&T websites and apps that make up
for signs that Mueller's investi White House officials and the what it called in a statement Inc. and other broadband Internet Association, where com
gation is nearing its end, or at President's lawyers have dis "heavyhanded utilitystyle regula providers have challenged the net petition is a click away and switch
least the part having to do with missed the idea that Mueller tion of broadband Internet access neutrality rules in court. ing costs are low."
the President, the officials said. could charge Trump and others service" which "reduced Internet Michael Beckerman, president Beckerman said his group is cur
After about seven months on around him for obstruction of service provider (ISP) investment and CEO of Internet Association, a rently weighing its legal options in
the job, Mueller has already justice. in networks, as well as hampered trade association that represents a lawsuit against the new decision.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info US AFFAIRS December 23-29, 2017 11

Trump lawyers accuse Trump change of heart on Russian meddling

Mueller of illegal Washington: President Donald Trump's

document cache first national security strategy has sin

gled out Russia for waging "offensive
Strategy document
Washington: A lawyer for President cyber efforts to influence public opin singles out Kremlin
Trumps transition team has accused ion" in other countries.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller of unlaw The White House on Monday pub for 'offensive
lished a 55page document that envi
fully obtaining documents including
thousands of emails without their knowl sions confrontations with "revisionist" cyber efforts
edge, for its ongoing probe into alleged powers like Russia and China, who are
posing challenges to the United States as cyber and social media to attack our
Russian meddling in the 2016 presiden
and are seeking to change the global nation or threaten our society."
tial election. Kory Langhofer, counsel to
status quo, often to harm the America's President Trump's national security
Trump for America (TFA), said in a letter
interests. strategy emphasizes that the U.S. "will
last week to several congressional panels
"Russia uses information operations be risk informed, but not risk averse"
that Muellers team obtained these emails
as part of its offensive cyber efforts to when considering how to respond
from the General Services Administration
influence public opinion across the against malicious cyber actors.
(GSA), the government agency that host
globe," the document states. "Its influ The roll out of the national security
ed the transition email system, reports
ence campaigns blend covert intelli strategy is the first major step by the
Xinhua news agency.
gence operations and false online per Trump administration at forming a
In the sevenpage letter, he accused
sonas with statefunded media, third comprehensive strategy on the presi
Muellers team of unlawfully producing
party intermediaries, and paid social dent's 'America First' worldview.
TFAs private materials, including privi
media users or 'trolls.'" "We will promote a balance of power
leged communications, to the Special
However, the document doesn't spec that favors the United States, our allies,
Counsels Office. The lawyer urged the
ify the Russian interference in the elec and our partners," the document noted.
Senate Homeland Security and
tions, but it apparently referred "We will never lose sight of our values
Governmental Affairs Committee and the
Russia's bid at several points. cies." Despite the strategy calling Russia and their capacity to inspire, uplift, and
House Oversight and Government Reform
The document also points out Moscow's out for 'offensive cyber efforts', Trump renew. Most of all, we will serve the
Committee to protect future presidential
attempts to "interfere" in the domestic didn't mention cybersecurity during his American people and uphold their right to
transitions from having their private
political affairs of other countries and speech and said, "We will develop ways to a government that prioritizes their securi
records misappropriated by government
"undermine the legitimacy of democra counter those who use new domains such ty, their prosperity, and their interests".
agencies, particularly in the context of
sensitive investigations intersecting with
political motives. Muellers probe into US blames North Korea for
the alleged Russia meddling entered a
new phase earlier this month when for the massive WannaCry attack
mer National Security Adviser Michael
Flynn pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI Washington: A senior White of the North Korean
about his contacts with Russia. House official says North Government.
Korea is "directly responsible" White House homeland

Hundreds sick for the socalled WannaCry

cyber attack from earlier in
security adviser Tom Bossert
wrote an opinion piece for the
the year. It comes as concerns Wall Street Journal saying

with stomach continue to mount over the

country's hacking capabilities
anyone who harmed the
United States would be held
and its nuclear weapons pro accountable."The attack was
illness on Royal gram.
Earlier, Reuters reported the
widespread and cost billions,
and North Korea is directly

Caribbean cruise US Government was preparing

to name the rogue nation as
responsible," he said.
He did not detail any specif
Amtrak passenger train derailed on its inaugural trip on a new route

Washington: A Royal Caribbean cruise the culprit behind the attack ic actions Washington might
ship returned to Florida after hundreds
of passengers contracted a gastrointesti
nal illness, the media reported.
that crippled hospitals, banks
and businesses throughout
the world. The ransomware
take against Pyongyang, other
than saying it would continue
to pursue a "maximum pres
7 killed, many hurt in
Seattle train mishap
During the fivenight cruise, 332 cases unfurled across the globe in sure strategy." An official told
of the illness were reported, Owen May to infect more than Reuters the public condemna
Torres, a spokesman for Royal Caribbean 300,000 computers in 150 tion would not include any
told CNN in a statement on Saturday. countries The sources said it indictments or name specific Seattle: At least 7 people were motorists were struck by the
He stressed that it was a small percent had a "very high level of confi individuals. But the shaming is killed and 22 others were hurt fallen train cars and also suf
age 5.99 per cent of the more than dence" a hacking entity designed to hold North Korea after an Amtrak passenger fered injuries, but there were
5,000 passengers and crew onboard the known as Lazarus Group car accountable for its actions train derailed on Monday on its no fatalities among people in
ship, Independence of the Seas. ried out the attack. and, "erode and undercut their inaugural trip on a new service those vehicles, the sheriff's
"Those affected by the shortlived ill The group works on behalf ability to launch attacks". route near Dupont, office said.
ness were treated by our ship's doctors Washington. At least 77 people were taken
with overthecounter medication,"
Torres said, "and we hope all our guests
Power outage cripples Atlanta's According to CNN, 13 of the
total 14 cars spilled off an over
to hospitals, including victims
who were able to walk off the
feel better quickly".
It is not known what caused the illness.
Hartsfield-Jackson airport pass. Ed Troyer, spokesman for
the Pierce County Sheriff's
train, the authorities were quot
ed as saying.
Atlanta: Atlanta's HartsfieldJackson International Airport, the
According to reports, some passengers Office and the Washington An Amtrak spokesperson said
world's busiest airport, was hit on Sunday by a power outage,
who were disembarking on Saturday in State Patrol, the deaths "are all there were about 78 passen
leaving thousands of passengers stranded and planes grounded
Port Everglades, Florida, believed the contained to the train and the gers and five crew members on
indefinitely. The airport confirmed the issue on Twitter saying
number of passengers who got sick was incident is "pretty horrific." board the train when the acci
that the outage had "impacted several areas in the airport" and
higher than what Royal Caribbean said. Troyer said there were "multi dent happened.
that crews were "working to remedy the situation", Xinhua
Torres, the Royal Caribbean ple fatalities" but he could not Amtrak president said the
news agency reported. "We are aware of a situation currently
spokesman, told CNN the company is provide a precise number. company was 'deeply saddened
being investigated at this time and will share more information
"taking steps like intensive sanitary pro MultiCare Health, a nonprofit by all that has happened'
as it becomes available," Georgia Power added. Currently the
cedures to minimize the risk of any fur network of hospitals and clin Washington state Governor
cause of the outrage remains unknown. HartsfieldJackson han
ther issues", and that the ship will "under ics, said 22 people were taken Jay Inslee declared a state of
dles 2,500 flights and an average of 275,000 passengers daily,
go special additional cleaning procedures to three hospitals for treatment, emergency in the aftermath of
according to its website. Atlanta is the capital of the US state of
before it departs on its next cruise". Xinhua reported. Several the accident.
12 December 23-29, 2017 INDIA TheSouthAsianTimes.info

The BJP's overall vote share in the state

BJP retains Gujarat, snatches plunged from 60.11 per cent notched in the
2014 Lok Sabha polls to 49.1 per cent, indi
cating a sharp erosion in its support base in

Himachal from Congress

a state which the party considers its fortress.
The vote share of the Congress, which
joined hands with Patidar leader Hardik
Patel, Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani and OBC
The Bharatiya Janata Party leader Alpesh Thakore, soared from 33.45
per cent of 2014 to 41.4 per cent.
(BJP) bagged 99 seats in
Union Information and Broadcasting
Gujarat, 44 in Himachal Minister Smriti Irani brushed aside reports
where its Chief Ministerial of BJP's waning support, saying the winner
candidate P.K. Dhumal lost was always the king. "Jo jeeta wo hi
Gandhinagar/Shimla: The BJP just managed T he Gujarat e lect ion campaign was
to hold on to power in Gujarat, edging past marked by viciousness that pitted Prime
the halfway mark to clinch a sixth term in Minister Modi against Congress leaders,
government, but wrested Himachal Pradesh including his predecessor Manmohan Singh.
from Congress with a comfortable majority. It was the first Assembly election in Gujarat
Overcoming initial setbacks in a seesaw after Modi shifted to New Delhi.
battle, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) In Himachal, the BJP was set to form the
bagged 99 seats, seven more than the magic government although its two top leaders
figure of 92 in a House of 182. Putting up an Chief Ministerial candidate P.K. Dhumal and
improved performance, the Cong ress state unit chief Satpal Satti were worsted in
secured 77 seats while its allies got three the hardfought contest.
more. The NCP, which fought alone, got a Among the top winners in Gujarat, Chief
lone seat and Independents got two. Minister Vijay Rupani from Rajkot West, a
In contrast, Himachal Pradesh lived up to seat formerly occupied by Modi, by a margin
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah celebrating the win
its reputation of changing the ruler every of over 50,000 votes. His deputy and
in New Delhi. (Photo: IANS)
e lect ion, as the BJP comfortably beat Finance Minister Nitinbhai Patel won by
Congress, winning 44 of the 68 seats that together of leaders heading caste formations have made me very proud. You are different 7,951 votes in Mahesana.
were up for grabs. The Congress won 21 in to ally with Congress, to build a new Gujarat. than those you fought because you fought The BJP held on in most seats affected by
the hill state where it had previously held 36 After Mo di's speech, the Central anger with dignity. You have demonstrated... the Patidar agitation, provoking community
seats. Two seats went to Independents and a Parliamentary Board of the BJP met at the the Congress' greatest strength is its decen leader Hardik Patel to complain about faulty
lone seat was taken by CPIM. party headquarters in Delhi and decided to cy and courage," Gandhi tweeted. Electronic Voting Machines.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who put depute Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and
up an aggressive campaign in Gujarat, camp
ing in his home state for days, described the
General Secretary Saroj Pandey to Gujarat
for holding consultations on choosing the
BJP now in power in 19 states, has 14 chief ministers
New Delhi: The BJP retained Gujarat and wrested Himachal Pradesh from Congress,
BJP's electoral victory in the state as "his new Chief Minister. For Himachal Pradesh,
taking the total number of states where it is in power to 19. The party has Chief
toric" as "in this age for a party to keep win where the chief ministerial face Prem Kumar
Ministers in 14 of these 19 states.
ning for so long" is unheard of. Dhumal suffered a defeat, Defence Minister
Congress, on the other hand, is now in power in only four states and one union
In his victory speech at BJP Headquarters Nirmala Sitharaman and Rural Development
in Delhi, Modi said the support for the party Minister Narendra Tomar are being sent to
The victories in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat has taken the total states where BJP
showed that "the nation is ready for reform decide on a new leader.
has formed governments on its own or with allies after Prime Minister Narendra Modi
agenda as every citizen wants India trans W hile the BJP ce le brated all across
assumed office in 2014 to 13.
formed". Gujarat and in Delhi, the 99seat tally in
The states with BJP Chief Ministers are Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,
"I bow to the people of Gujarat and Gujarat was far less than the 150 seat target
Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Goa, Manipur, Assam, Haryana, Arunachal
Himachal Pradesh for their af fection and set by BJP President Amit Shah and 16 less
Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Gujarat. The party will now have a Chief Minister in
trust in the BJP. I assure them that we will than what it got in 2012 despite intense
Himachal Pradesh.
leave no stone unturned in furthering the campaigning by Modi. The Congress, whose
The BJP is in power with allies in Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim
development journey of these states and campaign was spearheaded by its now
and Nagaland.
serve the people tirelessly." In a message to President Rahul Gandhi, conceded defeat but
The Congress is in power in Punjab, Karnataka, Meghalaya, Mizoram and union
his opponents, he said "let bygones be took a veiled jibe at the BJP.
territory of Puducherry.
bygones" in a reference to the coming "My Congress brothers and sisters, you

Gujarat result a 'massive jolt' to BJP: Rahul

New Delhi: Congress President Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. said that the Congress cannot
Rahul Gandhi said the Gujarat He was replying to a question fight the BJP.
election result has dealt a "mas on Modi's remarks on Monday "But in three months we did
sive jolt" to the BJP and raised that the Gujarat verdict showed solid work. You saw the result. For
questions about Prime Minister that the campaign of casteism had us, it is a good result though we
Narendra Mo di's credibility been defeated by development lost. We could have won. But the
because of his silence on corrup agenda and that voters had given BJP suf fered a massive jolt in
tion charges including BJP chief their approval on GST. Gujarat."
Amit Shah's son Jay Shah's mete "I am talking about credibility. Gandhi said the Gujarat model
oric business rise. Modiji spoke nonstop about cor of development had been exposed
"This election, which Narendra ruption but didn't utter a word on and had not been accepted by the
Modi called election of develop Jay Shah and (French fighter jets) people. "T he propaganda was
ment, and put a stamp on GST... Rafale. The nation wants to know good, marketing was good but it
But he did not speak about devel why Modiji is not speaking a word was hollow within. I saw it there
opment, GST and note ban in his on how Jay Shah converted Rs (in Gujarat)."
election speeches. It has raised 50,000 into Rs 80 crore in three He said the Gujarat election also
questions about Modiji's credibili months and the Rafale scam. This taught him a message that what
ty. Frankly, Modiji has a credibility is the credibility issue," Gandhi ever hate and anger combined
problem," Gandhi told reporters said. with endless resources on the
outside Parliament, a day after the Congress President Rahul Gandhi arrives at Parliament Speaking about election results, other side should be responded
Congress lost to the BJP both in in New Delhi on December 19. he said three months ago it was with love and brotherhood.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info INDIA December 23-29, 2017 13

Rahul is Congress chief, attacks Modi

New Delhi: In a generational shift that ended In an apparent re ference to Mo di's
the Sonia Gandhi era in the Congress, her "Congressfree India", Rahul Gandhi said the
son Rahul Gandhi took over as the new Congress considers the BJP its brothers and
party President and launched a sharp attack sisters even though it doesn't agree with
on Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusing them. "They want an India free of Congress,
him of taking the country "backwards to a they want to erase us but the Congress'
medieval past" where people are butchered inclusion and respect for all Indians extends
because of what they eat and believe in. even to the BJP. We do not fight hate with
The handing over of the mantle of the hate. The Congress has met and will always
leadership of the 132yearold party took meet our challenges and struggles with love
place at a ceremony on the lawns of the and af fection. They crush voice, we allow
Congress Headquarters where Central the most vulnerable to sing. They defame,
Election Authority President Mullapally we respect and defend.
Ramachandran presented the Certificate of "They might control the structures of
Election to Rahul Gandhi in a ceremony power, the machinery of silence and fear
watched by Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, but, we in the Congress, we are the bastion
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and other top lead of the people. It is in this service that my ide
ers of the party. alism, your idealism and our hope for poli
In his first speech as the Cong ress tics always rests."
President, Rahul Gandhi launched an allout Sonia Gandhi, 71, who helmed the party
attack against Modi and the BJP. for 19 years, in her last address as the party
In his first speech as the Congress President, Rahul Gandhi launched an allout attack
"The Congress took India into the 21st President, said the Congress has been play
against Modi and the BJP.
Century while Prime Minister (Modi) is tak ing the role of opposition since 2014 and
ing us backwards to a medieval past where built without harmony and "that only one "Today, the BJP is trying to spread fire and never before has it faced the challenge that
people are butchered because of who they man, one man himself is the voice of rea violence in the entire country and only one it faces today.
are, beaten for what they believe and killed son, that expertise, experience and knowl power can stop this. That is the Congress "The fundamentals of our Constitution are
for what they eat. edge can be cast aside for personal glory, worker and leader. They break and we bind. under attack, our party has lost several state
"T his ugly violence shames us in the that it is acceptable for our foreign policy to They set fire and we douse it. They create elections. But an exemplary energy fires our
world. Our country, whose philosophy and lie in tatters so that one man can feel strong, anger and we create love. This is the differ Congress workers. We are not the ones to
history is born out of love and compassion, and that everything in fact is subservient to ence between them and us. And I want to bend in fear, because our struggle is a fight
is tarnished by such horror and no amount the leader's personal image". assure you that Congress workers and lead for the very soul of this nation. We will
of hugs can repair the damage done to this He said many of the countrymen were ers, that you all are my family, whether you never retreat from this fight."
great country of ours." "disillusioned by the politics of our time" as are a youth or an elder, wherever you come Manmohan Singh said Rahul Gandhi was
He said the country was now being com "today, politics is devoid of kindness and from, you all are mine, and I will give you all assuming the new responsibility amid "dis
pelled to imagines that businesses can be truth". my love." turbing trends".

Lok Sabha disrupted A kiss on mother's forehead,

over allegation
against Manmohan a perfect farewell to Sonia
New Delhi: As Sonia Gandhi handed over the charge of Congress
New Delhi: The Lok Sabha was disrupted
President to her son Rahul Gandhi on a chilly Saturday morning
as Congress members sought to raise the
amid fanfare and celebrations laced with mixed emotions, nothing
allegations levelled by Prime Minister
could have been a more pictureperfect moment than the one in
Narendra Modi against his predecessor
which he kissed his mother on her forehead.
Manmohan Singh, forcing an adjournment
The handing over of the mantle of the leadership of the 132
halfway through the Question Hour.
yearold party took place at a ceremony on the lawns of the
The Congress MPs later walked out over
Congress Headquarters where Central Election Authority President
the issue.
Mullapally Ramachandran presented the Certificate of Election to
As soon as the House met, Congress
Rahul Gandhi in a ceremony watched by Sonia Gandhi, former
members tried to raise the matter but
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi's sister Priyanka
Speaker Sumitra Mahajan denied them
Gandhi Vadra and other top leaders of the party.
permission and went ahead with the
The moment Sonia Gandhi completed her last speech addressed
Question Hour.
to the party workers as party president and walked up to her chair,
The members, however, trooped near
an emotional Rahul Gandhi came forward greeted her mother with
the Speaker's podium and continued to
a kiss on her forehead. She returned the gesture with a pat on his
raise slogans demanding an apology from
back. She also congratulated him gave her best wishes and bless
Modi. As Sonia Gandhi made way for her son, the party leaders gave a
ings for the future endeavours.
"All elections are over, the things that standing ovation after her speech.
Though Sonia Gandhi's speech in Hindi was punctuated by loud
are said on the roads shall not come to
fireworks set off by enthusiastic party workers, forcing her to so much so that many senior Congress leaders had a tough time
Parliament... I am not allowing you to raise
pause several times and also briefly lose her cool, the atmosphere entering the party office. While many managed to struggle their
the issue," Mahajan said. Even then, the
outside the party headquarters had a feel of a carnival. way into the party headquarters, others had to either leave or be
agitated members did not stop.
Outside the 24, Akbar Road, Congress Headquarters, a group of content listening to their leaders from outside.
Mahajan slammed the Congress for dis
colourfully dressed artistes played drums and danced to bhangra Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit admitted that she was
rupting the Winter Session of Parliament,
tunes with party supporters, including men and women, shaking a in tears listening to Sonia Gandhi's speech which was laced with
which they insisted on convening.
leg or two and waving Rahul Gandhi's pictures and Congress flags. emotion and a sense of fulfillment.
Modi, during the Gujarat Assembly polls,
There were other groups of artists from Hyderabad and "I have mixed emotions today. @OfficeOfRG (Rahul Gandhi) rein
had claimed that during a dinner meeting
Rajasthan performing folk dances of their regions. forced the hope that Congress and its values are in safe hands.
at Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar's
Party workers from across the country thronged to the Congress Hearing Sonia Gandhi speak brought tears to my eyes. She went
house, Manmohan Singh discussed the
office in different regional costumes, either to congratulate Rahul through so much in her life and yet never lost her poise," Dikshit
Gujarat polls w ith Pakistan's Hig h
Gandhi or to get a glimpse of their future leader. They distributed tweeted.
Commissioner to India and sweets, burst crackers, took selfies on their mobile phones, shout As the ceremony came to an end, Priyanka Gandhi, on his broth
former Pakistani Foreign Minister ed slogans and gave a hard time to the security personnel. er taking over the mantle of party President, said: "He has a tough
Khurshid Kasuri. The crowd on Akbar Road kept swelling as the day progressed, road ahead...and I think he is the man for it. He is brave enough..."
14 December 23-29, 2017 OP-ED TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Will Beijing be a stakeholder THE ABIDING CHALLENGE FOR INDIA'S ASPI



l By C. Uday Bhaskar border military footprint in the and China is not the first extra
IOR. A permanent Chinese military regional power to seek a military

rime Minister Narendra presence in Djibouti marks the first foothold in the Horn of Africa and
Modi outlined India's mar overseas military base for Beijing adjoining regions.
itime potential and current and the strategic location of The US and France are already
profile in a commendable manner Djibouti in proximity of the Red resident in Djibouti and India has
at the commissioning ceremony of Sea will make China a credible also just established highlevel
INS Kalvari, a Scorpeneclass Indian Ocean power with its atten political contact.
dieselelectric submarine, in dant implications, with a high The second major development
Mumbai on December 14. Modi's degree of salience for India. of 2017 with a strategic connota
fluency and grasp over the fine It is instructive that Beijing tion, relevant to Delhi, is the man
print of the Indian Ocean is indica embarked upon its Djibouti initia ner in which President Xi Jinping
tive of the maritime/naval empathy tive even as India, the US and has framed the OBOR initiative.
that South Block has exuded in Japan were commencing the opera India is the only major nation that
recent years. tional phase of their joint naval chose not to participate after due
However, the abiding challenge exercise, Malabar 2017, on July consideration by Delhi, since
for India's aspirations in the Indian 14. The image of three flattops Beijing was seen as indifferent to
Ocean region (IOR) and the realiza (carriers) operating in tandem in the Indian sensitivity about the dis
tion of the Modi acronym SAGAR the Indian Ocean even as a PLA puted territory of POK (Pakistan
(security and growth for all in the PM Modi at the commissioning ceremony of INS Kalvari navy amphibious ship en route to Occupied Kashmir) through which
region) will depend to a large Djibouti joined other PLA navy one strand of the OBOR traverses.
extent on the Chinese footprint and China and India. Over the next The entry of Chinese naval ships units, including a surveillance ship, This OBOR dissonance is a factor
intent in this domain. decade, the trade dependency of in December 2008 into the IOR as may well be the abiding template that could have potentially discor
In the last week, Beijing dropped major economies in East, Southeast part an antipiracy effort was an for the Indian Ocean in the years dant strategic consequences par
anchor in Hambantota, the Sri and South Asia increased. Then event of deep strategic import and ahead. China's public narrative ticularly if the US, Japan and per
Lankan port, and, earlier this year, Chinese President Hu Jintao spoke this has been corroborated by marks December 2008 as a histori haps Australia or Singapore come
China set up its first overseas mili about the "Malacca dilemma", a ref more recent events. cal punctuation when Beijing sent together in a maritime/naval part
tary base in Djibouti in the Horn of erence to China's high dependency, Chronologically, the two initiatives three naval ships to join the inter nership in the extended Indo
Africa. hence vulnerability, to hydrocar of Beijing in 2017 that can be national antipiracy effort off the Pacific region.
Why is China in the IOR? To bon imports from the Persian Gulf. deemed "strategic" in relation to coast of Somalia. For the naval pro China's presence and footprint in
briefly recall the big picture, the This denoted the growing white the IOR and of considerable rele fessional, there was a certain sym the IOR is likely to grow over the
Indian Ocean had a relatively dor shipping trade transit from the vance to the powers that be in bolism in PLA naval ships transit next five years and Beijing may feel
mant strategic relevance in the Hormuz towards the Malacca and Delhi are: First, the setting up of a ing the Straits of Malacca. The encouraged to assertively display
global context. During the Cold war onward to Southeast and East Asia. Chinese military facility in Djibouti; Chinese military base in Djibouti, its comprehensive national power
decades, the global maritime focus, The enormity of 9/11 and what and second, the priority accorded when fully established with appro and related capability.
shaped as it was by the two super followed by way of the USled war to the OBOR (One BeltOne Road) priate assets, will be yet another The strategic imponderable is
powers , was on the AtlanticPacific on global terror added to the secu by Chinese President Xi Jinping at punctuation this time in bold how this power index will be uti
ocean combine. This shifted rity dimension and very soon the the 19th Party Congress. font! The logic from the Chinese lized. For the greater common
towards East Asia in the postCold global maritime focus shifted from In dispatching PLA (Peoples perspective is compelling to good or in defiance of the prevail
War years and was symbolized by the AtlanticPacific continuum Liberation Army) marines to break out of the USshaped military ing status quo? Will Beijing agree
the phrase "AsiaPacific". towards the PacificIndian and has Djibouti (July 12) by amphibious constraints along its Pacific Ocean to become a stakeholder in Modi's
Towards the late 1990s, the eco now become extended to what is ships, from the southern port of seaboard, it has to access the SAGAR vision?
nomic relevance of Asia began to being called the IndoPacific Zhanjiang, China has taken a signif Indian Ocean. Overseas bases have The author is Director, Society
rise, powered by the growth of region. icant step in enhancing its trans been long favored by major powers for Policy Studies.

l By Vikas Datta es, American strengths and short

The Trump syndrome

comings, incisive political and

here are some times you can social analysis and more, Frances
despair of the human race, shows how democracy is in trouble
or at least significant por from those who subvert it for their
tions of it. Especially the times own selfish, autocratic and whimsi
when a country that sees itself as a A new book probes its impact cal rule. The author begins with
world leader seems to have collec global problems overpopulation,
tively abandoned sanity and ended ing that the triumph of Trump rep or crazy, but this tends to hide the the world, not because he is clini environmental degradation, deplet
up with a President who seems resents the ascendancy of the real problems. cally mad, but because he is very ing resources, terrorism, iniquity
something out of a psychology worst traits of humans, bolstered Trump is not suffering from a bad". and how US is sidestepping or
textbook. by some lessthanwholesome fea narcissistic personality disorder as And the harsh lesson, he says, is ignoring them, as well the coun
We may call Donald Trump crazy tures that are particularly several amateur diagnosticians that: "Trump isn't crazy, but our try's foreign policy and image of
but can this suffice to explain his American. have said, says Frances, despite dis society is." While he means the US, itself. He then takes up the reasons
victory in a democratic election, In this unsettling prognosis, he playing its symptoms like the world's oldest democracy, there why people end up making such
even though it was patently flawed, shows how these have implications grandiose selfimportance, having is lots that could also strike a chord bad decisions on crucial issues with
rigged and vitiated? Or should we beyond Trump or other global to hang around with special people, with India, its dynamics and partic their set of cognitive biases, and
look elsewhere, say in terms of that leaders who exhibit one and more requiring constant admiration, ularly, its leaders. "American exceptionalism".
Shakespearean plaint from "Julius of his attributes or the US, to the lacking empathy, and being In a sweeping narrative that Frances also provides prescrip
Caesar": "The fault, dear Brutus, is course and future of democracy exploitative, envious and arrogant. includes the crudities of Trump and tions aplenty for the people. But
not in our stars, But in ourselves..." and even our planet. But he deems that Trump is a "man rightwing forces in the US, the the how palatable these will be for the
How exactly are we to blame is Frances, a renowned expert in his who causes distress in others but ories of Darwin, Freud and people of the consumerist societies
what eminent psychiatrist Allen field, says it may well be comfort shows no signs himself of experi Theodore Adorno, the example of in today's democracies remains to
Frances explains in his new book, ing to write off Trump as an excep encing great distress... Trump is a Martin Luther King, the "selfish be seen though doom faces us up
Twilight of American Sanity, argu tion an extremely egregious one threat to the United States, and to gene", societal delusions and bias close.

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info ART December 23-29, 2017 15

By Parveen Chopra

By taking up art projects in public spaces, St+art India Foundation aims to make art
accessible to a wider audience and adding some beauty to Indian cities.

t a public talk in Delhi, works. Many of their projects are
Hanif Qureshi, art gradu massive. For example, fashion
ate from MSU Baroda, designer Manish Arora collabo
described the art scene in India rated with St+art Foundation to
for that matter in most countries create an installation earlier this
of the world as confined to art month titled All We Need is Love
galleries and museums. But peo for Jindal Mansion on Peddar
ple like you and me may not be Road in Mumbai. The installation
art cognoscenti, we too have a was the result of long period of
right to behold art. Thankfully ideating, 35 artisans and 3
St+art India Foundation, of which months work. Created with yards
Qureshi is Creative Director, has of cloth, either hand embroidered
been taking art out of the conven or printed, close to 2,400 pieces
tional gallery space and embed were pieced together to create
ding it within the cities we live in the final look. Said the fashion
making art truly democratic designer, As the year 2017
and for everyone. They have held comes to a close, I wanted people
street art festivals in Delhi, to wrap up the year with opti
Mumbai, Bengaluru and mism and a positive outlook and
Hyderabad. Their second edition feeling rather than all the nega
of the Mumbai festival ends this tivity. Hopefully, I get people to
month. stop and think and remember
Artists from India and other that love and hope surpasses
countries are invited to create everything, he said.
works of public art, to transform government servants in Delhi
Lodhi Road residential colony for
dull street walls into striking art Contact: https://startindia.org/ lic Art District in early 2016.
was turned into an Open Air Pub

r building at ITO.
designer Manish rwise drab Delhi Police Headquarte
Mahatma Gandhi mural on the othe
Arora collaborated with
St+art India Foundation to
create an installation this
month titled All We Need is
Love for Jindal Mansion
in Mumbai.

e art, some reflecting on the plight of its inmates.
installation The Walls of Tihar Jail in New Delhi got som
Pissing Dog at Sassoon
Dock in Mumbai this month
is a metaphor for the mess
mankind creates for the
environment and Hanif
himself. In the Indian Qureshi is the
context, it can also be seen Creative Director
as a denunciation of men and cofounder of
urinating at street St+art India
corners. Foundation.
16 December 23-29, 2017 DIPLOMACY TheSouthAsianTimes.info TheSouthAsianTimes.info DIPLOMACY December 23-29, 2017 17

Diwali Foundation USA honors 6 diplomats

l By SATimes Team

United Nations: The Diwali Foun

dation USAs inaugural Power of
One awards were presented here
on December 11 to six excep
tional diplomats: Ambassadors
Maged Abdelaziz, Ion Botnaru,
Lakshmi Puri, Matthew Rycroft,
Nawaf Salam, and Yuriy Sergeyev.
Belarus, Georgia and India
joined with Diwali Foundation
USA to bestow what are being
called the Oscars of Diplomacy.
The august event held at the pres
tigious Trusteeship Council Cham
bers at the UN headquarters in
New York .was cosponsored by
Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan,
Botswana, Cyprus, France, Hon Deputy Executive Director of UN Women Lakshmi Puri (left)
duras, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malta, being honored. Also in the picture, Amb. Syed Akbaruddin,
Morocco, Republic of Korea, Ro Ranju Batra and Ravi Batra.
mania, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Deputy Executive Director of UN ties are closely linked. I have envi
Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, UK, Women Lakshmi Puri said she sioned my mission which in
USA, Permanent Observer State of was honored to receive the Power cludes: to dispel the darkness of
Palestine, and International of One award from the Diwali poverty, deprivation and despair
Indias ambassador to the UN, Syed Akbaruddin addressing the august audience.
Atomic Energy AgencyNY. Foundation USA and would like to everywhere; to secure an Interna
Belarus PR to the UN, Amb. Ry booked this historic chamber to tion of the Power of One awards in his speech, I must acknowl thank and congratulate the tional Compact for the triumph of
bakov, who was Master of Cere celebrate the Diwali Stamp and being bestowed upon globally ex edge the CoSponsors and the founder, inspiration and personifi the global public Good of gender
monies, invited Georgias Amb. honor my journey at the UN. ceptional people who have speakers from their midst. The cation of this concept, Ranju Batra equality, womens empowerment
Kaha Imnadze, Indias Amb. Syed At that celebration last year, toiled selflessly to help form a sponsorship is a principled state and her equal half Ravi Batra. and human rights.
Akbaruddin, Diwali Foundations Minister Rybakov spoke of my de more perfect, peaceful and secure ment by these nations that hu As an Indian and a UN diplomat And yes, Amb. Lakshmi Puri
chair Ranju Batra, National Advi termined efforts as The Power of world for all of us. manity & religious mooring ought my vision has always been that of continued, I do believe in the
sory Council for South Asian Af One, and nowMinister Dapkiunas This slate of honorees has set not be banned, but rather, cher Vasudhaiva kutumbakam the power of one, in each of us being
fairs Chair Ravi Batra along with spoke of the Diwali Stamps jour the bar quite high for all future ished if Good, Light, Knowledge whole world is an interdependent a lamp to illuminate and trans
Amb. Frantisek Ruzicka, Chef de ney being consistent with the honorees. & Hope are to be given to our family and our destinies are con form the world through the power
Cabinet to President of the 72nd At the inauguration of the event (from left) Ambassadors Rybakov, Imnadze, Akbaruddin, Ranju Batra, CDC Frantisek Ruzicka and Ravi Batra. highest ideals of the UN Charter, Whatever the UN Charter kids and grandkids so they can nected each to each and across all of ideas and knowledge, advocacy
General Assembly, H.E. Miroslav and that Diwali was global. That dreams of, the Diwali Founda have a more perfect world. borders and spaces. To me the sig and movement building, setting of
Lajcak, to light the diya to open event, like a seed, with added tions Power of One honorees He concluded by saying, When nificance of Diwali and the United global standards and values to re
the event. prompting, grew this year into the have helped to make it a reality! all nations agree to cosponsor Nations projects for humanity alize the ideals of the United Na
Amb. Rybakov said, Having Di Diwali Foundation USA. In turn, National Advisory Council South these awards, we may have ar which I have been proud to serve tions and the Perfect World we all
wali event held already second that resulted in todays inaugura Asian Affairs Chair Ravi Batra said rived at a nearperfect world. for 43 years in different capaci dream of, want and deserve.
year in a row is hopefully becom
ing a regular tradition here at the
United Nations. Being a symbol of
charity, kindness and peace, Di
wali is in lockstep with the goals
and ideals of the UN.
He explained that after a very
successful launch of the Diwali
stamp in 2016 (after a prolonged
campaign spearheaded by Ranju
Batra), this is now transformed
into the Power of One awards ac
knowledging the role a person
can play in the International com
Others who spoke on the occa
sion included Chef de Cabinet to
the President of the 72nd Session
of the UN General Assembly, Amb.
Diwali Foundation USA Chair Ranju Batra, who spearheaded
Frantisek Ruzicka, Georgias Amb.
Ravi Batra, Chair, National Advisory Council for South Asian Affairs, the campaign to secure USPS issued Diwali stamp,
Imnadze, Indias Amb. Syed Ak
speaking at the event. is the inspiration behind Power of One awards.
baruddin, Algerias Amb.
Boukadoum, and Kazakhstans the foundational principles of the Eid, and Kwanza; and I was deter secured support from Indias She described the origin of the
Amb. Umarov. United Nations, which stand for mined to get the USPS to issue the Prime Minister Modi and Amer Power of One awards thus: Days
Amb. Akbaruddin said that the universal good. Diwali stamp despite knowing icas then President Obama. In Oc after the Official Dedication (of
Power of One awards honor those Diwali Foundation USA Chair many others had tried and given tober 2016, we got our Forever the Diwali stamp), we attended a
who have successfully brought Ranju Batra in her speech re up. I spent nearly 7 years at it and Diwali Stamp. I personally sold dinner hosted by Georgias Am
about change, adding, The mes called her long journey to secure along the way, I got a lot of help over 170,000 stamps to make the bassador Imnadze, and I told my
sage of Diwali is the triumph of the release of the Diwali stamp : from many people. Congress Diwali Stamp the USPS #1 Best story. Next day, Belarus Ambassa Ambassador Frantisek Ruzicka, Chef de Cabinet to the
good over evil, light over dark I was happy that there were woman Carolyn Maloney provided seller for Day One in its over 200 dor Dapkiunas called (my hus Belarus Permanent Representative to the UN, Valentin Ry Georgias Permanent Representative to the UN, President of the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly,
ness. It is also the reaffirmation of stamps for Hanukkah, Christmas, national political leadership. I also year existence. band) Ravi to tell him that he had bakov was the Master of Ceremonies Kaha Imnadze, speaking at the event at the event. (Photos: Mohammed Jaffer/SnapsIndia)
18 December 23-29, 2017 ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD TheSouthAsianTimes.info

OSCAR RACE, TEAM STILL PROUD 'Monsoon Shootout': An astutely
mounted crime drama
pportunities and words of wisdom and reality. The conflict gnaws into his con
have always been at loggerheads, science, especially when he is tasked to cap
especially during decision making. It ture Shiva (Nawazuddin), a purported serial
leads to a moral dilemma, for decisions and killer who hacks his victim to death.
its consequences keep haunting you for the The writing is mature and indulgent as it
rest of your life. But what happens when your exposes not only the character's inner tur
life is at stake? moil, but it also offhandedly exposes the
Designed as a crime drama, director Amit city's underbelly and its association with the
Kumar's "Monsoon Shootout" astutely deliv police force, with brutal honesty.
ers a very subtle and pragmatic message What adds to the intrigue factor of the
despite a convoluted plot. screenplay and narrative, are the perform
The film takes us through the trials and ances of the cast. While we have seen
tribulations of Adi (Vijay Varma) an idealistic Nawazuddin play a noir character earlier, it is
greenhorn in the crime branch of Mumbai Vijay Varma who steals your heart in his per
police. At the very onset of his budding formance as Adi. He is a bundle of talent. He
career, he is reminded by his mother what his brings to the surface the innocence of his
dead father would often tell him "There are character and you empathize with his pain
Actor Rajkummar Rao plays the lead role in the movie. three ways; the right, the wrong and the mid and frustrations while you back him up for

dle path." his sincerity.
ndia's official entry for the Best Foreign peting with the best in the world, so it's But at his office, while being taken through Overall, "Monsoon Shootout" keeps you riv
Language Film at the Oscars 2018, extremely tough. The response from the ropes of the trade by his senior, PI Khan eted and haunts you long after you leave the
"Newton", is out of the race for the Academy members to 'Newton' was very (Neeraj Kabi), he is torn between the truth theatre.
honor. But the movie's team is feeling far positive and we are grateful to everyone
from defeated. who supported us on this journey.
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and "The experience has enriched us and has Actor Nawazuddin
Sciences announced that nine features out encouraged me to push my limits each time Siddiqui plays a serial
of 92 will advance to the next round of vot I make a new film." killer in the movie.
ing in the Foreign Language Film category Final nominations for all categories of the
for the 90th Academy Awards, according to 90th Academy Awards will be announced
the official website of the Oscars. on January 23. The Oscars ceremony will be
"Newton", directed by Amit V. Masurkar held on March 4 at the Dolby Theatre.
and starring the stellar Rajkummar Rao in a So far, "Mother India", "Salaam Bombay!"
story set against the backdrop of elections and "Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India"
in the world's largest democracy, was not a are the only Indian films that made it to the
part of it. top five in the Best Foreign Language Film
Masurkar said: "The Foreign Film category at the Academy Awards, but none
Category is like the Olympics. We are com have won the honor.

Prince Harry, Meghan

Markle to wed on May 19 Cops say no to Sunny Leone's
New Year bash
rince Harry and Meghan

Markle's wedding will be engaluru Police Commissioner T.
held on May 19 next year, Suneel Kumar denied permission to a
Kensington Palace announced. New Year bash in the city where
The couple confirmed their Bollywood cine star Sunny Leone has been
engagement last month and said invited to perform, ostensibly to "maintain
the wedding ceremony would law and order" and prevent any "untoward
take place on a Saturday at St. incident".
George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. "We are denying permission for the Sunny
The date breaks with tradition Leone's musical show on December 31 night
as royal weddings usually take to maintain law and order and prevent any
place on a weekday, the BBC untoward incident in the city," Kumar told
reported. The royal family will reporters.
pay for the wedding, including Though the event organizer Time
the service, music, flowers and Creations is yet to approach police for per
reception. mission to host the gala show with Leone and
Earlier this week, Kensington DJ All OK musical group at Manyata Tech
Palace announced the couple will Park in the city suburbs, the city police chief
be spending Christmas together said it would not be possible to provide
at Sandringham with Queen enough security at the venue as its entire
Elizabeth II and other members force would be on duty across the city on the
of the royal family. Prince Harry same night.
Prince Harry and Markle have been
and Markle have been dating dating since July 2016. "In view of a directive from the Karnataka
since July 2016 and made their High Court to ensure peaceful New Year cele
first public appearance as a couple in been "over the moon" about the pair's brations and prevent untoward incidents in
September. engagement. The couple will live in the city, we will not be able to deploy enough
Bollywood star Sunny Leone has been
They opened up for the first time about Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of invited to perform in Bengaluru.
force at one place at the risk of other areas,"
their relationship in an interview last London's Kensington Palace, the official he said. 100 activists of the Karnataka Rakshana
month when Prince Harry told the BBC that residence of the Duke and Duchess of The decision against the 36yearold for Vedike had demonstrated at the venue
his late mother, Princess Diana, would have Cambridge. mer porn star also came a day after about against her presence in the show.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD December 23-29, 2017 19

'Tiger Zinda Hai' Shilpa Shetty wins PETA's

banned in Pakistan 'Hero To Animals' Award
preneur Shilpa
Shetty Kundra
has been honored with
a 'Hero to Animals'
Award by animal
rights organization
PETA for speaking out
against the cruelty of
circuses; signing a
petition asking the
government to uphold
the ban on jallikattu,
bull races, and bull
fights; and adopting a
stray kitten.
Shilpa's compassion
towards animals was
Actor Salman Khan in a still from the film. recognized by People

for the Ethical
ollywood film "Tiger Zinda Hai", ers of the film available in media, in the
Treatment of Animals
which has been refused the No said feature film, our national security and
objection Certification for import law enforcement institutions, agencies,
"Shilpa is beautiful
into Pakistan, shows the country's national individuals and certain state symbols are
inside and out and has
security and law enforcement institutions being shown in a demeaning manner on
a golden heart that
and agencies in a demeaning manner, which we have a 'nocompromise policy',"
beats for animals. We
according to the Pakistan censor board CBFC's chief Mobashir Hasan said via social
thank her for standing
chief. media from Islamabad.
up for animals through
Pakistan's Ministry of Information, The Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer
her work and other
Broadcasting, National History and Literary is a sequel to the thriller "Ek Tha Tiger",
actions," Sachin
Heritage refused the grant of the NoC to which too was not released in Pakistan.
Bangera, PETA
the local distributor, Geo TV Network, for "(The) first film 'Ek Tha Tiger' was also
Associate Director of
"Tiger Zinda Hai" on the recommendation banned in 2012 as it blatantly flouted the
Celebrity and Public
of the Central Board of Film Censors Code of Censorship of Films, 1980 under
Relations, said in a
(CBFC), thereby banning the movie in the MPO (Maintenance of Public Order), 1979,"
statement. Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.
country. "As per synopsis, reviews and trail Hasan said.


t was sometime in 1948, I was the middle of the road and ate.
recording a song at the There was almost no traffic those
Famous recording studio for days, particularly at 3 a.m. A sheet
music director Anil Biswas. At that was spread on the road where we
time, Raj Kapoor had a very small all ate and left for home.
office on the second floor in the I was also bad tempered. I used
same building. Anil Biswas con to fight. I was recording with his
tacted him and asked him to come son Randhir Kapoor for his film
down to the studio and listen to "Kal Aaj Aur Kal". Rajji had come
my voice. I sang and he listened. for the recording. There, he told
There was no reaction. He lis me that he was soon starting his
tened and left! Next day, Anil next film called "Satyam Shivam
Biswas called and said that Raj Sundaram" for which he wanted
Kapoor has called you at the my brother Hridaynath
Mahalaxmi office. Mangeshkar to score the music. I
Noted playback singer Lata Mangeshkar and showman of Indian cinema Raj Kapoor.
In Kohlapur, I had seen replied to him saying that I would
Prithviraj Kapoor's film "Sikandar" were music angers. They all Jaikishen. He was concerned people. I recall a time when we ask my brother. I managed to per
fifteen times. I was a great fan of worked together at Prithvi about my ability to sing commer were recording the famous song suade my brother who was not
his. He was tall and so handsome. Theatres. cial film songs, being a classical in Awara, Ghar aaya mera parde really interested in scoring scores
I thought it might be a good Shankar was on the tabla and singer. Hearing this I was natural si', with Manna Dey accompany for films. I left for my US trip
opportunity to meet my favorite Jaikishen on the harmonium. ly very upset. I was new and had ing me. We reached the recording where I was shocked to hear from
star's son, Raj Kapoor.I accepted They sang and taught me the not worked in the film industry. I theatre. Shankar and Jaikishen Mukesh, Hridaynath ki picture
the invite and went. Raj Kapoor song Jiya bekarar hai' for the film sang all the songs in Barsaat. It made us learn the lyrics and the gayi (Hridaynath has lost the
was sitting on his desk in his "Barsaat." was very gratifying for me to hear melody of the song, but Raj saab, film)!' Hridaynath called and said
office. I sat across the table. He It was after this recording that of a request from Raj saab for a who came later, rejected our that he had accepted the film
said, I want you to sing for my Raj Kapoor took the decision that bhairavi alaap in a certain song in entire day's work. He said to because of me but the newspapers
film,' and asked me what that the music director for the film Barsaat. I sang it and he loved it Jaikishen, I don't want a popatiya were writing otherwise. He was
would cost him. I responded by would be ShakarJaikishen and and was very happy. The music of song!' He changed the whole song. offended and embarrassed. I was
saying any amount that he gave not Ram Ganguly. This was the this film was very successful. He also added an alaap to the very angry with Rajji. On my
me would be acceptable. He historic decision, with Shailendra Later, for the following films, he song! All this went on till 3 a.m. return, I called him and said, why
replied by offering me rupees 500 and Hasrat Jaipuri handling the would leave the details of the and only after it was done did he did you do this?' I had persuaded
for the same. At this time, Ram lyrics that created the evergreen melody to me. But he always say, Now let us eat!' He had him because you had asked me to!'
Ganguly was the music director music of R.K. Films. wanted an alaap which would arranged food for the entire unit. I (Extracted from "Raj Kapoor:
and both Shankar and Jaikishen I also recall Rajji cautioning touch the hearts of millions of remember the entire team sat in The One And Only Showman")
20 December 23-29, 2017 DIASPORA TheSouthAsianTimes.info

At over 15.6 million, Indian diaspora is world's

largest, Gulf nations house biggest share
New Delhi: The Indian diaspora 3.2% in 2010 to 3.3% in 2015. tination for international
is world's largest with more than The report also said that nearly migrants since 1970, and of the
15.6 million living abroad and half of all migrants worldwide in 46.6 million foreignborn people
Gulf nations hold the biggest 2015 were born in Asia, mainly residing in the country in 2015,
share, the United Nations said in from India, China and other nearly two million were of Indian
a recent report. South Asian countries. origin, it said.
Indians constituted 6% of the Mexico ranked second in terms The report further said that the
total number of migrants, or peo of diaspora population followed number of foreignborn migrants
ple living outside the country of by Russia, China, Bangladesh and in the US has almost quadrupled
their birth, which was estimated Pakistan. from around 12 million in 1970
at 243 million in 2015. Nearly 72% of the international to 46.6 million in 2015.
The report also said that the migrant population were in the The report is the ninth in the
global migrant population rose working age group of 20 to 64 series published by the UN
by 10% in 2015 compared with years, the report, published by agency since 2000 and aimed at
the figure recorded in 2010, year, one of every 30 people was Report 2018 noted that the the UN agency of International contributing to increased under
which means of the 7.3 billion a migrant. growth of the Indian diaspora Organisation for Migration, said. standing of world migration.
global population in the given However, the World Migration largely remained static, from The US has been the main des (Source: Zee News)

How to avail an Aadhaar Card if you are an NRI

re you an NRI (nonresident Indian) look fully exempted to produce Aadhaar for any
A ing to get an Aadhaar card? Well, you verification. NRIs, although they are citizens
need not worry. The government has now of India, are not eligible for Aadhaar card if
made a provision to issue Aadhaar card to they have not stayed for 182 days or more in
NRIs. Yes, the Aadhaar card can also be the last 12 months, preceding the date of
availed by nonresident Indians. According to application.
the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial Here's a step by step guide on how NRIs
and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) can apply for Aadhaar:
Act, 2016, an NRI having resided in India for Step 1: Visit the official website of UIDAI
a period of 182 days or more in 12 months uidai.gov.in and find an enrollment center
immediately preceding the date of applica near you.
tion for enrollment and having an Indian Step 2: Fix an appointment online or visit
address can apply for Aadhaar. the enrollment center directly.
The process to register for an Aadhaar card Step 3: Carry photocopies of documents
for NRIs is similar to the process followed by such as resident proof, birth certificate and
residents. A NRI can fix an appointment in PAN card along with the Aadhaar card appli
either of two modes: online and offline. An cation form. Give all the copies to the official
NRI can apply for Aadhaar online, through at the center.
the selfservice portal of the UIDAI (Unique Step 4: The official at the enrollment center
Identification Authority of India), the issuer of will take your biometric details (through fin Ambassador Sujan R Chinoy at luncheon hosted by Prime Minister Abe
the 12digit Unique Identity Number (UID) gerprint and iris scans). at his official residence #Kantei for Japanesespeaking Ambassadors in Tokyo on
and Aadhaar card. Alternatively, he or she Step 5: The Aadhaar official will then give December 18, 2017. Ambassador Chinoy delivers a speech in Japanese
can visit the enrollment centers approved by you an acknowledgment slip containing the highlighting IndiaJapan close ties and his impressions of Japan.
UIDAI to apply for Aadhaar card offline. Enrollment ID which you can use for tracking (Photo courtesy: Embassy of India, Japan/Facebook)
However, as per the Aadhaar Act, NRIs are the status of your application. (ndtv.com)

Indian cultural center to come up in Bahrain

Manama: A new BD58000 Indian hoping to receive more funds from crore Indian rupees but their esti which he has agreed to. allow NRI students to be eligible for
cultural center could soon be built in the government of India. mate is that they will need 10 crores She said that there are around local examinations at the institutes.
Bahrain for the Kannada community, Dr. Krishna, who held meetings to build the center. During the meet 20,000 people from Karnataka in Dr. Krishna, who also received a
a government official from India with several Kannada communities ing the community members Bahrain. similar concern from the community
said. The cultural center, which will in the Kingdom, said that, The mem requested me to help obtain a fur During the meeting the community in Saudi, assured them that she
cater to the Kannada community will bers have shared many concerns, ther 5 crore Indian rupees funding members made a request to the would take the matter up with the
help bring together over 50 official needs and wants. One of the things from the government. They want the Karnataka government to allot land education minister.
and unofficial Kannada groups. they would like see is a new commu works to be underway within the in India where NRIs could purchase The community members have
The details were revealed to DT nity center. Currently, there are next year and are also collecting and build houses. also complained about the number
News by Dr. Arathi Krishna, Deputy many Kannada groups in the king funds from the members as well, Dr. They also requested a cut in the of flights from Bahrain to Mangalore
Chairman of Non Resident Forum, dom, but they would like to a place Krishna added. huge fees charged by educational and Bangalore and have also
Government of Karnataka, India, who where they can all come together. She has requested help from the institutions where NRIs have to pay expressed their concern about being
was in Bahrain yesterday. The previous government in Indian Ambassador Alok Kumar a lot more than citizens residing in treated unfairly at the Mangalore
However, community members are Karnataka had given them about 1 Sinha to support the local efforts, the country. They also requested to airport. (Source: newsofbahrain.com)
TheSouthAsianTimes.info SUBCONTINENT December 23-29, 2017 21

9 dead in attack on church in Nepal's CPNUML

Pak, IS claims responsibility emerges largest party
in historical polls
Kathmandu: Nepal's
CPNUML emerged
as the largest party
in the Himalayan
nation as vote count
ing of the firstpast
thepost (FPTP) for
Parliament and
provincial assembly
elections in Nepal
came to an end, the
Election Commission
said. The
Communist Party of
The historical elections are seen as a crucial
step to implement the new Constitution.
Marxist Leninist was able to Commission.
secure 80 out of the total 165 It became the third largest
seats under the FPTP category of party this time.
the Parliament. The party gar Though the Election
nered 166 out of 330 seats in Commission announced the final
The inside view of the church after the attack.
provincial assembly polls, the outcomes of the federal and
Islamabad: At least nine people was carrying at the church's nine killed were two women and Kathmandu Post reported. provincial assembly elections,
have been killed, including two of entrance, police spokesperson five men, in addition to the two The CPN (Maoist Centre) led by vote counting for the proportion
the attackers, and another 30 Muhammed Ramzan said. attackers. Another 28 people Pushpa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda" ate representation category was
injured after four armed insur Another of the attackers, who have been injured, including a became the second largest party still underway.
gents attacked a Methodist failed to detonate his explosives police officer guarding the by winning 36 seats in The CPNUML took a clear lead
church in Quetta in Pakistan. The laden vest, was killed in a church. Parliament and 73 seats in in the proportionate representa
Islamic State has claimed respon shootout with the police inside In a statement published via provincial assembly under the tion category as well, according
sibility for the attack. the church while the remaining the messaging service Telegram, FPTP category. to the results made public so far.
The attack on the Bethel two assailants fled the scene, IS said two of its members The Nepali Congress (NC), The historical elections are
Memorial church on Imdad reports Efe news. launched the attack on the Bethel which was the largest party in seen as a crucial step to imple
square, where around 400 peo "The police are hunting for Memorial Church in Imdad the last election, managed to win ment the new Constitution which
ple were present, started at those who ran away," a police Square in Quetta, where around 23 seats in Parliament and was saw strong protests from some
12.10 p.m. when a suicide attack officer added. According to the 400 people were present, Efe elected in 45 provincial con Madhesi ethnic groups in Nepal's
er detonated the explosives he police spokesperson, among the news agency reported. stituencies, said the Election Terai region bordering India.

40 more Rohingya villages Sri Lankan risks torture if

burnt in Myanmar: Report deported from Australia
Nay Pyi Taw: The Human Rights Canberra: A UN committee warrant in the first instance, later
Watch (HRW) reported the burn against torture has advised the explaining he did not understand
ing of 40 additional Rohingya vil Australian government not to the Australian justice system and
lages in Myanmar in a military deport a Sri Lankan man, fearing feared he would "get in trouble"
campaign, which has led more he might be tortured upon because of it, reports the
than 655,000 people of this return, the media reported. Guardian.
Muslim minority community to The Genevabased committee Having failed to produce the
flee to Bangladesh. of 10 human rights experts has warrant, his protection claim was
The HRW used satellite images formally requested Australia not dismissed as not credible, and
to identify the new incidents, to return the man to Colombo, the Immigration Assessment
recorded between October and reports the Guardian. Authority, which reviewed his
November, raising the total num The man was told on December case, chose not to consider the
Myanmar does not recognize
ber of villages completely or par 6 by the Department of document after being presented
Rohingyas as citizens.
tially razed to 354 since the Immigration to prepare to be with it.
beginning of the military offen Adams. deported from Australia. He In July, the UN's special rappor
sive on August 25, reports Efe The organization accused the faces arrest in Sri Lanka for his teur Ben Emmerson visited Sri
news. HRW Asia director, Brad Myanmar Army of committing alleged links to the now van Lanka and reported that "the use
Adams, said the continued murders and rapes, among other quished Liberation Tigers of of torture, has been, and remains,
destruction of Rohingya villages abuses, during the military opera Tamil Eelam (LTTE). endemic and routine, for those
shows that the commitment tion that began after several His arrest warrant states he arrested and detained on nation
signed to ensure the safe return armed assaults by a poorly armed faces charges of "assisting anti UN's special rapporteur Ben al security grounds.
Rohingya insurgent group government activities and sup Emmerson. "Entire communities have been
of refugees is merely a public
relations stunt. against security forces, which left porting and assisting a terrorist status determination process and stigmatized and targeted for
"The satellite imagery shows 11 Myanmar security personnel organization". was found to not meet the crite harassment and arbitrary arrest
what the Myanmar Army denies: dead. The Tamil Tigers were ulti ria for refugee status. and detention, and any person
that Rohingya villages continue The Myanmar Army denied all mately defeated in 2009 after 26 Under the fasttrack system, no suspected of association, howev
to be destroyed. The Myanmar allegations of abuse despite the years of civil war. additional information can be er indirect, with the LTTE
government pledges to ensure UN High Commissioner for The asylum seeker, an ethnic brought after an initial protec remains at immediate risk of
the safety of returning Rohingya Human Rights calling it a text Tamil, went through Australia's tion application. detention and torture,"
cannot be taken seriously," said book example of ethnic cleansing. controversial "fasttrack" refugee He did not present the arrest Emmerson wrote.
22 December 23-29, 2017 INTERNATIONAL TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Putin calls Trump to

thank CIA for sharing
terrorist info
Moscow: Russian
President Vladimir Putin
called US President Donald
Trump to express grati
tude to the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA)'s
information that helped
Heads of states and governments present at the OIC summit. foil terrorist attack
attempts in St Petersburg,

Islamic summit declares East the Kremlin said.

Russia's Federal Security
Service said that it

Jerusalem as Palestine's capital

Istanbul: A summit of Islamic strongest terms" the unilateral Abbas earlier said the UN should
detained seven Islamic
State supporters earlier
this week for plotting to
blow up the famous Kazan
countries held in Istanbul declared decision by US President Donald take over. In a speech to the OIC
Cathedral in St. Russian President Vladimir Putin.
East Jerusalem as the capital of Trump to recognize Jerusalem as summit, he said it would be "unac
Petersburg, the second
Palestine. the capital of Israel, the commu ceptable" for the US to be the
largest city in Russia. US and its citizens, will immedi
The summit of the Organization niqu was cited as saying by Efe mediator "since it is biased in favor
"The information received ately provide it to their US
of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) also news. of Israel".
from the CIA proved to be suffi counterparts.
invited all the countries to "recog The OIC communiqu declared T he communiqu said
cient for the search and deten This was the second phone
nize the State of Palestine and East Trump's move "null and void" and Washington will be held "fully
tion of the suspects," Xinhua conversation between Putin
Jerusalem as its occupied capital", considered it an "attack" on the liable for all the consequences of
cited a statement from Kremlin and Trump within a week fol
said the draft final communiqu rights of the Palestinian people. It not retracting from this illegal
as saying. lowing a call when the two
unveiled at the conclusion of the accused the US of "deliberately decision".
Putin told Trump that the presidents discussed "urgent
oneday meeting. undermining" peace ef forts and The leaders at the summit asked
Russian special services, upon issues" in bilateral diplomatic
The heads of states and govern warned that it has given "impetus the UN to assume its responsibili
receiving information regard relations and situation on the
ments present at the summit to extremism and terrorism". ties and reaf firm the city's legal
ing terrorist threats against the Korean Peninsula.
"re ject and condemn in the Palestinian President Mahmoud position.

British PM May delivers N Korea threatens to be 'most

defiant message on Brexit powerful nuclear, military state'
London: British Prime Minister United Nations: In a challenge
Theresa May issued a defiant to the global order, North
message, saying the British gov Korea has issued a threat that
ernment will not be derailed from it will become "world's most
the fundamental duty of deliver powerful nuclear and military
ing the will of the people who state".
voted to leave the European Union Pyongyang's assertion of
(EU). ambitions to global suprema
"Amid all the noise, we are get cy came on Friday after
ting on with the job. In the face of SecretaryGeneral Antonio
those who want to talk Britain Guterres warned the Security
down, we are securing the best Council, "The situation on the
and most ambitious Brexit deal Korean Peninsula is the most
for our whole United Kingdom," tense and dangerous peace
May said in an article published in and security issue in the world
the Sunday Telegraph newspaper. today." Pyongyang "will march
North Korean leader Kim JongUn.
The Independent published the forward and make great
result of a new poll revealing that advancement victoriously as With the characteristic bom test flight.
socalled remainers who want world's most powerful nuclear bast of his country's rhetoric, While claiming to be march
British PM Theresa May said talks and military state upholding
Britain to stay in the EU have been Ja dismissed the Council as ing towards becoming the
will start soon with the EU.
given their biggest lead since the the line on simultaneous "tool" of the US, which he said world's most powerful military
2016 national referendum when nership that we want to build development of the Two is "terrified by the incredible and nuclear state, Ja also
the leave side won by a 52to48 between the United Kingdom and Fronts," North Korea's might of our republic". asserted that Pyongyang
margin, Xinhua news agency the European Union." Permanent Representative Ja He described the latest "would not pose any threat to
reported. The Prime Minister said talks will Songnam told the Security North Korean intercontinental any country and region" as
The Independent said a survey by now begin immediately with the EU Council during a session on ballistic missile test on long as its interests were not
BMG Research showed 51 per cent on agreeing an implementation the threat from his country's November 29 as the "Great threatened.
now back staying in the EU, while period, giving businesses and fami nuclear and missile programs. November Event" leading to US Secretary of State Rex
41 per cent want to leave, a 10lead lies time to implement the changes The mention of "Two Fronts" "completing the state nuclear Tillerson, who spoke before Ja
for the remainers. required for Britain's future part is a reference to North Korea's force" and "building a rocket reiterated Washington's warn
May, in her message, said: "The nership with the EU. theory of simultaneously power". That missile, said to ing that "all options are on the
last 10 days have marked a water "I very much welcome the desire developing its military capa be capable of hitting targets table" to contain North Korea's
shed in our negotiations to leave of the EU to agree the precise terms bilities, as well as its economy, anywhere in the US, landed off nuclear threat while offering
the EU. We will begin discussions of this period as soon as possible," which are both vulnerable to Japan's coast within its eco to keep the lines of communi
on the new, deep and special part said May. international sanctions. nomic exclusive zone in its cation with Pyongyang open.
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Adani parts ways with mining services firm Downer

Sydney: Embattled Indian miner far unsuccessful attempts to jobs across Queensland."
Adani Group has parted ways raise finance in China. Adani had intended to out
with mining services giant Adani said in a statement it source the operation of its
Downer and said it will build and remained committed to the proj Carmichael mine to Downer
run the Carmichael coal mine, ect and the split with Downer under an agreement that was
Australia's biggest coal venture was "simply a change in manage worth $2bn at the time of its
in central Queensland's Galilee ment structure". announcement in 2014.
Basin, on its own, a media report "Following on from the NAIF The very first act of
said. veto last week, and in line with Queensland's newly reelected
Adani in a statement revealed its vision to achieve the lowest Labor government was to make
that both parties had canceled a quartile cost of production by good on its election promise to
conditional $2.6 billion contract ensuring flexibility and efficien veto a loan to Adani of up to
as part of Adani's costcutting cies in the supply chain, Adani $1bn from the federal Northern
drive following last week's deci has decided to develop and oper Australian Infrastructure Fund
sion by the Queensland state ate the mine on an owner opera (Naif ).
government to veto an A$900 tor basis," the statement said. The government has said it
million federal government loan "Adani and Downer have mutu backs the mine and wants the
to Adani. ally agreed to cancel all Letter of jobs it will create, but also says
The split comes after Adani Group revealed that both parties had canceled a Awards and Downer will provide the project must be viable with
Australian company Downer conditional $2.6 billion contract. transitional assistance until out taxpayer funds, including
became the target of a nation March 31, 2018. federal funds.
wide activist campaign pressur sive project, with Downer one of est in a long series of project hic "Adani remains committed to Adani is yet to secure funding
ing it to quit the Carmichael proj only two mine contractors cups for the Carmichael mine, develop the Carmichael project for the mine. Earlier this month,
ect in central Queensland, along with Thiess considered including the veto of Adani's and will ensure the highest level Chinese lenders ruled out provid
abc.net.au reported. capable of handling an operation application for a Northern of standards and governance. ing finance, joining Australia's
The move raises further ques producing up to 60 million Australia Infrastructure Facility "This will not affect our com big four banks in avoiding the
tions about the fate of the mas tonnes of coal a year. It is the lat (NAIF) loan last week, and its so mitment or the number of local controversial project.

UIDAI puts Airtel, Toyota to introduce its BEVs

Airtel Bank's eKYC in India through 2020s
services on hold
New Delhi/Tokyo: Global have sales of more than
automobile major Toyota 5.5 million electrified
aims to introduce its new vehicles, including more
range of battery electric than 1 million zeroemis
vehicles (BEVs) in India sion vehicles (BEVs,
UIDAI's interim
and other key markets FCEVs).
order came
after some through the 2020s. Additionally, by around
Bharti Airtel According to an official 2025, every model in the
customers statement released on Toyota and Lexus lineup
alleged that the Monday, the global auto around the world will be
company had mobile giant plans to available either as a dedi
opened their popularise electrified cated electrified model
bank account vehicles for the decade or have an electrified
in Airtel 20202030. "Toyota's option. "This will be
Payments Bank. electrified vehicle strategy cen ularisation of BEVs with more achieved by increasing the num
ters on a significant acceleration than 10 BEV models to be avail ber of dedicated HEV, PHEV, BEV,
New Delhi: The Unique customers of the telecom major in the development and launch able worldwide by the early and FCEV models and by gener
Identification Authority of India alleged that the company had plans of hybrid electric vehicles 2020s, starting in China, before alizing the availability of HEV,
(UIDAI) has temporarily suspend opened their bank account in (HEVs), plugin hybrid electric entering other markets, the grad PHEV and/or BEV options to all
ed telecom major Bharti Airtel and Airtel Payments Bank when they vehicles (PHEVs), battery electric ual introduction to Japan, India, its models," the company said in
Airtel Payments Bank's "Aadhaar used the "Aadhaar linked eKYC vehicles (BEVs), and fuel cell United States and Europe is a statement.
linked eKYC" services for alleged services" without their consent. electric vehicles (FCEVs)," the expected." "As a result, the number of
misuse of the facility. The "Aadhaar linked eKYC" statement said. As per the company's plans, by models developed without an
"We can confirm that we have service of UIDAI provides an "Toyota will accelerate the pop around 2030, Toyota aims to electrified version will be zero."
received interim order from the instant, electronic, nonrepudiable

Sensex ends volatile day in

UIDAI regarding temporary sus proof of identity and proof of
pension of Aadhaar linked eKYC address along with date of birth
services till their satisfaction on and gender, resident's mobile
certain processes relating to Airtel number and email address to the
Payments Bank's onboarding of
customers," the company said in a
statement on Saturday.
service provider.
Aadhaar authentication and e
KYC services are available to dif
green after election results
"We are engaging with the ferent sectors and government Mumbai: Dancing to the tune of 0.54 per cent at 10,388.75 intraday trade so far.
authority and are hopeful of an organizations under a licence. the assembly poll results of points. The barometer 30scrip The BSE market breadth was
early resolution. We are also Bharti Airtel uses the Aadhaar Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, Sensitive Index (Sensex) of the bullish 1,472 advances and
undertaking to complete the said data base for the purposes of key Indian equity indices provi BSE, which opened at 33,364.52 1,182 declines.
actions on priority and have com mobile services KYC under a sionally closed in the green on points, closed at 33,601.68 "Sectorally, pharma, PSU bank,
menced with checks of our process licence agreement, while Airtel Monday after swinging from the points up 138.71 points or auto, telecom and metals indices
flows. Being compliant to all guide Payments Bank which is a separate extreme negative to the positive. 0.41 per cent from its previ have gained the most, while
lines is paramount to us," the entity is an authorized KYC User The wider Nifty50 of the ous close. Realty has slipped marginally
statement added. Agency (KUA) and Authentication National Stock Exchange (NSE) The Sensex touched a high of into red," Deepak Jasani, Head
According to sources, UIDAI's User Agency (AUA) of UIDAI hav provisionally closed (at 3.30 33,801.90 points and a low of of Retail Research for HDFC
interim order comes after some ing signed the licence agreement. p.m.) higher by 55.50 points or 32,595.63 points during the Securities, told IANS.
24 December 23-29, 2017 SPORTS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Sushil Kumar wins gold as Indians

dominate Commonwealth wrestling
Johannesburg: Indian star Sushil Botha of South Africa in the play in their respective categories on
Kumar made his return to interna off for the third place. Sunday while Pooja (76kg) and
tional wrestling a memorable one, Sakshi Malik, the only Indian Ravita (59kg) finished with silver
outclassing Akash Khullar of New female g rappler to clinch an medals. Kavita (76kg) and Manu
Zealand in the final of the men's Olympic medal, also bagged a gold Tomar (72kg) took bronze.
74 kilogram freestyle category to medal. The Rio Olympics silver Sushil started his campaign with
clinch gold at the Commonwealth medallist defeated New Zealand's an easy 80 win over Botha.
Wrestling Championship here. Tayla Tuahine Ford 132 in the In the second round, Sushil over
Sushil gave his opponent virtual final of the women's 62kg catego powered Jasmit Singh Phulka of
ly no chance in the title clash, carv ry. The Indians dominated most of Canada 91 before defeating Rana
ing out an easy 60 victory. The the weight categories in the men's 54 in a thrilling contest.
double Olympic medallist, who is freestyle with Bajrang (65kg), Sushil's longtime coach Satpal
staging a comeback after around Jitender (79kg) and Sumit (125kg) Singh was ecstatic at India's per
three years, thus clinched his fifth also winning gold in their respec formance.
title at the Commonwealth level. tive events. "It was a superb performance by
"It's a very proud and emotional Hitender (125kg), Somveer all the Indian wrestlers. Sushil has
moment for me as I have returned (92kg) and Jitender (79kg) had to made a strong comeback after a
to the mat on international level be content with bronze medals. long time. He worked very hard
after a gap of 3 years. I want to The Indian women also imposed for the last 810 months," Satpal
dedicate this Gold medal won in total domination in the competi told IANS.
#Commonwealthwrestlingchampio tion, winning gold in each of the "The toughest competition was
nship at #SouthAfrica to my guru Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar. 10 weight categories. in the 74 kilogram category. The
and to my Nation. JaiHind," Sushil Apart from Malik, Kiran (72kg), wrestlers from New Zealand, South
later wrote on his official Twitter national flag. Rana got the bronze in the 74kg Divya Kakran (68kg) and Ritu Africa and Canada were really
handle along with a photo of the Emerging Indian star Parveen category, beating Johannes Petrus Malik (65kg) emerged champions good," he added.

Rohit Sharma enters top SUPERSERIES FINALS:

5 spot in ODI rankings SINDHU LOSES IN FINAL
Dubai: Indian star shuttler P.V. Sindhu lost
to Japan's Akane Yamaguchi in the
women's singles final of the seasonending
BWF World Superseries Finals here.
Rio Olympics silver medallist Sindhu lost
a hardfought battle 2115, 1221, 1921
in an hour and 34 minutes to world No.2
Yamaguchi at the Hamdan Sports
With this win, the 20yearold Japanese
improved her headtohead record against
Sindhu to 35.
Sindhu came into the match on the back
of four consecutive wins, including a 219,
2113 dominat ing victory over
Yamaguchi. The way Sindhu ran away
with the first game with a 2115 triumph,
it seemed to be easy for the threetime
Rohit Sharma. World Championships medallist.
Japan's Akane Yamaguchi with P.V.
Sindhu utilised her wide reach to good Sindhu in Dubai. (Xinhua/IANS)
Dubai: India opener Rohit Sharma has gained one slot to reach 14th position after effect, especially in crosscourt situations.
climbed to the fifth spot amongst batsmen in aggregating 168 runs including an unbeaten Sindhu showed glimpses of her mistakes to take the match to the third game. At 16
the latest International Cricket Council (ICC) 100 in Visakhapatnam. in defensive situations in the first game as 10 in favour of the Japanese, Sindhu
OneDay International (ODI) player rankings Dhawan had slammed 68 in the second well but her persistent strokeplay enabled apparently surrendered the second game,
released here. match, figuring in a 115run opening stand her to get a sparkling start. deciding to save her energy for the third
The righthanded batsman has gained two with Sharma. In the second game, Sindhu charged and deciding game.
slots and crossed the 800point mark for the Among the bowlers, legspinner Yuzvendra ahead to 40 but Yamaguchi fought back. In the decider, Sindhu jumped to a 40
first time after leading India to a 21 ODI Chahal has moved up 23 places to take 28th Her quick game put pressure on Sindhu lead to throw the challenge to Yamaguchi
series victory against Sri Lanka, according to place after finishing with six wickets in the which resulted in the latter committing which the Japanese accepted and coolly
a release by the ICC. series. Chinaman Kuldeep Yadav has moved multiple errors. notched up point after point to equalise at
The 30yearold had earlier enjoyed a up 16 places to take a careerbest 56th slot Yamaguchi equalised at the eightpoint the fivepoint mark.
careerhigh ranking of being on the third while allrounder Hardik Pandya has gained mark and there was no looking back for However, Sindhu improved her defen
spot in February. He reached a personal high 10 slots to also reach a careerbest 45th posi her. sive game and looked confident. She was
of 825 points after the second match in tion. For the visiting side, Upul Tharanga has Sindhu lacked concentration especially better in defending away from the body
Mohali when he struck an unbeaten 208 to gained 15 places to reach 36th position in receiving service from Yamaguchi, who but struggled in facing bodyline shuttles.
record his third ODI doublecentury. He among batsmen with his current tally of 571 didn't give the lanky Indian space to go for It was India's third medal in the season
ended the series with 816 points. points his highest in five years. Niroshan the winners. ending tournament after Saina Nehwal
Rohit's opening partner Shikhar Dhawan, Dickwella has gained seven places to take Yamaguchi was too strong to be halted (2011) and the mixed doubles pair of V.
who was named player of the series, too has 37th position. by Sindhu as the former was determined Diju and Jwala Gutta (2009).
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26 December 23-29, 2017 SCI-TECH TheSouthAsianTimes.info

India offers $100 bn Intelligent Nearly 70% Indian rms might

deploy AI before 2020: Intel
Edge opportunity: Microsoft India Bengaluru: As they will face a shortage of
firms appetite for skilled personnel to harness the
Hyderabad: In a mobilefirst and and then leveraging it to its full
the adoption of power of AI.
Cloudfirst country like India, potential.
Artificial This research is a small step
there now lies a new over $100 "More than
Intelligence (AI) towards comprehending this
billion opportunity if we can just delivering
grows, 71 % knowledge, and enabling com
leverage Intelligent Cloud and devices and
Indian organiza panies, such as ours, shape
Intelligent Edge solutions across Cloud experi
tions are looking strategy and move ahead in the
industries, Anant Maheshwari, ences to mil
at increased right direction, Prakash
President, Microsoft India, said lions, Microsoft
process automa Mallya, MD, Sales and
here on Wednesday. has now turned
tion as a key Marketing Group, Intel India,
The Intelligent Edge brings the its focus on
benefit which in said in a statement.
power of the Cloud to mobile and empowering
turn is expected Intel currently powers 97
Internet of Things (IoT) devices, health care and
to spike spends percent of data centre servers
thus creating a connected education in the
on this technol running AI workloads world
ecosystem. country with its
ogy over the wide and has been investing in
Microsoft today is leading the NextGen Cloud
works next 18 months, a report said the development of the ecosys
digital momentum in India with a and Edge solu
with over 200,000 large, medium on Thursday. tem in India. Indian enterpris
renewed thrust on Intelligent tions," Maheshwari
and small enterprises, 29 state The Intel India commissioned es have been quick to adopt AI
Cloud and Intelligent Edge. said.
governments and over 5,000 report, undertaken by the in the recent past, with nearly
"Look at any industry in India Almost every company will
startups in the country. International Data Corporation one in five organizations across
and you will see Intelligent Edge eventually become a software
"Both Telangana and Andhra (IDC) that surveyed 194 Indian the four verticals surveyed
around. Think about a farm one at some point of time with
Pradesh governments are leading organizations across sectors, implementing the technology in
where a farmer can leverage the fourth industrial revolution
Microsoft partners when it said that nearly 75 percent of some way. This number is
Intelligent Edge. Health care and and an Intelligent Cloud will
comes to Cloud. We are also the firms surveyed anticipate anticipated to soar considerably
education are areas where appli chart their digital journey.
among the first global Cloud benefits in business process by mid2019 with nearly seven
cation of Intelligent Edge is now "Customers are looking to
providers to be efficiency and employee pro in 10 firms anticipated to
being seen in the country," Microsoft and our thriving part
partnered/empanelled by the ductivity with the use of AI. deploy (it), the company said.
Maheshwari told reporters dur ner ecosystem to accelerate their
Ministry of IT," Maheshwari told While 64 percent of the However, concerns around
ing the annual Microsoft media own digital transformations and
the gathering, adding that respondents believe that this the adoption of AI continue
day at the sprawling, 54acre to unlock new opportunity in this
Microsoft Cloud services have technology can empower them with the high cost of solutions,
campus here. era of Intelligent Cloud and
been deployed in 13 states so far. in revenue augmentation acute shortage of skilled profes
Azure IoT Edge is an implemen Intelligent Edge," the Microsoft
Setting up India operations in through better targeting of sionals, unclear return on
tation of the Intelligent Edge. India head stressed.
1990, Microsoft currently offers and improved sales investment and cybersecurity
Cloudenabled computing at the With a rich ecosystem of over
employs more than 8,000 people processes, 76 percent of the emerging as the key hin
edge means concentrating data, 9,000 partners and nearly 102
in the country. companies are or believe that drances.
making sense of it by analyzing it million developers, Microsoft

MIT engineers induce UN warns of severe health risks

plants to give off light from ewaste in India
New York: Engineers at called luciferin, causing New York: The UN has warned
MIT have found a way it to emit light. Another about the health and environmental
to induce plants to give molecule called co dangers from the processing of e
off dim light, a major enzyme A helps the waste the discarded electronic
step towards realizing process along by remov and electrical material by the
their vision of using ing a reaction byproduct informal sector in India without
plants to illuminate the that can inhibit proper safeguards.
workspace. luciferase activity. Severe health impacts and envi
The vision is to make The MIT team pack ronmental damage are widespread
a plant that will function as a desk aged each of these three compo in India, due to the final step of the
lamp a lamp that you dont nents into a different type of ewaste processing by the informal
have to plug in. The light is ulti nanoparticle carrier. sector, a report by the
mately powered by the energy To get the particles into plant International Telecommunications
metabolism of the plant itself, leaves, the researchers first sus Union and the UN University
said Michael Strano, Professor at pended the particles in a solution. The dangers come from improper and unsafe treatment and disposal
released on Wednesday said. Over 1
MIT and the senior author of the Plants were immersed in the
through open burning or in dumpsites.
million poor people in India are
study. By embedding specialized solution and then exposed to high involved in manual recycling opera electronic equipment including cell and much of it was going to waste.
nanoparticles into the leaves of a pressure, allowing the particles to tions, but most of these people phones, TVs, refrigerators, air con A formal ewaste recycling sector is
watercress plant, the researchers enter the leaves through tiny have very low literacy levels with ditioners, computers and lamps, now being developed in major
successfully induced the plants to pores called stomata. Particles little awareness of the dangers of small appliance and large appli Indian cities and under the coun
give off dim light for nearly four releasing luciferin and coenzyme the operations, it added. ances. Last year, the world pro trys rules producers have extended
hours, according to the study pub A were designed to accumulate in The dangers come from improp duced 44.7 million tonnes of e responsibility for the handling the
lished in the journal Nano Letters. the extracellular space of the mes er and unsafe treatment and dispos waste or 6.1 kg per person, which is waste that ultimately results from
This technology could also be ophyll, an inner layer of the leaf, al through open burning or in four times more than the ewaste their products, the report said.
used to provide lowintensity while the smaller particles carry dumpsites, the report said. The produced by each Indian. Only 8.9 Looking ahead, the report said
indoor lighting, or to transform ing luciferase enter the cells that report, Global Ewaste Monitor million tonnes or 20 per cent that the problem could become
trees into selfpowered street make up the mesophyll. 2017, said that domestically India per cent of total global ewaste was more acute with cheaper cell
lights, the researchers said. To cre The particle carriers gradually produced 1.95 million tonnes of e recycled, it noted. phones and other equipment
ate their glowing plants, the MIT release luciferin, which then waste last year or about 1.5 kg The report estimated that the becoming available. This means
team turned to luciferase, the enters the plant cells, where per person and it also imports it value of recoverable precious mate that more people will be able to
enzyme that gives fireflies their luciferase performs the chemical from developed countries. rials like gold, silver, copper, plat afford purchasing new equipment,
glow. reaction that makes luciferin glow, Ewaste includes a whole variety inum and palladium contained in and that more equipment will even
Luciferase acts on a molecule the study said. IANS of small and large appliances, and last years ewaste was $55 billion tually be discarded.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info December 23-29, 2017
28 December 23-29, 2017 HUMOR TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Funny Side by Nury Vittachi

Mythical medicines that

I am impatient to try
hate it when I
want to sneak out
of work early but
invisibility pills have
not yet been invent
ed. Science moves
soooo sloooowly. It's
nearly 2018! Scifi
stories promised us
that technology
would bring us flying
BEST cars; instead it has
brought us "Press 7
RATE For Even More
FOR Irrelevant Choices..
I was moaning
(Image courtesy: dotelekinesis.com)
INDIA about this when a
reader informed me that one group of peo potions which do exactly that, including

AND ple is serious about making fiction into real Carlsberg, Kingfisher, Bud Light, etc.
ity. Officials in Uttarakhand, India, are Then he suggested the elixir in

PAKISTAN investing cash into finding sanjeevani booti,

the magic herb from the Ramayana which
Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, which puts
you in a deathlike coma. Bleeaaah. Reject
the god Hanuman uses to raise Lakshmana again! We already spend most of our days
from the dead. in deathlike comas.
New York Head Quarter What a great idea. I asked readers and So I handed the question to the Internet's
colleagues: What other potions from litera Hive Mind and it concluded that authors in
422S Broadway
ture could governments turn into reality? general are shockingly lazy. Fiction is full of
HICKSVILLE disappointingly vague potions that instantly
The first response came from an overedu
NY 11801 cated workmate, who said that ancient heal any type of wound, including Athelas
Greek literature had two medicines, elixir from Lord of the Rings, Dittany potion
5168271010 Nepenthe and the Waters of Lethe, which from Harry Potter, Chamalla extract from
made those who drank it forget their sor Battlestar Galactica, the Senzu Bean from
rows. Japan's Dragonball stories and so on.
Bleeaaah. (That's me making the Wrong In fact we found only four literary potions
Answer Noise from TV quiz shows.) Reject! which were a bit more creative and possi
Modern society already has many magic bly worth turning into reality.
1) Dried Frog Pills: From Terry Pratchett's
Discworld stories, these make you halluci

Laughter is the Best Medicine nate that you are sane. This would help
pretty much all world leaders at the
moment, the hope being that they would
behave like sensible people for a change.
2) Extract of Phoenix Feathers: From
Japan's Final Fantasy stories, this not only
reanimates the dead but turns zombies
back into humans. I know some people say
there's no such thing as zombies, but clearly
they've never met modern teenagers.
3) Blinkmoth Serum: From Magic: The
Gathering, this gives you extreme intelli
gence, selfawareness, and understanding,
making you a person of great wisdom. (This
is not to be confused with drinks such as
Prosecco and arrack, which make you think
you have become a person of great wis
dom.) Problem: Everyone I mentioned this
to declared that they would rather be stupid
all their lives than eat a moth. Good point.
4) The Spice Melange: This stuff from the
Dune stories makes your senses super
sharp and gives the whites of your eyes a
strange blue glow. This would be useful to
hide the red, bloodshot eyes I'm going to
have later this afternoon. "Barman, bring
By Mahendra Shah me your biggest jug of the Waters of Lethe."
Mahendra Shah is an architect by education, entrepreneur by profession, artist and humorist, But of course I have to wait until those
cartoonist and writer by hobby. He has been recording the plight of the immigrant Indians for the past many years lazy scientists invent invisibility pills so I
in his cartoons. Hailing from Gujarat, he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. can sneak out of work. Come on, guys!
TheSouthAsianTimes.info ASTROLOGY December 23-29, 2017 29

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899
psharma@premastrologer.com; www.premastrologer.com

ARIES: At work you are likely to win pleasant & wonderful week. Investment should 23rd December, 2017 fresh gains and you will spend more on luxu
appreciation and awards for past efforts. be handled with extreme care and avoid being Ruled by number 5 and the planet Mercury. ries and other comforts. Romantic entangle
Make sure you do something exciting and lured by dubious money ventures. Love compan You are practical, sensitive, friendly, diplo ment will be pleasant and chances to enter
different with people at home. You are likely to ion will be eager to meet you in this week. A matic and an optimistic person. You possess a into a matrimonial alliance will be very
earn monetary prots through most unexpected sparkling laughter lled week when most things sharp memory, excellent health, and a power strong. Religious feelings will arise making
sources. Avoid raising controversial issues in proceed, as you desire. A trip that stimulates and ful character. You are highly respected in you embark on a pilgrimage later in the year.
love rather enjoy the company. Charity work gives opportunity for work is coming ahead. your group and people look up to you for Expect gifts and goodies both in cash and
undertaken will bring mental peace & comfort. Investing on properties which are under devel inspiration and support, but you need to kind, but some unexpected expenses will take
Your travel plans are smooth, but the toughest oped will be protable. You will not compromise check your tendency to behave restless, nerv you by surprise. The months of January,
part is that your partner doesnt have time. your principles & values at the face of distress. ous and timid at times. April, July and September will especially be
Selling your home privately can be an excellent SCORPIO: New job opportunities for This year brilliant opportunities will come significant.
way of saving on costs. You succeed in changing some will be better than expected. Family your way but you need to grab them before
the thinking of a close friend for the better. members will be very positive & support others. Financial gains will accrue from past 27th December, 2017
TAURUS: You are likely to make some ive to your plans. If possible take independent investments. A wonderful period to do things Influenced by number 9 and the planet
wrong decisions under the heat of excite decisions when it comes to making fresh invest that you enjoy and make you feel good. A dis Mars, you are dynamic, courageous, ener
ment. You move with new excitement & ments. Love partner would be extremely sup tant journey for pleasure or pilgrimage seems getic, warm hearted and a religious person.
condence as you receive support from family portive and in a loving mood. Positive outlook likely later in the year. Your health will You are a great admirer of music and litera
and friends. Speculation coupled with some impresses those around you besides keeping remain good but health of an aged family ture. You are research oriented and have a
unexpected gains improves nancial health. you t & ne. Vacation full of beauty and history member will become a matter of concern. strong determination, but you need to check
Warm romantic thoughts occupy mind. Your as well as exciting is waiting for you. If you want New friendship and contacts developed dur your tendency to behave jealous, lazy and
condence and energy will be high in this week. to invest on property, then go for residential ing this period will be highly worthwhile. The erratic at times.
Dreaming of travelling is good, but if possible one. You motive a friend showing him/her the months of November, February, June and This year you should plan things well in
than plan a trip. Investing on a ship or a cruise is truth by facts & arguments. September will be eventful. advance to reap benefits. Efforts that you put
an exciting venture to be made. You keep a vigi SAGITTARIUS: Timely and swift action during this period will bring desired results in
lant eye at whats happening around you. would give an edge over others at pro 24th December, 2017 the long run. Favourable period for property
GEMINI: Your greatest gains will come fessional front. Performing rituals/aus Influenced by number 6 and the planet investment. Romance will be on top of your
through your creative ideas at profes picious ceremonies at home prove high bene Venus. You are highly energetic, independent, list. There seem to be chances too of a new
sional front. Family front seems to go cial. A sudden inow of funds will take care of ambitious and charming person. You are fond arrival as well. Your financial condition will
smoothly as you receive their full support to your bills and immediate expenses. A romantic of socializing with people, who are well edu improve as you pickup job involving higher
your plans. You need to control your spending week as you receive all praises from partner. cated, intelligent and hold important posi responsibility and position. Some exhilarating
by purchasing only essential items. You need to Meditation and selfrealization prove benecial. tions in the society. You can easily make news from distant relations will boost up the
make a proper planning before embarking on If you want to travel start planning your trip friends, but you need to check your tendency spirits of the entire family. Travel and jour
love journey. Cataract patients must avoid over now. Offplan property investment is one of the to behave moody, stubborn and lazy at times. ney will be pleasurable. T he months of
exposure to sunlight. Take some time to travel easiest and most protable methods to maxi The year promises to bring you physical as January, May, July and October will be signifi
with your spouse for romance and seduction. mize gains in the real estate market. You are well as financial benefits. Your energy will be cant for you.
The best ideas for investment are to on invest on likely to take a stand, which could play a high and will bring you immense gains.
real estate business. You will be able to shift greater role in shaping your future that upholds Speculation in real estate will yield handsome 28th December, 2017
your focus/attention from personal to social life. the peace & harmony. returns. Distant travel will be undertaken for Governed by number 1, and the Sun, you
CANCER: Success is certain provided CAPRICORN: Even on confronting set business purpose as we ll as pleasure. are original, active, responsible, trustworthy
you work as a team. Time to get backs let these not deter you from pro Children need to concentrate more on their and a very simple person. You are highly tal
involved into activities that would help fessional path. Relatives will be willing career. Health despite some initial hiccups ented and fond of accepting challenges, but
in bringing contact with close relatives. A new to lend a helping hand at the time of need. will be more or less fine. You need to spend you need to control your tendency to domi
source of income will generate through inuen Monetary position is likely to improve on recov time on meditation and yoga for remarkable nate, overspend and behave destructive at
tial contacts. Your charm & generosity bring ering of delayed payments. You nd pleasure gains. The months of December, February, times. This year long awaited promotions
new romantic opportunities for you. Make sure and enjoy ecstasies of love in the arms of part June and August will be highly significant and monetary benefits will finally be yours.
you avoid everything that af fects your health. ner. You will have ample time to do things to and result oriented. Financially you will face some problems ini
You can make your vacation extra special by improve your health. Travelling on your own, tially, but things will become better later in
planning it with your family and friends. Avoid with a friend or with the whole family will be 25th December, 2017 the year. This is an excellent period to devel
the use of estate agents to sell your house or exciting and comfortable too. Your property Governed by number 7 and the planet op new contacts and revive old ones.
property. You are likely to make a commitment prices will boost in the coming period. You will Neptune. You are independent, brilliant, Traveling will be undertaken for attending
without knowing how to honour it. have to be very diplomatic and tactful to get the quick, confident and friendly person. You are auspicious events. Avoid entering into any
LEO: You will be on the seventh heaven work done in friend circle. very cheerful and pleasant person and posses financial joint ventures and stay away from
when you receive recognition for your AQUARIUS: Colleagues and subordi an excellent sense of humour. You dislike speculation. Wedding bells will ring for those
achievements at work. You nd relief, nates w ill lend a he lping hand office politics, arguments and confrontation, eligible towards the end of the year. The
comfort and affection in the company of family enabling to complete the work on but you need to check your tendency to months of November, February, March and
members. Investment made in this week would time. New relationship at family front will be behave jealous, introvert and selfish at times. September will be highly important.
enhance prosperity and nancial security. Love long lasting & highly benecial. Investment in The coming year promises new hope and
life brightens your week. A week when smile will antiques & jewellery brings monetary gains and possibilities. Your gains will commensurate 29th December, 2017
perpetually be on your face and strangers will improvement in nancial position. You enjoy a according to your efforts, but luck will defi Ruled by number 2 and the Moon. You are
seem familiar. Spiritual vacation is a quest for lovely time as Cupid is on your side in this nitely be on our side. Your imagination and highly active, reliable, methodical, imagina
life, plan it and enjoy it with your family. Are you week. Sound physical health will enable to par skills will do wonders for you and your cre tive, trustworthy and warmhearted person.
longing to buy a farmhouse, try for it? You suc ticipate in outdoor activities. Travel in comfort ativity will be at all time high. Your best You do not have any hesitation in spending
ceed in reassessing your strengths and weak with kids to an adventurous place might be pos opportunities will develop through your asso your time and money for others. You are very
nesses. sible. Buying property can lead to gains as prop ciation with people who hold position of fond of making new friends, but you need to
VIRGO: Your creativity will amaze people erty prices continue to increase. With the help authority. Sudden gains and losses are fore check your tendency to behave restless, stub
around you besides enhancing career of friends you will nd it very easy to kick your seen, therefore do not indulge into hasty born, lazy and careless at times.
prospects. Time spent with relatives will drug addiction. speculation. Children will bring happy news T his year brings in appreciat ion and
be to your advantage. An improvement in nan PISCES: Success in completing difcult later in the year. The month of January, rewards that you deserve. Investments in real
cial position would enable to make important assignments brings a lot of laurels at March, May and October will be eventful estate during this year will prove highly
purchases. Your wit & charm would help in work. Continuous negligence to house months. rewarding. However indulging in speculation
catching the attention of opposite sex. Your hold duties will annoy family members. Long will be detrimental and should be avoided.
energy level will be high. Better to channelize it pending arrears and dues will nally be recov 26th December, 2017 Legal disputes, which have been bothering
in a positive direction. The idea of a holiday ered. A special message from beloved/lover lifts Ruled by number 8 and the planet Saturn. your mind, will settle amicably to your satis
seems to be tired and rushed. You might face spirits. You will be successful in getting rid from You are assertive, cheerful, confident, authori faction. Children will be a major source of
problem to sell your property as marketing tensions. Before you travel examine yourself tative and enthusiastic person. You are gifted happiness and spouse will keep you happy.
might not be correct. You are likely to realise the and your travelling partner, to determine what with strong intuition, a lot of talent and a Health of your parents will suf fer due to
necessity of reaching out to people. you expect from your vacation. You could buy remarkable imagination. You are simple and stress, and rise in family medical expenses
LIBRA: Selfcondent would enable to the property that you are looking for. honest, but you need to control your tenden w ill bother your mind. T he months of
convey your point of view with ease a Temptation of any kind would fail to allure you cy to behave erratic, hypocrite and ungrateful December, April, June and October will be
workplace. Guests visit would make it a in this week. at times. This year investments will bring you highly important and eventful.
30 December 23-29, 2017 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Happiness is a state of mind

more miserable than before. Your
advice did not work. Next time we think things are going
He thought for a moment and
asked, Do you have any chickens? badly and that God is not properly
Yes, she said. listening to us, we should sit back,
He told her, Take them into the
hut with you for a week. She did take a deep breath, and relax. We
not understand how this would
help, but since he was a wise man,
should give God a chance to let
and everybody in her village found things happen and observe patiently.
By Sant Rajinder his advice helpful, she thought she
Singh Ji Maharaj would give this a try. We will find when all is said and
When she returned home, she done that God worked things out for

collected all the chickens from the
ife is filled with many chal
backyard and moved them into the the best in the end.
lenges and sometimes, under
house. For the next week, the chick
pressure, people crack. They
ens were flying around the hut,
feel they can no longer stand all
landing on everything and making house. She took the chickens out cult life is without them. We always messed things up terribly on our
the problems facing them.
a mess of the place. and returned them to the backyard. feel the grass is greener on the own and prayed to God to return
Sometimes people feel they have
After a week, she returned and A week later, the woman other side. The woman learned that things to the way they were.
the worst job in the world. Others
cried, in tears, You must be crazy. returned to the wise man. what she thought was bad was Next time we think things are
feel they have the worst health
Your advice is terrible. It is impossi How are things now? he asked. actually not so bad when she saw going badly and that God is not
problems; they feel no one could be
ble to live in the hut now. The cow Thank you so much! You are how much worse things could be. It properly listening to us, we should
plagued with as many physical
turns around and knocks into us. truly wise. Since I removed the cow is human nature to think that sit back, take a deep breath, and
problems as they have. At some
The chickens fly all around the hut. and chickens from the hut I feel so everybody else has it so good and relax. We should give God a chance
time in our lives, we feel that no
My inlaws are always choking much happier. Things have become it is only we who are suffering. to let things happen and observe
one could have things as bad as we
from the smell and complaining so peaceful. We think we know what is best patiently. We will find when all is
about how bad it is living with us. The wise man smiled. The for us. How many times have we said and done that God worked
There is a folk tale about a wise
The children find chicken feathers woman returned home and lived tried to intervene with our two things out for the best in the end. If
man who lived in a forest. People
falling into their food. My husband happily with her husband, her chil cents to find that when we tried to we reflect, we would find that if
would travel far and wide to seek
is constantly fighting with me over dren, and her inlaws. change our situation, we made God had listened to our complaints
him out for answers to their prob
the living conditions in our home This story illustrates that we are things worse? Then, we regret and let us do things our own way,
lems. One day, a woman came to
and says, It is all your fault! often unhappy with our situation what we have done and wish we things may not have been in our
him for advice.
The wise man thought for a until we find that things could could make things go back to the best interest at all.
He said, My dear, what can I do
moment and said, My dear, go always be worse. We think our job way they were. Happiness is a state of mind. If
for you?
home and try one more thing. Take is horrible, until we lose it and find On the spiritual path, one of the we think that God is not doing
She said, Things are terrible at
the cow and the chickens out of that life is harder without an lessons we need to learn is accept what is best for us, we will always
home. I live in a small hut with my
your hut. Then, come back to me in income. We think our health is bad ing the will of the Lord. Life would be unhappy. If we would realize
husband and two children. The hut
a week. until we spend time in a hospital be so much easier if we accept that that we are living according to
is barely large enough for the four
The woman was fed up with his and find people in worse condition God knows what is best for us. If what God wishes for us and that
of us. I wanted a bigger house but
advice but thought she would give than we are. We think our family we examined the times in our lives God is giving us what is best for us,
my husband is not doing well at
it one last chance. She returned members are bad until we find our that we interfered with Gods will, we would always be happy and
work and cannot afford anything
home and pulled the cow out of the selves alone and realize how diffi we may have discovered that we content.
larger. As times are bad, my hus
bands father lost his job, so his By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj plined. In the same way, as parents, we teach
parents had to move in with us. We
Teaching by our children through loving discipline and by

were already crowded before but ll too often people are quick to pass setting an example. Our children do not be
now with six of us living together
in that small space, it is unbearable.
I cannot take it anymore. I feel like
judgment on others without knowing
their full story. They may be quick to
criticize someones actions, believing that
example lieve in our words alone but in what they see
us do. They copy our own good and bad
habits because that is the example we set.
screaming! The wise man thought their perspective is correct and that they un with the local inhabitants in the village why Similarly, when we are in a position to train
for a moment and asked, Do you derstand all the circumstances. In turn, how there were no adult male elephants in the or teach otherswhether we are teachers,
have a cow? many of us are willing to withhold judgment pack, the villagers explained that poachers parents, employers, or citizens imploring oth
The woman said, Yes, we do. and put ourselves in the shoes of another per came into the village and killed all the male ers to be conscientiouswe must first set an
He said, I advise you to bring the son? How many times have we passed judg adults for their ivory. example ourselves. That is the only way to
cow into the hut to live with you ment on others only to later find that they The researchers saw that the teenage male bring about change, teaching by example
for a week and then come back to had a good reason that justified their actions? elephants had no adult male role models rather than by mere words. If we want to see
see me. Along the same lines, if we want others to from which to learn. Curious to see if it truly a positive change in others and in our family,
The woman was puzzled. She change their ways, telling them will have little made a difference, they arranged to have neighborhood, community, society, or coun
thought that since he was a wise effect unless we are examples of that behav some male elephants brought in from anoth try, then we need to set an example. In the
man, there must be some magic in ior. In this connection, there is a true story er area. The first thing the male adults did words of Mahatma Gandhi, Be the change
bringing the cow into the house, so from the animal kingdom about a team of re was to flap their ears and raise their trunks. you want to see in the world.
she did what he said. searchers who had gone to Africa to study the Next, they began to make loud trumpeting On the spiritual path, two qualities to incul
The next week was horrible. It behavior of elephants. They came across an sounds. In the beginning, there was no cate are patience and understanding. These
was so crowded in the house that area in which a pack of elephants was run change and the teen elephants continued to are aspects of leading a nonviolent life. Those
every time the cow turned around, ning wild. As the research team set up tele run wild and fight each other. However, after who are nonviolent are patient. They do not
all the six family members had to scopic cameras to observe the animals from a a few days in which the adults flapped their rush to criticize or accuse someone. With em
change their seats. When they tried distance, they saw that every day the ele ears, raised their trunks, and made loud nois pathy they try to think of how the world looks
to sleep, the smell was intolerable phants were fighting with each other, running es, the teen elephants began to settle down. through other peoples eyes. If each of us
and it would moo throughout the over trees and destroying their environment. Over time, they became well behaved and could treat others with patience, love, and un
They had studied other elephant packs before their wild actions subsided. derstanding, this world would be more peace
night, waking them all up.
and never saw such chaotic and wild behav The researchers realized that on their own, ful and loving. When we are patient and un
After the week passed, the
ior. On further investigation they discovered the teen elephants had no role models and derstanding, we never have to go to sleep at
woman returned to the wise man
that the group was composed of all teenage did not know how to behave. Once the male night worrying if we did the right thing. We
and began shouting at him, What
male elephants. There were no adult male adults were introduced into their pack, the will know that when we have patience and un
have you done? I came to you to
elephants in the group. When they checked teens had role models and began to be disci derstanding, we are acting in a noble way.
make things better and now I am
TheSouthAsianTimes.info December 23-29, 2017
TheSouthAsianTimes.info December 23-29, 2017