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ISO 9001:2008 3 , 4 DIGIT 7-SEG LED DISPLAY



The Digital Process Indicators are basically DVMs designed to fulfill the requirement of
accurate Measurement and display of various electrical parameters in Process Industries. The
standard range consists of 3 1/2 digit (Max. count value 1999) & 4 1/2 digit (Max. count value
19999) indicating meters available in 96 X 96 mm and 96 X 48mm Panel mounting type
The units use Dual Slope integration method for digitizing the analog inputs & offer excellent
linearity over the entire range. A temperature compensated reference ensures minimum
drift with wide changes in ambient temperatures.

Technical Specifications of 3 & 4 Digital Panel Meter

. Features
Input Signal Input Options:
(AC & DC) DC: 0- 10V/ 4-20mA. Factory Set Wide range of input options:
AC: 0-1A / 0-5A / 0-500V.
1M Ohms DC mA / Volts, AC current /
Input For DC Voltage
Impedance For DC mA Current 100 Ohms
Volts (factory configured).
Output 3 Digit 7 segment RED Max.Range:1999
LED display. (To be specified by user) 3 digit (000 to 1999) & 4

4 Digit 7 segment RED Max.Range:19999 digit (0000 to 19999) Display

LED display. (To be specified by user)
Operating Dual slope Analog to Digital
Principle Conversion. 230VAC, 110 VAC, & 24 VDC
Performance Accuracy 0.1% 2 LSD
power supply options available.
Calibration Zero & Span (Trimpot )
Accuracy: +/- 0.1 % +/-2LSD at
General Specifications
calibrated ambient
Power Supply AC Voltage 240VAC,110VAC
24 VDC
temperature of 300C.
DC Voltage
Enclosure W - 96mm ZERO & SPAN trimpots provided
ABS Plastic, H - 48mm
35 mm DIN Rail Mounted. D - 110mm on rear side for trimming.
IP40 Protection class. W - 96mm Operating Temp. Range: 0
H - 96mm
D - 110mm 55C
Operating temp. range 0 55C DIN standard Size: 96X48mm &
Storage temp. range 0 80C
Relative Humidity 0 90%
RH Non-Condensing

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Note: e.g-3DPM 2A10-XRPM Applications

3DPM -3 Meter. Industrial automation systems.
For Indicating AC/DC voltage &
10-Input Range.
X-Display Range. current, speed, temperature,
RPM Unit. pressure, distance, weight, etc.
Ordering Information:

I/P Signal
Input Type Supply Display Range
I/P Supply X XX
0-10VDC:10 XRPM

230VAC:2A 4-20mADC:42 XKG

3 : 3 DPM
110VAC:1A X Amp
24VDC:2D X Voltage
4 :4 DPM 0-5AAC:05


Mechanical Details:

3 Digital Panel Meter 4 Digital Panel meter

Description Description
(230 VAC/110VAC Operated) (24VDC Operated)
1 Phase 230 VAC or 110VAC +24VDC
2 Neutral GND
3 Earth NC

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