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Volume VI, Issue 4 4th Quarter 2017

Please join us at a luncheon celebration The 2018 Furusato Tour of Japan has been, unfortunately, canceled.
to welcome in 2018, the year of the Dog! We were advised that twenty or more people were needed in order to
There will be a general meeting before make the trip economically feasible.
lunch when we will vote for and install the
2018 officers. We will also enjoy enter- In the Fall of 2020, however, the Prefectural Government is planning
tainment, a video review of 2017, Bingo, and prizes for all! its World Grand Meeting in Yamaguchi, Japan. Kenjinkais from the
U.S. mainland, Hawaii and countries such as Peru, Brazil, Mexico,
Argentina, and China will be among those invited to attend. This will
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2018 be an excellent opportunity to meet Yamaguchi kenjinkai members
11:00 AM from around the world and then to tour major cities in Japan. Stay
Quiet Cannon (Sunset Room)
901 Via San Clemente
Montebello, CA
After serving on the NYK Board for sev-
$25.00 Cost Per Adult en years, Millie and Steven Tani have
$10 Per Child 11 & Under tendered their resignation effective De-
(to be paid at the luncheon) cember 2017. They were instrumental in
creating the fantastic gifts that were dis-
tributed to our 80+ seniors at the annual
New Year luncheon. They created the
much-needed Yamaguchi Facebook
In an effort to reach as many past scholarship recipients page where you can find newsletters and
as possible, we are asking for your help to update our photos of all our events. Steven has
information. If you are a past scholarship recipient or if served as one of our photographers at
you are a relative of a recipient, please contact past events and their daughter, Ann, created the World Grand Meet-
Arlene Nakamura at 626-221-4271. ing logo in 2015. Creativity runs in the family!

Please Select Your Menu Choice The Tanis want to concentrate their time and resources toward their
ADULTS & CHILDREN 11+ CHILDRENAges 3 thru 10 newest hobby of cosplaying. They enjoy creating props and sewing
___ Chicken Strips costumes and attending the many fun events and conventions.
___ Chicken
___ Salmon ___ Mac & Cheese
Although they will no longer serve on the Board, they have generously
___ Vegetarian offered to maintain the Facebook page and monitor our Gmail account
Please RSVP your attendance, your meal choice, which they had set up. They will also create the 80+ gifts at the New
if you are 80 years of age or older, Year luncheon for the last time.
or if you are a former scholarship recipient.
We are very sad that they are leaving the Board, but we thank them
RSVP DEADLINE: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 for their years of valuable service. Their help will be sorely missed!
Contact: Yoshiko Kishimoto (626) 287-8600
Arlene Nakamura (626) 221-4271 If you are interested in serving on the Board to fill their vacan-
or email us at Nanka.Yamaguchi.Kenjinkai@gmail.com cies, please send us an email at our gmail account address or
call Aki Vaughn at 562-234-5702.

Nanka Yamaguchi Kenjinkai Newsletter4th Qtr 2017 Page 2 of 2

The Japanese Prefectural Association of Southern California held its Please check out the Nanka Yamaguchi Kenjinkai Facebook page!
11th Annual Bowling Tournament on November 5, 2017 at the Key- Steven and Millie Tani created and administer the site which is not
stone Lanes in Norwalk. Nanka Yamaguchi Kenjinkai (NYK) was only loaded with information about past and upcoming NYK events,
represented and placed 1stin the Best Effort category! photos and newsletters, but also features the latest news about
Yamaguchi, Japan and the Nikkei community. Check it out for more
Three NYK members Richard Fukuhara, Aki Fukuhara-Vaughn photos and videos from the June 11th 2017 NYK picnic and past New
and Mike Vaughn needed a 4th team member and were joined by Year luncheons.
Jeff Ichiro Miyazaki from Tokyo Kai. The team won packages of
udon for placing last. Here are the teams scores: Richard: 73, 76
and 70; Aki: 92, 93, and 66; Mike: 86, 130, and 104; and Jeff: 134,
132, and 127.
Please visit our website created by NYK member
Bruce Thompson at http://yamaguchi-usa.org.
The following winners won trophies and gift certiricates:
1st Place High Scoring Team Score
Okinawa Kenjinkai 1938 Questions? Suggestions? Comments?
1st Place High Scoring Game (Male) Score News youd like to share?
John Nishida (Wakayama Kenjinkai) 234 Email us at
1st Place High Scoring Game (Female) Score Nanka.Yamaguchi.Kenjinkai@gmail.com
Noriko Fukunaga (Kagoshima Kenjinkai) 215

Eleven Nanka (Southern California) kenjinkais participated:

Dosanko Kai (2 Teams) Miyazaki Kenjinkai (3 Teams)
Ehime Kenjinkai Okinawa Kenjinkai
Gifu Kenjinkai Tochigi Kenjinkai
Kagoshima Kenjinkai (3 Teams) Wakayama Kenjinkai
Kumamoto Kenjinkai (2 Teams) Yamaguchi Kenjinkai
2017 Board Officers
Tokyo Kai
Arturo Yoshimoto ............................................. President
arturo@ayrealty.com (NEW)
After playing 3 games, a pizza lunch was served in the banquet room
where winners were announced and prizes and trophies awarded. Millie Tani ................................................. Vice President
The NYK team shared lots of laughs and had a wonderful time! mtani.laccd.it@gmail.com
Aki Fukuhara-Vaughn ....................................... Secretary
Naomi Suenaka.................................................Treasurer

Board Members
Richard Fukuhara, Atsuko Kimoto, Florence Ochi, Michiko
Otaya, Steven Tani, and Mike Vaughn.

Victor Fukuhara, Rev. Kiyoshi Igawa, Arlene Nakamura,
Patrick Seki, and Helen & Henry Yasuda.

Facebook Administrator
Steven Tani ............................ steve.racer11@gmail.com
NYK Bowling Team Webmaster
Pictured left to right: Kihei Otani (JPASC Tournament Chair- Bruce Thompson .........bthompson@yamaguchi-usa.org
man), Richard Fukuhara, Aki and Mike Vaughn,
and Jeff Ichiro Miyazaki (Tokyo Kai). Newsletter Editor
Arlene Nakamura ..............arlenenakamura@gmail.com
If you have news youd like featured in our Newsletter Creator & Publisher
quarterly NYK newsletter, please contact: Aki Fukuhara-Vaughn ............ aki@vaughnlawoffice.com
Aki Vaughn @ 562-234-5702