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Issue 5 September 2010
Special points of

• 2010 Homecoming Meet-

Alumni/Chapter Workdays: Spring & Fall Semesters 2010
Two Alumni/Chapter Workdays In the spring, work was done
• Housing Corporation were a huge success thanks to on the upper parking lot as
Directors and Officers 12 alumni and the entire chap- well as the lower. Scott
ter. Forms were stripped from a Green AD 1176 and Troy
• Honor roll of donors recently-poured slab on the Williams AD 1177 with their
new upper-level parking lot and future Lambda Chi sons
repositioned for a new helped add two parking spaces
pour. Weeds were wacked, on the lower lot.
electrical improvements and
repairs were made, doors were We would like to thank Brad
Inside this issue: painted, windows cleaned and Heckman, father of
general cleanup was accom- new initiate Ryan Heckman
Photo Update 2 plished. On the inside of the AD 1364. Brad and his friends
Current Direc- 2 house, the entire lower level have been a huge help with
tors and Officers floor was cleaned and two coats pouring and finishing the con-
of floor finish were applied and crete paving of the upper
subsequently power buffed by parking lot at no cost to ADZ.
St. Pat’s 2010 3 the chapter.

Alumni who attended one or

both of the workdays included
Report of Volun- 3-5 Jon Vaninger AD 569, Len Kir-
tary Giving berg AD 610, Pete Legsdin AD
699, Chuck Rogge AD 725,
Dan Stanglein AD 729, Doug
Workman EN 456, Bob Faenger
Class Projects 6 AD 519, Gene Faenger AD 580,
Photos: Top: Ryan Heckman AD
Chapter High- 6 1364 and his father Brad
Al Faenger AD 609, Chuck Heckman. Middle: construction
lights Toedtman AD 608, Doug on the upper parking lot. Bot-
Schulte ΒΑΨ 616, and Mark tom: Scott Green AD 1176 and
Puzach AD 1357. Troy Williams AD 1177 with
their future Alpha Delta sons.
Cross and Cres- 7
Missouri S&T Homecoming 2 October 2010
Please join the brothers of Alpha After the meeting, join the
Delta in celebrating Homecom- miner alumni for a Kick-off
ing 2010, Miners of the Carib- Tailgate Party outside of the
bean. Allgood-Bailey Stadium at
11am. At 1pm the Miners play
At 8am, Saturday morning the Northwestern Oklahoma. `
brothers will host an alumni
breakfast, followed by a 9am
Housing Corporation Meeting Alpha Delta Homecoming yard display,
and Board of Directors meeting. circa 1950
Page 2 House Corporation Update

Photo Update
In the last issue, we published We would like to thank John Masterson AD 299, Tom
this photo of the class of 1945. Brother Ken Niewoehner AD Daniels AD 293, Don Meyer
295 who AD 290; middle row: Clarence
contacted us Isbell AD 296, Tom Ryan AD
with the 305, Lester Miller AD 301,
names of all William Downey AD 300,
the mem- Robert Lantis, Art Meenen AD
bers. From 288; back row, Ernest Gaulden
left to right AD 303, Paul Gebhardt AD
on the front 283, Gerald Holmes AD 302,
row: Ken John Grevillus AD 298, Michael
Brother Nathan Staeling AD 1111 in Niewoehner McEnnis, Carl Finley AD 294,
his room Fall 1995 AD Basil Buterbaugh AD 304.
295, Don (Apparently, Bob Lantis and
Allbaugh AD Mike McEnnis were pledges and
297, were never initiated according
to chapter records).
Lambda Chi
Alpha’s Seven Current Housing Corporation Directors and Officers
Core Values Name Position
Len Kirberg AD 610 President Committee Name
Loyalty Larry Thomas AD 1207 Vice President Volunteer Giving Curt Hertel AD 681
Scott Preston AD 1135 Secretary
Duty Gene Faenger AD 580
Kevin Schwalje AD 1131 Treasurer
Respect Tony Siebert GG 1374 Hi Pi Scholarship Committee Rob Sutton AD 1158
Anthony Mayer AD 1324 Hi Alpha
Service and Jake Livergood AD 1351 Hi Tau Newsletter Committee Scott Preston AD 1135
Nick Cosentino AD 1354 Hi Rho
Stewardship Chris Fernandez AD 1361 House Manager Rush Counselor Len Kirberg AD 610
Tom Green AD 1002 Director
Honor John Vaninger AD 569 Director Academic Advisor Scott Grasman AD 1322
Curt Hertel AD 681 Director
Josh Hemphill AD 1274 Director
Finance Committee Jake Livergood AD 1351
Personal Courage Jason George AD 1139 Director
Kevin Schwalje AD 1131
Scott Bertelsmeyer AD 1169 Director
Pete Legsdin AD 699
Jack Bertelsmeyer AD 683 Director
Troy Williams AD 1177 Director
House Committee Curt Hertel AD 681
Ryan Miller AD 1316 Director
Rob Sutton AD 1158
Rob Sutton AD 1158 Director
Scott Green AD 1176
Scott Green AD 1176 Director
Jon Vaninger AD 569
Chuck Toedtman AD 608 Director
Andy Singleton AD 1175 Director

Fall 1992 Associate Class

burning the TKE Fraternity

Alpha Delta Zeta Homecom-

ing 1937
Page 3 House Corporation Update

St. Pat’s 2010 Alumni Attendance

AD 569 Jon Vaninger AD 1357 Mark Puzach If your name was omitted from the list
or you see other errors please advise
AD 580 Gene Faenger ΒΑΨ 616 Doug Schulte the Alumni Chairman.
AD 609 Al Faenger GG 1374 Tony Siebert
AD 609 Chuck Toedtman Winning St. Pat’s Float circa 1950
AD 610 Len Kirberg
AD 681 Curt Hertel
AD 683 Jack Bertelsmeyer
AD 928 Paul Langenfeld
AD 1131 Kevin Schwalje
AD 1139 Jason George
AD 1169 Scott Bertelsmeyer
AD 1171 James Nelson
AD 1207 Larry Thomas
AD 1253 Chris Land
AD 1274 Josh Hemphill St. Pat’s 1947, Jim Bowman AD 247
AD 1275 Matt Foster Audrey Christian (Alpha Delta’s Queen
AD 1282 Eric Theiss Candidate) and Kimble Cross AD 255
AD 1291 Al Bias
AD 1315 Steve Puzach

“Every Man a Man”

St Pats breakfast prior to Housing Corporation meeting; from Gene Faenger (standing) chats with undergraduate members at “Naught Without
left Al Faenger, Jason George, Kevin Schwalje, James Nelson, the St. Pats breakfast Labor”
Scott Bertelsmeyer, Steve Puzach, Mark Puzach, Chuck
Toedtman (hidden), Jack Bertelsmeyer & Tony Seibert (High Pi)

Report on Donations Received

All alumni should thank the their undergraduate experience join the growing list of broth-
following 153 brothers who at Lambda Chi in Rolla. It is ers in this effort. Please send
have been unselfish in their these brothers that we need donations to:
commitments to Alpha Delta now to make this effort suc- ADZ House Corp
over the past three years. This cessful in 2010. 10553 Pine Lake Dr.
is a 8.5% increase since last It’s the percentage participation Rolla, MO 65401
February. The response is that ought to better reflect our
particularly gratifying to see so gratitude for that Alpha Delta If your name was omitted from
many brothers stepping for- experience. We are at 19% the enclosed list or if you see
ward in this time of need. participation from living broth- other errors please contact us
However, when we review the ers; this number should be and it will be corrected.
list of contributors, there are much higher based on our
blanks beside the names of a wonderful experiences at Alpha
great many brothers who re- Delta. Won’t you make your
ceived so much value from donation or pledge now and AD 244 Frederick Radavich and AD
235 Warren Wagert circa 1943
Page 4 List of Donors House Corporation Update

Over $60,000 $1,000 to $1,999 Antone Smith AD 1211

Jim Bertelsmeyer AD 577 Larry Boberschmidt AD 615 Eric Swearingen AD 1159
Scott Bertelsmeyer AD 1169
$45,000 to $59,999 Hal Branum AD 614 $200 to $499
Anonymous (by request) Matt Chrapek AD 1252 Dennis Brauer AD 616
Joel Dunphy AD 666 Bob Faenger AD 519
G. Scott Green AD 1176 Rich Garrett AD 640
$20,000 to $44,999
M. Brady Moore AD 1194 T. Matt Mandry AD 1110
Len Kirberg AD 610 James Nelson AD 1171 Glen Miller AD 1162
James Snow AD 524 Charles Rogge AD 725
$10,000 to $19,999 Ken Schilling AD 659 Charles Schroeder AD 738
Anonymous (by request) Mel Sundermeyer AD 661 Andy Singleton AD 1175
Howard Stine AD 622 Don Ulrich AD 825 Kevin Schwalje AD 1131
Vincent Kunderman AD 747 Woods McReynolds AD 429
$5,000 to $9,999 Don Modde AD 1234 William Alexander AD 434
Jack Bertelsmeyer AD 683 Rufus Johnson AD 551 Al Faenger AD 609
Curt Hertel AD 681 James Unverferth AD 888 Jim Petry AD 1018
David Heikkinen AD 1079 Carl Rydberg AD 617 Bill Koechlein AD 584
Tom Phillips AD 864 James Lee AD 874 T. Bach Melick AD 1083
Chuck Toedtman AD 608 James White AD 786
$500 to $999 Jim McHugh AD 594
Jim VanGilder AD 673
Greg Carlson AD 803 Jon Schneider AD 989
Jon Vaninger AD 569
Jerry Davis AD 625 Bob Garvey AD 491
John Farmer AD 545 Bobby Dye AD 1074 Ben Gronemeyer AD 1290
Anonymous (by request) Gene Faenger AD 580 Todd Monroe AD 1212
Ted Groshong AD 572 B.E. Buterbaugh AD 304
$3,000 to $4,999 Greg O’Brien AD 1014 Tim Faenger AD 1056
Keith Bailey AD 585 Scott Preston AD 1135 Wayne Fenner AD 600
Bob Berry AD 732 Jay Peterson AD 522 Mike Stewart AD 1196
Ed Blanke AD 714 Tom Sunkel AD 565 Stephen Lane AD 1100
Steve Gardner AD 707 Rob Sutton AD 1158 Ken Lux AD 507
Joe Martin AD 815 Cliff Tanquary AD 433 James Hickernell AD 451
BJ Strothkamp Theta Sigma Michael Todd Lambda Pi 484 Herbert Pillisch AD 407
J. Curt Killinger AD 754 Jim Dinges AD 647 Steven Sullivan AD 893
John G. Reilly AD 285 David Fahy AD 431 Steven Holcomb AD 805
R. Gregg Bonagurio AD 840 Richard Campbell AD 562
$2,000 to $2,999 Gary Amsinger AD 792 Jasyn Randazzo AD 1201
Mike Svoboda AD 728 David Lee AD 644 Zack Perry AD 1220
Michael R. Johnson AD 1268 Joe Butler AD 854 David Bailey AD 566
Ronald Miller AD 712 Bill Murray AD 657 Joel Philhours AD 568
Chuck Naslund AD 776 Jason George AD 1139 Frank King AD 570
Ken (Billy) Swift AD 591 John Schmidt AD 1173 Gary Fehsenfeld AD 567
Michael Pomeroy AD 856 Dan Grose AD 821 Dan Amsinger AD 792
Ed Weiland AD 613 Richard Baur AD 502
Chuck Remington AD 339
Page 5 List of Donors House Corporation Update

$100 to $199 OTHER DONATIONS

Gene Branson AD 612 Josh Colwell AD1183(in-kind)
Gerald Brunkhart AD 530 Jim Colwell AD 523 (in-kind)
Ed Cole AD 516 Bruce Davis AD 887
Eric Drury AD 957 Richard Gasaway AD 1057
Tom Green AD 1002 Walter Jansen AD 1059
Kenneth Niewoehner AD 295 Paul Kendzior AD 983
Bill Stoltz AD 667 Kyle Koederitz AD 1130
Larry Thomas AD 1207 Brad Modde AD 742
Gary Trippensee AD 536 Albert Padovano AD 286
James Borberg AD 371 James Perry AD 720
Troy Williams AD 1177 Paul Rygaard AD 863
Jim Clippard AD 587 Wil Stoecker AD 267
John Allen AD 220 R. Poppitz AD 311 Raymond Zook AD 422 Work Week 1954
Don Meyer AD 290 Doug Workman EN 456
Jeremy Lines AD 1184 (William Jewel)
James Castle AD 1179 Mike Potter AD 689 (in-kind)
Brad Hill AD 1271 Josh Hemphill AD 1274 (in-
Pete Legsdin AD 699 kind)
Truett Degeare AD 619 Rob Langford AD 1185 (in-
James Yost AD 554 kind)
Everett Adam AD 560 James Cauthorn AD 398
Mike Hobick AD 813 Mark Puzach AD 1357 (in-kind)
Jeff Stephens AD 934
Bill Ott AD 688

Won’t you please add your

name to this list of loyal do-

Associate Class Fall 1997

Page 6 House Corporation Update

Remember that Pledge, Associate or Senior Class Project??????

The storage shed, the trophy The 1960 Spring Pledge Class Unfortunately, Dave Bailey
room, the brick planter in the project included the construc- passed away on Wednesday,
chapter room, etc, or whatever tion of the L-shaped brick wall June 23, 2010 and our condo-
project your class undertook at the bottom of the chapter lences go out to his wife Bon-
for the benefit of the chapter house driveway. During the nie and his children Brian and
house, have either outlived House Corp meeting at St. Bethany and his three grand-
their useful life, are in woeful Pat’s, Jon Vaninger AD 569 children. Dave was an EE
shape and are in need of re- volunteered to solicit his graduate and served as Presi-
placement, remodeling or re- pledge class to provide funds dent of ADZ in 1963. He was
building. First, we need any for tuck-pointing of the wall, also in ROTC and 2nd Lt in the
brother to let us know which installation of a limestone US Army. Later he was em-
Brother Tim Faenger AD
project your class donated to LAMBDA CHI ALPHA sign ployed by Cooper Bussmann
1056 grilling with his
the chapter house way back facing Pine St along with a 1705 for 29 years as Vice President
father Gene Faenger AD
when you were a student. The address and upgraded light- of Sales/Marketing and a Sales
House Corp will take a look at ing. A total of $1,460 was Engineer for General Elec- 580 in the background
the condition of the project (if donated by 7 out of 9 members tric for 10 years.
it still exists) and develop a of the class including Jon Van-
minimum budget for replace- inger AD 569, Tom Sunkel AD
ment or remodeling. Then we 565, David Bailey AD 566,
will let the class know what the Gary Fehsenfeld AD 567, Joel “May we have
costs will be to replace or re- Philours AD 568, Frank King
furbish the old project and AD 570 and Ted Groshong AD hope for the
challenge the class to raise 572. The work on the wall is
enough funds for its re- expected to be completed by future of Lambda
newal. So come on and let us Homecoming and additional
know about your class project. donations are always welcome. Chi Alpha and
strength to fight
for its teachings.”

Brother Roscoe “Juice” Place

AD 19 circa 1920
Brothers James Thompson AD 367, Richard
Brothers Steve Renick Hampe AD 493, and Bernie Malson AD 445,
AD 1077 and Brian Scott
circa 1960
AD 1034 circa 1991

Chapter Highlights
The chapter placed 5th in intra- the 21 fraternities). All frater-
murals among the 21 fraterni- nity GPA is a 2.88 while all-
ties for 2009-2010 school year men's is a 2.99.
just 25 points out of 4th place
with a total of 2,984.8 The fall 2010 associate class
points. Out of 20 sports the stands at 15 with a few more
chapter won four 1st place possibilities before mid-
finishes; a 2nd, three - 3rds, a semester.
4th and two 5th and placed in
the top 10 in 7 other sports.

The chapter still struggles with

grades earning a 2.64 GPA
overall for spring 2010 semes-
ter (good for 14th place out of
Page 7 House Corporation Update

February 2011 Cross and Crescent Magazine

Lambda Chi Alpha will feature Alumni of ADZ have been John W. Rayl AD 234 who
ADZ in a full length article in recognized campus-wide at graduated in 1942 lost his life in
the February 2011 issue of the MS&T as leaders as follows: WWII and Rayl Cafeteria on
Cross & Crescent. Some of the Quadrangle is named in his
the highlights of the chapter Over 52 ADZ alumni have memory.
include: Received over 36 na- received Professional degrees
tional LXA awards since 1930 and 5 of those also have re- Stories about these and other
just 3 years after the academic ceived Honorary degrees; one alumni will be featured in the
awards were first imple- other also has a Honorary article.
mented. Both Harry Kluge AD degree.
#1 and former High Pi Col.
Edward A. Owsley AD 830 Three ADZ alumni have re-
(both deceased) received the ceived the Chancellor’s Medal
LXA Order of Merit for their for long term dedication and
lengthy and dedicated service exemplary service to the
to the ADZ chapter. In 2001 school and the state of Mis-
Keith E. Bailey AD 585 was souri.
honored with the LXA Order
of Achievement. This award Over 34 ADZ alumni have
honors those who have distin- been elected to their respec-
guished themselves in their tive Academic Department
“We who know chosen profession. These ac- Academy including Chemical,
complishments bring honor to Civil, Computer Science, Elec-
the true LXA and serve as an inspiration trical and Computer, Engineer-
to other alumni and under- ing Management, Mechanical
meaning of graduate brothers. and Aerospace and Mines and Keith Bailey AD 585 and
Metallurgy. COL Ed Edward Owsley AD
brotherhood ADZ was selected for the 830 at 2002 St. Pat’s Dinner
Award of Excellence by the 10 have been selected as Hon-
must practice Order of Omega, the Greek orary Knights of St Patrick.
honor society on the MS&T
it." campus for the 2008-2009 3 are in the University’s Ath-
school year. letic Hall of Fame.
Brother Harry
S. Truman

Brothers in the study room 1964 Brothers in the study room 1992
Alpha Delta Zeta
Lambda Chi Alpha
1705 N. Pine St.
Rolla, MO 65401

Tel: 573-364-9901


Alpha Delta Zeta Alumni Update September 2010 Issue 5

We Want to Hear From You Potential Members In this Issue

Your news is important to us, and we Alpha Delta is always looking for quality • Alumni Active Work Weekends
would like to hear from you before we new members.
publish the next issue of the UPDATE. • Honor Roll of donors
Please send the following information to the If you know of any young men who are
House Corporation Secretary, Brother attending (or will attend) M S&T please
contact the Rush Chair Anthony Diguida at • Homecoming 2010
Preston at preston_scott@yahoo.com.
avdhx4@mst.edu or call his cell at 314-952-
Name 5872. • St. Pat’s 2010
E-mail Address
Years at Alpha Delta • Housing Corporation Directors
Zeta and number Like the Old Photos?
Occupation • Class Projects
Family information Do you like the old photos in the UPDATE?
Information you would like to share with Brother Schwalje, House Corporation • Chapter Highlights
fellow alumni Treasurer, worked with the M S&T Alumni
Office to scan some of the old photo al-
If you have any old photos of your time at bums from the chapter. We will continue
Alpha Delta, please scan them and email to use these old photos in upcoming edi-
them to Brother Preston. We will use tions. If you are interested in obtaining
them in upcoming issues. copies of the photos, please contact House
Corporation Secretary, Brother Preston at