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6. Run MS Internet Explorer and key-in http://www.uitm.edu.my as the URL.

Open a
command prompt window, run netstat -an command and record the related SYN_SENT or
ESTABLISHED state http connection.

Transport layer protocol used: TCP

Local IP address:

Local port address: 53164

Foreign IP address:

Foreign port address: 4344

(5 marks)

7. Open a command prompt window. Run a ftp ftp.jaring.my command. Open another
command prompt window and run netstat –an and record the related ESTABLISHED ftp

Transport layer protocol: ___________________________________________________

Local IP address: ____________________________________________________

Local port address: ____________________________________________________

Foreign IP address: ____________________________________________________

Foreign port address: ____________________________________________________

(5 marks)

Proto Local IP address Local port address Foreign IP address Foreign port address
TCP :5354 :49157
TCP :5354 :49158
TCP :27015 :52017
TCP :49157 :5354
TCP :49158 :5354
TCP :49160 :65001
TCP :52017 :27015
TCP :65001 :49160
TCP :52315 :443
TCP :52693 :443
TCP :52813 :443
TCP :53247 :443
TCP :53248 :443

8. What is the purpose of the following addresses:

Physical address:

A memory address that is represented in the form of a binary number on

the address bus circuitry in order to enable the data bus to access a particular storage cell of
main memory, or a register of memory mapped I/O device.

IP address:

A numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses
the Internet Protocol for communication that serves two principal functions: host or network
interface identification and location addressing.

Port address:

A way to identify a specific process to which an Internet or other network message is

to be forwarded when it arrives at a server.

(3 marks)

9. Run ping ip-address-of-your-friends-computer command. Write the output.

(2 marks)
10. Run arp –a command. Record their IP address and corresponding physical address.

(2 marks)
11. What is the physical address of the default gateway (router) of your computer?

Jawapan dkt soalan no. 3 (1 mark)

12. What is the purpose of arp command?

(1 mark)

A protocol for mapping an Internet Protocol address (IP address) to a physical machine
address that is recognized in the local network.
13. What is the purpose of ping command?

(1 mark)

Ping command helps to verify IP-level connectivity.

14. Run tracert to the following address and list down the routers that the packets have to travel
to reach the destination

a. www.perlis.uitm.edu.my

b. www.melaka.edu.my - unable to resolved

c. www.pahang.uitm.edu.my

d. www.sarawak.uitm.edu.my.

e. www.johor.uitm.edu.my - unable to resolved

(5 marks)



15. Draw the router topology diagram based on the tracert output.

(5 marks)
In conclusion, this assignment produced a benefits of recognizing and identify different
type of addresses. Moreover, learn how does the output produced in such way because of the
difference purpose for each command. Besides, by reading the routers packets that have to
travel to reach a destination could help to improvise the ability to detect more efficiently. The
problems in this assignment is how to recognize the routers packets in which output could
identify which topology of every each command made. So that, enhance the topic into the
syllabus, it might give a help a lot to gain a knowledge.