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B48343 07204S
DATE MAR. 6 '08





2-8-5 Nihonbashi-horidomecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-8566 Japan

TEL +81 - 3 - 6861 - 1111
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1.1 This specification covers the water-cooled, diesel engine driven AC

generator model DCA-60ESEI (hereafter referred to as generating set).

1.2 The generating set shall be designed, manufactured and tested in

accordance with the latest standards of ISO 8528.
Other matters which are not specifically mentioned in the above
standards shall be subject to Denyo Co., Ltd.'s production regulations.


2.1 Materials and Workmanship

The materials used in the manufacture of this equipment shall be of
the high quality, and shall be free from defects and imperfections.
All materials and apparatus not manufactured by Denyo Co.,Ltd. shall
be the products of well-known manufacturers. The workmanship shall be
of the high grade and in accordance with the most efficient, up-to-date

2.2 Change
Minor changes after the final design may be made by Denyo Co., Ltd.
without prior notice to the purchaser. In case of major changes or
additional equipment which may result in an increase or decrease of
equipment's cost, modifications shall be made in writing and agreed to
by both parties prior to production and shall constitute an amendment
to these specifications.

2.3 Tests and Inspection

Routine tests and inspections shall be final in our factory.
If any tests and inspections beyond the scope of ISO 8528 standard
commercial procedures are required by the purchaser, charges for such
inspections or tests shall be added to our estimate. Conditions of any
such tests and inspections shall be mutually agreed upon between both

2.4 Ambient Conditions

The generating set should meet the following conditions:
(1) Ambient temperature : -5゚C or higher, 40゚C or lower
(2) Altitude : Up to 1000 m above sea level
(3) Relative humidity : 85 % or lower
(4) Place of installation : Indoor and outdoor

- 1 -

The machine possesses a solid structure, and is comprised of a water cooled

diesel engine and a generator, which are directly coupled on a common base.
A coupling housing is employed to connect the generator to the engine. Firm
coupling of the engine and generator is ensured by tight connection of the
housing exterior. The rotating section of the generator is directly coupled
to the flywheel of the engine with a flexible coupling plates made of
laminated thin steel.
The generator is of single bearing construction.
The standard generator is of the brushless type.
A heavy gauge steel bonnet and side door completely cover the engine,
generator and accessories, protecting the unit from effects of weather or
possible handling damages at the site.
A lifting hook is attached to the common base, and it extends to the
balance point through the bonnet top.


4.1 AC Generator

Generator model : DB-0661I

Type : Rotating-field, synchronous generator
Excitation : Brushless type (with AVR)
Continuous duty rating : 50 kVA
Voltage : 380/ 400/ 415 V
Current : 76.0 A
Frequency : 50 Hz
Speed : 1500 min - 1
Direction of rotation : Clockwise (viewed from the coupling side)
Power factor : 0.8 (lagging)
Phase : 3 (4 wires)
No. of Pole : 4
Winding connection : Star
Insulation system : Class F
Cooling system : Self-ventilation
Protection type : IP20
Rating : Continuous

- NOTE -

Continuous Duty Rating : The generating set is designed for continuous

operation under normal load conditions with an
overload capacity (110% of rating capacity)
up to the standby rating for intermittent periods.

- 2 -
4.2 Diesel Engine

Maker & Model : ISUZU BB-4BG1T

Type : 4 cycle, water cooled diesel engine,
direct injection, turbocharged type
Rated output : 48.2 kW, 1500 min - 1
No. of cylinders : 4L
Bore × stroke : 105 mm × 125 mm
Total displacement : 4.329 L
Direction of rotation : Clockwise (viewed from the fan side)
Governor : Mechanical all speed governor
Cooling system : Water cooling by radiator with fan
Air cleaner : Dry paper element type
Lubricating system : Gear pump
Starting motor : 12 V – 2.5 kW
Charging generator : 12 V – 60 A
Battery : 12V-110Ah (120E41R) × 1
Lubricating oil : API service class CD or higher
Fuel : Diesel fuel
(ASTM No.2 or equivalent)

- NOTE -

“Rated Output” is in accordance with ISO 3046-1 standard ambient conditions.

4.3 Voltage Regulation

The voltage regulation from rated load to no load under a rated power
factor shall be with in ±0.5 % of rated voltage.

4.4 Speed Regulation

The speed regulation from rated load to no load under a rated power
factor shall be with in 5 % of rated speed.

4.5 Limits of Temperature

Limits of temperature rise of the generator shall be in accordance
with relevant IEC34-1 standards, based on ambient temperature not
exceeding 40℃, and shall not exceed the following:

Armature windings (Insulation class F)

Field windings (Insulation class F)

- 3 -
4.6 Dielectric Strength Test
The strength of the windings of the generator and control box shall
meet the specifications of the high voltage test according to IEC 34-1

Armature windings - Grounding AC 1830V (one minute)

Field windings - Grounding AC 1500V (one minute)
Control box - Grounding AC 1500V (one minute)

4.7 Sound Level

The average rated load sound is limited within 65 dB (A) at a distance
of 7 m.

4.8 Dimension
Length : approx. 2000 mm
Width : approx. 880 mm
Height : approx. 1400 mm

4.9 Weight
Dry weight : approx. 1250 kg
Total weight : approx. 1390 kg

- 4 -

5.1 Generator Control Panel

The following meters and apparatus are mounted on the control panel:

Frequency meter 1 pc.

AC Ammeter 1 pc.
Ammeter change-over switch 1 pc.
AC Voltmeter 1 pc.
Voltage regulator 1 pc.
Circuit breaker (3-Phase molded case circuit breaker) 1 pc.
Earth leakage relay 1 pc.
Panel light switch 1 pc.
Panel light 1 pc.
Over current relay (in the control box) 1 pc.

5.2 Engine Control Panel

The following meters, gauges and other control equipment are mounted
on the panel:

Engine Indicator 1 set

Engine speed / Oil pressure / Water temp. /
Battery charging voltage / Integrating time
Fuel level indicator
Warning lamp
(Low lubricating oil pressure, High water temp,
Air element blinding, Over speed, Fuel level failure)
Starter switch 1 pc.
Preheat lamp 1 pc.
Fuel priming pump button 1 pc.

5.3 Output Terminal

Output terminal (3-Phase 4-wires) 1 set

Circuit breaker (for 3-phase receptacle, 63A) 1 pc.
Circuit breaker (for 3-phase receptacle, 32A) 1 pc.
Circuit breaker (for 1-phase receptacle, 32A) 3 pcs.
3-Phase receptacle (3P+N+PE, 63A) 1 pc.
3-Phase receptacle (3P+N+PE, 32A) 1 pc.
1-Phase receptacle (2P+PE, 32A) 3 pcs.
PE earthing terminal 1 pc.

- 5 -
5.4 Safety Controls
The generating set shall be equipped with automatic safety controls
which will shut down the engine in the event of any abnormal condition,
such as :

Engine Circuit breaker Warning

shut down will trip lamp

Side door open ○ - -

Emergency stop
○ - -
Low lubricating
○ - ○
oil pressure
High jacket water
○ - ○
Over current of
- ○ -

Earth leakage - ○ ○

Over speed ○ - ○

Fuel level failure - - ○

Air element
- - ○
Mark ○: Operate Mark -: Not operate


Cooling water capacity : approx. 15.4 L

Lube oil capacity : approx. 13.2 L
Fuel tank capacity : approx. 125 L
Environment tank capacity : approx. 188 L


Parts list 1 set

Instruction manual 1 set
Instruction manual (Engine) 1 set
Cancellation connector 1 pc.


The color of the generator proper and the engine shall be the
manufacturer's standard colors, and that of the bonnet shall be Munsell
No.5.3Y7.0/2.7, 5RP3.5/6 and N-1.

- 6 -