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Maritime Cranes

Customer Service
Service Excellence
Liebherr’s reputation for high quality after sales support across its entire range of
maritime products is well-earned. The establishment of "Service Excellence", as a key
competence throughout the entire service life of a crane, provides service solutions
and added value focusing on enhanced profitability and performance for our customers.
In order to guarantee "Service Excellence" Liebherr commences its after sales programme
before hand-over of the crane to the customer.
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Spare Parts
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Customer Service Network

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Population of units

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= Offshore Cranes

In addition to maintenance work carried out by customer personnel trained by Liebherr,

over 5,000 maritime cranes are also serviced directly by Liebherr through a worldwide
network of service centres.

Liebherr service is based on shortest response time, reliability and extensive technical
Africa America Asia/Oceania CIS Europe Middle East knowledge. Reducing downtime and restoring the productivity of customer machines
280 727 1223 215 2486 398 is the primary concern of our engineers.

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1 Testing
All maritime cranes go through an extensive factory testing programme. Depending
on their size the cranes are either tested fully assembled or crucial components such
as drives and motors undergo extensive testing prior to delivery.

This quality management system ensures extraordinarily

quick commissioning on-site, trouble-free operation
and high availability right from the outset.

Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH, Germany

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2 Transport
Offering direct access to the sea, Liebherr production facilities are very well situated
in terms of worldwide sales logistics, especially when shipping large equipment.

Generally cranes for intercontinental shipment are transported semi-assembled.

However large cranes such as STS, RMG or RTG are shipped in large pre-assembled
pieces and assembled on site. This avoids any excessive stresses in the structures as
a result of shipping fully assembled.

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3 Assembly
Where fully assembled shipment does not occur, the combination of extensive testing
before shipment and Liebherr’s leading pre-assembly concept significantly saves costs
while reducing risks and ensuring faster installation on-site.

Crane parts are assembled and commissioned by a team of experienced engineers. In

addition to training at Liebherr facilities prior to erection, Liebherr offers comprehensive
on-site training covering all technical aspects of the crane, during and after installation.

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4 Training
Liebherr offers a range of flexible, high quality training solutions to fulfil specific
customer training needs. Thereby, the main focus lies on creating a sustainable
awareness for efficient and safe crane operations.

In addition, it has always been Liebherr’s philosophy to train customers’

engineers in all aspects of crane maintenance, repair and operation.
Where necessary, customer personnel are then able to ensure that crane
downtime is reduced to a minimum.

Customised Training
• Crane operator training
• Maintenance staff training
• Technical training

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5 Technical Service & Maintenance
A team of more than 600 experienced, multi-skilled and factory-trained service engineers Tailor-made service agreements
is based in more than 50 service centres around the globe. They are available ad hoc or on
a contractual basis. The continuous expansion of our worldwide sales and service network 1. Commissioning 4. Upgrades
is part of Liebherr’s commitment to offer the maritime industry the best possible support. • Mechanical installation • Modernisation / overhauls
• Hook up and testing • Adaptation to new standards or new requirements
• On-site training • Technical upgrades
Liebherr maritime cranes benefit from extensive in-house expertise in structural,
mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering guaranteeing high product quality, 2. Inspection programmes 5. Full service contracts
long-term performance and reduced lifetime costs. Liebherr combines its know-how • Inspection surveys • One-stop service solution
with customers’ experience in order to continuously optimise products and services. • Verification of crane maintenance • Maintenance planning
• Verification of documentation and certification • Technical upgrades
• Remote diagnosis / Teleservice
3. Preventive maintenance • Budget planning
• Safety checks
• Support of PMR
(Preventive Maintenance Routine) installation
• Recommendation of stock level

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Real Time Service Reman Program

Based on state-of-the-art data transmission technology, The permanent availability of Liebherr cranes is an im- Liebherr offers repair services for all installed com- Testing after assembly according to the latest factory
the on-board monitoring system provides information portant prerequisite for smooth and efficient operation. ponents (hydraulic components, pumps, motors, specifications has confirmed that exchange compo-
on the operation of equipment enabling efficient ma- Using Teleservice a Liebherr service engineer can log gearboxes, drive systems etc.). Depending on type, nents operate just as well as identical newly produced
nagement, optimal operation, maintenance scheduling directly on the crane for instant support in order to age or market value customers can choose from three parts and therefore come with a same-as-new warranty.
and remote supervision. analyse data and carry out ad hoc troubleshooting solutions:
• Buying an exchange component
GPRS Satellite
• Return for repair
• Return for overhaul

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6 Spare Parts Logistics
Every operational hour is vital if cranes are to function effectively. Liebherr original
spare parts (OEM) and service staff are at our customers’ disposal 24/7. Availability of
components over the whole service life of the crane is guaranteed.

The standardised Liebherr overnight distribution service guarantees fast and safe
delivery of the original parts to their destination.

Liebherr also recommends a steady supply of critical spare parts on-site. In combination
with Liebherr training on technical specifics, this allows for minimal downtime of cranes.

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7Upgrades & Retrofits
It might be required to upgrade cranes due to changes of the installation layout,
changes of rules and regulations, operational requirements or just to extend the service
life of an older crane.

Retrofit Packages
• Extended service life through next generation components
• Installation of additional safety features
• Retrofitting of drive systems
• Structural inspections
• Software & mechatronic updates
(downward compatibility due to
Liebherr’s Crane Management System)

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8 Refurbishment & Second-hand
In consideration of the ever-growing second-
hand crane market Liebherr offers complete
refurbishment programmes including a re-
location service of equipment.

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Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH, Austria

Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd., Killarney, Co. Kerry, Republic of Ireland

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