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1514029683827 666, Powervain& Engine System Components | DiPont | DuPont USA. = . cullen —~ Home > Allindusiies > Aulomotive > Powertrain & Engine System Components Higher Performing Powertrain & Engine System Components The drive to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy is urgent, making every powertrain and engine system component a candidate to improve efficiency, integrate function, reduce weight and lower cost — areas where DuPont excels. Materials play a critical role in helping to reduce emissions, boost fuel economy and improve efficiency in powertrain technologies. DuPont offers the broadest portflio of materials capable of withstanding today's harsh engine environments and the most experienced and global development staff to ensure solutions developed today are on the road tomorrow, Increasing performance in automotive air ducts and turbocharger hoses + Leading the metals-o-plastics revolution in transmissions and driveline + Enhanced durability for extreme environments for sealed engine covers + Improving powertrain efficiency in charged alr coolers + Thermal management through lighter weight engine cooling systems SHARE CONTACT US | otatext hl charsel=ul-8.%.3Civ%.20class 990% obalnavh2oparbaseY.22%20stylKaD %.22ber der %AAY.200px 38%. 20er- family KAARZON'AINZC... 14 151a029694647.79 Powertrain & Engine System Components | DuPont | DuPont USA. USES AND APPLICATIONS 038 Vespel® in Automotive Air AutomotiveElectror Automotive Parts Ducts and TurbochargerHoses e VIEW ALLO | CASE STUDIES mi Yazaki Underhood Hot Gas Welding _ Latching Refueling Electrical Center and Zytel® Give Valve with Low Saves Space, Bocar Friction Materials AddsCapacity @ Compettvetdge Saves Energy © VIEW ALLS | otatext hil charsel=ul-8.%.3Civ.20class 990% obalnavh2OparbaseY.22%420stylKaD %.22ber der %AAY.200px 8%. 20er- family KAARZON'AIZC.... 24 ‘staoze83s069811 LINKS: otatexthml charsel=ul-8,%.3Ce4v.20class 9.80 %229 balran2Oparbase 22% 20ty le aD %.22ber der 2A 20099. 38% 20a famlly AARZOAAI IAC. Powertrain & Engine System Components | DuPont | DuPont USA DUPONT BRANDS. i Vespel® Parts & — Kalrez® Hytrel® TPC-ET Shapes @ Berfluoroelastomer thermoplastic polyesterelastomer e INFORMATION & IDEAS Flame- me Resistant & Gence 7 Technologies - FRT Jounce Engine Air Boost vs.inherent @ Bumper Management AutomotivePe! Whatare the made of White Paper differences between DuPont™Hytre @ “inherent and @ “veated" tame resistant fabrics? Learn how each fabric reacts when posed to heat, id when flame- sistant properties, can be removed. VIEW ALL 22 | aia ‘s1ag208es559.472 Powervain& Engine System Components | DiPont | DuPont USA. Home > Allindusties > Aulomotve > Powert in & Engine System Components MORE IN AUTOMOTIVE Aftermarket Body & Exterior Chassis Electrical & Electronics Fuel & Fuel Systems, Hybrid & Electric Vehicles Safety Systems & Interiors ‘Thermal Management & HVAC Transmission & Driveline Contact DuPont Automotive ‘OUR COMPANY INVESTORS CAREERS. MEDIA CENTER CONTACT GLOBAL LOCATIONS MSDS FINDER ‘TRANSPARENCY ACT Legal Notices & Terms of Use | Privacy | Ethics Hotine | SiteMap | Copyright ©2017 DuPont. All ights reserved. The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™, and al products denoted with © or ™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of E. |. du Pont de Nemours and Company or ts affates otatexthml charsel=ul-8.%.3Civ.20class 90 % 22 obalravh2OparbaseY.22%420stylKaD %.22ber dr %AAY.2O0px BY. 20er- family KAAVZON'AIZC.... 44