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Test 1 Test 1
 College Sports  because the workers are going to
 She was recently unwell quit their jobs
 Some team members got sick  because they had not been given
 People were surprised wage increases
 The team played even  we don’t know for sure
 an angry worker
Test 2  the following day
 false
 have well-equipped gymnastics Test 2
facilities.  Chuck Roste
 True  Were against it
 Prevent  Negotiations
 Gymnastics and weight-lifting  The need for additional wage cuts
facilities  The managers of the plant

Test 3 Test 3
 Tienes que hablar  Tienes que hablar

Test 4 Test 4
 Condition  Empty promises
 Made a name for himself  Going on strike
 Finals  Handling the situation
 In shape  Incentives
 Team spirit  Make a living
 Handle an upset  Making cuts
 Weight lifting  Productive
 Build up her strength  Proposal
 Gives in  Quit
 At your own pace  Under the circumstances
 Well-equipped  Wage increase
 Exhausted  Walk out

Test 5 Test 5
 Where I bought my watch,  Who / won
 ,who lived  Who missed
 ,which is  Who took
 ,whose  That’s
 ,when my father was born,  Which will allow

Test 6
 I’ll ever love
 Who I like
 Took
 In which my grandparents live
 To whom he reports

The injured player is not in any condition to play tonight.

Elie made a name for herself in the banking world, and now she's very successful.
Their team will be competing in this year's basketball finals.
After she had her baby, she exercised to get back in shape.
Our baseball team has real team spirit.
When our school basketball team lost 4 to 24, they had a hard time handling the upset.
I do weight lifting in the gym three times a week, so I'll get stronger.
You should exercise every day to build up your strength.
Even though their team was clearly better, our players fought hard, and didn't give in.
There is no hurry to finish the job - do it at your own pace.
This is a well-equipped gym, with all the latest exercise and sports equipment.
I'm exhausted from getting so little sleep.
Bill always makes empty promises; he never does what he says he'll do.
We'll go on strike if we don't get more money.
Liz says she'll quit if she doesn't get a promotion. How do you want to handle the situation?
I have no incentive to finish the project.
I don't earn much, but it's enough to make a living.
The government is making cuts in its spending.
I've had a productive day.
I hope you'll accept our proposal of hiring more employees to get the job done.
Ralph quit his job, because he didn't like his boss.
It's a good offer, under the circumstances.
The assistant manager was given a wage increase after working in the company for only a
We should all walk out until they give us better working conditions.

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