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(ii) What are the Penalties prescribed under the Negotiable RAJIV GANDHI NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF LAW, PUNJAB
Instrument Act, 1881 in case of dishonour of a cheque MOHINDRA KOTHI, THE MALL, PATIALA - 147 001
for insufficiency of funds in the account of the person
issuing the cheque? What steps the payee should take
for making the drawer liable for his offence? Support
you answer with a decided case.

(iii) Define the terms ‘Banker’ and ‘Customer’. What are the
general and special relationships between a banker and

(iv) ‘The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is a benevolent piece of LL.M. FIRST SEMESTER
legislation’. Explain the statement and discuss the jurisdiction DECEMBER - 2008
of ‘Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies’ in banking END TERM EXAMINATION

Note: The Question Paper consists of Three Sections - A, B and C.

Section (A)

(1) Attempt All Questions from this Section . Each question

carries 2 marks
(i) Unit Banking
(ii) What is merchant banking?
(iii) Cash Reserve Ratio
(iv) Payment in due course
(v) Inchoate instrument

(vi) Mr. X, a valued customer has drawn a bearer cheque of Rs. (ii) “Every holder in due course must be a holder, but every holder
50,000 in favour of Suresh, a minor. The minor comes to the may not be a holder in due course.” Discuss and distinguish
Bank for receiving the payment. Discuss whether the amount between the two.
can be paid to the minor?
(vii) Blank endorsement Unit (IV)
(viii) Noting and Protesting (i) Under what circumstances shall a negotiable instrument
(ix) General crossing be called to have been materially altered? What is the
effect of such an alteration?
(x) Banker’s lien

Section (B) (ii) “A banker is bound to honour his customer’s cheques.” To

what extent is this true? Discuss.
(2) Attempt any One Question from each Unit of this Section.
Each Question carries 4 marks Unit (V)
Unit (I) (i) Explain the terms ‘Consumer’ and ‘deficiency of
(i) Discuss the various functions of commercial banks. Service’ under the Consumer Protection Act. Support
your answer with a few decided cases.
(ii) State the provisions of Banking Regulation Act regarding
licensing of banking companies and minimum paid-up capital (ii) Discuss the recent trends in the banking system in India with
and reserves. particular reference to ‘Electronic Banking.’
Unit (II)
Section (C)
(i) State the various functions of Reserve Bank of India.
(ii) “The Reserve Bank of India has wide powers to control and (3) Attempt any Two Questions from this Section. Each question
regulate the activities of banks.” Explain the statement in the carries 10 marks.
context of provisions contained in the Banking Regulation
Act, 1949. (i) To what extent is protection given to a banker who pays
a cheque to, or who collects a cheque on behlf of, a
Unit (III) person who is not its owner. Answer the question with
(i) Define the term ‘Negotiable Instrument.’ State the presumptions reference to bearer, order and crossed cheques.
applicable to all the negotiable instruments as provided under
the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881.

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