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Jewel! Crown
The one complaint that is often level-
led at card-orientated games like Talis-
man is that after numerous plays you
can often predict the cards, losing the
H elements of spontaneity and surprise.
To combat this, an expansion set has
A Look at Talisman and its New Expansion Set arrived on the scene, containing new
Character, Spell and Adventure cards.
by Alastair Morrison These additions follow the same for-
mat as the original game, with the added
bonus of glorioustechnicolourthrough-
out. New characters are the Halfling,
I tend to buy games for one of two (ratherthan Machiavellian) tactics. After Necromancer, Satyr, Leprechaun,
reasons. Either it is a good, playable sys- all, why be subtle and devious when Ranger, Amazon, Rogue, Hobgoblin,
tem, or it has a great box! I admit it was pure brute force will get you the same Gladiator, Knight, Barbarian, Merchant,
the second reason that initially attracted results - and faster! Pilgrim and Philosopher, making
me to Talisman, however, once I looked Spell cards are another important twenty-eight different characters availa-
inside, I discovered that not only was the facet of the game - each one gives ble to players. Of these newcomers, the
artwork excellent but the game was specific details asto the type of spell you Necromancer and the Knight can benefit
good and playable too. can cast in the course of the game. For from gaining Craft through Charming
For those of you unfamiliar with the the greedy, the Acquisition spell is a enemies or killing them, adding the
game, the board itself consists of three good one, although my favourite has to enemy's Craft to their total. Thus these
distinct regions. The outermost region, beTemporal Warp-a spell that enables two can gain when they encounter
coloured in green, is easiest to travel you to take three turns in a row. spirits -an ability lacking in the original
through, followed by the blue middle One unpleasant aspect about the characters. All the new characters have
region and the buff inner region,where- game is being turned into a Toad as a a good balance of abilities, making them
in lies your goal - the Crown of Com- result of a spell. This invariably happens 3s playable as the original set.
mand. In thegame,each playertakeson when your character has acquired The Adventure cards all add plenty of
the role of a character such as a Warrior, enough Gold to bury Fort Knox, an variety and sparkle to the game. To
Wizard or Priest, each of whom has spe- armoury that would overburden the describe in length all the novelties
cial powers, and sets off on a quest to hordes of Genghis Khan and enough would use up all the superlatives I know
find the magicTalisman. The regionson Followers to fill a football pitch. Since a (at last count about five) so I'll just pick
the board are the areas of 'countryside' Toad cannot carry anything, all his out a few favourites.
travelled through, and each region is worldly wealth remains on the space he The Arena card allows you t o move
actually sub-divided into squares, each occupied when th6spell struck. This any other character t o your space and
of which has its own title (eg Chapel, usually results in a mad scramble by the then attack them. This enables you to
Hills, etc) and encounter instructions. other players to be the first to reach this pick on the weakest player and act very
Effectively, Talisman is a regulated role- unexpected treasure trove. All the poor uncharitably towards him. On the sub-
playing boardgame. Toad can do is sit and croak his objec- ject of uncharitability there's also a
There are fourteen character cards tions in vain for the next three turns. Taxation card to get. . . There's also an
and pieces which depict the individual After playing Talisman on numerous unhelpful stranger in the form of a
adventurers: a Prophetess, Druid, War- occasions with anything from two to six Judge - he can fine you or make you
rior, Ghoul, Priest, Wizard, Sorceress, players, it becomes obvious that it is ide- miss a turn if you've attacked another
Monk, Troll, Elf, Thief, Assassin, ally suited to the three to four player player during the game. Going by the
Minstrel and Dwarf. Each card gives game since it keeps the playing time way most people I know play Talisman,
details of the character's unique down to about two and a half hours yet it's certainly a case of 'Guilty, m'lud'! -
abilities. For example, the Prophetess - -
still offers an interestina challenae. Out of nine new enemies ~ r o v i d e d .
the nastiest by far has to bethe ~ i c h . ' l f
the Lich isvictorious in combat, it drains
one of your character's lives and keeps it
for itself. This makes it a very persistent
enemy, especially if encountered early
on in the game whilst the player charac-
ters are still weak and inexperienced. M y
other favourite enemy is the Berserker
who instead of being killed merely
zooms off clockwise to another space,
ready t o bash again.
The half-dozen new spells - Displace-
ment, Brainwave, Slow Motion, Barrier,
Mind Steal and Metamorph, are all good
for a bit of chaos here and there.
There is, of course, nothing to stop
you adding new adventure cards or
favourite character cards of your own. It
is easy to adapt any character type to
Talisman, as long as you keepwithin the
limits of the rules, it shouldn't unbalance
can begin the game with one spell, Having said this, the six-player game the game.
always retain one, and look at the other is perfect for role-players, allowing To use the Talisman cards provided
players' spells at any time during the plenty of character interaction and on the facing page, first cut around the
game. Character cards also show your development as each player seeks the sheet of card backs and paste this t o a
initial Strength, Craft, Lives, Gold,Align- Weapons, Objects and Talismans that sheet of thin cardboard. When the glue
ment and starting location. are now in short supply. This is a game has dried, trim the cardboard to the size
Over a period of time, each character of back-stabbing, cheating and corrup- of the cards, cut out the obverse sheet
seems to develop its own personality, tion, with spells, cursesand blood flying and paste this to the other side of the
regardless of who plays them. One across the board. An interesting variant cardboard, making sure that the two
example is the Troll; not the most per- is to have only oneTalisman.The player sides correspond to each other! Once
sonable of characters, but one who who eventually gets it would be sure to dry, cut the cards out individually and
tends t o develop Massacrevellian spend most of the game being pursued use them t o brighten up your game!


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