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HAI Prevalence Survey

The CDC healthcare-associated infection (HAI) prevalence survey provides an

updated national estimate of the overall problem of HAIs in U.S. hospitals. Based
on a large sample of U.S. acute care hospitals, the survey found that on any given
day, about 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated
infection. There were an estimated 722,000 HAIs in U.S acute care hospitals in
2011. About 75,000 hospital patients with HAIs died during their hospitalizations.
More than half of all HAIs occurred outside of the intensive care unit.

Estimates of Healthcare-Associated Infections Occurring in Acute Care

Hospitals in the United States, 2011
Major Site of Infection Estimated No.
Pneumonia 157,500
Gastrointestinal Illness 123,100
Urinary Tract Infections 93,300
Primary Bloodstream Infections 71,900
Surgical site infections from any inpatient surgery 157,500
Other types of infections 118,500
Estimated total number of infections in hospitals 721,800
To read the full report, please visit: CDC HAI Prevalence Survey
Magill SS, Edwards JR, Bamberg W, et al. Multistate Point-Prevalence Survey of
Health Care–Associated Infections. N Engl J Med 2014;370:1198-208.
HAI Progress Report
The CDC National and State Healthcare-Associated Infections Progress Report is a
report that gives a closer look at the healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) most
commonly reported to CDC using theNational Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).
This is an annual report that describes national and state progress in preventing
central line-associated bloodstream infections, catheter-associated urinary tract
infections, surgical site infections after colon surgery and surgical site infections
after abdominal hysterectomy. The report is based on 2012 data.

Estimates of Selected* Healthcare-Associated Infections Occurring in Acute

Care Hospitals, 2011± or 2012†
Type of Healthcare-Associated Infection Estimated No.
Catheter-associated urinary tract infections 54,500†
(wards and critical care units)
Central line-associated bloodstream infections
(wards and critical care units)
Surgical Site Infections associated with
10 surgical procedures
Hospital-onset Clostridium difficile infections
(all hospital locations)

* Infections closely tied to performance measures reported as part of the CMS

Hospital Quality Reporting Program