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Speaking Topics

Let’s talk about

Conversation cards

Do you celebrate Christmas in Is Christmas a national holiday What supposedly happened at

your country? where you live? Christmas a long time ago?
How do you celebrate it? Are schools and businesses Why do Christians celebrate
closed? How long? Christmas?

What do you usually do on What do you usually eat at What does Christmas mean to
Christmas Eve and Christmas Christmas? you personally?
Day? Who cooks it?
Compare with others.

Do you give (or receive) What do you like about What is your favourite
Christmas presents? What kind Christmas? Christmas song?
of presents do you buy? What What don’t you like about it? Can you sing it in English?
presents do you like to get?

What do you know about Santa Did you believe in Santa Claus Do you put up a Christmas tree?
Claus (AmE) or Father Christmas when you were young? Is it real or artificial?
(BrE)? When did you stop believing? What do you think is best or the
Make a list. Who told you? environment? Why?

What’s the weather like at Would you like to spend the What would change about
Christmas in your country? Christmas holidays in another Christmas if you could?
Do you like it? country? Would you change anything at
Where? Explain why. all?

How many Christmas cards do ‘Christmas has become too What is Boxing Day?
you usually get? commercialised.’ Explain. Do research and report to the
Do you write real Christmas Do you agree or not? class.
cards or e-cards? Why? Discuss in group.

Match words & pictures 4
candle & hollygingerbread
manmistletoeRudolphSanta 5
& sleighstockingXmas balls Quotes
or baublesXmas cardXmas 3 Explain and discuss
lightsXmas presentXmas - I never believed in
7 Santa Claus because I
puddingXmas tree
knew no white man would
8 9 be coming into my
neighbourhood after
12 dark. ~ Dick Gregory
- Christmas is not a time
nor a season, but a state
11 of mind. ~ Calvin Coolidge