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Lentz ism

Email questions answered by Karl Lentz on his mail list.

Do Not Print without looking first unless you want to use up ink.

73 pages with lots of color.

Karl’s color highlighting left as is. Edited minor typos and, removal of non
pertinent info. Chronological as they appeared in my email. A few additions from
transcripts or fans thrown in. Not exhaustive of Karl’s teachings but very

Some of the calls referenced are not available for public download but likely can
be had for a donation to Karl. www.Broadmind.org

Karl: NEVER, say anything in COURTROOMS, just say to the black robed one.... did
U not get the documents i tendered to court 14 days ago? Put it All in
Writing,,,,,never NOVATE..... google THAT word !!!

Q: I have a case in the federal court and was indicted. They assigned a pretender
to the case and I stated that I did not want an attorney. I fought and fought. I also
challenged the indictment and demand the charges be dismissed. They also sent
me for several mental evaluations. At some point they sent me to Carswell in
Texas for a mental evaluation for 30 days. I was released from Carswell and took a
personal flight home. I finally got rid of the pretender and I submitted a
Declinatory Plea and then the Judge made me get another attorney or he was
going to send me back to the mental hospital. My last document was a libel of
review. I have not heard nothing as of this point.


MY ANSWER, and it is Always my same ol' idiot lawful opinion,

for i not only do not speak legalese, NOR do i speak in: Chinese, Cantonese,

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Karl says:
i am sure U have HEARD that at ANYTIME, u can demand to challenge

two simple things to say... are what?

i say it like a Broken record...
You do not speak at an arraignment. I ask for paper and pencil, judge can throw the
book at you. So i don’t say anything to the man in the black robe. I don’t even
recognize that he exists.

I write at the top


1. Is there any man making a claim before this court?

2. Is there a verified claim before this court?

3. Can this claim be verified in this court at this time?

4. Is there the [wo]man , here to verify it?

They have to answer you. They have to say yes there is a claim before the court.

That’s why you always move under the common law. They pick you up under code
such and such how do you plead?

Plead to what? That drivel? I don’t even know what you just said. Well let me tell
you what it means. No no no no no. i didn’t write that code i can’t be held... i
didn’t write that contract. I don’t know what you’re reading. I don’t know how
you’re interpreting. That’s not my words those are your words. Don’t tell me what
they mean


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99% of the time their answer will be...... NO!

So act in Honor and say.......

i will be more than glad to return to this court at anytime
once a [wo]man has appeared with a verified claim and
is willing to affirm it under oath

until then i move to dismiss this case WITHOUT prejudice, and will be more then
glad to compensate the harmed party, once they make their presence and claim
known to me.

"i, a man, James, do not believe i have done anything wrong. If there is any man
here who claims i have done him wrong? If so, i require that he bring his claim and
evidence of wrongdoing before me so that i can make restitution. If there is no
man here who claims i have done wrong, i require that this matter be discharged."

people this is the same answer i have been saying and sending out for


People, this is the TYPICAL CRAZY LETTER i get EVERYDAY by the HUNDREDS!!!

Q: I have been ordered to show cause why I failed to appear for an summons on
DEC. 11TH. Can you help with that? I am attaching my response to the summons
letters. This all goes back a few years when I was in Africa, they sent several
certified letters. When I returned and responded, they said it was too late to
contest their decision and denied my request for a hearing.

Karl: My cut-copy-paste ANSWER

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Is there a man named IRS? (kind of Odd name) or is this a Mr. or a Miss, ms. or
Mrs. IRS?
last name first? first name Last?

i think, now i maybe wrong, but i believe only a man has the right to say U have
done him a wrong...

Hey, but what do i know?

Seriously ! Are U for real! Did U really do someone named IRS a wrong?

if U say U did this 'IRS' wrong, tell him or her Your sorry, tell them how can U make
it up to them, and tell them U will try Ur best not to do it again...

For i have NO idea of any man, or woman i have known in my life Named in such a
manner as irs, or Irs, or IRS or iRS, or any other spelling of the word,

for Only man can claim another man has done him a wrong,
if U want to BELIEVE, u can hurt something Other than [wo]man then g0dspeed to
U sir with your [CRAZY] beliefs,

i can NOT help U, if U Do not KNOW how U Stand [status] in the Public venue, i
suggest U stay at home....

Again i am using this MASS EMAIL to MASSIVELY explain that i do NOT , have the
desire to explain something that Your parents shoulda TOLD You [like mine did] by
the age of TWO!


Q: Do I need to find their public hazard bond and bond number? Do I need to find
their malpractice insurance policy number listed with risk management or the

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general liability trust fund? I understand about the eye thing I can't see too well
up close or far away. I can only focus from about 3 feet to 7 or 8 feet, all the rest
of the time I'm having to change glasses all the time! Ha! Getting older is no
pinic...you should see my teeth or lac there of...

Karl: NO!

now this is JUST my BELIEF

i believe U canNOT make a CLAIM to a BOND UNTIL AFTER a Criminal
DON'T do LIENS either UNLESS you do it THRU a District COURT,
NEVER by that Notary Process, non-sense !
again i BELIEVE, IT MUST BE FIRST PROVED, that they Broke Their BOND to you
(another), before U place a claim to their BOND
but U may wish to seek advise from another,
BUT can U absolutely place a claim of a WRONG with them AND their
indemnifiers, so YES go after their insurer/indemnifier ABSOLUTELY, and NO U
don’t have to worry about The wrongdoers POLICY # AGAIN it is THEIR #, not

Ooh their indemnifier is at times stylized as 'risk management' or 'General liability

Trust Fund', U can find it thru their State's 'Finance Division' under the control of
the Executive Branch of its Government


Q: ……..the county just had a sheriff’s sale on his property for building without a

Karl: all he had to do was pay for the improvements with say... a $20.oo Gold Coin
(which is really worth $2,000),

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that way for could have kept it under the "minimum" amount needed to spend
before u have to report the improvement to the county, for a home improvement

Q; and how would one do that without applying for permits & site approvals that
the county requires?
and the county refuses to accept gold & silver

Karl: tell me, what is the MINIMUM dollar amount or maximum , a person needs
to spend ON A HOME IMPROVEMENT there in your county, BEFORE THEY HAVE

Q: I found a fee chart, it starts at $1-$500 is $24 fee it also states "PERMIT FEES
Not adopted by the State of Oregon"

Karl: and also remember they, the County, ( tooo bad for them that there are no
more COUNTS (u know like Royalty / a Prince), around who can swear under oath)

but the controllers of the County will ALWAYS (try to) claim they OWN the
(which is NOT LAND!)

but just as in the UK,

the Crown Claims it owns the GROUND,
BUT the CROWN canNOT make a Claim to the Edifices/placed atop the Ground,
so to ME,
Whatever U do to the Building atop the Ground is NONE of ANYBODY else’s
BUSINESS, UNLESS it is causing them harm (like a building so Tall it blocks the
sunlight from touching another's home that was there BEFORE Your TALL building
existed )


Q: Nov 28, 2012: where did you learn about the magic red box?
i know very few others that have that technology.
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we learned about it from a navy captain.
it seems to create an irrevocable demand.

we are trying to find the historical legal/lawful origins of the method and
why officials roll over to it...any ideas? did your judge pal let you in on it?

Karl: do U should enjoy how i stylized this court order , i didn’t allow angela to put
this one up YET

and what do U feel the significance is between the colours say...

black borders?
i have my beliefs , but what are Yours?

Did You ever try to google the "8-corner rule" ?

in answer to your questions of color - I think the historical use has been
Red = Live Man
Dark Blue = Private/Live
Light Blue = Ecclesiastic
Purple = Royalty
Gold = Sovereignty
Black = Public/Dead

Karl: red is dead

blue is man viz., "blue bloods"...


Q: Why would Red be dead if it is the color of "life blood" and was used
historically to press a blood thumbprint seal onto a contract to prove that it

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was the real man at the table?
We have read in their own codes that Black is both Dead and Commerce /
What do you think?

Karl: Dont U Remember how Hannibal was stopped?

the Romans would pour blood on the ground and the elephants would not pass,
knowing there was DEATH nearby

Blue is the color of man's blood, it turns RED once it spills out of man’s body and
the oxygen turns it red'
RED is ALSO the way u write the word VOID across the face of a Document


Q: Thank you for the documents you sent me. I don't have the time (before the
3rd when my grandson comes up for adoption) to file a Federal law suit as you
have done. The best I can do is to stop the adoption. I'm going to file some
papers...that we do not consent and from that time forward we will be charging
by the second or minute. I have already sent letters to that effect, but of course
they've paid no attention to them. I'm basically trying to set them up for the
Federal Law suit. If you look on Manta or Dun and Bradstreet, the court, the
sheriff, the Department of Human Services etc. are all incorporated and thereby
are a foreign jurisdiction everyone participating in the adoption or in court are
committing treason. Of course they don't see it that way. I need to get their
names and addresses before I get started with the court of record stuff and give
them notice. Any tips you could give me as to the chronological order of how to
proceed. As I told you I have studied Bill Thornton's method so I know and
basically understand the Court of Record and how to get to it. After I establish the
Court of Record do I kick everyone who is an agent out of the court?

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Karl: find out who or where RISK MANAGMENT in whatever STATE Your
kid/grandkid is in

it s ALSO stylized at times as a GENERAL LIABILTY TRUST FUND

CALL UP THE FINANCE DEPT. OF the State ask them to Whom or to Where do U
need to file a claim , as in to tender a bill, when a State employee, harms U
when they say" what type of injury?" just say oooh, someone told me if it was a
state employee HURT me, i could send a claim form into the States RISK
Management or GLTF.......
THAT will get U a FAST hangup, with them saying YOU r CRAZY!
the TRICK is ALWAYS go after the POCKETBOOK!


Q: Do I need to find their public hazard bond and bond number? Do I need to find
their malpractice insurance policy number listed with risk management or the
general liability trust fund?

Karl: NO!

now this is JUST my BELIEF

i believe U canNOT make a CLAIM to a BOND UNTIL AFTER
a Criminal CONVICTION,
DON'T do LIENS either UNLESS you do it THRU a District COURt, NEVER by that
Notary Process, non-sense !
again i BELIEVE, IT MUST BE FIRST PROVED, that they Broke Their BOND to you
(another), before U place a claim to their BOND
but U may wish to seek advise from another,
BUT can U absolutely place a claim of a WRONG with them AND their
indemnifiers, so YES go after their insurer/indemnifier ABSOLUTELY, and NO U

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don’t have to worry about The wrongdoers POLICY # AGAIN it is THEIR #, not

Ooh their indemnifier is at times stylized as 'risk management' or 'General liability

Trust Fund', U can find it thru their State's 'Finance Division' under the control of
the Executive Branch of its Government

Q: What I wanted to do is exactly what you’re doing. File a claim in Federal court
under the common law (bill Thornton's) approach. I have been told and read this
also that you can make a complaint with Dun and Bradstreet against them, with
proof of course, and if D&B gets three legitimate complaints the indemnifier is
notified and they pull their bond. Without a bond they are out of a job. Whether
that is true or not, I don't know. I want o file a claim in Federal court if I can get
any justice there. Another place I could try that I have heard about is an
international court of chancery. Have you heard of that? It is an equity court. One
thing is for sure...these people have gone too far this time and I'm not stopping
until they are all broke or in prison! Through the years I have been put in jail for
trying to help a friend, arrested several times for shit that didn't cause anyone
harm, had my house foreclosed on because I challenged the bank’s loan, had the
IRS try to make claims when I wasn't even working, had many third party debt
collectors come after me for their fake debts for cars, student loans, credit cards
etc. Some of them I've beat in court and some of them have beat me, but stealing
children is going over the top and I'm going to make them pay until they have

Karl: u have to come into Fed court with a federal question

but hell with all that

i have a simple question ...is/or was the mom or dad criminally convicted
did they sign the kid away?
if they were criminally convicted, why won’t they give family the kids ( yes i know
they make a fortune thru foster care, i mean what reason did they give U )
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Why have U not just sued them in their local district court?
AND THIS Approach can be USED for EVERY WRONG, not just kids/CPS/DHR/ !!!!
for all State courts are common law courts, and all courts which hear matters
OVER $20.oo are courts of record
so, i know my way is WAY toooo simple , as U have Mastered Years of Bullshit, but
it as simple as filing a case stylized as simple as....
Someone is keeping U from YOUR property, which is being held in naked

and again...
U first sent them a ' notice ' of the wrong ....
they ignored U or said "fu", ....
with THAT proof u went to any Bozo local district court where the wrongdoers
reside ...
U filed a claim for the return of property..."correct?"

All that other stuff You wrote, well i don’t have 3 or 4 lifetimes to explain , that it is
alllllll a total joke

Q: Mom signed them away, but my son wasn't involved with any of it, and they
never notified him until he wrote them a couple of notices demanding the child
back and of course instead of giving him back they gave him a hearing, saying it
was at his request which it wasn't. He didn't go because he thought they would
arrest him I went for him with power of attorney. He didn't do their drug test that
they wanted him to take the time before. He also hasn't paid their child support
that they told him to pay. Anyway, I have a couple of questions 1. at the point it is
right now should I challenge their jurisdiction or should I try and take it into a
court of record by saying announcing that I am one of the people making a claim
in this court of record. I know about the jurisdiction thing and non of them have
jurisdiction, but if it isn't challenged now I can't do it later, but I don't think I can
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do both. Also I don't have any time to file in federal court, the adoption hearing is
Monday. If he is adopted can I overturn it in Fed Dis Court? If I do the court of
record thing will they even understand what I am doing?

wow, people are THICK, ;), ok i am going to save U people tens-of thousands of
dollars in legal fees, ok ready? and for granny or others who SIGNED the kids over
to the STATE "skip" down to the GREEN SECTION

again if u listened to the 2 shows i did

file a simple 3 page suit in the closest district county/state court near the child
a coversheet it can be as simple as
page one
first thing U write top middle of cover sheet
i,verify all herein be true:
yes the 'i' is in lowercase,
i aint got the time to explain again about full reservation of rights nor of the
BEHEADING of the 'i' INTO an 'I', where there are just two arms and legs sticking
out...(capitus maximus, media, minumus )
the name of the courthouse
 Your name
 v.

 their name

 Cause Of Action: the Adminisration of Property w/o right

page #2

1. i ____ ____ gave no entity the right to administrate my property;

2. i say that _____ is my property;

3. i say no [wo]man will make a claim, saying my claim is untrue,

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4. i want my property returned to me, and;

5. said property is to be totally under my control , posthaste;

6. i will charge the wrongful holder $_____ for each second said property is
not returned starting on the 22 day after they have recived their
summons/notice to answer my suit/claim, attached to this suit

Page # 3
i verify now and will affirm, in open court that all inhere be true...
1. the date________
2. write your name___

3. sign______

4. right thumb print in BLUE ink lower right hand corner

even simpler is just say u WISH, the child to be returned posthaste!!!

U people must think i am JOKING !!!
U say , oooooh come on Karl, GET REAL,,,,
ooh , okay Alll of YOU Doubting Thomas' here it is found within THEIR CODE....

Code of Alabama Title



§ 04
(2)Authority to place
(b) The Department has no authority under a voluntary agreement to hold a child
against the parent's wishes; consequently, the parent has the right at any time to
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request and to receive his child. Voluntary agreements are to be accepted only
in situations in which the Department would have no hesitancy in returning the
child to his parents.

Q: : ……..attached is a friend that is having a federal criminal charge for marijuana

dispensing, ...

He never challenged the jurisdiction of the charge the District Attorney brought
up.... he did submit his declaration of affidavit status of being a free man..... he is
due for a jury selection and ready to proceed the case on ……………
........I think my next best course of action is to file a Counter Claim challenging
jurisdiction as it is very clear to me now that jurisdiction CAN be legally
challenged and they (USA) will have no other choice but to drop their frivolous
criminal suit against me. I am feeling also that in the Counter Claim that a charge
against human rights violations (attack by US Marshalls) should be also asserted. I
would ask for everyone at this point to review the material and see if you can find
anything in this material that might not apply. With that said, I will begin my
preparation of my Counter Claim using the challenge to jurisdiction as the main
force of it. For the Judge to blatantly deny me my challenge during a conference
call the other day was downright fraud and deceitful on his part. ……….


1. u NEVER reduced Your status from a man aggrieved to that of a

Plaintiff ! (Coca-Cola, can be a Plaintiff, but it could Never be a man
2. "They can not Violate Your rights, they can ONLY interfere with them.

3. The STATE has no duty to protect any PART of your person,

including Your rights, That is YOUR JOB!

4. Ooh and U NEVER Plea, plea = beg, a man NEVER BEGS

UNTIL Youse learn the differences, Ooh well....

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Q: i have been holding this letter until i got the nerve to ask you if it was
your intention to
that I offer to pay only half of the amount they say I owe or it was a math



have used in my checkered Past dealings with the courts...

if they (Gov't) say U owe a debt, in this country, U can simply say...

"by my word, i can only pay You, $ ____ .__ a month,

for any more demand of my person
will cause me harm,
and i know this honorable court does not want to cause harm to a [wo]man,
before it...

Yes , folks law i just this simple..........


Q: I will suggest that I pay one us dollar a month on all my debts.

mortgage, car, credit cards, and utilities

Karl: my answer to Doubting Tomas...

yes that will absolutely Work,

(just like that 'AFV' non-sense does work)
BUT BUT BUT just remember it will destroy Your credit rating (if U even have one),
and if U want a cellphone in the future, or to have Your Electricity turned on at a
new location, "They" Will DEMAND a Huge Up-front CA$H deposit

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Always remember, yes U can do whatever U WISH, but it Always comes with a
Price $$$
So just be prepared to pay the price for Your wishes ( as in with cash from then

Q; I am being wronged by a township collecting taxes and they cannot use

federal reserve notes to collect them per the fed reserve act of 1913 section 16
which says that FRNs are to be used between banks and for no other purposes. If I
can't use this in Fed Dist court a jury would convict me for sure. I don't know what
else I can say for the reason

I don't believe the Township Inc cannot administer my property without my



all claims MUST BE VERIFIED, in open court;

but , but BUT, ( always the Big BUT)
if u forget to wish and demand it, they don’t and they WONT
a jury over TAXES? NO WAY !!!

i would just have one-man in a black robe,

ORDER the other-side to bring the verified claim before the court!

IN cases where it is U against a fiction-inlaw

You Stay in the status of [wo]man,
do NOT let them refer to U as the defendant,
(defendant against a fiction...., yes it is like saying... my toaster is attacking

AND, i would say to the other-side prior to trial,

1. "is it your wish to continue to move a court w/o a verified claim and
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(for only [wo]man can wish, a fiction cannot)

2. Say... to the wish maker..."then i am going to also make a case, against

you, i will have the Clerk of case, enter my claim" (so i can get my own
case #) against U for making an claim that is not verifiable, and i will order
compensation of $___ for wasting my with Your frivolous unverifiable claim"



this is ANGELA's link to her Past shows, i was on tonight, after about one and a
half hours, some man named SHANE was on before me, just try to understand
what i am saying o avoid alllllll that stufffff U are reading, it is wayyyyy too much
overkill, for such an easy problem. i think i was on for 2-3 hours on her Episode
187; 188; and 191 (about an 1 1/2 hours into the show for about an hour...........

Q: The local town is coming after me with code enforcement and the
troopers. I need to hold them off until I have time to study, but in state court
I'm just getting trashed. If you have time to talk with me I can go into detail.

Karl: IF u listened to what i said on ANG's show, it was this simple ...

what did i say U say to the magistrate?

( Remember , even a Notary is a Magistrate)

where is the verified claim?
who is here to verify this claim?
(U dont have to say this but REMEMBER
who[m] is [T]here to verify this... warrant / writ / order/ summons/ lien/ treaty/

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if it is not VERIFIED it does not assume/carry full liability of the [wo]man who
penned it
AND if YOU, want to believe that PIECE OF PAPER has POWER OVER YOU,
oh well ,
who am i to,


Q: Karl, I have been in a civil matter for over 2yrs, fired my attorney about 5
months ago. I filed a 12 b 1-6 Notice and Demand to Cease and Desist until these
challenges were answered.

Karl: Did you just say "I filed a 12 b 1-6"

Did U just Admit that U "TOOK" [one of ] THEIR CODES !,

and try to pass it off as an ANSWER, of YOUR "Own" (as in ownership)?!
that is just outright stealing, that takes SPUNK!
be GLAD the Court did NOT take NOTICE of Your Crazy ACT...



Bonds are Mostly for executors of wills...

executor is simply the man or woman the dead person lives in charge
to make sure the dead man’s wishes are performed



Wow did U hear me the first times i was on ANGELAS show in OCT?

i think VERY highly of Mr. Carl Miller

BUT i had to TRASH his stuff; he TRIES to explain something called a Constitution,
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if U actually, understood the bill of rights Ninth Amendment, all other documents
are meaningless,
Ninth Amendment
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage
others retained by the people
i exercise those retained as one of the people- agents of fictions cannot deny me
Again simpler, he and everyone else who uses Codes or Cites, are using someone
else's Property
you can compare Your beliefs to others, BUT u cannot use them word-for-word,
yes it is theft.


Q: is the following maxim the reason you use the word wrong and
wrongdoer in your court papers?
A common law court is a law court not an equity court. Why does the word
wrong help you in a court of record if it is a maxim of equity?

first maxim of equity...

Equity will suffer no wrong without a remedy.. so tell them.. I demand a

change in jurisdiction to equity... I have been wronged and demand


only a man can do what is right or wrong,

and only man [jury] can judge what is right or wrong

the ACTOR ,in the black robe is in the capacity of an ACTOR/fiction, IT, can ONLY
move/judge, in accordance of a WRITTEN CODE [term of art]

right and wrong is NOT jurisdictional specific

it is known as a term found amongst those of the common parlance

again if it is WRITTEN DOWN, it is a CODE

if it is KNOWN to those who canNOT even read nor write, it is a common law

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Q: I'm listening to Angela's call, my home in Florida was foreclosed on unlawfully

in Oct. 2011, and I'm now in Alabama. I need help, but the one thing my husband
and I contended in court that we are man and woman, and not the legal fiction or
the described Defendants; also they never allow us to have a trial by jury nor did
the Plaintiff ever come to court to convene the court, nor did they allow any
discovery, interrogatories, etc...then they trespassed our property with a swat
team of sheriffs for one week resurveyed our property, and then took our house
claim the property description was in-correct and then split off my house and
foreclosed on it under a different parcel no but the same 911 address... you can
reach me at xxxxxxxxxxx; Then they opened another case and placed an injunction
on us, even though we refused to participate, never went to their court on the
2nd case in Florida; stating we could not go on the remaining of our property (2
acres) which has no lien on it, nor are we allowed to contact the bank or assigns
or new owner of our property or to obtain our bank records, and then they sold
my home while I was in appeals court and denied our injunction request....just
one big fat mess!!

I just don't understand how they did what they did to us...you won't either once
you hear my complete story...


biggest problem for U is U do not know the difference between an

Administrative Court
and a
court of law
95% of the courts in the US, move Administratively on Average everyday

just like any society, man EVER built,

those in charge kept U happy, DURING THE CONSTRUCTION
now that it is all built ,
they don’t need YOU,

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and they are taking everything that made U happy
[dumb and in Your place] away from U ,
so U either starve or;
kill yourselves, or ;
be grateful for the crumbs they toss to YOUSE

SEE it is just youse, Have been so happy Your whole lives being their subjects, and
now that, Your Masters, are taking their property back,
U seem to believe it is not within their power? [control, jurisdiction]

the Only good thing that happened to U folks, is when U realize U been in a gilded
cage, and U see how it was done to youse, U will actually windup happier, as it will
make U realize just where You and Your true standing IS upon the land...

funny example, say that BEFORE someone wants to be elected the PRESlDENT OF
she or he TOSSED gold coins all OVER the country, by airplanes,
so then U go VOTE for this WONDERFUL, person, to represent [well, to be] , YOU,

BUT after he or She, gets into OFFICE

they slooooowly tax all of the GOLD ,
they sprinkled onto to YOU,
back into THEIR pockets,
YES it is a SICK game
BUT , yes You fall for it everyyyyy time
and they know, and You can’t help Yourselves.


Q: When are you going back on Angela’s show to talk about the IRS? Also you
mention putting exempt on the W4, what happens when the IRS challenges it or
the Job?


NO ONE likes when i talk about the IRS,

it helped me, learn my status, standing, and jurisdiction
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of i as a man,
And between me and my obligations:
to the State,
to man and;
to g0d


Q: Bench or Jury Trial you told me that no way would a jury be in my favor for
property taxes.
So then what would you suggest if there is only a jury of men and women in
common law court of record?

Nothing? Am I toast?

No, U can have a BENCH Trial in a court of record,
that way the black robed one, can ONLY hear what is Written in THEIR books,'
so U make the Fiction bring the Written word into the court, [see it is so simple]
listen careful to all four of the shows i did
i explained for HOURS
WHY sometimes NEVER go before a Jury {like for traffic tix, and taxes}
because these MORON jurors FEEEEEEEEEEEL [ not law, but Feeeeeeeeeel ]


Q: Definition of POWER then & now . A: possession of control, authority, or

influence over others??

Karl: this is the way the bill of rights of the US Constitution Article X, uses
the term power


Q: What makes the IRS a perfect organization?

Karl: it helps U to actually learn and be concerned with studying law

Page 22 of 71
if there was no IRS, troubling Your Mind, U would be off doing something FUN, fun
, fun
instead of learning what "it" is and what "u" are in relation to "everything else
around you"

people neeed the IRS, if for nothing else, but to help them to Stop and THINK,
if we had no one[thing] SLOWING "Us" down, 99% of "us", would be going Hog

U know i say it is true, because 99% of mankind no longer (if EVER) truly has a
concern for his fellow man,

heck most people do not even know who their neighbors are anymore!

so yes, if a man was giving BACK to society (does the word, "donations" ring a
there would be no need for a CODE to HELP [wo]man to find their wallets!

and i don’t care WHERE the money actually goes , (its all just zeros and ones,
and/or silly green paper)
for all i care they can BURN it
as long as it helps keep 'man' under a little bit of control, that is fine with me


Q: I am thinking about writing back to the lawyer with this -"Do you have a
"verified" claim against me?" Who{m} is the {wo}man to verify, under oath, this
"alleged" debt?

Should I add - If you do not have a "verified" claim against me, then quit harassing
me, or I will file a claim against you in a common law court of record, and
prosecute you in a trial by jury!

You people need to calm down and do ONE step at a time
that is to say, each step is a SEPARATE LETTER, thru USPS (snail) mail,
Page 23 of 71
letter #1. i wish to have a copy of the claim of a debt or (debt claim , or
just ...debt) and its corresponding statement

letter #2. is this the claim of debt that was verified in open court

letter #3. was this claim of debt determined by way of a summary judgment

and it may be stylized as

who(m) .... (wo)man
who[m] .... [wo]man

NOT in any form of English have it seen it stylized as

Who{m} is the {wo}man
but hey what do i know ;)

Q: You've Been Declared Legally DEAD - Here's How To Correct The



U can Not be DECLARED Legal Anything, it is an Oxymoron



to DECLARE the declarer MUST be of living breathing flesh and blood

THAT WAY the declaration can be sworn to or affirm [viva voce] in open
LEGAL, is a DEAD instrument, written word; two dimensional


Q: Question i received?

letter #1. i wish to have a copy of the claim of a debt

I did send a letter to the Alaska attorney requesting validation of "alleged"

debt, and the attorney sent a copy of the "judgment" from the Colorado
Page 24 of 71
court, along with the clerks copy and certification of copy of the "judgment".
He also sent a copy of the notice of filing a foreign judgment in the Alaska
court. Maybe I am not understanding the term "claim of debt"! Is not the
filing of a lawsuit by the Colorado attorney against me, a "claim of debt"?

letter #1. i wish to have a copy of the claim of a debt
a claim of a debt is as simple as when U go to Wafflehouse, and
the waitress brings U out the bill of what u owe, for what U ate
YOU ask who is ever claiming U owe them something, if U can please see
the bill, ? still don’t know what i said, ? What if the waitress at Wafflehouse
says U owe a million dollars? are U not going to ask her to see the bill?; to
make sure she doesn’t have U mistaken with the man ,next to U who order
a million waffles and U just ordered two....

okay, so U do THAT step first, send it thru the USPS , NOT via telephone nor EMAIL,
U CAN send it via FAX, BUT ALWAYS follow it up with a HARD COPY
remember U ALWAYS keep the Original , They always get a copy
and write COPY, DIAGONALLY Across the face (embed it)


Q: I've heard you twice now say that when www.uscourts.gov pops up, the first
sentence says "All federal courts are Article III courts under the Constitution." But
I couldn't find that.


When I clicked the "Federal Courts" link at the top I found the following...

"Our Founding Fathers understood the need for an independent Judiciary, which
was created under Article III of the United States Constitution. The Judicial Branch
is one of the three separate and distinct branches of the federal government. The
other two are the legislative and executive branches."

Page 25 of 71
Sorta like a history lesson. A Walmart employee telling us what our forefathers
What am I missing?


no , u found the correct Link,

but you just STOP reading at the FIRST "thing"
that "kinda" sounds like what i said?
you should read it all
so you will be competent
when the clerk says...
"the USDC, is the SAME as a federal court"
we can ask them if they are now acting in the capacity of a federal court, which
then bounds them to the Constitution


Q: I am part of a group here in Wisconsin that would very much like to be in

contact with you. We are hoping to approach the Marshals in a similar way as we
use common law in our court cases. I would also like to see more of your
paperwork -- I did check Angela's site and collected what is there... but I think you
have more like you said. I would also like to have one of our group speak with you,
if you are willing........


i did it the old fashioned way

You can just walk in and Ask the U S Marshals their opinions
You can ask for an appointment for when you can sit down and talk to an Agent or
their legal dept

to 'me', the whole TRICK, is when U enter the Public (the commons)
make them aware of WHY, you are intercoursing with others
Page 26 of 71
You can be a total Sh*t,
and just BELIEVE, that
you are sovereign AND

Ooh thanks for reminding me about the US Marshals

i FORGOT to write a Nice Letter , to their Supervisors
i will get my Sister, right on it, she is GREAT at being Polite,
Ooh i will Add a few nice comments
BUT overall, well, i am, Cr(ass)


Q: I did not find the example of the claim you spoke about on Angela's show.

well Mr. Wright,
no you are not blind !
BUT it took me YEARS to write it
so before i do anything that may cause me harm
i have to ask ...
what ?
why ?
the person seeking it needs it?


Q; I am listening to ALL your calls on angela's talkshoe --and taking notes. So, now
I have the answers to some of my questions.
I am going to use "return my property" for my friend to get her hubby out of jail.
which call of Gordon can I find you on his call.

Page 27 of 71
yes, if he is married let his wife file a claim for the return of her property
a Black-robed one (unless U consent to him "adjudicating") cannot
deny/dismiss/discharge a '[wo]man's CLAIM

Gordon Hall curses at me like a Drunk Sailor on His Show 10/22/2012 09:00 PM
EDT / 59:06 / EPISODE93 - Contracts In Motion


Q: Karl, do you know the case that says...Statutes, codes, regulations, etc are not
Law or that they are not binding? What ever?

west virginia board of education v. Barnett (1943)

BUT Honestly if U EVER listened to me

U Do NOT Use their opinions...
if U do, U will just have to learn the Hard Way
and It is a Waste of time
Not only mine, but YOURS, to know these "cases"
as in... Your (nor, i) am EVER going to BEAT them
at Their own GAME

So when Youse "ask" me questions like this,

i know Your not understanding what i am saying
on the Internet Talkshows/ Talkshoes /Podcasts


I don't how you have me on your mailing list , but please remove me. Thanks

Editor Note: See Karl’s answer in the context of an agent or officer

asking/implying order for you to perform…………….

The following is VERY instructive for a proper mindset

Page 28 of 71
Answer AND Counter offer:
You don't know how you have me on your mailing list ???
you sent me A REQUEST!
On Sat, Feb 2, 2013 at 12:29 AM, Greg <mccswinterport@yahoo.com> wrote:

So i believe, that YOU approached me with YOUR wish to intercourse in


i give all fair-warning,

that when , respond
to emails, that are sent ONLY to kldirectv2@gmail.com

that , send it out Questions AND Answers, to all others,

i, do so (in such a manner, so

i, don’t have to ANSWER the SAME Questions
hundreds of times;

i, by way of best effort,, redact everyone's names

(including to, but not limited to the use of BCC)
so others can’t see it

i, do NOT have to,

BUT i, do by way of best effort, to

So please do not just wish (ask) (place a burden of me) (a charge) to waste my:
time; life; energy, and/or ; money to perform more of Your (frivolous) wishes
(modification of a Mass Email List)

Page 29 of 71
Simply put,
You are a [wo]man,
and when you make a wish,
You bear full liability, whenever, however, wherever,
for all of Your [in]actions, of your wish(es)
including to, but not limited to,
when U wish to intercourse (contract)(sex) with others
of [wo]mankind
Counter offer:
Do u wish to compensate me for my time and effort to NOW do something ELSE for

What do U believe would be 'fair and just' compensation, for me to

PERFORM for Your pleasure (benefit), YET AGAIN?
Do U believe i am not to be compensated when another: asks; wishes, or orders me
about ?
Do you believe i am Yours or any other of [wo]mankind's, b***ch ?

thanks, hope to hear a counter-offer, to comeforth from u , soon
(it helps others on this MASS EMAIL LIST about, common law procedure)...

anything with a psych evaluation you have to explain to them “i don’t see
any paperwork being generated by a man. Who is going to generate this
paperwork? Look, i will carry out any order that any man orders me to do
because i am going to hand you a bill for compensation and you’re not
going to like the dollar amount on it, but i will do whatever you order me to
do, and you will pay me, won’t you? Or am i your slave?

Page 30 of 71

Thanks for the summons, My property has been file with acknowledgment of
deed and claiming the land patent. It was filed last year I still cannot get it off of
the tax rolls. Got any ideas?


did U listen to Angela's "My private audio" call on Jan 28th, 2013?
i told 2 men, who were going around-and-around with me, about TRYING to Beat
them at their Own Games and 'terms of art'

"i believe" that if U folks KEEP on INSISTING, playing UNDER their Rules and their
Silly words like...Deed... Land Patents...U are at "THEIR" mercy on how they
choose (flip a coin/Equity) to Rule on Your Claim, So if YOU LOVE living UNDER a
RULER, U folks just go right AHEAD!

Q: I have listened to you speak on Angela's call. Almost 2 weeks ago you came on
and spoke on W4s. I need more clarification. I am starting a new job and next
Monday I have to go in and fill out the paperwork. Let me say it is a private
employer with a government contract. I have always been told that if you are paid
by the government you are subject to the income tax. Also if you claim US
citizenship, you are liable for it. I cannot afford to lose this job over the way I fill
out the paperwork.

I would appreciate if you would speak to these issues and go over how the W4
should be filled out with regard to the non assumpsit. This employer does not
issue paychecks. They can only do automatic deposits into checking or savings
accounts or put the money on a "payment card". My past jobs I had paper checks
and claimed lawful money (per 12USC411), however I will not be able to do that
without a paper check.

You also mentioned that I need to keep the original and give them the copy, how
do you explain that? Are there laws or codes to show them? I know you don't like

Page 31 of 71
using codes, so I don't know how to rebut anything they may say when I attempt


fill out 2 OF THEM
keep one in your possession
give the other on to them
(a W-4, is basically a GIFT , FROM U )

you ask..."Are there laws or codes to show them?"

The law comes by way of:
the customs of your people;
your shows-and-actions (deeds),
are made verifiable, viva-voce

So written CODES againnnnnnn, are made by whom?

YES by Attorneys ,
who WRITE them for a [wo]man to Submit to being THEIR (Attorneys) governed

So if u wish them to be your RULERS, kneel down and OBEY to their RULES, and
continue to Appear, Enter, PLEAD, MOTION, PETITION, PRAY FOR RELIEF from
THEM, or learn how to:
demand for your property/rights while we still can


I do not think any process for forcing a common-law court or how to get them to
use the small case title for the court. Thanks,
Page 32 of 71
I have been trying to learn true law and follow Rod Class some. I recently heard a
recording of a call you made to a show on my private audio; I would like to have a
copy of your one page claim. Also I could not understand the procedure used to
force a common law court. I think I heard you say the name of the paper to file but
do not know the spelling. Any other advice on how to make that happen and stay
that way would be appreciated. I understand the prosecutor may not move in the
court and the case would default. I guess they might stop it before they seat jury.
Anyway, thanks a lot for teaching how this all should work.

when it "Collapses"
i , Karl Lentz, want NO PART of ANY restructuring of Any Govt OUTSIDE of my
Domestic Authority
(what Day does Rod class , do His Show? , i will call him up and give him a Good
Ol' run-around, on his Beliefs)

the Prosecutor / Plaintiff / harmed party
Has to be PHYSICALLY Standing and Ready to Testify in Open-court,
if he is NOT present , his/her Case cannot Move

An Attorney for the GOVT is NOT the Prosecutor / Plaintiff / harmed party !

Editor Note: the attorney can only argue about facts on the record. Attorney cannot
put facts on record for another man. No testimony = No Facts = No Case


Q: You made a short blurb about viva voce in open court? If I understood you
correctly, you seemed to say that any judgment where there was no "live voice"
testimony in open court was void on its face? Did I understand correctly, and , if
so, are there cites that confirm that supposition? Thanks, hope to hear back from
you on this fairly quickly.

Karl: trinsey v. pagliaro (1964)

Page 33 of 71
see... voidjudgments.com
Richard Cornforth , Oklahoma
His Second Video...


Q; Please tell me or which talkshoe do you discuss in more detail, how do

you handle the "Name" thing, when the Judge in Justice (traffic) court says
the name that is listed on their paperwork? How do you move from that
opening to a common law court?

Also how do i get rid of a public defender from re-presenting me?

Honestly , i dont play the Name Game
and , if u WAITED until u are in traffic court
way tooo late,
u play the name game as soon a u get home,
on paper ,
when u get home from the stop

public pretender - convert him to your 'standby co-counsel'


I find your interviews with Angela very interesting.

You lay out so much information so quickly I become confused as to how to start.

Is there any reference material such as recorded records or transcript.

I have started a prescriptive rights claim in Jacksonville Fl., to continue an

undocumented right to cross over a driveway/parking lot, the common area of a
condominium to a roadway which is convenient access to the Beach. After being
asked by threat of police enforcement to stop using, this access is a convenience
and not exclusive or required.
Page 34 of 71
I have evidence that the access has been used for foot traffic more than 20 years,
I bought the property 3 years ago.

I’d be grateful for any comments that you would have on this action,
This is a nuisance issue for us but there are people in this condo that are so
obnoxious that we could not let it go.


1. Can u Prove U have traveled in THAT Direct line for years PRIOR to the condos
were built?
2. Can OTHERs, other than the Condo Owners, Use this Route to access the beach,
(viz,. Cops, lifeguards, etceteras)
3. Do u have a Right (necessary and proper) viz,. would your survival (economic,
health, etcs) if You were denied it?
4. Did THEY (condo owner) deliberately/intend, to interfere with others, Right to
travel , by doing what They did?
5. is it a well known FACT, by others in Your community that "Heck, nobody knows
why BUT THIS has been the way we have always done it"... (premised upon
custom) this is called "the use is adverse"

ok, need more detail ???

[I]f you can prove uninterrupted and open use for Years
and You don't have any evidence to explain how the use began, (adverse)
# 5,
under claim of right #3...

Then the burden is on the owner of the land to show that the use was by
license, agreement, or permission (then, i would also go after the one who
just happened to FORGOT to tell them of the preexisting conditions) .

i would say, try to prove numbers 3 and 5

#3....claim of right,

Page 35 of 71
#5. of adverse use, prevails unless it is overcome by a preponderance of the
evidence from the Condo owners (viz,. if NO ONE ever had access to the Beach,
THAT WAY, until the Condo Owners Built it,well, than it is Theirs)

and FINALLY.......
Did U TRY to give the Condo corp, any form of Compensation, or show them the
Benefit to share and just agree that u could "go THAT way"?
i just Wondering say , IF....
IF they or the Gov't put up a Toll Booth, to "go THAT way" , would you PAY to "go
that way"?

IF U didn't file the Complaint YET that You sent to me, DONT !!!! wayyyyy toooo
many "mistakes"....

Ooh and Just for Laughs, can U tell me ABOUT How much are U claiming for
Attorneys fees FROM the Condo Assoc.?
I didn’t SEE the $$$ amount in Your/their Complaint , and Why didn’t they State
the Dollar amount for attorney fees ?
(, i know why, but i am wondering if U know why?)
How much did Your Attorneys charge U so far, for this ?

BIG thing i see right off BAT, is what your attorneys state as Your residence...

, BUT Heck, what do i know ;)

Who do we use at state level for court orders to sequestration the state risk
management funds? The highway patrol?

Sequestration = The sheriffs dept, U MIGHT need to POST a Bond, to Cover the
Sequestrator from liability

RISK, is found within Your State's 'DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE'

RISK = indemnifies wrongs, errors, and acts of ommissions of all State employees
(and Foster care Providers)
Page 36 of 71
Q; do we have standing to claim all Summary Judgments in our county is void in a
common law suit against the Governor, AG, etc.?

u dont DESCRIBE the judgement as being void, it is a TERM that makes "IT", its
own unique THING...
example Fire Engine , it doesn’t Mean the Engine is on fire, it means it’s a Truck
that man uses to help put out fires
it is a VOID JUDGEMENT (or, Void Judgment) its, its OWN thing, ok?
but what do U mean against 'THE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR', or is the Summary
Judgment from the man who (wears the Hat at the time) is filling in as an Actor
(State Actor) as, the representative of, 'THE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR'?
i filed today and they said the court might not recognize the summons
mailings. the court is mailing the summons for me certified. Should it be
only registered? I hand delivered my filings. They resisted and i said i need
a name to report to the Sec of state which they finally agreed to file. Said
the judge may not allow it. I refused to use their cover sheet.

Summons = you believe you have, OR; have been granted jurisdiction over the
other party
if it is your court, u don’t need a GRANT

"they Said the judge may not allow it" and you said WHAT?!
I KNOW YOU SAID.... "gød and jury be my true judges, not some Actor in a

certified v. registered for Summons....certified summons, just fine, just

remeber photocopy the USPS Receipt


Q: A friend has just told me about your thoughts on common law, I have listened
to the last couple of calls on Angela's talkshoe site. I am still somewhat confused
about the letter to the prosecutor. Would you please send me the document, like
Page 37 of 71
the letter you would send to the prosecutor to "give fair warning" to
them/him/her. As I remember, you were speaking to Angela about someone
complaining about a pile of leaves.

I need this for a traffic ticket. A "Public Defender" wasn't brought into the picture
until i went back into court to ask for one being indigent. Anyway, any help you
can give me would be deeply appreciated. My court date is Monday the 25th. I
like your style, but it is hard to follow you as you skip all over the place trying to
answer all of the questions that people fire at you.

Karl: Answers, (kinda)

A friend has just told me about your thoughts on common law,

friend? humm ok who is Your friend, and what do they know of me?

I need this for a traffic ticket?

what was the charge?

A "Public Defender"
what did s/he say u should do?

the letter to the prosecutor

what did his/her letter say or send or claim u did to him/her?

Would you please send me the document, like the letter you would send to the
prosecutor to "give fair warning" to them/him/her.
what document do u think i have for u , if i dont know why your giving them fair
warning Example... is s/he trying to defraud you?


Q: The attorneys in my case use a certification of the attorneys as though it means

You have said that certification is nothing more than guaranteeing that there is
black ink on white paper and that verification is swearing on a stack of bibles or

Page 38 of 71
being ready to swear on a stack of bibles in open court. I need definitions
which say that. Do you have them?

Karl: yes i do,

in MASSIVE Detail
i've spent the last 3 years of my life:
"terms of Art" / "legalese".


Q: IRS-Since they sent the lien is it too late to do anything

Karl: What lien?

and no,
AFTER they seize and LEVY, it’s a little harder,
liens = u still Own it and can enjoy it


A friend has just told me about your thoughts on common law, I have listened to
the last couple of calls on Angela's talkshoe site. I am still somewhat confused
about the letter to the prosecutor. Would you please send me the letter, sanitized,
like the letter you would send to the prosecutor to "give fair warning" to
them/him/her. As I remember, you were speaking to Angela about someone
complaining about a pile of leaves.

I need this for a traffic ticket. A "Public Defender" wasn't brought into the picture
until i went back into court to ask for one being indigent. Anyway, any help you
can give me would be deeply appreciated. My court date is Monday the 25th. I

Page 39 of 71
like your style, but it is hard to follow you as you skip all over the place trying to
answer all of the questions that people fire at you.

like the letter you would send to the prosecutor to "give fair warning"
i wouldn’t send the prosecutor a "fair-warning" letter at first

firstly; i would wish/order/demand 'The Bill and its particulars'

well U cant do a SECONDLY, until U see the Bill (charge)
BUT...if U want me to explain what U might do....

(A). don’t accept the Bill

return it, and politely explain why U believe it is tendered in error,


(B) accept it, and ;

1) state that U accept the charge as proof of Your wrong in which u want to
settle/compensate, or; set-off;
2) as Proof of a frivolous; fraudulent; false charge has been tendered to your
person accept it, for its full value, and file YOUR claim to have the "prosecutor"
compensate YOU for His act of filing a False Claim

"Public Defender" for one being indigent.

What ???
What are YOU talking about Public Defender for / in Traffic Court?
what in the world were U charged with, that U need someone to decipher the
CODE for You?



Page 40 of 71

because once ANYBODY takes a pen and wrote on an IRS form , they just
Confessed, because it is all voluntary

SEE: Sen. Harry Reid Explain it is allllll voluntary


Senator Harry Reid: Paying income tax in America is Voluntary...


, just like Momma, says...

and all anyone has to do with the IRS

is tell the [wo]man from the IRS to create a bill and sign it
they will never bother u agian
BUT if i said that to him in the first 10 minutes of the Show, what else coulda he
talked about


Q: So in a traffic case would you still use common law? At one point you talked about writing a
letter to the prosecutor (?)and giving them 3 days to answer the letter and on the 4 day file claim.
so does the 3 days start the day they receive the letter or the next day?

Karl: in traffic court, i would move like lightning...

yes, those tickets U received have value
u may offer them back or redeem them for value

but yes, they are a gift, a presentment to U

u have choices,

i will jump into it when i start a show,

i will do the Shoe as many nights of the week if i see there is BIG enough interest
Page 41 of 71
Q: I heard some of your thoughts regarding OJ Simpson which sounded to me as
though, under common law, if someone KILLS "the only witness a/k/a the victim" -
conviction is IMPOSSIBLE because the ONLY eyewitness WAS the victim - and they
are now silenced into perpetuity. ??

But, on the other hand -

Common law is ABOUT justice against one who has caused harm to another
"living" man or woman. Would not murder qualify as precisely that? A man or
woman who WAS ALIVE at the time they were "permanently and irreparably
injured". So, if no "other" eyewitness - are you just shit out of luck??

If the above is "the way that it is" no wonder people KILL after, say, raping a child,
because conviction is an impossibility - ?? no witness that can SPEAK? I think
something is missing in this. I do not think that "corpus delecti" REQUIRES "life" if
there is a "body" which can be produced...which leads to the next scenario - when
the ONLY WITNESS has been MURDERED and then their BODY disposed of... Again
- is this a recipe for a PERFECT CRIME that is IMPOSSIBLE to prosecute??

Karl: BINGO !, wow Someone Finally Got IT !


Q: april 1, 2013: Property TAX (real estate; land; etceteras)

this is my claim example would you let me know what to add

1. I Steven green do claim my private property to be 1** park pl Brooklyn ny
2. I did not give the city of new York department of finance permission to
tax my private property
3 i did not sign a contract with the city of new York to tax my private
That's all I have for now

Page 42 of 71
Karl: 99% of the listeners live in States where they have county recorders
offices / office of the tax assessor

But Brooklyn, or 'KINGS COUNTY' do u have a County or Borough,

Recorder's Office
or is the Tax Assessor for ALL of the Boroughs
located at 'Vital statistics' in Manhattan by City Hall / B. Bridge?
first i would go find out how much the land value is worth
ABSENT of any Edifice placed upon it
then i would find out (by the permits)
how much the edifice cost to construct
then i would challenge their assessment
and make them an offer to pay TAXES, on the Value of the Land, as VACANT
but not on the Sweat Equity...

i went into great detail on a show not long ago, did u listen to it, but not hear
Q: "I looked and all I saw was commissioner of finance I tried to look for
assessor but couldn't find it"


Sir, ( or Ma'am)
WHO makes the property Tax assessments where You live?
do u believe i know it off the Top of my Head?
Do U want me to do the research for You?
Do U not realize i live on a farm/ranch, in Western VA?
If You don't know u are going to have to do the leg work
or at least make some phone calls
or at least call a Real-Estate Office in Your Area?

Seriously, i cant go to New York City, for you,

in fact
i cant breathe for You,
or anybody

Page 43 of 71
or unless you can show me ,
We are blood-relations, than i will jump through Hoops for You

You [folks] have to learn how to say

"HI", "greetings", or "Good evening", or, Sir; or
if You Wish, to treat me like Hired Help,
at least make a Donation,
You are going to have to start paying me $$$
P.S. Thank U, Suz Anon, for reading my emails
and reminding me that folks have to be courteous to me, or they can pay
me for my help...


Karl: i just want to Talk about filing Documents, and;

yanking cases out of Admin/ "family" courts and into a court of

( i am TRYING to get u folks out of saying "common law courts"


Q:April 3, 2013 I want to know how I should establish a court of record next week when I go
to the Clermont County Municipal Court with the Capital One Bank (NA) USA v. Michael Taylor
(defendant). I don't know what to do when called. I noticed that everyone was immediately
sworn in after crossing the bar (is that the right term for going through the little gate thing?) and
the lawyer was not sworn in at any time.... I want to know what your sister did in her divorce
trial to get that going in the court of record direction.

If I can do that, I will not have to argue these wacky and self-contradicting statements that the
lawyer and the Affiant said in their written submissions.

Karl: call me on the Shoe 127469, 8:00 pm est and i will do u first

AND listen to the Karl Versus Marc Stevens Audio i just sent to YOU
Page 44 of 71
this way If You like HIS STYLE - follow him, and gød bless
if U like my style.... well you know how the rest goes

Karl v. Marc Stevens ( a man who says "man has no rights"
i was on his Talkshow for approx 30 mins,
i had JUST Woke-up,
when i heard him giving advice on his Show
so my voice may sound funny) ,
i am so glad i pushed his Buttons
(for unless U Push Buttons or go totally Nutz-o,
U can not find out just what the other-side is hiding, or; truly will do in a crisis)
for near the End of His interview with me on His Show, he throws out a NUGGET

of how he believes there is no such thing as rights

(, U know i was jumping alllll over THAT)
and YES a few months back
i was Blocked from his Blog for trying to HELP a man, a doctor / physician
from going to a federal penitentiary / Jail, for YEARS!
because of just a silly dispute over "money"/ "filings" with the IRS
All because Marc and his followers were TRYING out THEIR beliefs
in Federal Court at the expense of a man's life; freedom and loss of consortium ,
just KRAZY Lunacy some of these Gurus espouse

yeah, marc ALMOST had me for a loss of Words

when he Said
man has no rights

April 5, 2013 i went back PRIOR (antecedent) to ALLLLLLLLLLLLL


back to time immemorial and marc said "no, man has / had no rights

I think you should try to understand what Marc was trying to say.
His point was, and I did listen to the 30 minute clip, that the Constitution does not grant you
The Constitution is a document that is "supposed" to limit the power of Government, it is not a
contract that you are party to.
Page 45 of 71
Therefore it does not grant you any rights.

i went back PRIOR (antecedent) to ALLLLLLLLLLLLL CONSTITUTIONs

back to time immemorial and marc said "no, man has / had no rights

I happen to respect Marc and I think he is very much on the right track with his mantra:

"What evidence does the government have that a man is under their jurisdiction?"

i have explained in GREAT detail jurisdiction, the government and the

state/State/STATE possesses
marc doesn’t even know what a state/State/STATE, is!
Remember his $5,000 contest he would give to anyone who could call in
and prove a state exists? well i explained for 20 minutes what a
state/State/STATE is, and he said, well it wasn’t him who would pay $5.000, but a
friend of his who made the $5,000 offer not him/marc, and i never received a dime,
so he welshs on bets too!

If they have evidence, then why won't they ever show it to him?

because he is ALWAYS on the wrong-side of the court!.

marc is an attorney wanna-be, which EQUALS the most dangerous one in the court

Ooh has Marc ever beat a parking tix? No? i didnt think so...

but if u like him

and may g0d protect you , for when following wanna-bees, your gonna need it


Q: Apr 3, 2013.....we are the canadians jon and jess who were on your first show on uncommon
law we are differently A plus students of Karl the man Lentz so thank you .. so today the main
court clerk was not there and the women that were there had no idea what to do with a habeas
corpus and told us to come back on friday when the clerk was in. As for the claim on the next
floor up we got a judge to look at our papers and they were sent back with a note attached and
un-excepted .....see attached if you could take a min to advise seeing as we are really following
your guide lines .. we love you Karl peace jon and jess

Page 46 of 71
Karl: The Black robed one's response was 100% perfect Dead -on

call me on thursday's show so we can explain to others why his letter is correct


Why waste any energy on Marc. Remember the parable "shake your

Why waste any energy on Marc, Tim TURNER, Rod, Gordon Hall; Winston,
Remember the parable "shake your sandals"?

well let me just do marc for this email

for now, today, a man is sitting in federal prison (a DOCTOR; HUSBAND;
for the next few YEARS
because of following marc's incompetent krazy beliefs
Real Whacka-do stuff like....
"the State doesn’t exist"
"where are the facts !"
" i want evidence!"
"does the code apply to me!"
(Hint ......what/whose court are you intercoursing with? )

See it is NOT just Marc,

(and yes he only has a handful of followers)
its when i hear of someone's follower, who is gonna be harmed, i call up
their show, and TRY to say SOMETHING to help,

See i go after ANYONE (Guru), "i hear of " who doesn’t put his neck on the
line when doling out HIS/HER personal advise

See marc HELPED this Doctor, well not helped, but was PAID by the Doc
and at least marc coulda done is send a note to the Doctor
and have the Doc, read aloud in court PRIOR to sentencing
apologizing that if his CLIENT was going to have to PAY/go to jail,
for listening to marc's (GURU) Advise, for the Court to go easy on him
Page 47 of 71
See, what i am saying?
No not HEAR what i am saying but, do you SEE what i am saying?
When this Doctor was before the judge, why didn’t his guru standby this
man and say...
"i told him how he should do it"
to lessen the blow?

oooh yes! these gurus have LOVELY

philosophies like...
"hug the world"
"save the whale" ,or; mouse, or ; aardvark or ;dolphin....
(, "Aardvark", , how many times in life will i ever get to use the word
"aardvark" in a sentence?)
"WE ARE ALL EQUAL in the eyes of the law"

but they send OTHERS out (into court)

to TEST out the Guru's THEORIES,
like their followers are just guinea pigs. or lambs for the slaughter...

At least Mr. Irwin schiff and Mr. Leroy Schweitzer.

went down with the Ship, scratching and clawing, kickin' and fighting
the whole way down.


Q: Question (or; input of stimuli ):

Hi Karl. I'd like to write a cease and desist letter to the city for fluoridating the
water. I'm thinking along the lines of "practicing medicine without a license" to
the city manager. That's the concept I've come up with. I will look up the black
letter law to use in citation, but I'd like to see what your thoughts are or
phrasing to use in this letter. It's going to include a conditional acceptance
something along the lines of "I conditionally accept your claim of the right to
medicate my body, or my offspring's." Are you interested?

Response: (or knee-jerk reaction)
hummm GREAT Question,
Page 48 of 71
about city v. man within a democratic society ...*Greater Good Doctrine*
Let me throw this question to my law Crew (folks i chat with....kinda like
legal dept)

and lets see what WE can come up with..

instead of one, Wise Old Owl's beliefs, alllll the time...

i am trying to make this a 'Mass Opinion', 'Popular Belief', 'customs of the

people' SHOW
(or..... a common law show)

Q: can't find my main notice, but it could be short and sweet like this one ... sent to the
City Attorney

You are hereby given notice, again, of the City's duty to warn homeowners using the
City's water system, of the dangers of the chemicals added to the water, to wit, chlorine,
chloramine, any variant of fluoride, etc.
Time is of the essence,

yes, but tell me
HOW are U going to approach or get them to take notice of Your Notice
i will check YOUR email as time allows

Ooh Please Write Questions/emails, in Large font for not ONLY do i have problem
with normal/small Font i have ALOT of elderly folks reading these Emails as well


Q: unsubscribe request

Karl: Sir (ma'am) You approached me First,

[ March 26, 2013]

i explain to all
that writing to:
Page 49 of 71
and it is Fee FREE !
Did u not understand this email is:
1) a Mass Email list
2) Fee FREE
so what part did you not understand, that it is a:
1) a Mass Email list
or that is for
2) FREE?
Would it HELP you if i attach a Bill for compensation for my assistance to U
back on March 23, 2013?
For i am sure u will act in honor and tender payment immediately?

please READ the 13th Amendment:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for
crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the
United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction..
Look folks who are toooo lazy to hit the delete button!
i don’t have TIME to go thru THOUSANDS of names and FIND yours
U know where the delete button is, act accordingly!
REMEMBER to act in Honor and
State how you intend to compensate
me or ANYBODY, when You Wish for something
OTHER than what the RULES in which the Parties agreed
to abide by the onset of the agreement/contact
i am Neither Your Slave nor Servant
But for the $$$, if u wish me to PERFORM or do something for U
i will see what i can do for you

I am the moving party, i am an aggrieved woman; (my name)

tania tucker

Page 50 of 71
Government employees have trespassed upon and interfered with my right to my sons, my
property since June 2009. The state seized my sons and detained them, by a court order….
since, against my will and wishes, without my ever being charged with or convicted of a crime,
without my consent, and without my being provided with a bond for your unlawful seizure and
detention of my living flesh and blood property.
No man or woman can claim, superior right to my three flesh and blood sons. You have been
holding my children (my flesh and blood property) without right.
This serves as your fair warning notice to cease and desist interfering with my right to
enjoyment of my property, my living, flesh and blood sons, as you have no right.

i made the font smaller, and the letter is HUGE, and as
there was/is no reason to go any further, no disrespect, BUT
to someone who values Words as deep as i do
its like listening to a singer , who is off - key
no disrespect, its just, well it just is...

hopefully i will be doing a Call around 8:00 PM EST
i see why, now , i wrote a dictionary,
for after just reading the first few words, i winced,

ok, humm, how do i put this

in the first few words you said
you said what they did was "Legal/lawful", and a-okay

it basically destroyed your document,

makes it hard for me to read,

but, hummm,
i have to get my dictionary out there to You folks
to the folks who insist on writing more than 7 or 8 words...


Page 51 of 71
WATCH the colons and semi-colons

its is not
a woman; jacinthe arsenol
it is
A woman: (colon not semi ;) Jacinthe Arsenol
and damn it, Capitalize the first letters of your names!

if you DONT capitalize Youse are saying u are like a soveriegn

not bound to ANYTHING nor Anyone!
ooh u THINK its GREAT, to claim u owe nothing to nothing!

well you are also Showing U are not BOUND to each other, as a couple, like
as in Husband and Wife..!

Husband is a BOUND man

need more ok...
"husband, husbandman," from M.E. bond (see bondage) + man. Later,
"man in bondage, slave" (mid-14c). Syn: slave (also bondsman), chattel,
thrall, husband

So STOP Thinking a HUSBAND is SOME sort of a KING, OK?

Donations to encourage assistance
Simply looking for the best way to handle this little issue of mine like when people call in on the
show and you give them ways to go about handling their case. If there is a consultation fee I
don’t know about please advise. Thanks.


Is there a consultation fee?

, consultation fee, you make me sound like i have a Phd... ;)
BUT, is there something you can donate to me
i believe it is your wish that i donate something to you?
i am open to all good-faith offers, barter/trade:

Page 52 of 71
(viz., canning / jelly jars;
cash $$$, silver , copper, gold;
auto/farm tools;
internet satellite equip;
cell phones;
any help in editing my book; ec&...)

The best way is to use a U.S. postal service MONEY Order

to send $$$
and send it certified mail (the green Card)
it only costs about $2.00 extra so that way
i know and YOU Know it got to me

and when you mail it to me

send an email here that you have done so,

make SURE you say that, so i know its on its way, is ...

Karl, The payment is in the mail and You should receive it in 2-3 or 4 days. The USPS Tracking #
is: 9405 5036 9930 0409 7155 **, in case you want to track its whereabouts.
2. so i can start workng on your stuf
when i see it in transit

Karl Lentz
P.O. Box 440
Lexington, VA. 24450


THEIR code
which has No capacity to MOVE, i, a man
yes, it is a rabbit – trail

Page 53 of 71
for ONLY those DEFINED under the Code are liable,
and if You REALLY read it
ONLY those Who "Administrate" and are acting in Good-faith
would [a / the] Court not hold liable

i HONESTLY have NO idea What or How You Attempted to DECIPHER a CODE that
#1. is Private,
#2. You did NOT Create...
, You are NEVER going to find me DEFINED in a Code


I did not listen to the call you specified but I will if it is archived on your web site. Please inform me
of the days and times you are on so I may listen to all your calls live. Karl, you are very blessed with
knowledge on law. I see the folly of listening to Fred and Nina for the last year and the trouble it has
gotten me into. I want to hear and learn what you say.
What an impact you have had on the Canadian couple’s lives. What a thrill that moment must have
been when their children were returned. Awesome!! They owe it all to you.

Owe me?
, no they don't NOT Yet...
SEE, When ANY parent comes to me about babies,
and they beg/plead of me to get back their babies and kids,
i do it for free,
and i do the best i can
depending on what i am given to work with (namely the parents)
BUT, now the Canadian couple, has to make it square with their gød,
And make sure this never happens again,
at this point they Owe nothing to me
i, at this point, am just the MESSENGER,
in give what i was given by my g0d
to help wake up the parents

Q: OK, Karl, I went to your webpage and there is nothing there but several
videos on cat herding?? When I go to "Documents" it is blank. I heard you last
Page 54 of 71
nite on Angela'show when you asked questions of Kurt Kallenbach. I hear you
talk about docs that you send in or that you create but is what you are doing
duplicatable for others? What am I missing on your website--from my
perspective, it appears to have no substance--the only thing the common law
depends on. Whatever you have that works was given to you by our Father as
a free gift. And Father says: FREELY you have received, FREELY give You
seem to have a different philosophy. Am I reading you correctly? I am 71 yrs
old, do not draw social security, have no retirement funds, still work teaching
kids how to read, would like to know how to help a friend who is currently in
jail but do not have any money to send to you--so how about it, Karl? How
about sharing with me what God gave you as a free gift?

Thank You, and Greetings, to whomever 'JerTER', is for the $20 Bucks, ;)

, ooh dont go G_d / gød, on me

FIRSTLY: You use G_d's name in Vain

'NOTA BENE', how i spell 'gød' , U Pressume i am spelling G_d

When U go to Church,
(if you ever went to Church)
do U just Pass the Collection Plate
and say to the Preacher "HEY ! do it for free, Preacher Ol' Buddy, Ol' Pal " ?

, no my 'Father'
did NOT give it FREELY to me
he sweated when he hit,
and i, still wear many a scar
but i still Thank him EVERYDAY
for each Stripe across my Back
(do you Thank YOUR Dad EVERYDAY for
loving you enough to have beaten it into You, too?)

Page 55 of 71
NO One gave me ANYTHING for free
from the moment out of the womb
a man /woman
is in a perpetual State of War with Nature:
'WE' can be struck down at any moment !

What you claim is Your G_d, might have gave You a Free-Ride
But my gød didn’t make it easy on me
See, Everyday, since day one my gød has put me face-to-face with:
Illnesses and/or;
a Catastrophe;
the FACT that not ONLY "i", but any of "us" survive past DAY number One, is a

This DONATE Button on my WEBSITE
is a way to HELP me Survive , so i can HELP, YOU, survive!

You say my Website has no Substance (Value)
YES to You it has no Value
i am so glad to hear that
So i need You go ahead and explain to the WEB-HOSTER/DESIGNER
since it of no Value to STOP Charging me Big $$$ Every Year to keep it UP
(i will give You their Address, and U can Pay for the NO Substance for me , okay?)

Since My Website is of No Substance, to you
why did you not say how you were going to contribute
what you KNOW or HAVE of Substance/Value, to ME
so that i may place it
Page 56 of 71
within My Site
so Others may Learn from YOU
or do You not have anything of Substance to Show for Your 71-Years on Planet

i know if U have internet, you have $$$ to PAY your internet Bill,
if You want to find something on the Internet WORTH listening to
i am sure U can find a Dollar or Two,
my website is JUST for You folks to see :
what i look like;
Where i live;
What i do all day/night;
and a way for You folks to get in touch with me,
and to Help keep what i do going, kapish / kapeesh? (understand)

Any more attempts
on Placing me on a
"Guilt Trip"
Will Cost
(as a FLAT introductory Rate)

of ONLY $19.95
for the first SIX Months !
"Guilt TRIPS", are still available
be sure to Book Early (and Often)
SPACING is Limited !
Ofer ends Oct. 31st. 2013
AND ! Overnight shipping is still available!
Doesnt include ;tax; excise fees; shipping; handling; overseas delivery; and any an/or all in which i determine MAY Apply at Will

Answer from me: (Mister Barter)

So what do you have to ofer to me to compensate me, based upon Fair Value
for my labors / work?
just some SIMPLE Examples....old computers; Old 'WORD' ,programs; Microsoft Office
Software, access to a website developer, Farm Tools, Sport equipment; Electronic devices,
ANYTHING that has marketable Value...
Page 57 of 71

I have an IRS audit can you give me some advice how to handle this audit.

Sure, write to me through my website
Don't forget - please Donate

Q: I'm writing to you to ask if you could provide any info on telling the county to go screw
themselves with their property taxes! They think they can just take my land according to a letter
stating your land will forfeit to the state in 2013. I will have no problem donating soon, just at
this time in very rough shape with a negative balance in my acct. I appreciate all you guys do
and always wondered why people have a problem donating when they will pay some ahole
"attorney" hundreds an hour to get shit advice. I do my part as well helping people with debt
collector issues but have not quite figured out the state yet. Any info appreciated.


did u , or do You, listen to my Talk Shows on Saturdays?

i believe in Supporting Our Counties financially
i try to help folks try to work amicably with their CountEEs in settling
$$$ disputes
Believe me
i KNOW, by way of first-hand knowledge
of what Negative Balance means,
for my Butt has seen the inside of Many a Dumpster
(To Provide for all these Dog and Cats, (, gødwilling )
U can still find me in a few on Thusdays and Sundays
, i did 1/2 of one of Angela's Calls from bouncing between the inside of 2 of Dumpsters, tying to
find enough food for these Kritters,
listen to my calls with he and try to hear which one it was ;)
i will give You a clue, it was the one where i had to keep muting myself out

So, see to "me", g0d sees what You and i do

Page 58 of 71
and Donations (helping Other of g0d's Creatures) Do NOT have to be in the Form of Ca$h
there are Many services i am sure U can provide that will Only cost of You, some of Your Time
and effort

Oh Addendum...
i do my own show on Talkshoe.com
My Call Series id# is 127469
Ooh and to keep everything on the
"up-and up"
Please write to me through my website,
thru My 'Contact' Page on

Don't forget - please Donate

i can only do these Shows
due to Listeners Support

I've just sent a paypal donation of $75.00. I've been listening to your talkshoes while on
the road it has been difficult for me to get on the call as i am on the road working so i
download and then listen. anyway i was hoping to speak with you and Greg in regards
my Mortgage Paperwork ETC. I ave been learning about the common law, mortgage
problems, etc. although your process seem to be the more simple and effective than
many of the people i've heard. I have a subscription to a compilation commission site
that has a bunch of statues and codes that i am canceling and wish to support your and
Gregs endeavors in a monthly or bi weekly basis. Anyway please feel free to email or
call me it will greatly be appreciated. all i am looking for some pointers how I’m putting
my Foreclosure Paperwork together.

yes Greg is good in explaining THEIR process, which to me is THEIR process, which
some of you people freely and willing choose to BOUND yourselves to, and than like
Greg u try to fight your way out of your Bondage for YEARS
to me, a [wo]man may choose to be bound by THEIR Rules is s/he feels they are

Page 59 of 71
but once a [wo]man feels the harm outweighs the benefits s/he should attempt to do by
way of "best efforts" to settle the matter, act in good-faith and the parties should happily
set him/her off from his/her debt as so s/he may become more productive
but again this is just my opinion and i hope g0d is pointing me the right direction and
i am not causing any harm to [wo]man or [wo]mankind

Q:Long Lindsey Springer email (not attached here)………………..

Wow what Ed Riviera (or any other IRS Expert)
does in thousands if not millions of words,
i choose do in just a few words
i do it so short because i would rather be enjoying my life doing ANYTHING Else but studying
WHAT a IRS is (or isn't)
BUT i decided to attached an Email about the IRS that a Nice man sent to me,
just in case anyone has ANY interest about some THING stylized (called) as -- 'I R S', or SRI, or
XYZ, or whatever another man , or group of men decide to "call" THEIR "THING" in which THEY
HOPE will enable THEM to control others

hey DAN , i luv the passion
(YEAH ME and humble in the Same sentence, oxymoron?)
YOU can just make a DECLARATION for/of YOUR Property, NOT 'PUBLIC
(DOMESTIC ) Authority

HERE is the man known as 'Dan', e-mail ...

Dan West 2:14 AM (8 hours ago)

Where is the law (statute) requiring a man/woman to register their private property or
place their private property into the public tax rolls, any state?
Statute (an enactment made by a legislature and expressed in aformal document)
Who is the employee that has the Authority to order anyone to pay property tax on their
PRIVATE property?
I would like to have the law (Statute) in writing & singed by the DUDE & the Delegation
of Authority & the name of the dude that is the one who delegated that Authority?
Page 60 of 71
If the man or woman is NOT allowed to remove their PRIVATE PROPERTY from the
PUBLIC TAX ROLLS then produce the statute created by the legislature as proof?
When a man or woman registers their private property into the Public Tax rolls is that
man or woman allowed to remove their private property from the public tax rolls?
Produce the law (statute) that restricts private property from being removed from the
If a man or woman never registers their private property or places their private property
on the public tax rolls is there a statute requiring them to place their private property on
the public tax rolls?
Once the private property is placed on the public tax rolls does it become public
property and can never be removed from the public tax rolls?
Who is the owner of public property, name the entity?
Who is the owner of private property, name the entity?
What is Public property?
What is private property?
Does the United States, city or county own Public property?
Does the United States, city or county own private property?
Can a county own a man or woman’s Private Property?
Can a county own a man or woman’s public property?
Who has the lawful authority to tax private property, name the entity?
Who has the lawful authority to tax public property, name the entity?
Is private property located on Federal territory (United States owned Land)?
Is public property located on Federal territory (United States owned Land)?


Q: What is "money"? You have all the answers as it appears, so what the hell is money? I have
yet to find any official able to define it. you appear to be real concerned over money to which
I have yet to identify as to what it is....Please tell????

My Answer: [Only is it my belief BUT others in the Past too held the concept of Money, true as
i , do]

MONEY: See PECUINARY: “A Medium of exchange ”:

1. Something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of

See... if you AND i, BELIEVE it has WORTH / Value, well geeeee, it DOES...

Page 61 of 71
okay folks : i am putting my DOCs on my Website
(the first 15 of approx 45)
and PHONE Calls,
(so you can HEAR how to commerce in dialogue with the OTHER-Side,


i am going to PAY BLOG TALK RADIO money

to start doing PRIVATE Calls thru BLOGSPOT

To those who DONATE, and i will go over each and every Document
ONE Page at a time in however as MUCH detail
as the Dono Caller(s) requires of me...
( and in a Month or two after the Private Call
i will release them to the World at Large
( i hope that sounds fair and just)...


Karl i just listened to the recording on your website. you may know this already and i am sure
you do...but did you let them know that you were recording. some states are very very strict
on this... big time.

, you do not THINK They (State Agents) don't already KNOW All Calls are Recorded?
EVERYONE knows in this Nation that ALL calls are recorded (and STORED) at all times OVER
the Public air ways - Public Domain

FIRSTLY; no one makes You or them open their mouths and utter words, You and they, do it in
their OWN free-will, if You Don't WANT your words uttered used against You, keep it shut

AND i really think you need to know WHAT law really is...
to be law-law, they and YOU have to show AND prove LOSS; HARM; Injury, Not just a

Page 62 of 71
i can record all of MY CALLS, BUT , YES are there some CODES that read that a THIRD-PARTY
cannot interlude upon the private calls of others without a warrant, yes

(and if you want to get LEGALESE on me,

YES Alabama is one of THOSE States that recognizes recording with ONLY one-party of the two
parties aware of the recording, yes it’s just fine....but thanks for Your Concerns...

Q: This message is for Karl. - Loki Joker is invited to comment if he has a full Professorship in
the English Language and has the documented proof for the support of any claim concerning
the form of a correct-sentence.

Many of us were taught: never begin or end a sentence with a "prepositional-

phrase", however the only time that one can PROVE the claim that a word in a
sentence is a "noun" (fact) is when that word is the last word in a prepositional-
phrase. Prepositional-phrase = preposition, article, and noun. Some prepositions:
for, of, with, by, over, under, from, and to. Words or letters used as Articles: a, an,
the, this, and these. “Noun”: name of a person, place or thing. Prepositional-
phrase-examples: Of the people, by the people, and for the people. The omission
of the preposition or article from the Prepositional-phrase makes the remaining
words an adverb-verb combination. Of people = adverb-verb. The people =
adverb-verb. By people = adverb-verb. WE were taught to speak and write in
babble. You don't have a correct-sentence if you don't have a FACT for the Topic
of the sentence, a verb and a FACT for the predicate.
If you don't have a correct-sentence you are saying 0 (zero, zip, nothing, fiction)!

In the event that you have an alternate way to prove that a writing contains
facts(nouns) feel free to let the world know which rules you are using. Otherwise
everything that the uneducated people are speaking/writing is babble. For the
math-problem: 3+3=6. The answer is the same all over the planet. Now write a
sentence for me with the same precision as the math problem and you are
speaking/writing with the correct-syntax and grammar

Watch my SPIN
(This Frankie, lady, is going to hate me but its a Classic...)

Humm, WOW that is Quite a Letter Ma'am

My answer i am sure you will NOT approve of, BUT for shits and giggles, here i go...
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2+2 does NOT Equal 4 in my World
(Ooh and Ma'am, "We" in 'common parlance' LOVE to call ourselves Babblers, by the way, but
i digress...)

in My World
my Court
My LAw
My Rules
My Code
My LIfe
My Jurisdiction

2+2 does and does NOT Equal 4 at All times

(see this FRANKIE is an ABSOLUTIST)
BUt at TIMES, when i WISH it too
Too + to ALSO can Equal: Fore or Four

BUT PLEASE feel FREE (, watch this SPIN Closely)

(i am sure YOUR one-heck of a 'TEAM PLAYER'
in helping this One-World Order to HELP create a WGlobal Village to Help raise (rear) idiots
learn Theirs (and Your) NEWspeak (See Orwell's: 1984)

[, on i don’t think this Frankie knows me,

she probably figured i would be AMAZED and feel OVERWHELMED by her prose,
and this FRANKIE Believes if [wo]man can NOT do it
the EXACT way of the PROFESSIONAL do it,
than the uN-EDUCATED are NOT be recognized as having any WORTH,
and should be sent of to a Eugenics Clinic (Death /labor Camp) or
a RE-EDUCATIONAL Compound, like a Place ALABAMA tried to get me to enter back in 2001, ,
what a Crock !



Only U.S. citizens who are registered voters, pay IRS taxes.
Repudiate your voter reg., and send the attached affidavit to the State Dept and the IRS
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Nah, too much time for me, to not be outside in the Sunshine
enjoying my life
but thank you for thinking about this Issue
there may be others i communicate with though, who might enjoy it
for me...
i just wait for them to (break the law and) communicate with me first
(so i can tender to them a Bill for their Demand made upon/of my Person[hood]


is it federal court or U.S. District Court
is court controlled by [wo]man and a Jury, or is it controlled by an Employee of the Person
known as UNITED STATES (28 sec. 28 USC § 1346 - United States as defendant or; as a Debtor


Q; 7-11-13
Hello Karl, my name is Joseph, and am listening to your audio's with Angela. I love you brother
and would LOVE to learn your WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING about STANDING in our GOD
given rights. I have had an incident a few days ago and i really hope you get this and can help
me in time if you have a few moments i could offer. I will post what the situation before now.

Spent the night in JAIL last night, seems i was driving down a hill doing 52 in a 35 town cop pulls
me over asks for lic and reg i went on to ask do i need one, he left comes back from car then
went on to ask my name and DOB i asked am i required to say such information by law, he said
YES i said i dont think so, then asked me to get out of my car, i did not, he then pysically opened
my car and removed me, I told him i was not resisting and am peaceful. He drove me to county
Jail where i spent the night. They wanting to book me i answered the questions as best i could,
LIKE where were you born, stateing from my mother. the booking stpped and back to cell i went.
THIS morning the bail bondslady came to release some other folks i asked to see her, paid my
40$ and bonded to appear in court the 17th. They finishing booking me i did not resist BUT
everything i signed i signed UNDER DURESS (signature) so now released. The arresting officer
who made the traffic stop placed charges of RESISTING and DISOBEYING no mention of the
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traffice violation at all which was the cause need to get a good plan of action for when i appear
any IDEA'S.

I have come to learn what you have said in Angela's audio 188

Is there a verified criminal complaint before this court?
If there is not a verified criminal complaint that I’ve done a man injury could you please stay the
court for 72 hours, so I may compensate the man I’ve done wrong of his injuries and after 72
hours I would be glad to come back if I could not settle with the man that claims I injured him.
But if you don’t have a verified criminal complaint you have no case since you have no injured
If you want to enter a plea for I am going to charge you $10,000.00 of lawful money a day for
every day you hold in here until the injured party appears.

OR this one

If there is not a verified claim before this court at this time, I move to discharge all the charges
against me immediately, for every second you interfere with my life to go home I’m charging
you $1.00. The clock is ticking. What is your wish?

I would really LOVE to speak with you my friend.

My skype name is ******** i Live in Maine and this incident happened in New Hampshire.
Please i need to appear on the 17th Sir. Thanks for your time Joseph

CAN you call me on tonights show?
you are getting the Idea BUT
you are making some simple errors
g0dwilling I will do one at 9:00 PM EST


i hope You are not toooo disappointed...

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i TRIED to tell You LAST Week at the end of Your Call (#39904) i did with
You LAST WEEK Episode # (whatever) that Quiet Title is NOT what You
Believe it is and should Only be used PRIOR to a foreclosure;

BUT You were soooooo excited last week, thinking it was a "Silver-Bullet" or
a "Win" ( believe me NOBODY is fighting for the Bottom Position as in the
OWNER is the One LIABLE... ;)
IF you listen to a rebroadcast of LAST night Show, i explained that to be
THE OWNER, (Quiet Title) was just Establishing The BOTTOM (liability)

i was GLAD the man/Mike was Honest about its insignificance

a man named: Colon; Collin; Colynn? was TRYING to make it appear as the
Golden Goose
( i am not sure if Colon/Collin Markets 'Quiet Title' "solutions"

Honestly, last night i was explaining Quiet Title, makes it EASIER for those
who Wish to LIEN You to have a Clear and Accurate TARGET ( a Bulls-eye)
on who(m) to Lien (go after)



i know you're a "man" and i believe at times you act as the "commissioner of finance" and i
believe you have subordinates under you that are making a claim that "property taxes" are due
to your agency.

1, Can you define "property"

2. What is "taxes"

3. How am i a "man" expressly written into that "code"

can you show me a contract between you and i that i owe you such a debt

because "MY" definition of "property" is: "its exclusive to me and nobody else within a society
can make a claim for it." Apparently my definition of "property" is opposite of YOUR definition
of "property." So can you define "property" and "taxes."?

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Your help will be greatly appreciated.


.Dear David greetings;

i believe: you are a man, and; at times you act as the 'COMMISSIONER OF FINANCE',

1. do you claim that a debt [property taxes] is due ?

.....................i fixxxed it to here, now u try to carry-on

ATTORN: ATTORN: 13c., Anglo-Fr., "to turn over to another," from O.Fr. atorner "to turn,
turn to, assign, attribute, dispose,"; from a -"to" + tourner -"to turn" (See: turn). In feudal law,
"to transfer homage or allegiance to another lord”.
1. To transfer one's obligations to a person to another person
2. To turn over to another; transfer; assign.
3. Old English law, to turn or transfer, as homage or service, to a new possessor, and accept
tenancy under him.
4. In feudal law, to turn or transfer homage and service from one lord to another.
This was the act of feudatories, vassals, or tenants upon the alienation of the estate.
5. In modern law, to acknowledge being the tenant of one who was not the landlord originally,
but claims to have become such ; to agree to be tenant to a new owner or landlord of the same

So by this definition do i attorn?

Hummm , why yes , why YES i do !
but i believe i attorn (atturn) as a Benefit to [wo]man and those of [wo]mankind

Ooh NO NO NO, when U (well when i) buy a Domain Name from GoDaddy!
they ask what it is for, i answered 'LAW'
so the TEMPLATE You see under
the Domain Name 'UnKommonlaw' right now is JUST TEMPLATE
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i did add My Spin on it, but Yes the FOLKS here in the UK
i am helping can help for i believe wherever there is a Commonlaw Nation
My Beliefs will Work!


Just listening to audio recording and was wondering if we could talk for about a 1/2 hr
on an issue I have with the Department of Environmental Protection. I have a motion to
dismiss hearing on Nov 19, 2012 i am preparing for and i am very interested in what you
have to say.

Karl says:

if u truly "listened', i said ....when ANYONE other than another man, comes after U , u
go and dragged them into YOUR case!

the CASE , your going into, is NOT YOURS!

U DIDNT START, WRITE, PEN IT, FILE IT, u cannot transfer it over , ...et ceteras, et
ceteras !

you have no CONTROL over it


If it was YOUR "case' u would NOT be answering to it, u would be prosecuting it

it is THEIR case

and in THEIR case u are Just there to LOSE, ....no? dont believe me?

ok, in their case u pay a fine or go to jail, correct?

where in THEIR case (game) do u COLLECT money and be named, the winner?.....
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CASE: CASING: sausage casing, or sausage skin is the material that encloses the
filling of a sausage. Casings are divided into two categories, natural and artificial

See: CASE, as in SUITcase , [lawSUIT---CASE---) ... (u get it yet)?

you ARE just IN,IN,IN their CASE/casing to GRIND U UP, and to FRY U !


IN IN IN, "their case" to PACK U UP and SHIP U OFF!!!

ooh be-careful of the words u choose viz., 'issue', and issue is , well could BE defined
as something u created with THEM,( as in... my wife and i created an issue/baby),or it
may be LEGALESE!

ok? look i have been asked to be a hearing officer [judge], use SIMPLE words so u do
NOT use legalese, for these words constantly change, and THEY can reinterpret while
u are standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM : "google..legalese 'term of art',,,,,,, it is
like a magician's act !!!

or, before u say something, make SURE u know what the word TRULY means!!!

do your BEST NOT to speak LEGALESE, Keep it simple,

just say..

"theEPA maintains, i am doing wrong, i say that is not true, i be of

no harm to a man "..[always "TRY" to write or say EVERYTHING, STYLIZED IN

(1) only man can say , EPA has no vocal cords !

I BET u are saying...... "WHAT???"

there is no case, until their criminal case is VERIFIED

(verbal ... u know, hand on bible "STUFF") by way of the man harmed SWEARING TO

(2) can u appeal this decision? THEN YOUR IN THE WRONG COURT! READ THE
7TH AMENDMENT ! (bill of rights of the us const. art. vii)

(3) ONLY man can say what is true, lawyers can maintain "truth"

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true and truth are NOT THE SAME in LEGALESE!

LAWYERS CANnot "SAY" anything , nor can they declare!

ISSUE: 1300, "exit, a going out, flowing out," from O.Fr. issue "a way out, exit," from
fem. pp. of issir "to go out," from L. exire (cf. It. uscire, Catalan exir), from ex- "out" (see
ex-) + ire -"to go," from PIE base *ei- "to go" (see ion). Meaning "discharge of blood or
other fluid from the body" is from 1520s; sense of "offspring" is from late 14c. Meaning
"outcome of an action" is attested from late 14c., probably from French; legal sense of
"point in question at the conclusion of the presentation by both parties in a suit" (early
14c. in Anglo-Fr.) led to transf. sense of "a point to be decided" (1836). Meaning "action
of sending into publication or circulation" is from 1833.

1. All persons who have descended from a common ancestor.

2. Offspring; progeny; descent; lineage; lineal descendants.

In this sense, the word includes not only a child or children, but all other descendants in
whatever degree, and it is so construed generally in deeds.

But, when used in wills, it is, of course, subject to the rule of construction that the
intention of the testator, as ascertained from the language used by him or her; hence
issue may, in such a connection, be restricted to children, or to descendants living at the
death of the testator, where such an intention clearly appears.

3. The terms "issue" and "descendants" have been held to be co-entensive and

4. The word "issue" in a will is generally a word of limitation, and when so used, is
sometimes said to be equivalent to "heirs of the body."

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